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2009-06-28 Caribbean-Latin America
Honduran president arrested
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Posted by Anonymoose 2009-06-28 11:16|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [451 views ]  Top

#1 Hugo's puppet got defenestrated. Good riddance
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-06-28 11:23||   2009-06-28 11:23|| Front Page Top

#2 Planes from the Venezuelan Air Force had landed in Honduras to bring all the materials required for Sunday's referendum, despite the decision by Honduras' Supreme Court that it was illegal.

Should have brought in thugs too. Better luck next time.
Posted by ed 2009-06-28 11:29||   2009-06-28 11:29|| Front Page Top

#3 AP and the other usual suspects are calling this a coup, even though the congress, the supreme court, and the attorney-general have all ruled that Zelaya was breaking the law.
The "first Latin American military coup in humpteen years" meme will be standard for the lazy and ignorant American media, steeped as they in Castro-inspired mythology and Che-worship.
Hugo says he will not stand idly by and let this happen. He can go screw himself.
Posted by Atomic Conspiracy 2009-06-28 11:59||   2009-06-28 11:59|| Front Page Top

#4 He's not going to 'stand idly by'? What's he going to do, invade?
Posted by Steve White 2009-06-28 12:23||   2009-06-28 12:23|| Front Page Top

#5 #4 He's not going to 'stand idly by'? What's he going to do, invade?
Posted by: Steve White

oh please oh please oh please!!11!!!
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-06-28 12:58||   2009-06-28 12:58|| Front Page Top

#6 The Venezuelan air force is just everywhere. Usually third world air forces are a joke, but this one always seems to be around when there's political trouble. However, you usually do your stationary shipping by Fedex.
Posted by gromky 2009-06-28 13:28||   2009-06-28 13:28|| Front Page Top

#7 Given what I just read is true?
Goodbye and good riddance,
do they have a vice president?
Posted by Redneck Jim 2009-06-28 14:51||   2009-06-28 14:51|| Front Page Top

#8 Rooters: Hugo is huffing and puffing hisself up

Speaking on Venezuelan state television, Chavez -- who has long championed the left in Latin America -- said he had put his troops on alert over the Honduran coup and would do everything necessary to abort the coup against his close ally.

He said that if the Venezuela ambassador was killed, or troops entered the Venezuela embassy, "that military junta would be entering a defacto state of war, we would have to act militarily." He said, "I have put the armed forces of Venezuela on alert."

Chavez, who has in the past threatened military action in the region but never followed through, said that if a new government is sworn in after the coup it would be defeated.
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-06-28 16:13||   2009-06-28 16:13|| Front Page Top

#9 Chavez said troops in Honduras also temporarily detained the Venezuelan and Cuban ambassadors, beating them.

sounds like the Hondurans understand the threat
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-06-28 18:23||   2009-06-28 18:23|| Front Page Top

#10 Gateway adds this:

You won't really grasp it from the AP article, but the Honduran coup is about President Zelaya's extra-constitutional attempt to extend his term. He would be out of office in January, but he wanted a referendum to permit him to run again. The Supreme Court stated that would be unconstitutional. The army general who was to have distributed the ballots refused, and was sacked. The military then snatched him from his villa and shipped him off to Hugo.
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-06-28 18:33||   2009-06-28 18:33|| Front Page Top

#11 Not to worry O will sheppard them back to socialism.
Posted by Cyber Sarge 2009-06-28 20:37||   2009-06-28 20:37|| Front Page Top

#12 This is actually quite hilarious:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday put troops on alert after a coup in Honduras and said he would respond militarily if his envoy to the Central American country was kidnapped or killed.

Chavez would have to go through Columbia, through Panama, and through Nicaragua to reach Honduras. Does he really believe his threat of "troops on alert" carries any weight? He opens his mouth and makes himself a laughingstock.

Posted by crosspatch 2009-06-28 23:39||   2009-06-28 23:39|| Front Page Top

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