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2011-04-18 Home Front: Politix
Trump says Obama has turned US into global 'laughing stock'
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Posted by tipper 2011-04-18 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10794 views ]  Top

#1 "I'd do one thing. Either I'd go in and take the oil or I don't go in at all,'' he said. "In the old days, when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours."


"If you look at what China is doing, they're stealing our jobs, they're taking our money. They're then loaning our money back. It's amazing," Trump said.

Word. I'm liking the Donald. I'm liking him a lot. I think he's got what it takes to go against the Democrats head on: no apologies, no mincing words, no talking down. It's freaking manly, to be honest.
Posted by Secret Master 2011-04-18 00:23||   2011-04-18 00:23|| Front Page Top

#2 IMO, the key word for Donald Trump is celebrity.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2011-04-18 00:25||   2011-04-18 00:25|| Front Page Top

#3 Have you had a look at your fellow Americans lately? It may not be possible for a non-celebrity to win in 2012.
Posted by Secret Master 2011-04-18 00:28||   2011-04-18 00:28|| Front Page Top

#4 Sometimes I wonder if it's going to be an election, or American Idol 2012.

If the latter - we are *so* screwed.
Posted by CrazyFool 2011-04-18 00:34||   2011-04-18 00:34|| Front Page Top




SUKARNO-VS-SUKARTO + 1960's Indonesia.

As for Libyuh, once again since the Muslim Brotherhood is not trusted by the US-West to NOT impose a Radic Islamist agenda on post-Mubarak Egypt, the former is keeping Muammar as a hedge agz the post-Jasmine Radical Islamist takeover of Egypt + Muslim ME.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2011-04-18 00:39||   2011-04-18 00:39|| Front Page Top


IMF Report = No cuts of any kind = US must raise taxes by 88% just to par = meet its liabilities.

NEAR-TERM MATURING DEBT, widin the next two years which will inhibit Banks, espec hard-hit Euro-Banks, to borrow from other Banks = Ledning Services, or to fund National Governments.

IOW, BOTH WORLD BANKS + GOVTS WILL HAVE MASSIVE DEBT, BUT LITTLE-TO-NO-MONEY TO PAY OFF [real risk of serious to catastrophic, Multi-Vendor/Govts-States default come 2015].


Thank goodness thats cleared up.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2011-04-18 02:18||   2011-04-18 02:18|| Front Page Top

#7 I was certain I'd see the Master of the Obvious graphic when I came to this article.

Maybe it's so obvious, it's not necessary?
Posted by Bobby 2011-04-18 06:03||   2011-04-18 06:03|| Front Page Top

#8 Like Obama, Trump is an ego junkie addicted to his own importance.

He has more experience actually running things than Obama, you gotta give him that, but he wouldn't be much of an improvement.
Posted by Mike 2011-04-18 06:57||   2011-04-18 06:57|| Front Page Top

#9 1) Trump knows how to run a large organization and get things done.
2) He has a keen understanding of business and economics.
3) He calls things as he sees 'em.

Don't know where he stands on many policy issues (and I want to know), but he's probably the best candidate out there for addressing spending and the deficit. And that counts for a lot with me.

Besides I'd love to see an Obama / Trump debate, assuming they can find a venue large enough to contain their two egos.
Posted by CincinnatusChili 2011-04-18 07:09||  2011-04-18 07:09|| Front Page Top

#10 ...that would be one of the galilean moons of Jupiter, another gas giant.
Posted by Procopius2k 2011-04-18 07:16||   2011-04-18 07:16|| Front Page Top

#11 Surely America must have someone who can run who's not a Marxist rent-seeker or a Big Business rent-seeker?

Maybe they're too poor to run for president because the other two have leached all their money
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2011-04-18 10:43||   2011-04-18 10:43|| Front Page Top

#12 The Donald has gained support most likely because he speaks his mind without the PC BS in between. Voters are hungry for honesty and straight talk. I can hear him saying you're fired to BHO during innauguration. I don't think he has much of a chance--but then I didn't think BHO had a snowball's chance in hell either.
Posted by JohnQC 2011-04-18 15:23||   2011-04-18 15:23|| Front Page Top

#13 Trump is being recruited by the Democrats in order to split the anti-Obama vote and let Obama win in 2012.

This is the only way Obama can win.

Ross Perot showed how it can be done: a third-party independent draws votes primarily from Republicans, allowing a Democrat such as Clinton to sneak in with 43% of the vote.

Obama is assured 40% of the vote from government dependents, and if Trump can pull 20%, he wins.

Trump is close to the Democrats. With real estate in NY and NJ, he is extremely dependent on political support from Northeast Democrats.

His chief political adviser is a long-time Democratic operative, who now doubt mediates between him and the DNC/Obama campaign.
Posted by Sneaque Brown3855 2011-04-18 15:41||   2011-04-18 15:41|| Front Page Top

#14 The difference between them is that Trump hosts Celebrity Apprentice and Barack Obama IS Celebrity Apprentice.
Posted by Capsu78 2011-04-18 17:48||   2011-04-18 17:48|| Front Page Top

#15 LOL! Capsu78 wins Snark of the Day.
Posted by Scooter McGruder 2011-04-18 18:30||   2011-04-18 18:30|| Front Page Top

#16 #4 CrazyFool: Any more screwed than we are now?
Posted by RandomJD 2011-04-18 18:52||   2011-04-18 18:52|| Front Page Top

#17 Thank you Scooter...The Inner Child is pleased!
Posted by Capsu78 2011-04-18 19:13||   2011-04-18 19:13|| Front Page Top

#18 "If you look at what China is doing, they're stealing our jobs, they're taking our money. They're then loaning our money back. It's amazing,' Trump said. "They're making all of our products,'' he said. "They are also manipulating the currency that makes it almost impossible for our companies to compete with China.''

Yes Donald, we noticed. It's the cheap labor, destroy the middle class thing again as it always is.

We've all.... been FIRED!
Posted by Besoeker 2011-04-18 19:14||   2011-04-18 19:14|| Front Page Top

#19 Capsu78 - I lol'd, I surely did. Winner!
Posted by Frank G 2011-04-18 19:59||   2011-04-18 19:59|| Front Page Top

#20 Very good Capsu78. Did my heart good. LOL
Posted by JohnQC 2011-04-18 21:46||   2011-04-18 21:46|| Front Page Top

#21 I don't know what Trump's positions are. They seem to change. The Club for Growth claims Trump is a liberal. They cite Trump's positions: support of "universal health care" and a proposal to slap a onetime tax on individuals with a net worth of more than $10 million, plans to levy a tariff on Chinese goods makes him the "king of protectionism," I wouldn't mind seeing the Chinese slapped around some as they give a damn about fair trade.
Posted by JohnQC 2011-04-18 21:55||   2011-04-18 21:55|| Front Page Top

#22 as they [Chinese] don't give a damn about fair trade Sorry.
Posted by JohnQC 2011-04-18 21:57||   2011-04-18 21:57|| Front Page Top

#23 he's faux-populist huckster (Yeah, and I don't like Huckabee, either) with a penchant for bankruptcy and getting thrown out of company control. IOW - a clown, who entertains, but not a serious candidate unless you forgot Ross Perot and what he did to help the Reps in 1992
Posted by Frank G 2011-04-18 22:06||   2011-04-18 22:06|| Front Page Top

#24 Trump's value right now is that, not being a 'serious' candidate yet, he can say anything. Example: the way he has been hammering at the birth certificate quagmire. No one else, with the possible exception of Sara Palin, could get away with that.
Posted by SteveS 2011-04-18 22:31||   2011-04-18 22:31|| Front Page Top

#25 don't disagree, except the media adulation right now could convince an egomaniac like him that he has a real chance
Posted by Frank G 2011-04-18 22:34||   2011-04-18 22:34|| Front Page Top

#26 Voters supporting The Donald while bitching about Newt and his 'fly problem' of decades ago.

Absolute irony.
Posted by Besoeker 2011-04-18 22:38||   2011-04-18 22:38|| Front Page Top

#27 not Voters, poll audiences. I still remember Newt on that couch with Nancy decrying Glowbull Warmening™.
He doesn't get a pass for that, much less his prior shit. Donald has enough crap in his closet that he's not a serious candidate. If, as SteveS (who I respect) says - he's a foil, more power to him. I can just see him reading his press releases and going for it, screwing everyone for his stoopid combover ego
Posted by Frank G 2011-04-18 22:45||   2011-04-18 22:45|| Front Page Top

#28 Mind the ones thought NOT to be "serious candidates." We have one in office at this very moment, now playing golf or vacationing or both every week end. I've forgiven Newt both crotch and global warming.
Posted by Besoeker 2011-04-18 22:52||   2011-04-18 22:52|| Front Page Top

#29 no doubt non-"serious candidates" have their place and purpose.

I think Sarah Palin is unelectable nationwide, but she can be a game-changer and argument-setter by her very presence and statements. I think she knows the same and will use it to good effect,

Trump, in my mind, is unable to restrain his ego, sufficiently stoked, and that scares me
Posted by Frank G 2011-04-18 23:08||   2011-04-18 23:08|| Front Page Top

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