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2003-10-09 Middle East
Latest Arafat Diagnosis.....Stomach Cancer
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Posted by Baba Yaga 2003-10-09 3:49:49 PM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6510 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 The only problem here is that when the pustule finally does croak, Israel will be in for a rough time. The only measuring stick for leadership the Paleos seem to have is who can boom the most Jews. So instead of just Hamas, IJ and the Martyrs sending over their DumbBombs (TM), there'll be a whole bunch of wannabes trying to "raise their profile with their constituency".

Granted the internecine warfare will be enjoyable to watch (the office pool on number of martyrs per week is my personal favorite), but still, I wouldn't be planning any pilgrimages to the Holy Land anytime soon....
Posted by Mercutio 2003-10-9 4:06:35 PM||   2003-10-9 4:06:35 PM|| Front Page Top

#2 The Israelis need to stick to their position: Arafat can go but he can't come back. The PA is going to whine and moan with special circumstances. If the Israelis let this one go, it will become just another can of worms that the Paleos will use to exploit the situation and more Israelis will die.

The Arafish can live in his Ramallah tank, or he can go to another tank, but he can't have it both ways.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2003-10-9 4:10:06 PM||   2003-10-9 4:10:06 PM|| Front Page Top

#3 even more reason to build the fence, and make it snappy! A big frigging electrified fence with razor wire all over the place and a moat, filled with sharks, with lasers mounted on their heads....
oh, and Yasser? you can forget about being buried by the Dome in Jerusalem. The Joooos said no, lol
Posted by Frank G  2003-10-9 4:57:07 PM||   2003-10-9 4:57:07 PM|| Front Page Top

#4 Saw this in MEMRI today. Might be a case of prepping for a quick getaway when the pustule (on the ass of humanity) finally crumps.

Posted by Mercutio 2003-10-9 5:02:17 PM||   2003-10-9 5:02:17 PM|| Front Page Top

#5 Fred: gastric carcinoma with liver metastases: actuarial survival under 10 months. Things that make survival less likely (poor prognostic signs, as we docs say): advanced age, debility ("poor protoplasm"), liver, peritoneal or distant metastases, involvement of the whole stomach as opposed to just the antrum of the stomach, perforation of the stomach, and the presence of certain tumor markers.

Surgical options if there are no distant mets ("locoregional disease") generally involve resection of all or most of the stomach combined with a drainage procedure to ensure that food and bile move through the small intestine ("Billroth" procedure or a "Rous-en-Y"), plus extended lymph node dissection, plus resection of any evident extension of the tumor. For a man > 70 years old, poor protoplasm, etc., the operative risk would be very high. Even with localized, resectable disease, the median 5 year survival in the US is about 15 to 40%. For distant mets and non-resectable disease, survival is in months.

Chemotherapy generally doesn't work for advanced gastric cancer though that doesn't stop the oncologists. Some protocol drugs do offer some minor life extension at a very high cost in the quality of the remaining life. Chemotherapy also is tougher on patients of advanced years and poor protoplasm.

Liver mets are PAINFUL. Stretching the liver capsule by the enlarging tumor generally creates intense pain that is not handled well by opiates.

I thought this info would help you, er, "sharpen" your analysis of the situation!
Posted by Steve White  2003-10-9 6:16:40 PM||   2003-10-9 6:16:40 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 any chance of massive inflamed hemmorhoids too? As long as I'm hoping and praying.....
Posted by Frank G  2003-10-9 7:09:50 PM||   2003-10-9 7:09:50 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 All of this may explain why Sharon has not gone after Arafat directly. Putting a bullet through a healthy man is one thing; doing the same thing to a dying man.....
Posted by john  2003-10-9 7:34:10 PM||   2003-10-9 7:34:10 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 Pancreatic,stomach,liver cancer!I don't give a damn,just die bitch!
Posted by Raptor  2003-10-9 7:37:16 PM||   2003-10-9 7:37:16 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 From Allah Is In The House (a deliciously funny satire site, kinda an Islamic "Onion"):
One Sick Fuck
Poisoning, hepatitis, stomach cancer: If you believe the Zionist media, the Chairman's gone and contracted every disease known to man plus a few that haven't been discovered yet. We at Gawker P aren't doctors, but judging from those recent photos it looks to us as though Abu Ammar was way ahead of the Pope's thinking about condoms and lethal viruses, if you know what we mean. But why wonder? We finagled an invite (plus one, natch) to last night's opening of Zyklon, the new club in Ramallah, in hopes of putting the question directly to him. He staggered in around eleven and made straight for the dance floor, where he and your humble correspondent ended up doing the bump and grind to a techno remix of "I Hate Israel." He seemed spry, and was looking much better. "It was the chest, the co-ro-na-ry," he said, his fishy lips quivering. "I am had the pain in the chest, but now, no." He has a heart? Who knew? Wait--did we just say that out loud? "Shut up!" he said, storming off. "Shut up! If there is no heart than what is the pump? There is no snarky without accurately. You must be accurately when speaking to General Arafat!" Sheesh. Needless to say, we decided not to take the bus home afterwards.
Posted by Frank G  2003-10-9 9:53:14 PM||   2003-10-9 9:53:14 PM|| Front Page Top

#10 Raptor - Once cancer metastasizes it's killing its host. The "under 10 months" that Steve mentioned isn't a pleasant time for the victim, and the end stage is agonizing, despite the fact that massive amounts of pain killers are required. Dying quickly would be a mercy...
Posted by Fred  2003-10-9 10:26:36 PM||   2003-10-9 10:26:36 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 Let him go to phrawnce and spend his final days w/his wife.

If he had actually built a functioning society the past 10 years, he'd die in the promised land.

Now he'll be like Moses, so close, yet so far.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-10 12:14:29 AM||   2003-10-10 12:14:29 AM|| Front Page Top

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