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2003-10-03 Terror Networks
Amir Taheri: Qaeda's new course
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Posted by Fred Pruitt 2003-10-03 22:48|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6460 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Interesting analysis.

Look for large contributions to Democratic canidates, and the democratic party by Islamic organizations / Jihadists or their stooge organizations.

If they can get an idiot like Gepheart or Clark in the white house who will retreat from the 'miserable failure' in Iraq and Afghanistan ("yelp! yelp! yelp!" with our tail between our legs) and hand the authority to the U.N. and France (who will then surrender authority to the Jihadists) they will be all set again - with the rich Iraqi oil fields and no sanctions to fund their activities (you dont think they give a pigs eye for the Iraqi people do you?). With that kind of funding you can bet your ass they will be buying politicians around the world - particulary in the United States and United Kingdom.
Posted by GregJ 2003-10-3 11:36:50 PM||   2003-10-3 11:36:50 PM|| Front Page Top

#2 --America, which is regarded as "the last champion of unbelief in the world." --


1 billion chicoms and 1/2 bill Indians would beg to differ.
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-4 12:43:01 AM||   2003-10-4 12:43:01 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 I think it's about 1.3B chicoms and 1B Indians, though only about 800mm are non-muslim.

If the islamists really take over Pakistan they will face immediate preemptive action to destroy their nuclear capability after which India might invade.

Still, I give the islamists credit for realizing the stakes in the next election. They need us to bleed in Iraq so that Bush loses because they'll have a tough time surviving 4 more years. This is indeed a 1 issue election that reason.

It would be best for our country if both parties believed in an aggressive approach to handling the islamists. Unfortunately this is not the case (Lieberman excepted, sort of).

Right now Bush is struggling polically due to his own weak communications strategy and recent misteps coupled with the desire of the media, and perhaps even the state dept and cia, for our aggressive policy to fail so we can return to the days when de Villepin liked us. Fortunately he as a year to get it together.
Posted by JAB 2003-10-4 1:48:12 AM||   2003-10-4 1:48:12 AM|| Front Page Top

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