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2007-12-17 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
OMG! Monster Rat found in 'Lost World' Jungle
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Posted by RD 2007-12-17 02:15|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6470 views ]  Top

#1 Ye gods! It's the Giant Rat of Sumatra!
Posted by Mike 2007-12-17 08:19||   2007-12-17 08:19|| Front Page Top

#2 Definitely Rodents of Very Large Size.
Posted by Fred 2007-12-17 08:35||   2007-12-17 08:35|| Front Page Top

#3 Almost qualifies as an RUS.
(rodent of unusual size)
Posted by bigjim-ky 2007-12-17 10:39||   2007-12-17 10:39|| Front Page Top

#4 My cat's twice that pictured rat's size, and he's not a BIG cat.(Look up "Maine Coon Cat")
Posted by Redneck Jim 2007-12-17 11:12||   2007-12-17 11:12|| Front Page Top

#5 These folks have obviously never seen a large 'waterfront rat'. Honestly, those suckers can get huge (25+ pounds).

When our office was near a medium sized midwestern river, we cornered one near the dumpster and called Animal Control (left the .45 home that day). The officer thought at first that it might be a muskrat, but after 'containment', decided that it wasn't (no webbed feet and tail was relatively hairless).
Posted by Mullah Richard 2007-12-17 12:16||   2007-12-17 12:16|| Front Page Top

#6 'Willard' was unavailable for comment....
Posted by CrazyFool 2007-12-17 12:19||   2007-12-17 12:19|| Front Page Top

#7 From the headline, I was expecting some kind of Michael Moore goof.
Posted by SteveS 2007-12-17 13:04||   2007-12-17 13:04|| Front Page Top

#8 Tat looks very much like a ROUS I found a few years back in my backyard (Pacific NorthWet). My fierce cats did him in. About 14 pounds.
Posted by twobyfour 2007-12-17 13:06||   2007-12-17 13:06|| Front Page Top

#9 so far.. 'Puny' is the handle of choice..

Heh, Jebus all you guys got some Big A$$ed Rats.

Like should we put an * asterisk by them? They be on Steroids or somthin? Do they associate with some guy named Barry maybe?

Posted by RD">RD  2007-12-17 13:58||   2007-12-17 13:58|| Front Page Top

#10 Is it a big rat or a really small capybara?
Posted by eLarson 2007-12-17 14:05||]">[]  2007-12-17 14:05|| Front Page Top

#11 Whatssamatter? Never seen a Nutria before???
Posted by Scooter McGruder 2007-12-17 14:08||   2007-12-17 14:08|| Front Page Top

#12 Im used to be in teh Publicks Rat Patrol, I wuz armed with a Crossman .22 caliber pellet rifle and and attached flashlight. I sneaked around the warehaus in deh dark shootin rats. The paid me for this. Life has gone downhill steady since.
Posted by HalfEmpty 2007-12-17 14:39||   2007-12-17 14:39|| Front Page Top

#13 I've seen rats as big as that down by the peanut warehouse in Dothan, Alabama. Got paid to shoot them, too.
Posted by Deacon Blues">Deacon Blues  2007-12-17 16:36||   2007-12-17 16:36|| Front Page Top

#14 Don't put down cats, mine cornered, killed, and ate an eight foot ratlesnake, (8 rattles and a button)wouldn't have believed it, but happened to come home and saw it, snake was surrounded, and scared to death, it was Custer's last stand(Where'd all those damn indians((Cats)) come from?)It really was an unfair fight, they called the neighbors (Cats) to come and have fun, I counted 24 cats-1 Rattlesnake, never found any trace, should have cut off the rattles, I did manage to cut the head off, so no cats would eat the poison sac.(Buried it deep)

Last I saw 5 cats were playing tug-o-war with the carcass.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2007-12-17 18:18||   2007-12-17 18:18|| Front Page Top

#15 Here on Guam I've seen rats down at Big Navy that are just as big - goes to show what pigging out on seafood- and other natural proteins can do. TMK, NAVMAR gave local Navy divers the formal responsibility of killing troublesome rodents, mostly via scoped pellet/air guns. Also helped the divers wid their personal shooting/weapon skills. *YOU THOUGHT IT WAS A LARGE CAT = SMALL DOG, DIDN'T YOU MORIARTY - WELL, IT TAINT!?
Posted by JosephMendiola 2007-12-17 18:21||   2007-12-17 18:21|| Front Page Top

#16 REDDIT > Science is getting closer to replicating/cloning ancient DINOSAURS = DINOSAURIAN DNA, besides also wooly mammoths.
Nuthin' says righteous progress that mankind doing its all to make sure it gets properly eaten chomped, and stepped on ala JURASSIC PARK TRILOGY, or in the altern ditto by NOSTRADAMUS'
Posted by JosephMendiola 2007-12-17 18:32||   2007-12-17 18:32|| Front Page Top

#17 That's nothing. Just wait until the next DNC convention.....
Posted by CrazyFool 2007-12-17 19:19||   2007-12-17 19:19|| Front Page Top

#18 I've seen pigmy possums that looked a lot like that. The biggest rats I've ever seen were in Panama - about the size of a rabbit. A really FAT possum will weigh in at 20-30 pounds, and are much nastier than rats. At the other end of the scale, my cats have caught a few shrews that weighed about a tenth of an ounce. I freed one, and it now lives (or its progeny now live) under my woodpile. The cats have gone after bigger prey.

I had a cat in Germany that brought home a young cock pheasant one morning. THAT spooked me!
Posted by Old Patriot">Old Patriot  2007-12-17 20:35||]">[]  2007-12-17 20:35|| Front Page Top

#19 huhu uhhu He said cock
Posted by Beavis 2007-12-17 21:07||   2007-12-17 21:07|| Front Page Top

#20 When Dad was in Pavuvu in WW2, they used to make trenches around their tent areas to catch the rats and keep them from the tent areas. Some fellow used a backpack flamethrower to get rid of a pack of em. T'was a nasty business, even as a rat, burning to death.
Posted by Alaska Paul">Alaska Paul  2007-12-17 21:57||   2007-12-17 21:57|| Front Page Top

#21 Bush Meat!

Africa has critters like these, known under the generic name of "Bush Rat." Years and years ago, a missionary of my acquaintance was out in the hinterlands in an African village, 4 hours from the road and 15 hours from anywhere. Another pastor came to visit and the village was excited: somebody had come all the way from the capital to visit their pastor. So a member of the congregation went hunting. He killed, dressed, and proudly presented a bush rat to his pastor as a treat for his guest. They had a 1931 copy of "The Joy Of Cooking", and adapted the muskrat recipe. Quite good, with a little extra red pepper.
Posted by mom">mom  2007-12-17 22:27||]">[]  2007-12-17 22:27|| Front Page Top

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