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2018-11-10 Home Front: Politix
What The Hell? Broward And Palm Beach Counties Ignore Court Ruling On Vote Counts; UPDATE: Reporters Threatened?
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Posted by Besoeker 2018-11-10 01:24|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336080 views ]  Top

#1 They are in deep do-do anyway. They are going to keep altering things to seal the Dem fraudulant victory or to shread the incriminating evidence until state police come in and charge them with contempt, being corrupt, and having bad hair (have you seen Snipes fro?).
Posted by Ebbavirt Clunk4147 2018-11-10 04:27||   2018-11-10 04:27|| Front Page Top

#2 They're also banning tv cameras from filming the counting. So corrupt.
Posted by Frank G 2018-11-10 06:45||   2018-11-10 06:45|| Front Page Top

#3 The 'Pubs better have 200 lawyers down there yesterday screaming for a complete halt on the ballot counting process and a reversal on all of it since the first deadline. This is beyond belief.
Posted by Raj 2018-11-10 06:59||   2018-11-10 06:59|| Front Page Top

#4 Ignore the judge, gets you contempt and up to 179 days in the cooler. No appeal, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.
Posted by Procopius2k 2018-11-10 07:36||   2018-11-10 07:36|| Front Page Top

#5 Time to go in with guns and arrest them.
Posted by DarthVader 2018-11-10 09:18||   2018-11-10 09:18|| Front Page Top

#6 Make them redo the vote, only this time with federal supervisors checking the voter rolls, scrutinizing voter IDs, and witnessing the tally afterward.
Posted by trailing wife 2018-11-10 11:06||   2018-11-10 11:06|| Front Page Top

#7 Trump needs to send in the US Marshalls and seize all the ballots. And throw the elections supervisors in jail for contempt of court.
Posted by Injun Bucket8891 2018-11-10 13:07||   2018-11-10 13:07|| Front Page Top

#8 They're gonna have to redo the vote because nobody has any faith in Snipes. She needs to do some hard time in the state pen.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2018-11-10 13:09||   2018-11-10 13:09|| Front Page Top

#9 Ignore the judge, gets you contempt and up to 179 days in the cooler.

Totally worth it. She'd be a hero.
Posted by gorb 2018-11-10 13:23||   2018-11-10 13:23|| Front Page Top

#10 How many Divisions has the Court - er, Vatican?
Posted by Glenmore 2018-11-10 17:00||   2018-11-10 17:00|| Front Page Top

#11 The 'local officials' are 'finding' votes in Arizona, too.

Sinema, the D goofball, is ahead, unexpectedly®

Al Franken would be proud.
Posted by Mullah Richard 2018-11-10 18:33||   2018-11-10 18:33|| Front Page Top

#12 Anyone who tries to steal an election and undermine the will of the people should be in the slammer for a long, long time. This is taken too lightly. Maybe voter election fraud should fall under treason laws.
Posted by JohnQC 2018-11-10 22:15||   2018-11-10 22:15|| Front Page Top

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