2023-09-26 When does Putin attack NATO? Americans need escalation
2023-09-26 What's really interesting is watching the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler in real time. Before, him & the Nazis were the worst thing ever, everyone agreed. Now, they're not that bad and never were. Baby steps, but first steps always are.
2023-08-11 Only 'White People' Ever Enslaved Others, Says Black Professor
2023-08-03 Did FDR/Churchill Invite Pearl Harbor To Keep Japan Out Of War With Russia Since Stalin Would Have Quit If Facing Japan and Germany With No US In The War-Making Germany Win WWII?
2023-07-25 Barack Obama's personal chef is seen swimming laps with ease - as questions are raised over how he drowned in just 8ft of water while paddle boarding at ex-president's Martha's Vineyard mansion
2023-06-24 48 Hour Rule - Potential Coup Attempt in Russia Roundup (Part 1)
2023-06-11 ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner arrested for threatening to shoot Florida cop
2023-05-17 White House Extends National Emergency Declaration for Stabilization of Iraq
2023-05-12 13-year-old 'hardened criminal' on probation shoots cop during gun battle: police
2023-04-19 ANNNNND, Another One..... Pro-Moscow ‘Donbas Girl’ actually US Navy vet, caught leaking DOD docs
2023-04-14 Top Bud Light execs were blindsided by Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign: report
2023-03-19 Putting 'diversity' and 'equity' first nearly crashed the economy
2023-03-02 Publisher scraps book from 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams after 'racist rant'
2023-02-25 We are dropping the Dilbert comic strip because of creator Scott Adams' racist rant
2023-02-15 Mark Milley says Russia has LOST the war: Chairman of Joint Chiefs claims Putin has been defeated 'strategically, operationally and tactically' and is now a 'global pariah'
2022-12-23 Alabama mom throws computer at worker in epic airport temper tantrum
2022-12-21 It's now a crime for women to go to college in Afghanistan.
2022-11-30 BREAKING: Islamic State says leader killed ‘in combat with enemies of God’
2022-11-12 Ukraine forces enter Kherson
2022-11-06 The masks are off, gentlemen.
2022-08-16 Dog catches monkey pox from French gay owners
2022-08-08 Russian Perspective: Operation to Denazify Ukraine: Operational Brief August 7th (updated)
2022-07-11 Wagner is offering 4-month contracts to volunteers
2022-04-20 Ex Kremlin official and Gazprombank vice president is found dead 'with gun in his hand' in his luxury Moscow apartment beside bodies of his wife and daughter, 13
2022-04-20 Why you should never F around in a minefield.. Just don't..
2022-04-02 Russia's war effort stalls as the Red Army can't get replacement weapons or spares for their crippled convoys... because they're all made in Ukraine
2022-03-24 Russia Struggled to Capture a Ukrainian Town. Intercepted Radio Messages Show Why-NYT
2022-03-20 Russia gets serious: over 100 Ukrainian recruits killed in hit on barracks, mopping up in Mariupol, Zelensky demanding peace
2022-02-06 Trees are 'exploding' in Texas: Their sap is being frozen by winter storm Landon and branches snap off with sound 'like a gunshot'
2021-09-25 Man tries to storm JetBlue cockpit, attacks attendant, asks to be shot
2021-08-14 Man gets six kidney beans stuck in doinker while trying to 'express' himself
2021-07-28 Man in yellow dress steals school bus, crashes front loader into home in cross-state spree
2021-03-14 Nolte: Why the Meghan and Harry Show Backfired on Harry and Meghan
2021-03-13 Team Biden stands up for rank racial discrimination
2021-03-06 Rudy Giuliani's daughter, Caroline, graphically details why she loves threesomes
2020-09-20 BLM activist and spokesman for family of man killed by cops admits posing as a black person
2020-07-26 Injuries reported after armed militias clash at Louisville protest
2020-06-19 Murderer who decapitated teen with an axe and used his head as a bowling ball is deported from Australia
2020-06-01 Blaming White Supremacists For The Riots Is Nonsensical Gaslighting
2020-05-25 Not Bee-- it's The New Yorker's unintentionally hilarious dispatch from Kakistan (newspeak alert:
2020-01-08 The Four Hour War
2019-11-29 Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi says he will resign
2019-11-19 Pakistan successfully conducted training launch of SSBM Shaheen-1
2019-10-27 ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed or Captured in Raid, According to Report
2019-07-28 Obese trans woman who filed human rights complaint against salons that refused to pluck his/her/its genitalia accused of engaging in 'inappropriate sexual behaviors' with a 14-year-old girl
2019-07-26 Is Trump’s Use Of Identity Politics Strategic?
2019-06-17 Mohammed Morsi titzup
2019-03-23 It’s official: SDF declare ‘total elimination’ of ISIS caliphate
2019-02-23 ISIS's last march: Truckloads of the final fighters and their jihadi brides
2019-02-17 Venezuelan fitness model bitten on bottom by wild pig (VIDEO)
2019-02-04 C. Africa reaches peace deal with rebels: government
2018-06-30 Parents trade girls for cows as war and climate change hit east Africa
2018-06-24 TTP appoints Mufti Noor Wali Mehsud as chief after Fazlullah's killing
2018-06-15 US claim drone strike kills Mullah Fazlullah
2018-03-01 Head of Khamenei’s Imperial guards mysteriously disappears, possibly arrested
2018-02-14 Aly Raisman poses unclothed for Sports Illustrated: 'Women do not have to be modest to be respected'
2017-12-04 Rebels kill Yemen's ex-president Saleh
2017-11-16 Zimbabwe's Mugabe Out Of Power For First Time Since 1980s As Military Takes Control
2017-07-22 ISIS snuffie in escape bid dressed as GIRL
2017-07-15 I’m Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons)
2017-07-11 ISIS says Al-Baghdadi titzup
2017-07-03 British soldier drowns ISIS thug in puddle as SBS troops fight like ‘crazed warriors' killing extremists with their bare hands after being ambushed in Iraq
2017-07-01 ISIS abandons Aleppo
2017-06-27 IS suicide bomber’s belt explodes, kills 12 well-wishing comrades in Diyala
2017-02-21 Trump Causes Firestorm with Remark About 'Problems' in Sweden
2017-01-13 Remedy for Russian meddling should be new election
2017-01-10 Hell gets ready to welcome Charles Manson
2016-12-19 Breaking: Terror attack on Berlin Christmas market
2016-12-14 Oxford University students asked to use ‘gender neutral pronouns’
2016-11-27 Jesse Jackson celebrates Castro, a 'freedom fighter' and 'poor people's hero'
2016-06-17 To gun lovers, you can't even have an opinion on assault rifles -- unless it's theirs
2016-06-15 What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying...
2016-05-30 Pakistan says DNA report confirms Mullah Mansoor’s death
2016-05-26 Mullah Haibatullah new Taliban supremo
2016-05-22 Taliban leader Mansour 'likely killed'
2016-05-13 Top Hezbollah commander in Syria Mustafa Badreddine killed by Israel, group says
2016-05-12 Five Reasons My Fellow Republicans Should Vote for Hillary Clinton
2016-05-11 Bangladesh executes top Jamaat leader Motiur Rahman over '1971 war crimes'
2016-04-17 Dozens of Hezbollah militants 'accidentally' killed in chemical attack
2016-04-06 Tripoli authorities cede power to Libyan unity government
2016-03-26 Islamic State second in command likely killed - U.S.
2016-03-22 Multiple injuries at Belgium airport after 2 explosion heard
2016-01-02 Back from the dead: Russian man wakes up in morgue after too much drinking, goes back to party
2015-10-10 Don't Chase Putin Out of Syria ‐ Let Him Fail On His Own
2015-10-02 27 Ways to Be a Modern Man
2015-08-21 One killed by RAB
2015-08-19 Little girl with robotic hand throws first pitch at Orioles game
2015-08-16 God strikes Hamid Gul dead
2015-08-14 Zawahiri pledges allegiance to new Taliban leader
2015-08-13 Caucasus Islamist Leader Killed in Russian Raid
2015-08-10 Yemen Loyalists Retake Southern Provincial Capital
2015-08-08 Prominent Bangladeshi secular blogger murdered
2015-08-07 'Father of Taliban' Sami ul-Haq pledge allegiance to Mullah Mansoor
2015-08-05 Head of Taliban's Qatar-based political office Tayeb Agha quits as leadership rift deepens
2015-08-04 Mullah Omar's Son Yaqub Reportedly Killed: Official
2015-07-29 Lashkar-i-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq, two sons killed in Muzaffargarh 'encounter'
2015-07-24 Two ISIS leaders killed by own bomb
2015-07-18 Car Bomb Explodes in Riyadh, Suicide Bomber 'Saudi'
2015-07-14 Stalling Completed - Historic Iranian Agreement!
2015-07-12 Key Member of Taliban Quetta Shura Held in Zabul
2015-07-10 Pakistan's top militant commanders
2015-07-03 Bangladesh police arrest 'top Qaeda militant'
2015-07-02 Al Qaeda Pakistan chief killed in Lahore raid: Punjab home minister
2015-06-26 Qaida Confirms U.S. Strike Killed American Spokesman
2015-06-15 US Airstrike "likely" killed Mokhtar in Libya
2015-06-06 Pakistan refuses to share nukes with Saudi Arabia
2015-05-24 Prayer leader explodes in mosque
2015-05-16 Jury sentences Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for marathon attack
2015-05-14 ISIS acting leader al-Afri killed by US-led airstrike
2015-05-04 3 Shot, 2 dead a '€˜Muhammad Art, Cartoon Contest' in Texas
2015-04-27 Isis Leader Baghdadi Is Reportedly 'Unable To Move' After A Spinal Injury
2015-04-24 Italian police arrest 18 in AQ plot to attack Vatican
2015-04-23 Adam Gadahn finally actually dead
2015-04-17 Top Saddam aide Izzat al-Douri killed
2015-04-16 BIFF names new chief
2015-04-12 Paks free Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi, terrorist behind Mumbai attacks
2015-04-08 Teams Exhume Tikrit Mass Graves Suspected to Hold Bodies of 1,700 Iraqi Soldiers
2015-04-02 Shabaab militants claim responsibility for Garissa University attack
2015-03-31 A deputy, a relative, an ideologue: key Houthi leaders reportedly killed
2015-03-26 Yemen's Houthis take over state institutions in Aden
2015-03-22 US evacuates troops from south Yemen base
2015-03-21 Westgate mastermind confirmed dead in Somalia airstrike
2015-03-11 How Falling Oil Prices Are Hindering Iraq's Ability to Fight Islamic State
2015-03-09 Yemen defense minister flees Sanaa to join president in Aden
2015-03-08 Boko Haram leader pledges allegiance to IS
2015-02-14 ISIS Upset with Obama, Kerry, ‘Heretics’ for ‘Slogan’ That Islam Is Religion of Peace
2015-01-11 Nigeria massacre deadliest in history of Boko Haram: Amnesty
2015-01-11 Eugene Robinson: France attack might have been worse here, because guns
2015-01-07 Racism
2014-12-17 Nawaz removes moratorium on death penalty
2014-12-16 Taliban slaughter dozens of children at school in Peshawar
2014-07-08 IDF Launches Gaza Operation 'Against Hamas' Following Massive Rocket Barrage On South
2013-12-24 National Review steps in it, big time
2013-09-30 Al Qaeda rocket blows lid on IRA cigarette cargo
2013-07-04 Army Ousts Egypt's President
2013-07-01 Johnny Depp "Lone Ranger": Early Bad Reviews Signal Disney Disaster
2013-04-15 Pair of Explosions Hit Boston Marathon
2013-01-03 Iran to Citizens: Flee Isfahan
2013-01-01 Let's Give Up on the Constitution
2012-11-04 Sunday Morning Coffeepot: A Benghazi Sequence
2012-10-31 Creepy: Singing children advocate for Obama's re-election, blame parents
2012-06-27 Pakistani stowaways arrive in Newark
2012-05-30 Greek Euro Exit Would Mean 55% Income Drop, National Bank Says
2012-05-26 The Great American Terror
2012-04-29 Al Qaeda core essentially gone, but affiliates remain a threat
2012-02-25 Yemen gets new president after 33 years
2012-02-12 'Mermaids' scare off workers
2012-02-12 Man dies after falling from giant bucket of mayonnaise and stabbing himself in the heart with electric drill
2011-12-19 Kim Jong Il dead
2011-12-19 Special Kim Jong Il Commemorative Good Morning
2011-12-15 U.S. War in Iraq Declared Officially Over
2011-11-09 Obama Couldn't Wait: His New Christmas Tree Tax
2011-10-22 Qaddafi on display in shopping center freezer
2011-10-20 Qadaffy titzup
2011-10-18 Ron Paul's Economic Plan: Cut 5 Cabinet Agencies
2011-10-15 Schultz says 'break' is a 'southern racist term'
2011-10-03 Obama: Warrior Or Assassin?
2011-09-30 Al Awaki is dead, as reported from Arabia
2011-09-28 Axelrod: Obama faces 'titanic struggle'
2011-09-08 Arkansas weatherman found in hot tub with naked dead man wearing 'dog collar'
2011-08-22 Libya Rebels Say Capital's Fall within Hours
2011-05-10 Queen termites can make men king in bed, says man
2011-05-02 Osama bin Laden dead
2011-02-11 Mubarak resigns
2011-01-20 'Israeli reactor linked to WB deaths'
2011-01-04 4 JMB suspects held in city
2010-12-10 FBI: Md. bomb plot suspect knew about Oregon sting
2010-11-22 TSA chief: "Not going to change"
2010-11-04 B.O.: 'I take responsibility'
2010-09-11 Nine years
2010-09-10 B.O.: America's enemy is al-Qaida, not Islam
2010-09-09 What's wrong with Koran-burning, explained in one succinct paragraph
2010-07-16 NAACP: We didn't call tea party 'racist'
2010-07-10 Russia, US swap 14 spies in Cold War-style exchange
2010-07-06 The New Civil Wars Within The West
2010-07-06 Turkey to cut ties with Israel if no apology
2010-05-31 Report: At least 10 activists killed as Israel Navy opens fire on Gaza aid flotilla
2010-05-28 North vs. South Korea: How Bad Could a War Get?
2010-05-08 Pelosi: It's Cheaper to Treat Teens for Drug Use Than Interdict Drugs at Border
2010-04-26 Got £10 million? Cruise missile in a shipping container
2010-03-28 Taliban not in direct conflict with India: spokesman
2010-03-15 A modest suggestion for a jobs program
2010-02-18 Hard times at Gaza Tunnel Authority
2010-02-08 Hugh Hewitt: Memo to Arianna: Stop being silly
2009-12-23 Tea Parties, Third Parties and the Republican Party
2009-12-17 Meanwhile, Back At The Cult
2009-12-16 Forced surrender in 1971
2009-11-28 Journalism's slow, sad death
2009-11-11 Missing Saudi soldier returns with intel haul
2009-10-23 If our Archbishop spent less time fretting about climate change, he might notice the pope is about to mug him
2009-09-10 The Networks (Our true enemy)
2009-09-05 Exterminate the Parasites
2009-09-01 Whither Afghanistan?
2009-08-26 Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77
2009-08-26 Ted Kennedy dies
2009-08-16 Dowd: Sarah's Ghoulish Carousel
2009-08-07 Pakistan Foreign Minister: Baitullah Dead
2009-07-13 Afghanistan: a war we cannot win
2009-07-05 Obama calls for reforms in Independence Day address
2009-06-10 Nork labor camps a ghastly prospect for U.S. journalists
2009-05-27 North Korea Muffs It Again, Yield About 4Kt
2009-05-26 Dead men tell no tales.
2009-05-22 Home Bio-Hackers - Oops...
2009-05-22 How to Defeat Insurgencies: Sri Lanka's Bad Example
2009-04-21 Universities 'Irrelevant' By 2020
2009-04-21 Napolitano: Illegal Immigration NOT a Crime?
2009-04-18 ( Video) Glenn Beck Vs. Charles Johnson
2009-04-06 UNSC Adjourns Without Response to Nork Rocket Launch
2009-04-02 Arab doctors to probe allegations Arafat poisoned
2009-03-25 The Insubordinate Ambassador
2009-03-24 Pakistan could collapse in six months: Kilcullen
2009-03-22 The Region: Democracy promotion in the Middle East: Good idea, wrong place and time
2009-03-22 Taliban publicly execute 'murderer'
2009-03-04 I'm Tired - Robert A. Hall, Viet Vet and 5 term Massachusetts State Senator.
2009-01-15 Strategic Collapse at the Army War College
2009-01-05 Waterford Wedgewood Collapses
2008-12-04 Report: Obama advisors want NATO troops in West Bank
2008-12-01 Obama's Iraq Inheritance
2008-12-01 India urged to avoid Bush-Cheney road
2008-11-23 Hunt for Rashid Rauf that ended with hellfire
2008-10-19 I'm blacklisted, says opera maestro
2008-10-19 Why We are All (mostly) Joe the Plumber
2008-09-30 Trying to Fix Stupid-Crazy
2008-09-25 Pak determined to eradicate menace of terrorism: Gilani
2008-07-22 New York Parents Say Hot Playgrounds Burning Kids
2008-07-16 NATO massing forces on Pak Border
2008-07-16 US Abandons Remote Outpost
2008-06-20 Thoughts on Baby Alex
2008-06-19 Coastal Oil Drilling Becomes US Campaign Issue
2008-05-13 The limits to nuclear: McCain shouldn’t try to follow French disaster
2008-04-24 Director of 'Basic Instinct' writes Jesus biography
2008-04-22 Double number of ex-cons join the US army
2008-04-13 Obama seeks to explain 'guns or religion' remark
2008-04-10 Petraeus' 'ribbon creep'
2008-04-08 Column One: Fear of democracy
2008-04-03 NBC to set family, blockbuster, adult hours
2008-03-14 Manacled, starved, beaten: a terror suspect's claims
2008-03-12 Tehran police chief arrested in brothel with six prostitutes
2008-02-22 The satellite shoot-down and China: doing the math
2008-02-21 China really, really unhappy about sat test. Really.
2008-02-21 Navy got it!
2008-02-19 Algeria to return Russian jets
2008-02-19 Navy to shoot down failed satellite Thursday
2008-02-16 Interesting Times: The Islamist bubble
2008-02-07 Sharia law in UK is 'unavoidable'
2008-01-13 Fuhrer Knows Best
2007-12-27 Benazir Bhutto killed by suicide bomber
2007-12-20 Is Clinton now planting sock puppets?
2007-11-29 Declare victory and get out
2007-11-15 Pulling Up Terrorism's Economic Roots
2007-10-31 Krugman: Fearing Fear Itself
2007-10-14 Lebanon is coming
2007-10-07 Surprise! Perv Sweeps Presidential Election
2007-10-05 Of freedom and fascism in America
2007-10-04 Pakistan's grip on tribal areas is slipping
2007-09-15 Islamophobia on rise, especially in Europe: UN envoy
2007-09-14 How the CIA broke Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
2007-09-11 Six Years: The limits of attention span
2007-09-11 The Beeb explains 9/11 for children
2007-08-29 Murtha's Malicious Misinformation May Mean Mega-Misery
2007-08-27 Robert Fisk: Even I Question The 'Truth' About 9/11
2007-08-26 Review: The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization
2007-08-23 How to challenge Iran's militancy without using arms
2007-08-08 US 'believes Britain has lost in Basra'
2007-08-05 Forget lily-livered liberalism, time to take stand and say we don't want Muslim immigrants
2007-08-02 Lileks on the Minneapolis bridge collapse
2007-07-29 Pepper spray is last word
2007-07-25 Read my Lips
2007-07-20 Beware of fake jihad: Saudi Mufti
2007-07-17 War Wimps, Sycophants
2007-07-09 Mark Steyn: British bomb plot and Michael Moore-style health care
2007-07-09 Base to Bush: It's Over
2007-07-09 The Road Home
2007-07-03 Tense times
2007-06-19 G'morning...
2007-04-28 Edwards: No Terror "War"
2007-04-07 Maliki orders pensions for Saddam's officers
2007-04-03 PCHR's Wonderful World of Gaza
2007-04-03 Cry "Havoc" and beat The Drums of War
2007-01-25 Ugly details about the helicopter crash that killed five Americans
2006-12-23 NYT: District by District, Shiites Make Baghdad Their Own
2006-12-08 My unborn child makes some whites uncomfortable.
2006-12-02 Islamic terrorism is a contradiction in terms, so it doesn't exist.
2006-12-01 Muslim women protest proposed Dutch burqa ban
2006-11-24 The Empire Shia Strike Back
2006-11-17 Whoops! Arctic's Actually Cooling......"Gaia's Fighting Back"
2006-11-02 My early voting experience today
2006-11-01 Gunships kill 80 at religious school --continued from 10/30
2006-10-30 Alabammy Teen Arrested for Raping His Maw
2006-10-20 Israel must go: Iranian leader
2006-10-09 Breaking: North Korea Says Nuclear Test Successful
2006-09-23 Perv and I know Mullah Omar is in Pakistan: Karzai
2006-09-09 Today's Tearjerker: Gaza dreams lie in tatters *sniff*
2006-09-06 Pentagon: Re-Cast WOT in Civil Law Enforcement Terms
2006-09-06 The Botany of Illegal Immigration : The rape trees
2006-08-26 I Hope And Pray We Don't Get Hit Again-BUT.....
2006-08-26 U.S. May Curb Iran
2006-08-11 Muslims bristle at Bush term "Islamic fascists"
2006-07-29 See the new Rantburg Chamber of Commerce promotional flim
2006-07-22 Why the French hate US(A)
2006-07-18 Mickey Spillane rubbed out by old age
2006-07-10 Shamil officially titzup!
2006-06-24 Saddam ends hunger strike
2006-06-23 Whither America?
2006-06-22 Lawyers claim Toronto terror suspects being mistreated in jail
2006-06-12 Rantburg Earl Watch Continues
2006-06-08 Al-Qaida in Iraq's al-Zarqawi 'terminated'
2006-05-24 Blogger Unmasks Fake "Special Forces Ranger" Anti-War Professed War Criminal
2006-05-21 Only ‘miracle’ can save teacher beaten by Muslim mob
2006-05-10 FCUK THEWEST
2006-04-29 Cultural workshop to bridge West-Muslim divide
2006-03-19 Taliban team up with Helmand drug lords
2006-03-07 Bye, Bye Bangla: The details
2006-03-01 Pakistan army kills 40 militants near Afghan border
2006-02-26 ‘Lack of belief keeping Muslims down’
2006-02-24 What is to be done?
2006-02-07 Europe's Uncivilized Act
2006-02-06 A European Awakening Against Islamic Fascism?
2006-01-24 JMB commander arrested in Rajshahi
2005-12-08 EU In Cat Fight Over Internet Dominance Extensions
2005-12-01 Rantburg Responds - Have I been Pummeled
2005-11-30 Rantburg's Brutal Fascist Reason
2005-08-14 Blaming mosques for the sins of governments
2005-08-07 Critics warn new anti-terror plans could alienate British Muslims
2005-08-04 Free Women Available Soon
2005-08-01 On proportion and strategy...
2005-07-24 Al-Qaeda leadership still in control
2005-07-23 Pakistani jihadi camps still active
2005-07-21 Sheikh Sudais gives a sermon...
2005-07-15 Judith Miller Revealed Plame's CIA Position
2005-06-21 Malaysia Calls for an End to 'Islamophobia'
2005-06-21 Man caught having sex with sheep (
2005-06-20 News from the Other Side: Wana Mujahideen Declare Jihad Against America
2005-06-14 India will not agree to solution acceptable to Kashmiris: Qazi
2005-06-14 US lawmakers seek pullout deadline
2005-06-13 Guantanamo Log Details Saudi's Torture
2005-06-13 Bin Laden may be in Iran
2005-06-10 Annan Urges Rich Countries to Help Poor
2005-06-07 Ex-Bangla dictator lands wife in court, flies out amid hoots of derision
2005-06-06 Lesbian 'marriage' at Notre-Dame ends in punch up
2005-06-04 Al-Asheikh Calls on Muslims to Defend Qur'an
2005-06-02 Mbeki urges Bush for more Africa aid
2005-06-01 Noted statesman Bob Geldof urges G8 protests
2005-05-28 Fahd Toes Up?
2005-05-27 King Fahd admitted to Saudi hospital
2005-05-23 The Qur'an Question
2005-05-23 Residents Claim Neighbors Bombarding Them With Radiation
2005-05-22 Australian teens beg to come home
2005-05-19 One Ring to cure them all
2005-05-19 Son of Earl - Death In New York
2005-05-19 Lake disappears, baffling villagers
2005-05-12 Gangland rivalry claims another life
2005-05-10 Remember: You Can't Swat a Fly With a Computer
2005-05-09 Arianna's Celebrity Blog Blows Bigtime
2005-05-08 To follow up on what Fred said yesterday ...
2005-05-04 An Encounter
2005-05-04 Afghanistan's clerics plan to launch 'Mullah TV'
2005-05-04 Perhaps the neocons got it right in the Middle East
2005-05-03 Deputies report rampage of naked guy
2005-05-02 Woman's Relatives Beat Up Youth Who Saved Her From Abductors
2005-04-28 Keeping Score in the War on Terror
2005-04-25 Kofi's Record Comes Under Fire
2005-04-25 The Earl of Shaftesbury (a life well lived)
2005-04-23 "Fight the Jews and Vanquish Them so as to Hasten the Coming of the Hidden Imam"
2005-04-22 ''FORCES OF NATURE — The Future of Sustainability''
2005-04-21 Sami booted from Belgium
2005-04-20 The Arab Revolt
2005-04-19 Extremism threatens foundations of Pakistani state: ICG report
2005-04-18 'God's banker' murder: 4 charged
2005-04-16 UN needs overhaul to survive: Rice
2005-04-14 Dumb Crook News
2005-04-12 'Former Spy Chief Murdered at Chicken Farm in France'
2005-04-08 Not in my name
2005-04-07 The Danger of Being Half-Educated
2005-04-06 Earl's body 'is found in France'
2005-04-01 Ex-cellmates recall Zarqawi
2005-03-29 Somali warlord seizes Baidoa
2005-03-29 Koran scholar: US will cease to exist in 2007
2005-03-28 On the road to democracy without Bush
2005-03-26 Losing Battle for Islamists
2005-03-19 A Republic, Not a Democracy
2005-03-10 Ex-World Leaders Urge UN to Define Terror
2005-03-07 Dowd: Taming of the Shrews
2005-03-01 Strange Case of the Missing Earl Solved
2005-02-28 The Strange Case of The Missing Earl
2005-02-25 Supporters of Troops Guilty of????
2005-02-24 Man Can Sue Woman For Sperm Theft Distress
2005-02-22 Mbeki sez US is being mean to Bob
2005-02-22 Saber Rattling Against Syria
2005-02-22 Kofi Annan in the WSJ: Our Mission Remains Vital
2005-02-21 Don't Depend on Making that Cell Call in A Restaurant - You may not get through!
2005-02-19 Archbishop: Gay Issue Splits Anglicans
2005-02-18 NPR Commentator Denounces "Support Our Troops" Stickers on Cars
2005-02-17 TERRORISTAN: Iran and Syria Form United Front
2005-02-15 Musharraf urges west to help resolve disputes
2005-02-15 Who killed Rafiq al-Hariri?
2005-02-14 In Search Of Men Who Want To Marry Mommy
2005-02-13 Sunni Claims Iraqis Elected a Dictatorship
2005-02-12 Student Seeks To End Summertime Mental Enslavement
2005-02-06 cops opress by taken family heirloom pitchfork. ogres happy
2005-02-05 With Islam We Fight Terrorism (Not ScrappleFace)
2005-02-04 Pakistani diplomats caught in Indian 'honey traps'
2005-02-04 How the right played the fascism card against Islam
2005-02-01 What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?
2005-01-31 Kuwaiti Islamists form first political party
2005-01-31 Kerry: 'We Should Not Overhype'....
2005-01-30 Europe - Thy Name Is Cowardice
2005-01-29 Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links
2005-01-27 Ward Churchill says 9/11 victims were not innocent people
2005-01-24 Rotten mackerel set off explosion
2005-01-23 The Dangers of Exporting Democracy (as opposed to say, fascism)
2005-01-22 Arabs wary of Bush's 'freedom' speech
2005-01-21 Saudis caught in a vicious cycle
2005-01-21 Daily Times Editorial: A disappointing Haj sermon
2005-01-20 George Bush, master of delusion
2005-01-20 Protesters Accuse Bush of 'Exterminating the Muslim Race'
2005-01-20 A party that's beyond belief
2005-01-18 Islam Is Not the Source of Terrorism, But Its Solution
2005-01-14 Crushed beneath the wheels of the Bush juggernaut
2005-01-10 Black Monday at Black Rock (but Gunga Dan keeps his job)
2005-01-05 Why do Republicans hate America?
2005-01-04 GIA broken up in Algeria
2005-01-02 Saudi's 58 Marriages Angers Some
2004-12-29 'No country has pre-emptive strike right'
2004-12-28 India Is a Different Place
2004-12-27 An Imam Answers Questions About Social Issues
2004-12-26 Blacks and Asians? No, they're 'visible minority ethnics' say police
2004-12-26 Muslim second wives may get a tax break
2004-12-24 Terrorism has harmed legitimate liberation moves, says scholar
2004-12-22 World Feels Bullied by Washington
2004-12-13 Cuba put US on notice with Monday's massive war games
2004-12-13 A mouthful of tripe ( A Study in academic pretention)
2004-12-13 Feature: 'A President should create enemies'
2004-12-12 'Arab Regimes Must Understand the U.S. Administration Supports The Freedom and Rights of the Arabs'
2004-12-09 Annan Opens First-Ever Seminar on Islamophobia With Plea Not to Judge Muslims by Acts of Extremists
2004-12-09 Eye on Eurasia: Islamophobia rising
2004-12-08 Govt plans to exploit splits in MMA
2004-12-05 Grindingly Naive
2004-12-03 Marriage lasts 90 minutes
2004-12-03 Swiss Firm Suspected of Fraud Paid Koko 50 Large
2004-12-01 The Strange Case Of The Missing Lord
2004-11-22 Falluja women, children in mass grave
2004-11-16 Dutch religious violence scaring Germany
2004-11-15 Rights group blasts 'racist' US media
2004-11-13 Foreign fighters now reviled by Fallujah residents
2004-11-13 Dutch Muslims Fear Backlash From Murder
2004-11-04 Yasser Arafat is mostly dead
2004-10-29 Sudan Govt rejects call to separate religion, state
2004-10-28 "Islamic scholars" split on legitimacy of Afghan election
2004-10-26 A Campaign Thriving on Exploiting Voters' Fears
2004-10-21 French Al Qaeda man tells all to interrogators
2004-10-20 Australian links to Spanish arrests
2004-10-17 New York Slimes Makes Marriage Official
2004-10-13 Mahathir Urges Asian Leaders to Stop 'Kowtowing' to West
2004-10-12 Bush hits Kerry's view on terror
2004-10-12 New Prince Video Rocks Terrorism
2004-10-11 Women 'better at holding drink'
2004-10-05 US Should Stop Wars and Give Peace a Chance
2004-09-29 Pitcairn women blast sex trials
2004-09-29 Babs: "Dewd! Where's my free press?"
2004-09-28 Nigerian Football faces Sharia
2004-09-27 ArabNews Says Darfur is Crusader's Fault
2004-09-24 Why We Cannot Win
2004-09-24 Why We Must Leave Iraq
2004-09-22 Why the Concern
2004-09-21 Burkett now says he lied about where he got the memos...
2004-09-19 Eclipsed
2004-09-16 Two-thirds of South Asians living in poverty: ADB
2004-09-16 West must help resolve conflicts in Muslim world
2004-09-15 Equating Islam with terror Unfair (whines Paki Official)
2004-09-15 JIHAD IN THE PRESENT TIME (Straight from the mullah himself)
2004-09-15 Muslims not to blame for Beslan massacre? (ballicks!)
2004-09-13 9/11 In Left Coast Schools
2004-09-13 Man Exhumes and Eats Grandson's Corpse
2004-09-10 How it all started
2004-09-10 CBS News stands by Rather
2004-09-01 Roze Khan toes up
2004-09-01 Women's sexual character determined by shape of their pubic hair
2004-09-01 Why Do Muslim States Do So Badly in International Sports?
2004-08-30 'Sex-mad' chimp takes up smoking
2004-08-26 The Divine Spiders Of Allah, and other s**t you just CAN'T make up...
2004-08-16 Dawn Hightree: America's Arrogance RESPONSE
2004-08-14 Decentralized Intelligence
2004-08-12 Don't Yield an Inch to George Bush
2004-07-27 Report: Saddam Writing Poetry in Prison
2004-07-09 Afghans had brief contact with Mullah Omar
2004-07-05 FBI Plans To Train Saudi Intelligence
2004-06-24 Incitement to Jihad on Saudi Government-Controlled TV
2004-06-11 Chickens Crossing The Road In Iraq...
2004-05-24 Axis of Eve is just beating around the Bush
2004-05-21 Primitives shoot, kidnap each other
2004-05-20 Sexy
2004-05-07 Top 10 Current Arab Conspiracy Theories
2004-04-30 Indonesia's Abu Bakar re-arrested
2004-04-20 Six Reasons Why All the Muslim Rulers Are Murtad
2004-04-17 Rantissi helizapped
2004-04-12 Andy Rooney denigrates troops as he attacks Bush
2004-04-06 US may move against al-Qaeda havens in Pakistan
2004-03-30 Jacksonville man burned when he fires rocket at girlfriend
2004-03-28 A Glance at Democracy in Arab World
2004-03-28 Mental Illness is a Significant Factor in the Development of Many Terrorists
2004-03-22 Madman’s smoke and mirrors
2004-03-22 Yassin now floating pink mist
2004-03-21 Fox News: Spiritual Asshat YASSIN CROAKED!!!
2004-03-20 King Kong Zoo Terror! Gorilla Ravages Tot in Rampage!
2004-03-02 Anatomy of a conspiracy theory
2004-02-17 Bandit Queen's suspected murderer flees jail
2004-02-13 Aide: Hussein was high when he invaded Kuwait
2004-02-11 Just Your Typical Aussie
2004-02-09 Paleolovers go "boom!"
2004-02-04 Brigitte grilled wife on spy facility
2004-01-24 Brigitte's wife released in France
2004-01-21 More Drag Queens Busted In Kandahar
2004-01-21 Brigitte’s wife jugged
2004-01-20 Rantburg Origin
2004-01-01 Dhimmitude in the Episcopal Church
2003-12-31 New Year’s Resolutions for Rantburgians
2003-12-29 Abu Sayyaf leader Mohammed Said bagged
2003-12-25 Western values are probably better. Really.
2003-12-16 Woman sues after hula skirt bursts into flames
2003-12-14 Saddam captured
2003-12-09 Horrifying US Secret Weapon Unleashed In Baghdad
2003-12-09 Israel’s first Esquimeaux soldier
2003-12-06 "And from the east came wise men, bearing gifts..."
2003-12-05 The Jane Fonda Martyrs Brigades
2003-12-03 This Just In - Korea Invents Stone
2003-11-24 Egypt: Cold-blooded, power-obsessed tyrants preferable to freedom
2003-11-20 Pak-Americans should spread Islam, says NWFP minister
2003-11-12 Great wahrks! We’re dumb!
2003-11-04 Postcards with a 9/11 edge
2003-10-22 Damn Rumsfield.... never happy with the status quo
2003-10-07 Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide
2003-10-06 Azam Tariq bumped off!
2003-09-23 Hungarians Get Horny While Singapore Sleeps
2003-09-13 Arafat fears "Zionist death rays!"
2003-09-02 Noor Tantray: unassuming midget but deadly terrorist
2003-08-30 Just my opinion...
2003-08-21 Start of the Paleo Civil War? Shanab helizapped
2003-08-14 Thai police nab Hambali
2003-08-13 The Supreme Council of Global Jihad?
2003-08-11 Chuck steps down...
2003-08-11 Interpretation of the New World Order of Osama
2003-08-04 Father burns son to ground
2003-07-22 Saddam sons taken?
2003-07-18 Boy soldier in Liberia
2003-07-17 More on Shreidi's departure from the gene pool...
2003-07-10 EDITORIAL: Blasphemy law strikes again
2003-07-03 Bush, a drowning man, grasping for straws
2003-06-23 Send warships to fight pirates, urges union
2003-06-02 Aceh: Indonesia to offer evidence to Sweden on rebels
2003-05-23 Four hard boyz iced in Poonch
2003-05-22 U.S. backtracks, okays Israeli sale of Phalcon to India
2003-05-10 Rodong Sinmun calls for demonstrating might of single-hearted unity
2003-05-07 Government, primitives agree to cooperate
2003-05-01 Janeane sez "Bend over, put your head in the sand, and put a flag in your ass."
2003-05-01 White slag used widely
2003-04-29 We went to war just to boost the white male ego
2003-04-17 National Assembly session adjourned amid uproar
2003-04-07 Iraq: GIs ’slaughtered’ in Baghdad
2003-03-19 Iraqi Deputies Vow to Die for Iraq and Saddam
2003-03-07 Yvonne speaks... Again.
2003-03-03 ’Human shields’ catch bus back
2003-03-02 Pakistani's family shocked by Al Qaeda arrest
2003-03-02 Owl alà Fred for Eat an Animal for PETA Day! Yummy!
2003-02-18 Jacques sobers up...
2003-02-18 US-Taliban money trail
2003-02-01 Police say man shot woman as they had sex
2003-01-03 ''I dunno. I reached for the ring, then — BOOM!''
2002-12-31 Nine-year-old girl marries in Niger
2002-10-18 Words of wisdom from Indonesia's veep...
2002-10-16 Election Special: S. Dakota dead people solidly Democrat...
2002-10-08 Prince Turki: Osama Will “Ace” The World
2002-10-03 Why we fight...
2002-09-21 Indonesian Goat Rapist Arrested
2002-09-12 Don't cry for me, Nigeria...
2002-09-07 Ujaama gets thumped in calaboose...
2002-08-17 Democracy's a Jewish plot. Really.
2002-08-12 Arab humorists? Baddump-bump!
2002-07-11 There sure are a lot of perverts in Pakland...
2002-06-29 There aren't any Islamic pom-pom girls...
2002-06-21 Kashmir Korpse Kount
2002-06-21 Iran sent fighters, arms to Hezbollah
2002-06-06 Israeli troops destroy 3 buildings at Arafat's headquarters
2002-06-03 Top Saudi imam sez 'God, please kill them all!'
2002-06-03 America, Fasten Your Seat Belt!
2002-05-26 Them damn Jews is takin' over the Kremlin, too...
2002-05-22 Let's have a procession...
2002-05-13 Yasser calls for 'millions of martyrs'
2002-04-26 Learned Elders of Islam on America and Jewish wimmin
2002-04-26 The Divine Orianna
2002-04-04 The difference between a soldier and a man with a gun
2002-03-27 CNN Special Report: Special Forces do something in Bamiyan
2002-03-20 Ugandan lady chews off hubby's doinker
2002-03-20 Those 72 virgins...
2002-02-16 Pashtun Hatfields, McCoys shoot it out in Gulistan
2002-01-27 Zinni calls Arafat "an unreformed liar"
2002-01-25 Cutting ties with PA will "cause an earthquake"
2001-12-30 The Philosophy of Terror
2001-12-07 In the Wee Hours of the Morning, Near Kandahar
2001-10-17 Dowd feels so forensic