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2020-10-21 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
F117s leave den!
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Posted by 3dc 2020-10-21 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6481 views ]  Top

Posted by Theager Borgia1057 2020-10-21 00:39||   2020-10-21 00:39|| Front Page Top

#2 /\ OPFOR = Opposing Force(s), the bad guys.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-10-21 00:45||   2020-10-21 00:45|| Front Page Top

#3 I think the 75 people who use Rantburg all know what OPFOR means.
Posted by Muggsy Hapsburg5230 2020-10-21 05:16||   2020-10-21 05:16|| Front Page Top

#4 Make that 76 now who know what OPFOR means.
But, please, what and where is the threat from stealth aircraft on the US?
If its not top secret?
Posted by Snimble McGurque4348 2020-10-21 05:31||   2020-10-21 05:31|| Front Page Top

#5 US and allied training getting ahead of the curve.
China: J-20, J-31 and H-20 bomber in future
Russia: Su-57, PAK DA bomber in future
Posted by Waldemar Flomonter9347 2020-10-21 07:21||   2020-10-21 07:21|| Front Page Top

#6 His training were bloodless battles, his battles were bloody training - old Roman saying
Posted by Procopius2k 2020-10-21 07:41||   2020-10-21 07:41|| Front Page Top

#7 It would be interesting to are how stealthy a group of stealth bombers is. We have been using them independently in the past. This is for future use of larger groups of F-35s in any future conflict.
Posted by magpie 2020-10-21 10:32||   2020-10-21 10:32|| Front Page Top


Interesting question.

Not in aviation, but I understand that if you want an airplane to go to crap, put it in storage, so maybe a bit of stretching as well? Get some flight hours for the pilots, test out some detection devices. And if someone gets jumpy, these guys are on the roster.

Crib sheet is nice for those without a military background, or like me the coffee hasn't quite sorted out the alphabet soups in a timely manner.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-10-21 11:11||   2020-10-21 11:11|| Front Page Top

#9 P2k, there's another saying, 'The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war!'
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2020-10-21 12:49||   2020-10-21 12:49|| Front Page Top

#10 Those planes are soooo cool.
Posted by Skidmark 2020-10-21 18:12||   2020-10-21 18:12|| Front Page Top

#11 In somewhat of a redux, the Air Force and Lockheed have built a prototype 6th generation fighter totally out of the spotlight. The F-117 was flying for at least a couple years before the public ever found out about it.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-10-21 18:16||   2020-10-21 18:16|| Front Page Top

#12 I was asking is this perhaps OPFOR so the carriers have previous gen stealth aircraft to work against, much like what the Chinese may be expected to field.
Posted by Theager Borgia1057 2020-10-21 19:38||   2020-10-21 19:38|| Front Page Top

#13 I remember when the nickname for the F-117 was the Wobbly Goblin. If you lost the electrics the pilot had to eject before it fell out of the sky. Had the glide characteristics of a gut shot brick.
Posted by Phinetch Wherese4624 2020-10-21 20:43||   2020-10-21 20:43|| Front Page Top

#14 IIRC, Starting with the F-16 all of the aircraft were deliberately "unstable" to boost their maneuverability. No power = hit the parachute immediately.
Posted by magpie 2020-10-21 21:45||   2020-10-21 21:45|| Front Page Top

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