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2019-08-30 -Lurid Crime Tales-
Report: FBI Examining Two Broken Cameras Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell
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Posted by Fred 2019-08-30 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6483 views ]  Top

#1 Sleeping guards don't want cameras working. Tightly integrated circuits prevent a camera from being degraded unless a good electronics person purposely damages a capacitor or resistor or someone spins the lense out of focus, etc. 30+ days of video can be stored or more on commercial GeoVision Systems, depending on the hard drive size (500 meg 30 days or 1 terabyte much longer video archive?). Was the video quality poor before Epstein occupied the cell or during the brief two weeks he was there? Any of thousands of security camera techs/hnstallers can look at the above in a few minutes and deliver a verdict.
Posted by Varmint Splat1454 2019-08-30 01:32||   2019-08-30 01:32|| Front Page Top

#2 How man prison guards did it take to break Jeffy's neck? None. Jeffy just fell...
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-08-30 06:18||   2019-08-30 06:18|| Front Page Top

#3 Some questions, feel free to add
1) When did the camera go down?
2) Did any other hundreds to thousand cameras in the complex went down at that time?
3) How reliable were these two cameras before?
Posted by BernardZ 2019-08-30 08:50||   2019-08-30 08:50|| Front Page Top

#4 What it needs is more cowbell!
Posted by SR-71 2019-08-30 09:32||   2019-08-30 09:32|| Front Page Top

#5 Not to worry about this, we have our best man on it, Inspector Clouseau, heading up a crack FBI team.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-30 09:51||   2019-08-30 09:51|| Front Page Top

#6 Looks a little damaged. Let's open it up and check it out. WHACK. Hm, rather resistant, give it another one, Jim. WHACK. SHATTER. That's better - let's see, yup not looking good. Better check the solder connections on these chips. Hand me that cold chisel.
Posted by KBK 2019-08-30 10:31||   2019-08-30 10:31|| Front Page Top

#7 security footage from at least one camera near Epstein’s cell was deemed unusable by authorities.

Who are these authorities ?
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-30 10:48||   2019-08-30 10:48|| Front Page Top

#8 Top Men
Posted by Frank G 2019-08-30 10:58||   2019-08-30 10:58|| Front Page Top

#9 Like Barr ?
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-30 11:33||   2019-08-30 11:33|| Front Page Top

#10 Too many moving parts to this to think it won’t seep out. He was murdered to protect the blackmail honey trap he was running for a foreign power....far too many suspicious events for a suicide and only huge national security motives would force these clown car level Coincidences......
Posted by NoMoreBS 2019-08-30 13:14||   2019-08-30 13:14|| Front Page Top

#11 Was Epstein a Mossad asset?
Posted by SR-71 2019-08-30 14:35||   2019-08-30 14:35|| Front Page Top

#12 Was Epstein a Mossad asset?
Posted by SR-71

If I had Epstein's money, I wouldn't be running a brothel for a bunch of international movers and shakers. He and Maxwell must have had a reason, a motivation. What was it ?
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 17:14||   2019-08-30 17:14|| Front Page Top

#13 Clearly he was mercenary. No loyalties and no ties. Any agency could have used him and he could have run afoul of any agency.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-30 17:23||   2019-08-30 17:23|| Front Page Top

#14 Other than Prince Andrew, interesting how few of his clients and former associates appear to have surfaced.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 17:27||   2019-08-30 17:27|| Front Page Top

#15 Motivation: sick motherf---er. Perv, psychopath, voyeur, fantasies about dominating others utterly (the whole "master/slave" BS), messianic delusions (cf. the weird fantasy about "seeding the world," etc).

There are probably tens of thousands such characters scurrying around, unbeknownst to their neighbors and colleagues.

Means: blackmail, extortion, repeated again and again. Like any good manipulator, he and Maxwell instantly spotted their marks' weaknesses and what those marks wanted; maneuvered them into positions of dependence; and then exploited them with nasty and vicious threats of violence, exposure, ruin.

These, too, are common traits, found in every garden-variety hustler and pimp (and not a few politicians and business execs).

Opportunity: an endless supply of weak, vulnerable (what used to be called "wayward") young girls sourced from the usual places + a smaller but still quite large supply of wealthy older men, drawn from transatlantic power circles, especially Manhattan, gulled by their lust, vanity and probably boredom into playing along with a boontime companion.

It's this last quality that puts Epstein in a league of his own.

No one is paying nearly enough attention to the man's early days, when he went from college dropout and failed nudnik-on-the-trading-desk to Friend to Bear Stearns Managing Directors and phony Master of the Universe.

That Wall Street connection is the key to this man's bizarre career.

Wall Street runs on personal relationships between the money guys - which E. pretended to be (though never actually was in any meaningful sense at all - and the sources of their money: billionaires and CEOs (Wexner: check), wealthy Old Money (Andrew: check), politicians seekign to score big money or young girls or both (Clinton and his "Foundation,", Richardson, Mitchell, et al.: check), and other Wall Streeters (cf. the Bear Stearns execs: check).

Follow the money. Find out which money guys are in those videos.
Posted by Lex 2019-08-30 19:14||   2019-08-30 19:14|| Front Page Top

#16 Perv, psychopath, voyeur, fantasies about dominating others utterly (the whole "master/slave" BS), messianic delusions (cf. the weird fantasy about "seeding the world," etc). There are probably tens of thousands such characters scurrying around, unbeknownst to their neighbors and colleagues.

That's it! I'm locking both doors tonight.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 19:45||   2019-08-30 19:45|| Front Page Top

#17 And turn off Siri!
Posted by Lex 2019-08-30 19:46||   2019-08-30 19:46|| Front Page Top

#18 Lex ~ Pers question. Do you live in Georgia ?
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 19:48||   2019-08-30 19:48|| Front Page Top

#19 No. And I don't like candy, either!
Posted by Lex 2019-08-30 20:06||   2019-08-30 20:06|| Front Page Top

#20 Whahahaha, not exactly where I was going.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-30 22:02||   2019-08-30 22:02|| Front Page Top

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