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2007-11-29 Iraq
Declare victory and get out
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Posted by Fred 2007-11-29 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [873 views ]  Top
 File under: Iraqi Insurgency 

#1 Start by celebrating the fact that the U.S. troops won their war.

Their war? I call it our war. Even if about 48% of the population can't figure it out.

Fred, sometime you're going to have to tell us how you manage to read the whole thing well enought to do in-depth commentary on it rather than just blast a couple of holes below the waterline and walk away feeling contaminated by having even looked at it longer than necessary to decide it's typical Donk maneuvering/justification/spin/revision. :-)
Posted by gorb 2007-11-29 02:34||   2007-11-29 02:34|| Front Page Top

#2 "Bush's shortcoming is that he's not publicizing all this -- the public should be jumping up and down, cheering and throwing rose petals. Instead, most people don't know about it. And people working for some newspaper chains are actively trying to hide it from them."

Best summary of where the war is right now that I've ever seen, and the situation that exists domestically. Period.

Note to Republicans - the "vision" thing is required but NOT sufficient. You need a guy who can communicate effectively. Someone who can burn through the jamming done by the left-controlled press and education industry.
Posted by no mo uro 2007-11-29 05:22||   2007-11-29 05:22|| Front Page Top

#3 Start by celebrating the fact that the U.S. troops won their war. This is the perfect time for Democrats to demonstrate the extinction of their three decades of reflexive dovish imagery.

IOW, a classic "Come to Jesus" moment.

That's right, democrats; all you have to do is to admit you are a sinner, and to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Just drop to your knees and pray with me.

Does anyone else think this will happen? The left making a huge parade of being patriotic by celebrating a victory in a war, any war, is like the left admitting they love the Jesus more than Marx.

They don't and they never will.

So, in view of this rather poorly veiled plan to draw their opponents into vocalizing their doubt of leftist sincerity, perhaps a subsequent question to leading democrats would be: Do you believe that a military attack that could prevent a war is an appropriate response, or do you prefer to wait for a threat to materialize before taking military action?

If the answer is yes, why do you want to get out of Iraq?

If the answer is no, why are you running for national office if you intend to endanger Americans?
Posted by badanov 2007-11-29 06:33||]">[]  2007-11-29 06:33|| Front Page Top

#4 donks are screwed.....they've went so far left they can't come back anywhere near center. When my grandparents voted dem it was a different era..that party and this party are night & day. Now they got Nancy Pelosi, Babs Boxer, & her thighness....Truman/JFK are sh*tting themselves. I'm almost certain that in my lifetime I'll never pull the lever in a pres election for a dem ticket.....they are the national party of candy asses.
Posted by Broadhead6 2007-11-29 08:17||   2007-11-29 08:17|| Front Page Top

#5 This is the rot of the Frankfurt School. The only existence is that which we create with words. Calling a criminal a "young offender". Calling a murderer a "freedom fighter". Lakoff has a lot to answer for too: Democrats have bought his line that "framing" an issue differently is all you need to do to placate the fly-over rubes.

I dislike islam. I hate the Frankfurt School.
Posted by Excalibur 2007-11-29 09:34||   2007-11-29 09:34|| Front Page Top

#6 Don't you mean Sapir-Whorf, Excalibur?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2007-11-29 11:03||   2007-11-29 11:03|| Front Page Top

#7 Thanks for the great comments!

Aiken was not your typical anti-war liberal dove. He had supported the war initially and the bombing of North Vietnam. But he knew quagmire when he saw it. And so he sought a solution that would please hawks that wanted a victory, and doves, which wanted the war ended.

How is that different than ANY liberal today? Talk big and then duck and cover when when you may have to fight. Liberals can reframe it anyway they want to. They can call themselves "patriots" and "brave defenders of freedom", but they are still a bunch of sissy boy cowards.

I found Martin's writings amusing. He's admitting that they lost their battle against Bush. So now he's telling his friends how they can lick their wounds, squint and see it in a light that shows they really are the smart ones afterall.

The dems are flushing down the drain hole of history at warp speed.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-11-29 13:05||   2007-11-29 13:05|| Front Page Top

#8 "the U.S. military has been allowed to become trapped in the middle, being killed and wounded by all factions and fringes"

AH they dragged out that tired old Liberal meme: soldiers as VICTIMS.

Sorry, doesnt work that way. And we have NOT had the Kurds shoot at us - a glaring error repeated in many places in that argument.

Posted by OldSpook 2007-11-29 13:39||   2007-11-29 13:39|| Front Page Top

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