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2021-10-18 -Obits-
Colin Powell Dead at 84
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Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-10-18 09:08|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [425 views ]  Top

#1 Guess he didn’t have his daily booster shot.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-10-18 09:55||   2021-10-18 09:55|| Front Page Top

#2 Apologies to DooDahMan. His post on General Powell's passing arrived at the Hoover much earlier than the others. I should have properly racked & stacked.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-10-18 09:57||   2021-10-18 09:57|| Front Page Top

#3 Trump's fault, no doubt.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-10-18 09:58||   2021-10-18 09:58|| Front Page Top

#4 Probably my fault. I'm not vaccinated
Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-10-18 10:34||   2021-10-18 10:34|| Front Page Top

#5 So, I'm gonna ask the rude question: What was his co-morbidity?
(I've seen overweight, breathing issues, heart trouble, pneumonia likely caused by respirator tubes, general poor health, gunshot wounds, and even a motorcycle crash.
It seem almost no one actually dies from CoVid.
Just my $.02.)
Posted by ed in texas 2021-10-18 10:54||   2021-10-18 10:54|| Front Page Top

#6 What was his co-morbidity?

Parkinsons, cancer (multiple myeloma)
Posted by Skidmark 2021-10-18 10:57||   2021-10-18 10:57|| Front Page Top

#7 a result of complications from Covid-19.
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-10-18 10:58||   2021-10-18 10:58|| Front Page Top

#8 His comorbidity was being on the same planet as Fauci saying aspirin azithromycin etc won’t work, and your only hope is remdesivir….
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-10-18 11:15||   2021-10-18 11:15|| Front Page Top

#9 Also 84 years old.
Posted by ruprecht 2021-10-18 12:07||   2021-10-18 12:07|| Front Page Top

#10 Myeloma has killed a lot of Vietnam vets.
Posted by bman 2021-10-18 12:07||   2021-10-18 12:07|| Front Page Top

#11 Death of Colin Powell from COVID complications is sad -- and puts paid to Joe Biden's vax claims
Posted by Frank G 2021-10-18 12:45||   2021-10-18 12:45|| Front Page Top

#12 I would have voted for him over W. Bush back in 2000 but his wife convinced him Americans were racists and would never vote for a black man.

For all his faults he couldn't have been any more of a letdown as President than W was.
Posted by ruprecht 2021-10-18 12:46||   2021-10-18 12:46|| Front Page Top

#13 #12 yes, me as well but he twisted in the wind later years. I backed off big time. My experience so far is they are gone 30 days after Jab. Common characteristic is they expound on how well they did after shot. No problems at all. Then oops there gone. My goodness #5 what a list. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Well perish that thought. All I can say the longer you are stable the better for you. Just seven years of chest colds will cause you COPD. Pneumonia is scaring also. I would load up on Garlic 400 mg per pill with parsley so you do not inherit the odor. QID (4X)in 24hr day. Lose weight in abdominal area. Till then sit at kitchen table with elbows on the table and knee on chair. Then diaphragm can move better. Most Americans are shallow breathers. Hurried life. Stay away from diary. Coffee is good black, tea and so on. over eating will cause SOB. When you learn the rules you will do better. So I must say stop sinus infections. Your probable cause of lung problems (chronic irritation). Bin there, done that and moved on.
Posted by Dale 2021-10-18 13:51||   2021-10-18 13:51|| Front Page Top

#14 Good General that should have stuck to doing what he was best at.
Posted by NN2N1 2021-10-18 13:59||   2021-10-18 13:59|| Front Page Top

#15 Fully vax'd?...But who is say all vax shots are the same.
Posted by NN2N1 2021-10-18 14:01||   2021-10-18 14:01|| Front Page Top

#16 Next up, vax status will not be reported in these cases as it's "not relevant." But don't go trying to mis-represent your own vax status.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-10-18 14:09||   2021-10-18 14:09|| Front Page Top

#17 my memory of him is he and GHW Bush telling Gen Scwarzkopf not to chase iraqi tanks back to bagdad
Posted by jim murray  2021-10-18 14:44||   2021-10-18 14:44|| Front Page Top

#18 RIP Colin Powell, God has his plans, man can only imagine, may the family be at peace now and evermore.
Posted by Glunter Sproing4157 2021-10-18 16:52||   2021-10-18 16:52|| Front Page Top


I Agree with what #18 Said - Jumbo Spaique5312 aka
Posted by Stacy Abrams1973 2021-10-18 17:02||   2021-10-18 17:02|| Front Page Top


And I agree with Jumbo Spaique5312 - me, Phesh Cromp1375 aka Whoopi Goldberg, born
Posted by Caryn Elaine Johnson1955 2021-10-18 17:21||   2021-10-18 17:21|| Front Page Top


And I approve their messages - Glise Snomoting9409 aka
Posted by Maxine Waters1938 2021-10-18 17:35||   2021-10-18 17:35|| Front Page Top

#22 Powell was not a Nam vet. He did a weekend walk-thru as part of being on the military's AA FastTrac.
Posted by Jean DuSable 2021-10-18 20:38||   2021-10-18 20:38|| Front Page Top

#23 #17 my memory of him is he and GHW Bush telling Gen Scwarzkopf not to chase iraqi tanks back to bagdad
Posted by: jim murray

That and supporting the overwhelming force needed to quickly win. He was against nation building at that point. I was on the FEBA when that decision was announced and we were glad.

He was a good man. The decision above likely saved many of my guys lives. Still lost my best friend, but many were saved.
Posted by Tennessee 2021-10-18 20:53||   2021-10-18 20:53|| Front Page Top

#24 In recent decades the upper echelons of our military have changed drastically, for the worse.

Don't know whether Powell helped or hindered this decline, but I don't believe that Victor Davis Hanson is wrong to label them dysfunctional.
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2021-10-18 21:44||   2021-10-18 21:44|| Front Page Top

#25 ^ I meant, VDH is correct to say our military brass today are dysfunctional. Politicized, risk-averse, unimaginative, self-seeking plodders.

Blame it all on OrangeMan if you like, but the evidence is that the rot set in during the Clinton admin and accelerated during the Tommy Franks era.
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2021-10-18 21:48||   2021-10-18 21:48|| Front Page Top

#26 Obama was afraid of the military so he began the long process of changing it into a politically reliable allie instead of protecting freedom.
Posted by Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589 2021-10-18 23:16||   2021-10-18 23:16|| Front Page Top

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