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2003-10-15 Latin America
Revolution Looms in Bolivia
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Posted by Sorge 2003-10-15 7:48:57 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [397 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 One wonders how much of a hand in this assorted good buddies in Colombia and Venezuela have?
Posted by Hiryu 2003-10-15 8:08:33 AM||   2003-10-15 8:08:33 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Instapundit linked to a story saying one of the major instigators just got back from Libya.
Posted by Robert Crawford  2003-10-15 9:45:53 AM|| []  2003-10-15 9:45:53 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 "Instapundit linked to a story saying one of the major instigators just got back from Libya."
Here it is:
Evo Morales, a member of Congress and the main opposition figure, recognized that the strike had failed to achieve its goals. ''I said it was a little early to call it,'' he told reporters. ``If you're going to organize a strike, you have to be able to carry it out.'' Nonetheless, Morales added, if Sánchez de Lozada decides to export the gas through Chile, ``his government won't last 24 hours. The people will rise up against it. So will the military and the police.''
Economists have said Bolivia's salvation in the coming years lies in a $5 billion plan to export the huge gas reserves -- the largest in Latin America after Venezuela's -- through the Chilean port of Patillos and then on to the United States, another sore spot for leftists here. Morales, who just returned from Libya, on Monday called the United States a ''terrorist nation'' for the Iraq war.
Posted by Steve  2003-10-15 10:46:34 AM||   2003-10-15 10:46:34 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Thousands took to the streets Monday to chant anti-government slogans even after President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada announced he will shelve controversial plans to export natural gas to the United States and Mexico.

Something worth mentioning is that Bolivia is a landlocked country. Exporting natural gas would mean that a pipeline would have to be built to the coast. Whichever country that the pipeline would have gone through also loses.

But union leaders and the nation’s poor Indian majority, which has frequently led protests against government attempts to privatize the country’s state industries, argue the economic benefits won’t reach them.

"Why bother with the complications of prosperity, when we can stay simple and impoverished?"
Posted by Bomb-a-rama 2003-10-15 11:19:57 AM||   2003-10-15 11:19:57 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 He means the protestors are being financed by Brazilian money.

Brazilian?? What dog do the Brazilians have in this fight? And is it Brazilian government money, or private money?
Posted by Angie Schultz 2003-10-15 11:36:14 AM|| []  2003-10-15 11:36:14 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 Angie Schultz;

The Brazilian president, Ignacio "Lula" da Silva is a former Union leader and committed communist. He helped Hugo Chavez break the massive strike last year, and is now inciting and helping the Unions in Bolivia.
Posted by Sorge  2003-10-15 12:17:56 PM|| []  2003-10-15 12:17:56 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 About Brazil it's currently ran by a president that is Socialist who stands by while drug and guerilla groups take refuge in the country so they can regroup and resupply.Also his follewers have in their agendas have seized property and rioted without much constraint
Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-15 12:24:29 PM||   2003-10-15 12:24:29 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 Things are picking up in South America:

Reuters has an article about the swing voters in Venezuala.

Reuters has an article on Outlaws in Brazil that covers the supply lines for the FARC.

Also Newsday notes that anti-government protests continue in Haiti - not really news, though.
Posted by Super Hose  2003-10-15 2:59:05 PM||   2003-10-15 2:59:05 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 When you consider all the natural resources in South America, it's disheartening to see their total lack of advancement in the fields of individual rights to property, and even in many instances, to life itself. One of the primary reasons for that lack of advancement is the frequent and often fruitless revolutions, counter-revolutions, and just plain old wars. Until the average Jose gets enough of an education to know that the only way he can get ahead is to have stable government that recognizes the rights of the individual, and that socialism kills all incentive to improve, it will go on, slowly grinding down the majority in poverty, disease, and filth. Unfortunately, I see large areas in Europe heading in the same direction. The revolutions there are bloodless (so far), but just as real, and just as destructive.
Posted by Old Patriot  2003-10-15 10:25:08 PM|| []  2003-10-15 10:25:08 PM|| Front Page Top

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