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2006-07-24 Syria-Lebanon-Iran
Israel takes aim at Hezbollah stronghold
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Posted by Oztralian 2006-07-24 18:47|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6466 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Time for US to loan some A10's to the IAF. Firepower personified.
Posted by Flert Angereck8542 2006-07-24 19:44||   2006-07-24 19:44|| Front Page Top

#2 By now, I bet that place is just rotten with IEDs.
Posted by Anonymoose 2006-07-24 19:45||   2006-07-24 19:45|| Front Page Top

#3 U.N. relief coordinator Jan Egeland has appealed for a cease-fire. The damage in Lebanon is "far beyond what we normally see in wars,"

What wars you watchin Jan ?... This ain't no freakin pillow fight.
Posted by Capsu 78 2006-07-24 19:52||   2006-07-24 19:52|| Front Page Top

#4 Anybody got an extra copy of World at War they can send Jan so he can see what happens in real wars?
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2006-07-24 20:03||   2006-07-24 20:03|| Front Page Top

#5 U.N. relief coordinator Jan Egeland has appealed for a cease-fire. The damage in Lebanon is "far beyond what we normally see in wars"

when you stop and think about how ludicrous that statement is, it makes you shudder as to how biased he must be against Israel. After all, what would drive someone to make such a dramatic statement? There must be so much hate coloring his perception.

"far beyond what we normally see in wars."

In other words, this is the worst war ever. Any other war pales in comparison. A war to end all wars. Devastating carnage, the likes of which humanity has never imagined, let alone seen.

I'll bet bile wells up in his throat when he thinks of Israel. Let him choke on it.
Posted by PlanetDan">PlanetDan  2006-07-24 20:26||   2006-07-24 20:26|| Front Page Top

#6 Do these UN idiots ever read history? The damage in Lebanon is worse than the Blitz in London? The Siege of Stalingrad? The Firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo? What drugs is Jan Egeland on, anyway?
Posted by Shieldwolf 2006-07-24 22:41||   2006-07-24 22:41|| Front Page Top

#7 Apparently Egeland never saw pictures of World War II or Korea or Vietnam or Iraq. He's a moron.
Posted by crosspatch 2006-07-24 23:03||]">[]  2006-07-24 23:03|| Front Page Top

#8 The dude that said "#5 U.N. relief coordinator Jan Egeland has appealed for a cease-fire. The damage in Lebanon is "far beyond what we normally see in wars"

Is just another member of the Socialist international or u n if your already enlightened. That is the real war, Socialists at the u. n. and all thier instructions. Did you ever stop to think that we THE USA have subordinated our own history to a bunch of apointees coming from oligarchic societies based on one simple concept....loot as much as you can; while you can. We need a New N not the old u n.....and we need it now.

Decapitate the head of the snake and enjoy the rest....not surpisingly, tastes like chicken.

On Monday of last week Darfur had more casualties in a day, than nearly the total here 8 days hence.

The counting and analysis of useful idiots like this, is always skewed to the loot available at the end of the process.
Posted by Thravirong Sloluling4860 2006-07-24 23:04||   2006-07-24 23:04|| Front Page Top

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