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2021-07-30 Afghanistan
Will China get embroiled in the graveyard of empires?
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Posted by 3dc 2021-07-30 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [449 views ]  Top
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#1 We can only hope...
Posted by Herb Pelosi6438 2021-07-30 01:00||   2021-07-30 01:00|| Front Page Top

#2 Let them spend their blood and treasure.

Washington's poor performance in delivering major energy, infrastructure, and connectivity projects has been one of its biggest failures over the past twenty years.

What a weird take. The entire idea was to make a profit from war as well as keep a military outpost near China.

If they ever won, they'd have to LEAVE.
Posted by Knuckles Slererong5344 2021-07-30 02:41||   2021-07-30 02:41|| Front Page Top

#3 Against this backdrop, the question arises whether China may be the next great power to get embroiled in the ‘graveyard of empires’.

Nah. The Chinese don't do "graveyard of empires." Just graves.
Posted by Secret Master 2021-07-30 02:46||   2021-07-30 02:46|| Front Page Top

#4 America is the latest superpower to suffer a catastrophic defeat in the country after two decades of unsuccessful occupation and nation-building.

Find the terms of reference that define failure and geopolitical delusion.

Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-30 04:43||   2021-07-30 04:43|| Front Page Top

#5 Easier said than done, and a rather unprofitable prospect for anyone with sense. When beginning any such venture one must take stock of one's capabilities and allies. I will grant that China has capabilities, though not war-tested since the 70s. But it's their allies who will screw them. Dealing in any way with a moslem State has it's disadvantages, and with Pakistan you usually get what you don't see.

Thing with Afghanistan is, Pakistain will want to remain the principal negotiator while the Taliban will want direct dealing. It suits China too to deal directly, but they are reckless with money and believe they can absorb any losses on the way to Empire. They will rely on Islamabad, just like the US did.

Some, who constantly look for chinks in the OBOR [no pun] to exploit, know that there is a rift growing between the lawless brigands in turbans and the Pakis. Also, the ISI shall most likely use Pak-trained 'unknown non-state actors' to extort China by halting projects, holding up stuff for ransom, kidnappings and attacks in the near future. Aid, for 'combating terrorism' will flow with reckless abandon into ISI coffers. They will keep advising them against direct military retaliation and the Chinese, supreme cowards that they are, will continue to pay the ransoms and appease the sunnis by assisting their operations in other parts of the world.

There will be fewer graves in fact than when America and Ghani were bombing everything to shit blindfolded.

This is the great islamic extortion racket, gentlemen, and everyone who doesn't understand moslems is a mark of some sort. The moslem lives for nothing but ravaging what's in front of him, and pissing on the remains. Nobody there wants civilization, development, trade or anything. China, for all their admirable initiative in Xinjiang, have not learnt the most important lesson, just like everybody else. And that will be their folly.

If they were smart and had balls, they would force the ISI to off the Taliban brain trust in Quetta, then test their nukes from Nangarhar to Herat and plant the red flag on an irradiated mud pit, and finally send in the Uighurs, in chains, to build and to mine. While the rest of the world watched, unable to do anything for anyone.
Posted by Dron66046 2021-07-30 05:23||   2021-07-30 05:23|| Front Page Top

#6 Yuans were the only ones to conquer and pacify the area in history. Yuan is the term the Chinese use for the dynasty more commonly known as Mongols who ruled. The Paks better read up on how the Yuans dealt with two faced neighbors.
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-07-30 06:32||   2021-07-30 06:32|| Front Page Top

#7 No and they will take over us all.
Posted by Woodrow 2021-07-30 10:46||   2021-07-30 10:46|| Front Page Top

#8 China will yank Pakistan's leash and things will magically work out.
Posted by ed in texas 2021-07-30 16:47||   2021-07-30 16:47|| Front Page Top

Posted by Sluse Grealet9429 2021-07-30 17:40||   2021-07-30 17:40|| Front Page Top

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