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2020-06-01 -Lurid Crime Tales-
Bill de Blasio's daughter Chiara, 25, is ARRESTED during George Floyd protest in Manhattan where 'demonstrators clashed with cops and torched patrol cars'
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Posted by Skidmark 2020-06-01 05:45|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [287 views ]  Top
 File under: Antifa 

#1 Another photo. She's a real "looker!":

Posted by Ulomose Ebbavins4956 2020-06-01 09:25||   2020-06-01 09:25|| Front Page Top

#2 Her head looks like a vacuum cleaner attachment
Posted by Frank G 2020-06-01 10:36||   2020-06-01 10:36|| Front Page Top

#3 A Whiff of Grapeshot might cure the carbecue problem.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-06-01 10:51||   2020-06-01 10:51|| Front Page Top

#4 Idiocy seems to be a family trait.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-06-01 10:52||   2020-06-01 10:52|| Front Page Top

#5 Chiara is a total stripper name, only I'd never want see that thing naked.
Posted by charger 2020-06-01 15:23||   2020-06-01 15:23|| Front Page Top

#6 She'll be walking the halls of C-Suite in no time.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-01 15:42||   2020-06-01 15:42|| Front Page Top

#7 Do they cuff her by the nose-ring and stretched earlobe-thingies?
Posted by Lex 2020-06-01 15:55||   2020-06-01 15:55|| Front Page Top

#8 Now a days, many newer street level stores have several levels of apartments above them full of people. This is referred to as Mix Use development. Any kind of arson that could result in deaths of people in there apartments from fire or smoke inhalation should be met with capital murder charges.
Posted by Dr. Wheat Faartz007 2020-06-01 17:39||   2020-06-01 17:39|| Front Page Top

#9 No capital punishment in New York, so short of a federal murder charge nothing like that would happen.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-06-01 17:57||   2020-06-01 17:57|| Front Page Top

#10 However, there are many things our intrepid playing-at-revolution youth could get themselves caught up in even in a state like New York:

These are the offenses which may result in the death penalty under the United States Code:[22]

Causing death by using a chemical weapon or a weapon of mass destruction
Murder, kidnapping resulting in death, or conspiracy to kill resulting in death, of a member of the Congress, the Cabinet, or Supreme Court of the United States
Causing death by using an explosive
Causing death by using an illegal firearm
Causing death during a drug-related drive-by shooting
Genocide resulting in death
Carjacking resulting in death
Mailing explosive substances resulting in death
Willful destruction of aircraft or motor vehicles resulting in death
Causing death by aircraft hijacking or any attempt to commit aircraft hijacking
Causing death by kidnapping or hostage taking
First-degree murder within the special territorial and maritime jurisdiction of the United States:
Murder perpetrated by poison or lying in wait
Murder that is willful, deliberate, malicious, and premeditated
Murder in the perpetration of, or in the attempt to perpetrate, any arson, torture, escape, kidnapping, treason, espionage, sabotage, aggravated sexual abuse or sexual abuse, child abuse, burglary, or robbery
Murder perpetrated as part of a pattern or practice of assault or torture against a child or children
Murder committed by a federal prisoner or an escaped federal prisoner sentenced to 15 years to life or a more severe penalty
Murder of a court officer or juror
Murder with the intent of preventing testimony by, or retaliate against, a witness, victim, or informant
Murder, kidnapping resulting in death, or conspiracy to kill resulting in death, of the President of the United States, the Vice President, or a member of the presidential staff
Killing persons aiding federal investigations or State correctional officers
Willful wrecking of a train resulting in death
Sexual abuse resulting in death
Sexual exploitation of children resulting in death
Torture resulting in death
Death resulting from violence at an international civil airport
Murder of a U.S. national in an act of terrorism committed in another country
Death resulting from an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries
Death resulting from use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission or preparation of murder-for-hire
Crime against civil rights or conspiracy to do so, resulting in death, involving kidnapping, or involving rape
Attempting, authorizing or advising the killing of any officer, juror, or witness in cases involving a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, whether such killing occurs or not
Large-scale drug trafficking
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-06-01 17:59||   2020-06-01 17:59|| Front Page Top

#11 She won’t be prosecuted...
Posted by Glenmore  2020-06-01 18:15||   2020-06-01 18:15|| Front Page Top

#12 She will. She's too high-profile and Mom wants to run for Borough Council Member. She won't get punished hard but she won't get off completely.
Posted by Frank G 2020-06-01 19:34||   2020-06-01 19:34|| Front Page Top

#13 I shall call her...Swifferhead!
Posted by charger 2020-06-01 22:33||   2020-06-01 22:33|| Front Page Top

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