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2006-07-28 Syria-Lebanon-Iran
Iranian hardline students leave to fight Israel
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Posted by Fred 2006-07-28 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [921 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Turn these suckers into pig feed or make them vegetables that Levant always refers to. What a bunch of maroons. I really really wish we could bring in the B-52's on these assholes (and the other assholes too of course).
Posted by Remoteman 2006-07-28 00:15||   2006-07-28 00:15|| Front Page Top

#2 make that southern Beirut
Posted by Jan 2006-07-28 00:32||   2006-07-28 00:32|| Front Page Top

#3 Curse you punks.
Posted by newc">newc  2006-07-28 00:36||   2006-07-28 00:36|| Front Page Top

#4 200 tickets to Allahland with a convenient stopover in Beirut.
Posted by Captain America 2006-07-28 01:47||   2006-07-28 01:47|| Front Page Top

#5 Let's make sure that they all travel in dedicated buses, with great big "bulls eyes" painted on the roofs.
Posted by Lone Ranger 2006-07-28 02:06||   2006-07-28 02:06|| Front Page Top

#6 those protesters in Boston need to go over there too
Posted by Jan 2006-07-28 02:32||   2006-07-28 02:32|| Front Page Top

#7 Iranian student (without S) returns from fighting Israel.
Posted by JFM">JFM  2006-07-28 06:08||   2006-07-28 06:08|| Front Page Top

#8 Are these just regular students or 'elite' students?
Posted by Raj 2006-07-28 06:27||   2006-07-28 06:27|| Front Page Top

#9 I can never figger out the guy in sunglasses with his thumb in his pocket. Reckon there's a detonator in there?
Posted by Quana 2006-07-28 08:05||   2006-07-28 08:05|| Front Page Top

#10 ------ Hizbollah USO COUPON -----------

Good for 5 cups of tea at any Starbucks in Beirut or surrounding communities. Can only be redeemed by armed, hardline Iranian student seeking martyrdom. Good for... oh what the hell, it's good for ETERNITY!
Posted by Besoeker 2006-07-28 08:13||   2006-07-28 08:13|| Front Page Top

#11 ...Iranian officials have repeatedly said such groups have no official sanction and say they can operate only "as long as their ideas are limited to theory."

Maybe Rooters thinks this is, theoreticaly, the hardline militant/insurgent negotiating team of fighting volunteer idea debaters. Film at eleven.
Posted by Inspector Clueso 2006-07-28 09:34||   2006-07-28 09:34|| Front Page Top

#12 Today, we have a new ME word - hard liner.
In baseball, that would be a fast level hit, but in Farsi, it means useful fool. Yes, useful fools will board buses for the fighting in Lebanon.
I do hope they make it there. Kind of like crossing the bridge into Fredricksburg.
Posted by wxjames 2006-07-28 10:51||   2006-07-28 10:51|| Front Page Top

#13 Iranian hardline students cannon fodder leave to fight Israel die

There - fixed it for ya'. :-D
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-07-28 10:52||]">[]  2006-07-28 10:52|| Front Page Top

#14 200 "volunteers" hmmm that means they'll need 14,400 virgins if they are successful...

Ran out of 'em?
Posted by BigEd 2006-07-28 11:23||   2006-07-28 11:23|| Front Page Top

#15 Death of the no-so-innocents?
Posted by Secret Master 2006-07-28 11:27||   2006-07-28 11:27|| Front Page Top

#16 From the linked article:

The volunteers stressed theirs was a private initiative, not backed by state authorities. The group, calling itself the Justice-Seeking Movement of Students, said they had no military training. Some 50 students boarded buses from Tehran, but more were to join them from other cities at the border, they said.

This may not be entirely true. There are rumors that there may have been some "coercion", as this alleged fragment from an alleged intercept reveals:

(Mad Mullah): Abu, what is the worst fraternity on this campus?

(Abu): Well that would be hard to say, sir. They're each outstanding in their own way.

(Mad Mullah): Cut the horseshit, son. I've got their disciplinary files right here. Who dropped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet? Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode.

(Abu): You're talking about The Glorious Lions, sir.
Posted by mrp 2006-07-28 12:46||   2006-07-28 12:46|| Front Page Top

#17 LOL, mrp. I presume that's Mad Mullah Wormeini and this is the penalty for flaunting a double-secret probation fatwa, LOL. :)
Posted by Whuck Shomomp2251 2006-07-28 12:57||   2006-07-28 12:57|| Front Page Top

#18 Ahhh...more blood sacrifice for allan. Kool-aid anyone?
Posted by anymouse">anymouse  2006-07-28 13:05||   2006-07-28 13:05|| Front Page Top

#19 All the way to Tel Aviv, right, boys? Sure...
I'll be amazed if they make it to Beirut alive.
Posted by tu3031 2006-07-28 13:08||   2006-07-28 13:08|| Front Page Top

#20 Ed, I just got sent a photo email of a "virgin" that was so large you could only see the guys ankles with her on top of him, (I wish I had access to my email from here) telling him he only had 71 more to go, pretty funny.
Virgins come in all sizes heh.
Posted by Jan (at work) 2006-07-28 13:45||   2006-07-28 13:45|| Front Page Top

#21 ewww the immage Jan that's tooo vivid!! LOL!

Posted by RD 2006-07-28 14:19||   2006-07-28 14:19|| Front Page Top

#22 Must remember, there's no "official" link with the Mad Mullahs. Right. You betcha.

Say hi to the 12th Imam on your way to hell, boys!
Posted by Swamp Blondie 2006-07-28 14:55||]">[]  2006-07-28 14:55|| Front Page Top

#23 Reckon there's a detonator in there?

Nope. He's just happy to ... well, march up and down the square at any rate.
Posted by eLarson 2006-07-28 15:04||]">[]  2006-07-28 15:04|| Front Page Top

#24 They should track these buses, and just as soon as they pass into Lebanon...


I think it would make a fine message.
Posted by Grerert Shinese2335 2006-07-28 20:29||   2006-07-28 20:29|| Front Page Top

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