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2005-01-22 Europe
Thief's death fans Dutch race tensions
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Posted by Fred 2005-01-22 00:00:00 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [461 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 The woman whose bag he stole drove her car into his moped, crushing him against a tree.

I confess I actually laughed out loud when I read this. So I'm a heartless sumbitch. Boo-'effing-hoo. If you don't go around stealing handbags, you don't find yourself in these situations.
Posted by SteveS 2005-01-22 12:51:28 AM||   2005-01-22 12:51:28 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Typical liberal/european you may not defend your property at all thinking. She sould have drivin over him repeatedly for all the grief she will get. He was the cause of his own death. Robbery and theft is so common in Europe that the majority is not even reported. Police don't even bother to try and track down the property let alone the criminals. One of the reasons that Europes crime rate is so low. Most of it goes unreported.

Europeans do not understand the right to defend ones property at all. They act as if doing so makes you the criminal not the thief or robber ( this is robbery not theft.) So here is to you Europe and your wonderful justice systems FOAD.
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2005-01-22 12:52:47 AM|| []  2005-01-22 12:52:47 AM|| Front Page Top

Someone ought to cut the hands off the corpse, since he was a thief.
Posted by Mike Sylwester 2005-01-22 12:53:37 AM||   2005-01-22 12:53:37 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Maybe that's what she was trying to do, but the rest of his body got in the way.
Posted by Dishman  2005-01-22 2:02:59 AM||   2005-01-22 2:02:59 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 I've a perfect defense for the woman.
"I was so upset by the suffereing of the Palestinian people, I got stoned to relax and wasn't watching there I'm driving."
Posted by gromgorru  2005-01-22 8:53:39 AM||   2005-01-22 8:53:39 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 God Bless her, a european with the stones to fight back against these bastards...
and sticking his ass to a tree, priceless!
Posted by Big Sarge 2005-01-22 9:25:07 AM||   2005-01-22 9:25:07 AM|| Front Page Top

#7 Clearly they need car control in Holland. This "cars don't kill, drivers do." nonsense is just propaganda from the AAA.
Posted by Mrs. Davis 2005-01-22 9:34:26 AM||   2005-01-22 9:34:26 AM|| Front Page Top

#8 Damn sticky gas pedal...gotta get that fixed.
Posted by The Dutch Lady 2005-01-22 10:01:28 AM||   2005-01-22 10:01:28 AM|| Front Page Top

#9 She had a superelectromagnet in her purse, which inadvertedly pulled the car directly into him. They should sue the Magnet companies.
Posted by Charles  2005-01-22 11:47:19 AM||   2005-01-22 11:47:19 AM|| Front Page Top

#10 maybe it was an Audi?
Posted by Frank G  2005-01-22 11:57:51 AM||   2005-01-22 11:57:51 AM|| Front Page Top

#11  All venting aside. (Oh, how I'm gonna pay for this), she should at least be charged with manslaughter as anyone in the US would....then given 100 hours of community service and let go.
Posted by 98zulu 2005-01-22 12:36:22 PM||   2005-01-22 12:36:22 PM|| Front Page Top

#12 Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende was forced on Friday to defend Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, who said the woman had not committed murder and the death would never have happened if the youth had not stolen the bag.

Is anybody as stunned as I am to hear this sort of common sense out of a Dutch politician?

The woman, who prosecutors want to charge for manslaughter, was released on Thursday pending further investigations.

And what measures are the authorities taking to ensure she doesn't end up next week laying on the curb with her head on her lap?

Final thought for mister moozie criminal: You got run over... by a GIRL!
Posted by BH 2005-01-22 12:38:55 PM||   2005-01-22 12:38:55 PM|| Front Page Top

#13 Maybe this is why women aren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Are they allowed to drive in Iran? If this gets around in Islamic countries where women are allowed to drive it might give them ideas.
Posted by Deacon Blues  2005-01-22 1:22:21 PM||   2005-01-22 1:22:21 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 The only good reason to have a HumVee.

I notice the woman is Immigration Minister. Wonder if this will have any effect on the immigration policy & enforcement there?
Posted by SC88 2005-01-22 9:15:48 PM||   2005-01-22 9:15:48 PM|| Front Page Top

#15 Maybe she shoud get a marksmanship medal.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2005-01-22 11:05:26 PM||   2005-01-22 11:05:26 PM|| Front Page Top

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