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2021-07-05 Science & Technology
Why Isn't The US Preparing For EMP War Like The Rest Of The World?
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Posted by Chaque Slegum5955 2021-07-05 09:13|| || Front Page|| [336108 views ]  Top

#1 Cause we don't have adult supervision anymore. It's all about preening and social flashing rather than doing the hard stuff.
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-07-05 09:32||   2021-07-05 09:32|| Front Page Top

#2 ^
Agree, now we have F-ck-ups, Miscreants & Democrats...
wait...Ven Diagram indicates they all fall under the latter...
Posted by Chaque Slegum5955 2021-07-05 09:36||   2021-07-05 09:36|| Front Page Top

#3 According to the editorialist, the Axis of Evil (remember them?) and Russia all have plans for EMP attacks, this generation’s kewl new technique to win the war in one easy step. And also, according to the editorialist, the U.S. has only published an assessment of what it would take to harden the nation’s infrastructure against such an attack, but has done nothing concrete to achieve it.

But 1) given that Pentagon strategists regularly develop plans to invade Canada and Montenegro, what odds that they have not quietly developed several plans for EMP attacks on various countries, and 2) where is the evidence that any other countries have done anything to harden their infrastructure against such an attack?
Posted by trailing wife 2021-07-05 10:14||   2021-07-05 10:14|| Front Page Top

#4 ^^
So yeah, I guess we'll all start receiving our FEMA
copy of "How to Build a Faraday Cage" in the mail any day now.
Posted by Spesh Click6092 2021-07-05 10:18||   2021-07-05 10:18|| Front Page Top

Posted by Spesh Click6092 2021-07-05 10:22||   2021-07-05 10:22|| Front Page Top

#6 Another year, another lockdown...
Posted by Spesh Click6092 2021-07-05 10:23||   2021-07-05 10:23|| Front Page Top

#7 Hacking seems to have a much higher profitabity.
Posted by Blackbeard Barnsmell6454 2021-07-05 11:07||   2021-07-05 11:07|| Front Page Top

#8 First thing: Convince me that the "rest of the world is preparing"!
Posted by magpie 2021-07-05 12:49||   2021-07-05 12:49|| Front Page Top

#9 Won't get anyone reelected.
Posted by Angstrom 2021-07-05 13:16||   2021-07-05 13:16|| Front Page Top

#10 At the very least, we need to stop relying on transformers made in China with built-in backdoors. But I think that's racist or something.
Posted by AuburnTom 2021-07-05 13:19||   2021-07-05 13:19|| Front Page Top

#11 given that Pentagon strategists regularly develop plans to invade Canada and Montenegro, what odds that they have not quietly developed several plans for EMP attacks on various countries

Just so you know, that long since the 80s, the services have spent a good amount of dollars on making their tactical equipment EMP proof. It's a contributory reasons why some equipment is far more expensive than their civilian counterparts and why some things are not bought off the shelf.

There was a EMP testing rig in New Mexico with a huge wooden platform and a cloud of wiring above to generate a pulse. How big a platform, at least large enough to accommodate a 747.
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-07-05 13:59||   2021-07-05 13:59|| Front Page Top

#12 Note: you can bulid a simple small emp proof container using a small all metal trash can, 2x cans of flex seal, a cooper car jumper cable and cooper ground some extras for under
$100. That hold 2 laptops, a bag flash drives, a 400watt fold up solar panel and 5amp 12vdc litium battery..etc.. It fact there several youtube videos and back-channel plans you can google.But to what avail?
Posted by NN2N1 2021-07-05 15:51||   2021-07-05 15:51|| Front Page Top

#13 (Very carefully considers his comments.)

...A dear friend and mentor who was a strategic analyst (lost him last Christmas to the goddamned COVID) was once asked about imminent threats like EMP and smuggled-in bombs, which would be 'so easy to use and utterly defeat us.'

I've never forgotten his answer. He just contemplated his reply for a moment and then said, "If it's so easy to do, is so decisive, and can create so much damage...why hasn't it already been done?"


Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2021-07-05 16:34||   2021-07-05 16:34|| Front Page Top

#14 ^^^
Just need one of these:
E2V RF Safe-Stop Electromagnetic
Pulse Gun
Posted by Gragum Glolutle6724 2021-07-05 18:28||   2021-07-05 18:28|| Front Page Top

#15 All the more reason to have an older car with conventional ignition and a carburetor. Old VW Bug is just about bomb-proof and can be maintained with minimal tools. I had one and kept it running with a basic tool kit, a few spares, and JBWeld.
Posted by These Forkbeard7574 2021-07-05 19:09||   2021-07-05 19:09|| Front Page Top

#16 ^^^
Me fleet consists of
1951 Salmson S4-61
1952 Nash Ambassador Airflyte
1953 Citroën Traction Avant
1955 Bentley R-type
All simple vehicles mechanically
with at least 20 miles per gallon rate
Posted by Spoter Thruling8598 2021-07-05 19:29||   2021-07-05 19:29|| Front Page Top


Posted by Spoter Thuling8598 2021-07-05 19:47||   2021-07-05 19:47|| Front Page Top


Posted by Spoter Thuling8598 2021-07-05 19:53||   2021-07-05 19:53|| Front Page Top

#19 The USA has more important tasks to accomplish, like teaching CRT to grade schoolers and locking down its populace to fight COVID while leaving the southern border wide open to every COVID-carrying migrant who chooses to enter the country.
Posted by Bubba Lover of the Faeries8843 2021-07-05 19:55||   2021-07-05 19:55|| Front Page Top

#20 Read This
Even if read
nothing else today,
on this topic
Published June 11, 2021
The Termination Event
Posted by Otto Grumble2081 2021-07-05 20:05||   2021-07-05 20:05|| Front Page Top

#21 Excellent car fotos.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-05 20:50||   2021-07-05 20:50|| Front Page Top

#22 My M-1 Garand and ammo are EMP proof:p
Posted by Silentbrick 2021-07-05 23:00||   2021-07-05 23:00|| Front Page Top

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