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2005-01-22 Terror Networks & Islam
An Imam Answers Moslems' Questions
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Posted by Mike Sylwester 2005-01-22 4:38:43 PM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [371 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Ask a Holy Man(TM)! No need to think for yourself when they can do it for you! Call today!
Posted by The Doctor 2005-01-22 5:13:47 PM||   2005-01-22 5:13:47 PM|| Front Page Top

#2 "The people with the most severe punishment by Allah will be the picture makers."

Lol! Think Hollyweird is aware of this? I know what it's like to have zero artistic skill, I'm a mechanic, not an artiste', but Little Mo must've really been talentless, lol, not to mention the most petty asshole of all time.

This collection just boggles.
Posted by .com 2005-01-22 5:21:29 PM||   2005-01-22 5:21:29 PM|| Front Page Top

#3 >I believe this is causing a huge Shirk in the society<

What the hell is a Shirk?

Posted by Snoluck Thrusing8432 2005-01-22 5:47:40 PM||   2005-01-22 5:47:40 PM|| Front Page Top

#4 Jerry Shirk was a lineman for the Cleveland Browns. Hopes this helps?
Posted by Frank G  2005-01-22 6:25:01 PM||   2005-01-22 6:25:01 PM|| Front Page Top

#5 Why is Nike haram? And why hasn't Fred added commentary?
Posted by Korora  2005-01-22 6:34:43 PM|| []  2005-01-22 6:34:43 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 Why is Nike haram?

Probably due to this "Allah" issue. Nike caved with abject apologies all around, but they are still considered haram by Islamowhackos. Think corporations learned anything from this ? (Me neither)

why hasn't Fred added commentary?

Who do you think made up the "imam's" answers ?
Posted by Carl in N.H.  2005-01-22 6:44:14 PM||   2005-01-22 6:44:14 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 He's at the Rantapalooza, playing Nanook of the North, I'd guess.
Posted by .com 2005-01-22 6:44:38 PM||   2005-01-22 6:44:38 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 #6 And the "X" in the Ford Explorer logo resembles a cross according to the wise ones of the Magic Kingdom.
Posted by GK 2005-01-22 7:02:50 PM||   2005-01-22 7:02:50 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 No wonder these people are so difficult: "God" (excuse me, Allan) forbids playing with shadows and listening to music. God permits being friends with "jinns" and uploading videos of human misery (slaughter of human beings). This would be sad if they were not so doggone violent.
Posted by Jonah 2005-01-22 7:32:13 PM||   2005-01-22 7:32:13 PM|| Front Page Top

#10 Imam, do I wipe my ass with my left or right hand while eating?

Answer: According to Shariah, just don't confuse your napkin for toilet paper.
Posted by Captain America  2005-01-22 8:29:11 PM||   2005-01-22 8:29:11 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 "Does everyone have a devil/jinn assigned to them?"

Ah, they've met my ex-wife, then.

Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2005-01-22 8:48:45 PM||   2005-01-22 8:48:45 PM|| Front Page Top

#12 SHIRK - Okay, I googled it and came up with this:
Shirk - Setting up partners in worship with Allah, swt

Why the Iman is down on shirking is confusing. Maybe he was a Bengals fan.

Posted by Snoluck Thrusing8432 2005-01-22 10:32:40 PM||   2005-01-22 10:32:40 PM|| Front Page Top

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