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2019-08-30 -Lurid Crime Tales-
DOJ Declines to Prosecute James Comey for Leaking Classified Information
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Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 06:29|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6480 views ]  Top

#1 Professional courtesy. (do I need to put a /sarc on that?)
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-08-30 07:18||   2019-08-30 07:18|| Front Page Top

#2 The signal has been sent to our masters.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

If you what they did to the Tea Party was bad, if you thought what they tried from 2015 to now with the fake collusion scandal and harvesting was ain't seen nothin' yet.

And Barr bagpipes while the Republic burns.
Posted by charger 2019-08-30 09:03||   2019-08-30 09:03|| Front Page Top

#3 ' Woe unto you, lawyers ! ' - GAWD

Obviously every AG is invited to the table and initiated into the deepState, leaving us trusting schleps wondering just WTF got into them overnight.

TIME's article on Barr's inconsistencies prompted me to question; 'could William Barr too have once visited an island of some kind ?' He did throw the word 'Appalled' around in the same indignant manner as Prince Andrew. And he was as 'clueless' as a taxpaying commoner about the BOP corruption until Epstein died. I know what lawyers in power can be like. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-30 09:25||   2019-08-30 09:25|| Front Page Top

#4 Comey was simply carrying water for Brennan, Soetoro, and the onerous Clinton's. Appears to be a concerted effort to keep these issue out of the courts and protect our first entitlement POTUS and the Clinton's.... or am I parroting a conspiracy ?
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 09:32||   2019-08-30 09:32|| Front Page Top

#5 Proof the deep state won this round.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-08-30 09:39||   2019-08-30 09:39|| Front Page Top

#6 I lost faith in the process of law. We indeed have two sets of laws, " one for us and one for thee..."
Posted by Seeking Cure For Ignorance 2019-08-30 09:52||   2019-08-30 09:52|| Front Page Top

#7 Consequences for acts? At least twice the DOJ has declined to prosecute Comey. Comey said the FBI could not find a case against Hillary. Has Congress forwarded a recommendation for prosecution for Comey for perjury? I doubt it.

We've got a friggin banana republic instead of a Constitutional Republic governed by the Rule of Law.

Probably the best response re consequences is that of POTUS:
Donald J. Trump
@realDonaldTrump ~ 3 hrs ago:: The disastrous IG Report on James Comey shows, in the strongest of terms, how unfairly I, and tens of millions of great people who support me, were treated. Our rights and liberties were illegally stripped away by this dishonest fool. We should be given our stolen time back?

No justice. Hillary, Comey are laughing.

IOWs, The American people get hosed again.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-30 11:51||   2019-08-30 11:51|| Front Page Top

#8 Same old tears on a new background. Now righties (me included) can feel what lefties felt about Mueller. Anyone who thinks this crowd does not protect its own also likes skittles and rainbow farts from unicorns.
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-08-30 12:01||   2019-08-30 12:01|| Front Page Top

#9 Since Mr. Comey violated FBI rules and his employment agreement it seems appropriate that there should be some punishment for that behavior, if only to discourage such behavior by other FBI employees.
Since the Department of Justice, in its wisdom finds that prosecution is not an appropriate punishment, some other form of punishment should be investigated.
It should be appropriate to the infraction, which appears to be an attempt by Comey to overthrow a duly elected president; and should be sufficient to deter others from similar behavior with lesser victims, it should be of significant impact.
The obvious choice is withholding his pension for service in the government. He would be able to appeal this administrative penalty in the courts. And until such appeal is adjudicated in his favor, if that ever happens, it would be sufficient punishment to deter similar behavior by others.
Posted by Daniel 2019-08-30 13:47||   2019-08-30 13:47|| Front Page Top

#10 Play the long game. Lost this one but more rounds to come. Patience.
Posted by Lex 2019-08-30 13:51||   2019-08-30 13:51|| Front Page Top

#11 Were going to run out of short games that make up the long game.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-30 14:19||   2019-08-30 14:19|| Front Page Top

#12 Play the long game. Lost this one but more rounds to come. Patience.
Posted by Lex

Sorry, my patience is long gone with these varmints.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 14:22||   2019-08-30 14:22|| Front Page Top

#13 Off yesterday's pile... I will curb no doggerel before its time.

"In case any body's forgotten
that Democrat hoods do not cotton
to runaway thinkin'..."
The princeling winks; Lincoln stinks.
Something in Denmark is rotten?
Posted by Threash Grumble4619 2019-08-30 14:57||   2019-08-30 14:57|| Front Page Top

#14 WTF, You get more justice and punishment if you walk away from the U.S. tennis open and you're 28th seed:

"US Open 28th seed Suárez Navarro fined $40K after quitting"
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-30 18:05||   2019-08-30 18:05|| Front Page Top

#15 Going to put an FBI man on the stand in a trial to testify as a witness or expert? Good luck. Us 'thees' don't need to believe a single utterance from their mouths.
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-08-30 19:05||   2019-08-30 19:05|| Front Page Top

#16  Play the long game. Lost this one but more rounds to come. Patience.
Posted by Lex

Sorry, my patience is long gone with these varmints
Posted by Besoeker

Night of the First Day, Battle of Shiloh

Sherman: “Well, Grant, we’ve had the devil’s own day, haven’t we?”

Grant: “Yep. Lick ’em to-morrow, though.”

Posted by Lex 2019-08-30 20:25||   2019-08-30 20:25|| Front Page Top

#17 Thanks Lex, spirits need an occasional boost after a series of intentional clusterf×%ks by DS players. Get em another day.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-30 22:29||   2019-08-30 22:29|| Front Page Top

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