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2020-10-23 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
For The First Time In 55 Years, The ‘peanuts' Holiday Specials Won't Air On Network TV
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Posted by charger 2020-10-23 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6496 views ]  Top

Posted by 746 2020-10-23 02:01||   2020-10-23 02:01|| Front Page Top

#2 Innit funny how stuff that was free to the public for years is now "exclusive" to a huge corporation that charges for everything? Eventually they want to do this to air, water and sunlight too.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-10-23 06:50||   2020-10-23 06:50|| Front Page Top

#3 Another victim of peanut allergies.
Posted by Airandee 2020-10-23 07:14||   2020-10-23 07:14|| Front Page Top

#4 Another victim of peanut allergies.

That and the dreaded biblical verses.
Posted by Mullah Richard 2020-10-23 08:04||   2020-10-23 08:04|| Front Page Top

#5 Eventually they want to do this to air, water and sunlight too.

After a that comes the tax for releasing methane back into the air.
Posted by Vespasian Ebbereng3110 2020-10-23 09:00||   2020-10-23 09:00|| Front Page Top

#6 My late cousin Lee Mendelson, in collaboration with Bill Melendez, developed the Peanuts TV specials. It’s sad to see that the networks have pulled the plug on what had become an American holiday tradition.

My great uncle, a produce wholesaler (Lee’s dad) and Peanuts cartoonist Charles Shultz were great friends and golfing buddies. There was a framed cartoon on my uncle’s den wall. It showed Snoopy laying on top of a loaded fruit cart, like he was laying on top of his dog house. The inscription said,

“ To Palmer Mendelson, the World’s greatest fruit peddler.”
Posted by Alaska Paul 2020-10-23 10:27||   2020-10-23 10:27|| Front Page Top

#7 ^ Someone I was with the other day let off a serious belch and I said "Something they haven't gotten around to taxing yet..."
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-10-23 10:29||   2020-10-23 10:29|| Front Page Top

#8 Soon, the only "innocence" left in American society will be the too-loud assertions of innocence on the part of our politicians, amplified or derided by the presstitutes solely on the basis of how their agenda is being served, the truth and the people be damned.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-10-23 10:41||   2020-10-23 10:41|| Front Page Top

#9 That's a great memory AP - thanks for sharing.
Posted by Rex Mundi 2020-10-23 11:24||   2020-10-23 11:24|| Front Page Top

#10 Never watched it anyway.
Posted by DarthVader 2020-10-23 11:33||   2020-10-23 11:33|| Front Page Top

#11 was interesting how they got the Scriptures into the Christmas Special (with the usual suspects trying to get it pulled).
Posted by Procopius2k 2020-10-23 11:43||   2020-10-23 11:43|| Front Page Top

#12 My great uncle used to fly all over the US and Europe on business. My aunt was afraid of flying so they took a train. Well they wound up in a horrendous wreck. They were uninjured but that was the end of my aunt’s travel career.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2020-10-23 11:45||   2020-10-23 11:45|| Front Page Top

#13 Statistically, air travel's safer than traveling by train
Posted by Lonzo de Medici8887 2020-10-23 12:48||   2020-10-23 12:48|| Front Page Top

#14 Or, tell Apple stick it in their ear and go get the DVD so when Linus' speech gets cancelled, you have the original.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-10-23 14:22||   2020-10-23 14:22|| Front Page Top

#15 and I said "Something they haven't gotten around to taxing yet..."

All that Evvviiieeeelll Carbon Dioxide being release into the atmosphere has to be taxed. Just wait for it!
Posted by CrazyFool 2020-10-23 18:51||   2020-10-23 18:51|| Front Page Top

#16 Ap, Ros says the peanuts story is awesome
So do I
Posted by Grunter 2020-10-23 20:01||   2020-10-23 20:01|| Front Page Top

#17 Yes, I had cool relatives back in the day.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2020-10-23 20:03||   2020-10-23 20:03|| Front Page Top

#18 Love it. Fuck CBS and Apple for restricting it
Posted by Frank G 2020-10-23 20:27||   2020-10-23 20:27|| Front Page Top

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