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2021-07-25 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Vaccine Hesitancy Is 'Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,' and 'Sophisticated
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Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-25 02:05|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [836 views ]  Top

#1 "Directional thinking" has never been the government's goal. Compliance is the goal,
Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-25 02:18||   2021-07-25 02:18|| Front Page Top

#2 30% of people have no intention of being vaccinated. That's a hard floor. Our in-house magic numbers guy will have plenty of bad names to call them. Does he still want to punch the governor of Florida? Comon over. We'll pound you flat and enjoy listening to you try to say "Freudian Projection" with no teeth.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 02:27||   2021-07-25 02:27|| Front Page Top

#3 Think of it as evolution in action.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 02:30||   2021-07-25 02:30|| Front Page Top

#4 True it is. The ones who ":have it all figured out" don't last long.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 02:37||   2021-07-25 02:37|| Front Page Top

#5 Disclaimer: I got vaccinated as soon as was possible for my age range. It didn't change my opinion that everyone else has to make that decision for themself. The "do it for the good of humanity" crap does not need to be discussed. Half of humanity wants the fruit of the other half's efforts. Fuck them.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 02:43||   2021-07-25 02:43|| Front Page Top

#6 everyone else has to make that decision for themself

No more than they're entitled to "make that decision for themselves" about DUI.

p.s. There are two groups in USA that under- vaccinated relative to the rest of the population. One is hard-core conservatives, the other are inner-city dwellers. Draw your own conclusions.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 02:55||   2021-07-25 02:55|| Front Page Top

#7 I never tested positive. I am naturally immune. Got the jab anyway. How many people who never got it feel no need to get a shot? Of course, their DNA and immune systems are "Freudianly Projecting" and they will get the GAMMA or KAPPA variant shortly...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 02:57||   2021-07-25 02:57|| Front Page Top

#8 Similar but different, s "tropical disturbance" is moving away from the east coast of CONUS but may produce named raindrops along the east coast.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:01||   2021-07-25 03:01|| Front Page Top

#9 Oooh, unvaccinated is like DUI. Sounds like somebody is getting nervous.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:04||   2021-07-25 03:04|| Front Page Top

#10 Oooh, unvaccinated is like DUI

Exactly like.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 03:07||   2021-07-25 03:07|| Front Page Top

#11 Lots of people propagate STDs. Not my problem. The notion that COVID people are infection machines is about the same. I don't kiss them, I don't let them sneeze in my face. The idea that someone else is dangerous to me just by living differently sounds sorta rayciss. Even tho it's true...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:08||   2021-07-25 03:08|| Front Page Top

#12 So, g, should people who blow 1.0 on a COVID meter be banned from breathing for a year?
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:10||   2021-07-25 03:10|| Front Page Top

#13 Drunks Against Mad Mothers. Healthy People Against Gummint Freakouts. How bout this. My guns have killed no one. My breath has killed no one. Even the Founding Fathers didn't see a "right to breathe" as necessary in the Bill of Rights. Of course, the Bill of Rights did not carve out a space for panty wetting academics. Part of the reason they hate the Constitution so much...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:17||   2021-07-25 03:17|| Front Page Top

#14 Eric Hoffer said it: A religion needs a devil. COVID is a religion that worships it's own devil. Mr. "Freudian Projection" is just a USSR apparatchik who sees "wreckers" everywhere he looks.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:24||   2021-07-25 03:24|| Front Page Top

#15 Just think if HIV+ people had been forcibly quarantined back in the day. Lots of sorrow would have been avoided but the media would be screaming about the injustice of it now. They would treat COVID the same to sell newspapers. Think about it.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:39||   2021-07-25 03:39|| Front Page Top

#16 As I said (#6), draw your own conclusions.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 03:42||   2021-07-25 03:42|| Front Page Top

#17 If "public health" really mattered, we'd be executing a lot of teenagers.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:45||   2021-07-25 03:45|| Front Page Top

#18 Conclusions. Right there with causation is not causality. Of course, people who mistake Excel for consciousness don't get that.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:50||   2021-07-25 03:50|| Front Page Top

#19 Maybe 2/3 of the human race is supposed to die because of a communist bioweapon accident. Have you ever considered that, g?
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:55||   2021-07-25 03:55|| Front Page Top

#20 #17 Maybe you should try reinstitution corporeal punishment first.

#18 Have it your way.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 03:57||   2021-07-25 03:57|| Front Page Top

#21 Bigger Picture. Not available as an Excel plug-in...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 03:58||   2021-07-25 03:58|| Front Page Top

#22 This subject is totally polarized. I have talked to people who would reelect Obama. Then those who would reelect Trump. No use providing any evidence. Some totally trust government and others are skeptical of government. I hold the opinion our government is capable of anything. Legal proceedings have started.Cease and desist legal action soon. Justice soon but outcome fair most likely not.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 04:04||   2021-07-25 04:04|| Front Page Top

#23 All God's creatures are born to die. Why have a bad attitude about it? You claim you are agnostic or athiest. You believe numbers are God. So look at the numbers, g. How much worse is the human race than last year? How much of it is disease? How much of that disease is more fatal because treatment changed during lockdowns? It can all be entered into an Excel sheet. Of course, if the answers don't line up weith narrative...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:08||   2021-07-25 04:08|| Front Page Top

#24 Every man has barely enough faith for himself in this day and age, so I can only speak for myself. I also understand that to some this may seem like stupidity, but bear with me.

It was promised to them that believe in God that the gates of hell shall not prevail against them, so some people don't care for diseases, man-made thingies or what have you. I can understand that, totally. To them, the profession of their faith includes fearlessness against calamity and plagues.

I also understand the conservative distrust for anything that comes out of a politician's or federal official's mouth. Some people are motivated just by that. I took the jab only out of rendering to Caesar, and with confidence that God will take care of the rest, that my life and death will not be decided by a chink playing with test tubes or some clueless geeks desperately trying to save governments from failing.

Most of you aren't afraid of death either. I think what you resent is being needlessly endangered because of high handedness and callousness of your rulers. Bear in mind that there be higher than them, and the highest is the keeper and saviour of your souls. Whatever you guys and girls do, just keep the faith and don't fear for anything.

The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. - Job [or psalms]

I do not think a Wuhan Lab construct or a bad batch from the good fellas at Pfizer can do much about it. Without our confidence in our own life, what are we?
Posted by Dron66046 2021-07-25 04:14||   2021-07-25 04:14|| Front Page Top

#25 I do not accept that a number off a spreadsheet should control my life. I had no input into who chose the numbers, the algorithms, the software or the media distillation of the results. I'm several degrees of separation from the results and I won't run my life that way. If that makes me a drunk on the highway then learn to drive.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:16||   2021-07-25 04:16|| Front Page Top

#26 But, "Muh magic numbers!" "Your Freudian Projections." I. Just. Don't. Live. That. Way.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:22||   2021-07-25 04:22|| Front Page Top

#27 We are not talking about Avogadro's Number or the Chandrasekhar Limit here, so don't even try to go there, g.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:24||   2021-07-25 04:24|| Front Page Top

#28 Yes, yes. Biology is different. Chemists and physicists laugh...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:31||   2021-07-25 04:31|| Front Page Top

#29 These numbers, which we like, tell us this when fed into out spreadsheet..
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:42||   2021-07-25 04:42|| Front Page Top

#30 #27,28 Trying to change the subject?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 04:45||   2021-07-25 04:45|| Front Page Top

#31 "The numbers I am comfortable with are correct." That's so sad....
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:47||   2021-07-25 04:47|| Front Page Top

#32 Oooh, unvaccinated is like DUI

Exactly like.


It's official - you're a piece of shit.
Posted by Raj 2021-07-25 04:50||   2021-07-25 04:50|| Front Page Top

#33 The closest you get to Avogadro's Number or the Chandrasekhar Limit in your work, g, is cut and dried statistics, which is GIGO all the way.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:51||   2021-07-25 04:51|| Front Page Top

#34 #32 - Yes. If you offered drunks a shot that would give them 100% immunity from a DUI you'd get 100% takers. Totally different situation. g just isn't that smart.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 04:56||   2021-07-25 04:56|| Front Page Top

#35 I "changed the argument" from whatever to actual physical constants. Freudian projection, no doubt...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 05:07||   2021-07-25 05:07|| Front Page Top

#36 #32 Rantburg's leading intellectual have spoken.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 05:13||   2021-07-25 05:13|| Front Page Top

#37 #35 When, if ever, you'll grow up MM - you'll find out that the tricks you learned in your high-school debating club have no place in arguments about reality.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 05:15||   2021-07-25 05:15|| Front Page Top

#38 Ref #36 & #37: Please disagree without being disagreeable.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-25 06:48||   2021-07-25 06:48|| Front Page Top

#39 But #32 is perfectly OK? Eh?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 06:54||   2021-07-25 06:54|| Front Page Top

#40 Im comfortable with the statements I've made. I never got around to insulting anyone, but I did insult some religious convictions. And got the expected feedback.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:19||   2021-07-25 09:19|| Front Page Top

#41 #32 wasn't me, but he gets to say his piece around here too. I'm still waiting for the absolute physical constant that bolsters your "arguments..."
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:25||   2021-07-25 09:25|| Front Page Top

#42 I'm not the one screeching about "Freudian Projection" and accusing people of psychiatric issues just because I disagree with them. That's a very soviet kind of thinking, eh, tovarisch?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:30||   2021-07-25 09:30|| Front Page Top

#43 Poor MM, I really hurt your feelings. Sorry. You're special - don't believe anybody who tells you that you are not.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 09:44||   2021-07-25 09:44|| Front Page Top

#44 My IQ is around 125. My key "intellectual leap" is to realize it's not my place to run other people's lives. For a Leo that's a really difficult reach...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:46||   2021-07-25 09:46|| Front Page Top

#45 No worries. My feewings aren't the focus of my life...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:48||   2021-07-25 09:48|| Front Page Top

#46 "Flame Off!" for this thread, today anyway
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 09:50||   2021-07-25 09:50|| Front Page Top

#47 ^😎
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 10:12||   2021-07-25 10:12|| Front Page Top

#48 Keeping people in the dark or steered in a specific direction seems to be a goal of big government.
Posted by JohnQC 2021-07-25 10:12||   2021-07-25 10:12|| Front Page Top

#49 You get the government you vote for. I was happy with Bibi, and pleasantly surprised by Bennet.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 10:14||   2021-07-25 10:14|| Front Page Top

#50 The more complicated the issue, the less likely there is a "simple truth."
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 10:15||   2021-07-25 10:15|| Front Page Top

#51 G, you still live in a land where politicians understand politics is the art of the possible. We're way past that here in the USA. Watch us, there will be clues to what's coming next.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 10:27||   2021-07-25 10:27|| Front Page Top

#52 ^There are some advantages/disadvantages for every political system.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 10:42||   2021-07-25 10:42|| Front Page Top

#53 Yes. The system is usually sound. The pols not so much.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 10:46||   2021-07-25 10:46|| Front Page Top

#54 Rantburg's leading intellectual have spoken.

That's debatable, but what isn't up for debate - you're still a POS.
Posted by Raj 2021-07-25 10:49||   2021-07-25 10:49|| Front Page Top

#55 Rantburg's leading intellectual have spoken.

That's debatable,

So, would you settle for 'burg's mascot?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 11:01||   2021-07-25 11:01|| Front Page Top

#56 #49 You get the government you vote for

Maybe not.
Posted by JohnQC 2021-07-25 11:03||   2021-07-25 11:03|| Front Page Top

#57 So, would you settle for 'burg's mascot?

And you'd be Nurse Ratched.
Posted by Raj 2021-07-25 11:05||   2021-07-25 11:05|| Front Page Top

#58  You get the government you vote for.

The evidence thus far appears to show that is not the case this round in America — at the federal level, at least. With procedures being tightened up in many Republican-controlled states, the next several years should be interesting.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-07-25 11:12||   2021-07-25 11:12|| Front Page Top

#59 You should just go the extra kilometer and accuse people who won't get vaccinated of premeditated murder. Maybe now you understand why I called you a piece of shit.
Posted by Raj 2021-07-25 11:12||   2021-07-25 11:12|| Front Page Top

#60 Everybody who has worked with someone who said "I don't get a flu shot. I get the flu anyway and the shot seems to guarantee it's worse." raise your hand.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:14||   2021-07-25 11:14|| Front Page Top

#61 Yes, an anecdote, but one I've heard a bunch of times.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:15||   2021-07-25 11:15|| Front Page Top

#62 ^59. Sorry, no habla bandarlog.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 11:18||   2021-07-25 11:18|| Front Page Top

#63 Voting is a shuck to placate the rubes.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:21||   2021-07-25 11:21|| Front Page Top

Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-25 11:22||   2021-07-25 11:22|| Front Page Top

#65 Actually, I've mailed lots of stuff USPS doesn't like. I just pack it so even they can't detonate damage it.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:27||   2021-07-25 11:27|| Front Page Top

#66 #6
Keep repeating CNN talking points.
Is that the best you can do?
Of course it is, vax worshipers swallow anything.
Posted by Lonzo Hapsburg5562 2021-07-25 11:27||   2021-07-25 11:27|| Front Page Top

#67 I did know a guy who sorted packages at UPS when an ATF operation busted people stealing guns.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:31||   2021-07-25 11:31|| Front Page Top

#68 The media every week runs a story about someone who was anti-vax in their social media and then died of COVID. Is anyone tracking the social media / fatal COVID case angle?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:39||   2021-07-25 11:39|| Front Page Top

#69 Anyone have knowledge or a comment on this:

COVID intervention.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-07-25 11:40||   2021-07-25 11:40|| Front Page Top

#70 ^-- sorry link appears to be bad :(
Posted by CrazyFool 2021-07-25 11:41||   2021-07-25 11:41|| Front Page Top

#71 Well, I get a "not found" screen. That seems appropriate.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:42||   2021-07-25 11:42|| Front Page Top

#72 WRT the DUI non argument, if the gummint required you to drive drunk, insist you allow your kids to have homosexual encounters in school, would you go along with that?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:46||   2021-07-25 11:46|| Front Page Top

#73 BTW, Neil Cavuto is sucking Fauxi's d*ck on TV. Are you still watching that crap channel?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 11:58||   2021-07-25 11:58|| Front Page Top

#74 g(r)omgoruI I am far from a "hard core conservative" nor am I an inner city dweller. I have not been vaccinated nor do I plan on it.
Posted by M FAR FROM "HARD CORE CONSERVATIVE" NOR AM i AN INNER CITY DWELLER BUT i AM NOT VACCINATED NOR DO i INTEND TO BE. 2021-07-25 12:10||   2021-07-25 12:10|| Front Page Top

#75 g(r)omgoru I am far from a "hard core conservative" nor am I an inner city dweller. I have not been vaccinated nor do I plan on it.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-07-25 12:12||   2021-07-25 12:12|| Front Page Top

#76 ^Well, goodbye.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 12:13||   2021-07-25 12:13|| Front Page Top

#77 What makes you think I will get covid and die?
Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-07-25 12:18||   2021-07-25 12:18|| Front Page Top

#78 All unvaccinated will - if not delta, then epsilon.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 12:21||   2021-07-25 12:21|| Front Page Top

#79 ^ Cripe, there's the problem. The man has about a point oh two percent chance of dying from COVID. But to the COVID religionist it's the black death.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:21||   2021-07-25 12:21|| Front Page Top

#80 Jf a virus was going to mutate until it was 100% fatal to humans it would have happened a long time ago. Or maybe Chinese help made it different this time?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:24||   2021-07-25 12:24|| Front Page Top

#81 Yes, yes, HIV (thanks, Tony) and Ebola which seems to not spread much.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:28||   2021-07-25 12:28|| Front Page Top

#82 The gummint never seemed to getting around to outlawing sex over syphilis or HIV. Story in there somewhere...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:30||   2021-07-25 12:30|| Front Page Top

#83 ^I said it before, and I'll say it again - all covid-skeptics are CCP collaborators.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 12:31||   2021-07-25 12:31|| Front Page Top

#84 A jerk just got two years in jail here for having undisclosed HIV+ sex with multiple women. Who want to bet against some federal judge tossing tbat sentence because it gives LGBTQWXYZ activists the howling fantods?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:38||   2021-07-25 12:38|| Front Page Top

#85  COVID intervention.

Besoeker, for your link you pasted Azithromycin, zinc sulfate and budesonide with HCQ instead of a URL.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-07-25 12:40||   2021-07-25 12:40|| Front Page Top

#86 >I said it before, and I'll say it again - all
>covid-skeptics are CCP collaborators.

You were a vax skeptic six months ago.

You know, the more shit you spread, the harder it's going to be to get people to take the vaccine when we finally get one that's actually worth a flying fuck. "Here, try this one, it's better than the mandatory one we made you take last month with the side effects and the high failure rate."
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-07-25 12:41||   2021-07-25 12:41|| Front Page Top

#87 Well, I got vaccinated so I actually need to drink some Wild Turkey if i want to drive drunk. As for respecting other people's choices, I'll keep checking my mailbox for my CCP membership card...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:41||   2021-07-25 12:41|| Front Page Top

#88 If Tony Fauxi started reading lottery numbers on TV I'd believe nobody ever wins the lottery.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:44||   2021-07-25 12:44|| Front Page Top

#89 g(r)omgoru My doctor said even if I get covid I have a 99+ percent chance of surviving. The vaccines are not 100 percent effective, actually less than 99 percent. I have a less than 1 percent chance of getting it. There are known short term side effects that I do not wish to take a chance on having and there are unknown long term side effects I also don't wish to take a chance on. I am not a covid skeptic.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-07-25 12:58||   2021-07-25 12:58|| Front Page Top

#90 I'm not a COVID skeptic. I've known people who got it and I've known people who have lost family members to it. What I am skeptical about is the magic numbers and the gummint's hair on fire approach. If they worried about the national debt 1/10th as much they might be marginally credible. But no. Draw your own conclusions.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 12:58||   2021-07-25 12:58|| Front Page Top

#91 All unvaccinated will (die)- if not delta, then epsilon.

Yet you called my post bandolier (or some such) which made the exact same point you just made. You really are a piece of shit.
Posted by Raj 2021-07-25 12:59||   2021-07-25 12:59|| Front Page Top

#92 COVID response is a religion.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:00||   2021-07-25 13:00|| Front Page Top

#93 COVID is not the flu, but it's going to be the new flu. CDC recorded no flu deaths this year. MAgIC NuMbErZ...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:04||   2021-07-25 13:04|| Front Page Top

#94 I'll throw my two cents in here, just to stir the pot.

I'm almost 75 years old, my wife will be 79 in a few months. Neither of us is getting the vaccine until it's been DEMONSTRATED to be safe for people with our underlying conditions (diabetes, neuropathy, other problems). The number of people OF ALL AGES that have died from this vaccine are so high as to be unacceptable. The number of people who have gotten their "immunizations", then later contracted the disease, is unacceptable.

My daughter almost died of COVID pneumonia. The local hospital gave her invermectin. She survived. My wife and I were exposed both before and after her hospitalization, and haven't gotten sick. We take vitamin C and D daily, along with zinc. Haven't had a cold in four years. The only time I've had the "flu" (multiple diseases under a common name) was the only time I had a flu shot. My wife had Hong Kong back when that was a major worry, and hasn't had any flu since. The best way to beat this crap is to have a healthy immune system that fights it off.
Posted by Old Patriot 2021-07-25 13:07||   2021-07-25 13:07|| Front Page Top

#95 Motion for Preliminary Injunction Civil Action No. 2:21-cv-00702-CLM.Let the games begin.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 13:12||   2021-07-25 13:12|| Front Page Top

#96 OP, God bless you, your wife, your daughter and all the rest of us. You are, of course Freudian Projecting your childish and uneducated CCP approved anecdotes. I hope you get that everything I wrote after the first period is /sarc
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:12||   2021-07-25 13:12|| Front Page Top

#97 Oi vey, I've hurt your feelings. If you lot were, just a little bit, more honest with yourself ... but then, there is no use to ask for miracles.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 13:15||   2021-07-25 13:15|| Front Page Top

#98 Going to guess Rantburg will survive the current hysteria. I suspect most of us have had our feelings hurt by better than you.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:19||   2021-07-25 13:19|| Front Page Top

#99 Honesty is the rarest miracle. People worshipping COVID are immune to the truth.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:20||   2021-07-25 13:20|| Front Page Top

#100 #94 exactly. Doctors are saying the increased stress level on a daily basis weakens immune system.

Violations on all 10 Nuremberg 1947 crimes against humanity.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 13:23||   2021-07-25 13:23|| Front Page Top

#101 And my lot, it doesn't worship a virus, a spreadsheet or St. Tont Fauxi...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:24||   2021-07-25 13:24|| Front Page Top

#102 Going to guess we have figured out where Herb went...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:33||   2021-07-25 13:33|| Front Page Top

#103 #89 If you die, your family can sue him for malpractice - does he has good insurance?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 13:33||   2021-07-25 13:33|| Front Page Top

#104 Ever notice politicians and number crunchers who are not CPAs are essentially immune to malpractice suits?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:36||   2021-07-25 13:36|| Front Page Top

#105 Oi vey, I've hurt your feelings. If you lot were, just a little bit, more honest with yourself ... but then, there is no use to ask for miracles.

This is perfect. You are defining honesty as agreement with you!
Posted by Caesar Splat5524 2021-07-25 13:40||   2021-07-25 13:40|| Front Page Top

#106 ^ killshot
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:42||   2021-07-25 13:42|| Front Page Top

#107 I like g. I wish he would take a look at himself and realize Excel isn't Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth or Beauty. Tben he could stop sitting at the kids' table...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:49||   2021-07-25 13:49|| Front Page Top

#108 I expect the longest Rantburg thread was much longer and probably more interesting. I suspect TW has the dope on that...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 13:57||   2021-07-25 13:57|| Front Page Top

#109 Yes, in the Murat and Aris days.
Posted by Frank G 2021-07-25 13:59||   2021-07-25 13:59|| Front Page Top

#110 You know who I miss, blogger wise? Marduk of Babylonian Musings. I miss Daniel Medley too.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:02||   2021-07-25 14:02|| Front Page Top

#111 I like you too, MM - you amuse me. So, a few months from now - when booster shots will be available, don't forget to take yours.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 14:08||   2021-07-25 14:08|| Front Page Top

#112 Im all on board with that, g. I need to be around to pester you...
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:13||   2021-07-25 14:13|| Front Page Top

#113 Get a room
Posted by Frank G 2021-07-25 14:15||   2021-07-25 14:15|| Front Page Top

#114 I was totally against anti-vaxxers (felt it was a crime against humanity) until COVID. Nobody needs measels or polio, or even COVID. But the new sales pitch puts my teeth on edge and that just can't be ignored.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:17||   2021-07-25 14:17|| Front Page Top

#115 Frank G. helps us keep it real.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:19||   2021-07-25 14:19|| Front Page Top

#116 And, g, next time something as bad as polio comes around, I'll be a fucking stormtrooper.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:24||   2021-07-25 14:24|| Front Page Top

#117 Most of what needs to be done to prevent the next polio is to electrocute Fauxi and Daszak at half time of the next Super Bowl.
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-07-25 14:31||   2021-07-25 14:31|| Front Page Top

#118 If the gubamint was really worried about covid spread the southern border would be closed.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2021-07-25 15:26||   2021-07-25 15:26|| Front Page Top

#119  I expect the longest Rantburg thread was much longer and probably more interesting.

M.Murcek, we’ve had threads that went close to 200 comments. In general because they got nasty, which makes me cry. I’m sure Frank G is right about the instigators. Also, g(r)omguru is not Herb McCoy.

Too many of the comments in this thread, except for personal anecdotes, are repetitions of things said with the same level of frustration multiple times previously — none of which changed any minds then. We are all blind philosophers trying to figure out the elephant.

g(r)omgoru dear, if you have not yet done so, please follow the links to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology study referenced in the original article. The entire point is that the research shows skeptics are responding to the published data at a high level of sophistication, as measured by the shocked MIT anthropologists. The data underline the need for humility and mutual respect in such discussions.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-07-25 15:51||   2021-07-25 15:51|| Front Page Top

#120 It's OK to disagree with my fellow Burgers, but I do try to keep it factual. I personally don't appreciate my intelligence or sanity being questioned by anyone who has never actually met me, and I try to remind myself that no one else likes that either. At the same time, I'd be the first to admit I can be quite insane and have been known to plumb the depths of human stupidity. But I have my good days too. I've learned a lot from the various experts here who don't start with "I'm an expert" but instead make their knowledge accessible to me. This place is special and worthwhile and I try to always remind myself that I need to be worthy. I sometimes fall short, and if I ever fall way too short, toss me. But I'm glad to be here and appreciate everyone else who contributes here. Especially the ones I don't always agree with. They are a gut-check we all need, I hope I'm something like that to others at times...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 16:08||   2021-07-25 16:08|| Front Page Top

#121 #118. Absolutely Deacon!
Posted by JohnQC 2021-07-25 16:23||   2021-07-25 16:23|| Front Page Top

#122 ^TW,
27.1% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 13.7% is fully vaccinated. 3.86 billion doses have been administered globally, and 30.86 million are now administered each day.

You don't think if there were any adverse effects, we'd hear about it by now? I mean, not a few dozens people but a few hundred thousand.

p.s. Before vaccines become available, we seen - here at Ranburg - a "scientific" report that masks don't work, at least once a week. We seen reports that people who recovered from Covid have antibodies six-months later. We seen reports that HCQ, ivermectin - and, for all I know hair growth cream - cure Covid.

So, it all may be science for MIT anthropologists. For me, it's no different from AGW science or Christian science or Creation Science (or a book by an eminent physicist - they used to be published one every few years, "proving" that evolution can't work).

p.s. IMO, in USA, simple questions of epidemiology & immunology become mixed with your Manichean politics. And I'm really, really don't want any more people in this group disappearing.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 16:29||   2021-07-25 16:29|| Front Page Top

#123 Any anomaly will get extra attention. I personally squirm in my skin when I read Candace Owen making every anecdote she recounts into the apocalypse. Have people had adverse reactions up to and including death from vaccines? For sure. People die in car wrecks and plane crashes too, but we don't stop driving or flying. OTOG, no one makes you get in a car or a plane. I think the idea you must be vaccinated is not much different from the idea you must get a college degree. Lots of people will never pay off their Queer Studies degree loans (politicians keep saying they are going to make rich taxpayers cover that but don't hold your breath) Yes, some will say that it's no meaningful comparison, but imagine what that capital - human and monetary - could have done if not pathetically misdirected. It's hard to accept that a person can kill an inconvenient human being and call it choice but be labeled a threat to humanity because they choose not to be vaccinated. Yes, yes, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. Give me something better than that, OK?
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 16:43||   2021-07-25 16:43|| Front Page Top

#124 I keep hearing that delta variant is spreading like wildfire, but I'm not hearing about increased death rates or overflowing hospitals. Makes me wonder if its weaker, and if our health care industry pretty much knows what to do in most cases now that they've had a years experience.
Posted by rjschwarz 2021-07-25 16:58||   2021-07-25 16:58|| Front Page Top

#125 If you are hearing it from CNN or FAUX News or from anything downstream IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-07-25 17:06||   2021-07-25 17:06|| Front Page Top

#126 Per my tracking of Worldometers data, cases are up over the last two months, but deaths have been steady at 300-400 a day. Compare to 6,968 dead on Feb. 13.

I believe the press is hyperventilating to support Joe's vaccine goals.
Posted by Bobby 2021-07-25 17:30||   2021-07-25 17:30|| Front Page Top

#127 #122 -- Maybe you're not reading the right material. So far, more than 5000 deaths have been reported to VAERS since December, 2020. Compare that to fewer than 500 deaths from polio vaccines since 1954. I grew up in Louisiana. I had classmates that had polio. I gladly got the vaccine, as did most of my relatives. I don't see the same incentive to get a vaccine that has ten times the adverse effect in eight months that the polio vaccine had in 60+ years.
Posted by Old Patriot 2021-07-25 17:40||   2021-07-25 17:40|| Front Page Top

#128 #127
more than 5000 deaths have been reported to VAERS since December, 2020. Compare that to fewer than 500 deaths from polio vaccines since 1954.

Over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine between 1955 and 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40; an estimated 10–30 million Americans may have received a dose of vaccine contaminated with SV40.[31]

Now 500/98000000 = 5.1*10^(-6)

On the other hand 3.86 billion doses of covid vax. Lets see 5*10^3/386*10^7 = 1.26*10^(-6) .

Finally: 5.1/1.26 = 4.04.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-07-25 18:15||   2021-07-25 18:15|| Front Page Top

#129 #128 = are you pleased with yourself? No other friends to annoy or bore?
Posted by Frank G 2021-07-25 18:30||   2021-07-25 18:30|| Front Page Top

#130 #128: You're trying to compare 98 million Americans getting a vaccine to 3.68 billion doses administered. Does not necessarily mean 3.68 billion Americans got vaccinated (Since there's only ~330 million people in the nation). Nice try, but a statistical fail. You're also comparing a period that covered ~8 years with one that's covered less than 8 MONTHS. Another statistical fail.

I'm not good at math, but my logic appears to be better than yours. The numbers of deaths is still unacceptable to me, and so is the number of seriously injured. When those numbers improve (by at least 1000%) I might reconsider.
Posted by Old Patriot 2021-07-25 19:10||   2021-07-25 19:10|| Front Page Top

#131 WTF went on here? Gawddayumn you guys can go at one thing all day!
Posted by Dron66046 2021-07-25 19:11||   2021-07-25 19:11|| Front Page Top

#132 In today's Sun paper front page we have an article about Fort Detrick in Frederick Maryland. Basically they report that China is spreading disinformation about their work there in bio weapon engendering.That the locals know that is not being done there, hogwash. I know for a fact locals have been concerned for years about their work there in a local civilian community. I delivered medical products for the study of bird deaths(of Pneumonia) that occurred so rapidly. I understand sheep also die very fast as well of pneumonia. This goes back to the 70's. So media news is simply propaganda is my point. Several times in my life I have been years ahead of the general population on ideas. Why, I don't know. I tell you this I could lie and people would accept what I say easier. The truth is harder to accept. So I have been here many times. This vaccine problem has just begun. It is unfortunate and unnecessary but with a shortened life span and many die(of vaccine) in the next two years will prove the truth of what others have said more qualified than myself. The sign up ahead says bridge is out but people insist the sign is wrong and drive forward. Such are the ways of people.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 19:27||   2021-07-25 19:27|| Front Page Top

#133 The finest thing about the Burg is conversations about a serious subject without censor. Just like this.
Posted by newc 2021-07-25 20:46||   2021-07-25 20:46|| Front Page Top

#134 #133, I ditto that.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 20:50||   2021-07-25 20:50|| Front Page Top

#135 President Joe Biden plans to create ways for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government

"As the Burg goes, so goes the nation"

Nom de plume, IP addresses, opinions, social ranking assessments, County Town City State Nation association research and it goes on until people are identified and tracked down; this is the environment the government is creating, announced on June 6th 2021. 🔗 above
Posted by Helmuth, Speaking for and Company5062 2021-07-25 21:34||   2021-07-25 21:34|| Front Page Top

#136 D-Day. Bummer
Posted by Lowspark 2021-07-25 21:41||   2021-07-25 21:41|| Front Page Top

#137 #135 all a grand illusion on his part. When has a Democrat done anything right?. Nobody wants to work now. Huff and puff.
Posted by Dale 2021-07-25 21:42||   2021-07-25 21:42|| Front Page Top

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