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2009-06-20 Home Front: WoT
Your Rights Online: Man Attacked In Ohio For Providing Iran Proxies
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Posted by Javising Floth2627 2009-06-20 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6484 views ]  Top

#1 As a news source I'd rate Daily Kos slightly below Weekly World News.
Posted by DMFD 2009-06-20 00:12||   2009-06-20 00:12|| Front Page Top

#2 Sounds like he wasn't very expert at this anonymous proxying!
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2009-06-20 06:20||   2009-06-20 06:20|| Front Page Top

#3 OR maybe whoever did it is counting on us being skeptical.

I just suspect the risk/reward ratio is way too high/low/whatever.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2009-06-20 09:53||   2009-06-20 09:53|| Front Page Top

#4 By the way, there is a legal, low risk, way of doing this if you have the minor IT skills to do it and a broadband connection:

Think about Tor. Tor is an cryptographically secured, crypto-anonymous relay of connected networks and nodes (computers) put up by individuals.

Put up a Tor Network relay and open exit ports for IM and Twitter- they will get used.

This provides the Iranians with the ability to post and twitter, without their secret police being able to trace them, so long as they can find an entry point to Tor, of which there are many more than before.

If you know Tor well, it would be help more to open up a bridge relay - the people who are blocked in Iran can access the internet via that. This provides them with an "on ramp" for Tor.

Even if you don't like running stuff like Tor, think about doing it for the duration of the potential uprising in Iran, and take it down when things are done.

Imagine being able to help foment the Chinese insurrection and help it grow to where even a Tienanmen Square was not enough to stop it. That's the opportunity you have now.

FYI: The Obama administration is sitting on its thumbs right now, but individual citizens are not. Its the techies that have risen to the occasion and provided the outlets the Iranians need. Individuals doing things of their own accord that promote liberty, governments be damned. And lots of them. Maybe there is hope for the west.
Posted by OldSpook 2009-06-20 10:31||   2009-06-20 10:31|| Front Page Top

#5 Thanks OldSpook - I've been looking for a way to help. I already have a TOR client, just need to install and configure the TOR server software and update the firewall.
Posted by DMFD 2009-06-20 10:54||   2009-06-20 10:54|| Front Page Top

#6 Hope remains for the civilized world.

I've seen quite a bit of commentary that we now have 'open source' intel gathering and analysis, of which Rantburg could be considered an example.

Kind of neat to see an example of open source operations in supporting Iranian protestors. The CIA, VOA etc. should have a plan to destablize Iran and empower civilized people there (regardless of whether they are a majority and 'won' the sham of an election, btw). It is in our national interest. For whatever reason, our official government agencies have not had much success in Iran. But individuals taking the initiative this way can potentially be more effective with fewer resources.

Not sure what will happen to Iran, but glad people are taking matters into their own hands. It's our last best hope to deviate from a path to inevitable military conflict with a corrupt, genocidal theocracy.
Posted by JAB 2009-06-20 11:03||   2009-06-20 11:03|| Front Page Top

#7 OK, I've got TOR relay up. Only problem was I was running an old web server that caused bind failures for TOR. Once I shut it down, everything worked.

If you'd like to set-up a relay, get TOR here and follow the installation instructions. You'll need to set port forwarding on your router for ports 443 and 9030.
Posted by DMFD 2009-06-20 22:25||   2009-06-20 22:25|| Front Page Top

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