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2009-04-02 Israel-Palestine-Jordan
Arab doctors to probe allegations Arafat poisoned
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Posted by Seafarious 2009-04-02 02:11|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [909 views ]  Top

#1 Heck, anytime is a good time to dig up the Arafat death spiral! It was so much fun.
Posted by gromky 2009-04-02 04:03||   2009-04-02 04:03|| Front Page Top

#2 I think it was just the Devil saying: Time's up!
Posted by Spot">Spot  2009-04-02 08:18||   2009-04-02 08:18|| Front Page Top

#3 disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC. What brought on the DIC remains unclear.

Fasting, and the fervent prayers of millions?
Posted by Besoeker 2009-04-02 08:28||   2009-04-02 08:28|| Front Page Top

#4 Arafat, Arafat?...Oh, yeah, wasn't he the dipshit pedophile that ran a people with great potential into the ground?
Posted by HammerHead 2009-04-02 08:54||   2009-04-02 08:54|| Front Page Top


I'll let my money ride on the AIDS.
Posted by tu3031 2009-04-02 09:08||   2009-04-02 09:08|| Front Page Top

#6 AIDs.
Posted by 3dc 2009-04-02 11:07||   2009-04-02 11:07|| Front Page Top

#7 a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation

Or in popular parlance, his blood froze. Expected Allah, got something else.
Posted by KBK 2009-04-02 11:25||   2009-04-02 11:25|| Front Page Top

#8 I d0on't really care why, I'm just glad he's gone.
Posted by Redneck Jim">Redneck Jim  2009-04-02 11:43||   2009-04-02 11:43|| Front Page Top

#9 Bad meat in the can.
Posted by Parabellum 2009-04-02 11:45||   2009-04-02 11:45|| Front Page Top

#10 That's pretty much a closed affair, his DOCTOR admitted he had aids (the vid of the interview was broadcasted by an arab teevee, and the clip was on Evil youtube, in my bookmarks, though it has been removed since), an dthere was an article about that very same admission here in Rb (too lazy to look up in the archives).
Of course, he blamed the joooooos for infecting yassir, not his love for young boys and his sex parties with his boduguards (filmed by his rusians & commie handlers in the days).

But, again, his PERSONAL DOCTOR admitted in plain words it was AIDS.
See what is found on Evil youtube :
Secretary general of PFLP admits Arafat Died of AIDS
Oh, well, it's probably an edit by those evil Zionists. Ah.
Posted by anonymous5089 2009-04-02 11:55||   2009-04-02 11:55|| Front Page Top

#11 Ah, found the doc clip again (from a french poster this time) :
Arafat est mort du SIDA
Posted by anonymous5089 2009-04-02 11:58||   2009-04-02 11:58|| Front Page Top

#12 I always king of figured that the Israelis finally got him (poisoned baby wipes or something), the Paleos went with the AIDS story because even that was less embarrassing than admitting that Jooos killed him, and the Russkies helped the Paleos do Sharon in retaliation.

But that's just me, and I *do* love a good conspiracy theory.
Posted by Iblis 2009-04-02 12:11||   2009-04-02 12:11|| Front Page Top

#13 Arafat was poisoned. He was poisoned by the death cult known as islam. He became something subhuman, twisted and evil. He remained that way until he died and yet his evil still persists today.

It really is humans vs orcs.
Posted by Silentbrick">Silentbrick  2009-04-02 14:11||   2009-04-02 14:11|| Front Page Top

#14 Arafat was poisoned by his his own excesses, ultimately succumbing to AIDS.
Posted by William Marcy Tweed 2009-04-02 14:14||   2009-04-02 14:14|| Front Page Top

#15 He may have been the first case of salmonella poisoning form peanut butter
Posted by Mt Dew addiction 2009-04-02 14:15||   2009-04-02 14:15|| Front Page Top

#16 I heard Arafat drowned during one of his infamous bukake parties.
Posted by ed 2009-04-02 14:43||   2009-04-02 14:43|| Front Page Top

#17 Arafat is in stable condition now.

Posted by mhw 2009-04-02 15:25||   2009-04-02 15:25|| Front Page Top

#18 While your are probing try to find out why: 1. Arafat was such an a$$hole, 2. Why he got the Nobel Piece Prize, and 3. What he did with all the loot he stole while alive.
Posted by JohnQC 2009-04-02 16:45||   2009-04-02 16:45|| Front Page Top

#19 Seemed like classic indications of Mastitis so was skeptical when they said heart problems and figured it might be a deflection. Had he of gone to Cuba instead of France he would have had a chance.
Posted by swksvolFF 2009-04-02 16:52||   2009-04-02 16:52|| Front Page Top

#20 Who gives a shit?

The important thing is he's still DEAD.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2009-04-02 19:37||   2009-04-02 19:37|| Front Page Top

#21 and reanimated so it can lurch zombielike throughout the islamosphere...feeding on a zombie's usual sustenance - brains.

If I were looking for brains, the Islamosphere would not be where I'd head first. Not for human ones, anyway. (get it? head first, brains? Bwahaha)

But never mind, Auntie Sea. Tell me again the part about the rat bastard being dead. I like hearing that story.
Posted by SteveS 2009-04-02 20:20||   2009-04-02 20:20|| Front Page Top

#22 ROFL, Steve. :-D
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2009-04-02 21:13||   2009-04-02 21:13|| Front Page Top

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