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2003-10-03 Middle East
Bomb Sniffing Pigs!
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Posted by Ptah 2003-10-03 10:13:22 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6460 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Best.idea.ever. The terrorists better hope none of their wares go off while the pig is investigating, or no raisins for you!
Posted by BH  2003-10-3 10:26:23 AM||   2003-10-3 10:26:23 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Pigs are smarter than dogs and have better noses. Supposed to be easy to train to. I think I have seem a story on them being used to sniff out bombs and drugs here in the States.
Posted by Steve  2003-10-3 10:43:13 AM||   2003-10-3 10:43:13 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 One thing is for sure Arab terrorists aint gonna appreciate getting sniffed out by wild pigs.

Posted by TS 2003-10-3 10:44:27 AM||   2003-10-3 10:44:27 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Walk by my Razorback please. SLOWLY
Posted by Shipman 2003-10-3 10:53:53 AM||   2003-10-3 10:53:53 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 I find the typo in the first paragraph particularly hillarious: "wild bores", sounds like an amorphous group of dissenters, while doing a (Monty Python-esque) " frothing at the mouth and falling over backwards".
Posted by Anonymous  2003-10-3 11:46:15 AM||   2003-10-3 11:46:15 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 It doesn't make a difference to neither you nor I
Big pig or little pig, Root, hog, or die.

Posted by Mike  2003-10-3 12:32:29 PM||   2003-10-3 12:32:29 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 Effective and offensive to Muslims. Who could ask for anything more?
Posted by someone 2003-10-3 12:54:00 PM||   2003-10-3 12:54:00 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 I've never understood why pigs are considered *more* offensive to Muslims than to, say, Jews. Or Hindus, for that matter. None of 'em are allowed to eat pork, which leaves more for me I suppose...
Posted by mojo  2003-10-3 1:44:42 PM||   2003-10-3 1:44:42 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 new slogan for pig farmers:

"the other white meat........and they're good at foiling muslim extremists"
Posted by Jarhead 2003-10-3 2:01:38 PM||   2003-10-3 2:01:38 PM|| Front Page Top

#10 My only concern is that the terrorists will run away from the 'demonic' pig. It's no fun shooting them in the back.
Posted by Charles  2003-10-3 2:17:58 PM||   2003-10-3 2:17:58 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 It's no fun shooting them in the back.

Speak for yourself.
Posted by Steve  2003-10-3 2:36:02 PM||   2003-10-3 2:36:02 PM|| Front Page Top

#12  Now if the IDF could only figure out a way to mount an M-60 on it with dual grenade launchers on the sides.

I can see the slogans spray painted across the sides like armored vehicles.

"Dirty Harry"
"Bad Piggy"
"Who you calling dirty, punk?"
"I'm looking for my son Yassar, have you seen him?"

For each kill mark they could paint on turbans!
Posted by Paul 2003-10-3 4:59:42 PM||   2003-10-3 4:59:42 PM|| Front Page Top

#13 I've never understood why pigs are considered *more* offensive to Muslims than to, say, Jews. Or Hindus, for that matter.

The short version, Mojo, is this: To Muslims and Hindus, it's not just the eating of pork that's offensive, it's ANY contact with a pig, or a pig product. The Sepoy Revolt that hit the Brits unaware was the result of a rumor that the ammunition the Brits were handing out to native troops had been greased with a mixture of pork and sheep fat.

Indeed, during the US Army's campaign in the Phillipines, General Pershing dealt with some extremely persistant Muslim rebels by having his troops dig a pit, slaughter some pigs, drain their blood into the pit, toss the dead pigs into the pit, then shoot the rebels and dump THEIR bodies into it. The resulting shock reverberated throughout the Muslim community in the southern Phillipine Islands, and only the most irrational Muslims were willing to attack US troops after that.

Why? According to Muslim faith, you can't go to paradise if you've been contaminated by an unclean animal. Even if it wasn't your fault. If there's no time for a Muslim to perform the cleansing rituals, he's damned and doomed. Allah's essentially saying "Tough luck, buddy. Wasn't your fault, but I'm gonna screw you over anyway."

This is a VAST over-simplification of a complex subject and the religious laws involved, but a full treatment of it would require a book-length lecture. ^_^

Ed Becerra
Posted by Ed Becerra 2003-10-3 5:34:22 PM||   2003-10-3 5:34:22 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 Go Ed Go! All we got is bandwidth.

Short version. Pigs eat what humans eat, they are direct and efficient competition. Dat's Pig Hate.

Now Pig Love... is harder to 'splain. They taste good, but you gotta have a surplus of stuff they'll eat, which leads to intra-human warfare over the cargo. See? It's easy.
Posted by Shipman 2003-10-3 7:47:08 PM||   2003-10-3 7:47:08 PM|| Front Page Top

#15 Some very interesting material posted here!
It gives me an idea on what to do with all my hollowpoint ammunition!
(Rebel Yell)
Let this be known to all muslim terrorist....... There's a new bullit in town and it's name is HOLLOWPORK!
Now I can fight fire with fire and help out the old lady at the same time by cleaning up the morning frying pan and save'n those bacon bits and some Jimmy Dean's sausage fat for my special Osama-Ben-Had Hollow-Pork Rounds!

Bring it on ya Jahaddy dummies.....No 75 virgins for you dickheads if you piss around in my neck of the woods!

Posted by Goober Pyle 2004-05-30 7:16:33 PM||   2004-05-30 7:16:33 PM|| Front Page Top

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