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2020-06-28 Home Front: Politix
Politico - Donald Trump knows he's losing.
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Posted by Besoeker 2020-06-28 08:34|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6467 views ]  Top

#1 Anybody keeps count to "Donald Trump finished" headlines?
Posted by g(r)omgoru PB 2020-06-28 09:28||   2020-06-28 09:28|| Front Page Top

#2 Trump has been POTUS for 1250+ days and counting. That's 1250+ days that Hillary has not been POTUS.
Posted by Matt 2020-06-28 09:56||   2020-06-28 09:56|| Front Page Top

#3 Anybody have that collector's item Time rag magazine edition "Madame President"?
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 10:06||   2020-06-28 10:06|| Front Page Top

#4 It does make you wonder, if he did something to reverse the polls right now he'd still leave them time for one more dirty trick before the election. Better to let it go for a bit and let them have the success now and avoid that dirty trick. Especially when the craziness really doesn't effect red counties.
Posted by rjschwarz 2020-06-28 10:12||   2020-06-28 10:12|| Front Page Top

#5 Dems will pull scorched earth policies to defeat Trump. We had to destroy the village to save it, kinda sorta.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 10:15||   2020-06-28 10:15|| Front Page Top

#6 Should've just sit quietly and build an election campaign around "Trump failed the American People but not waving a magic wand and making CV19 stop".
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 10:22||   2020-06-28 10:22|| Front Page Top

#7 Lots of battlespace preparation for the "he stole the election - again!" narrative on Nov 4.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-06-28 10:28||   2020-06-28 10:28|| Front Page Top

#8 /\ Exackery!
Posted by Besoeker 2020-06-28 10:32||   2020-06-28 10:32|| Front Page Top

#9 March of the Credentialed Morons
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 10:51||   2020-06-28 10:51|| Front Page Top

#10 Funny how black immigrants (pick a country) strive to come to America and do [much] better in scholastic pursuits than to the self-loathing denizens of the Democratic party.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 10:54||   2020-06-28 10:54|| Front Page Top

#11 Can't be the difference between voluntary and involuntary migrants - look at Australia.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 10:57||   2020-06-28 10:57|| Front Page Top

#12 involuntary migrants = today's average black American? Not sure I follow.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 10:59||   2020-06-28 10:59|| Front Page Top

#13 They didn't chose to go, they were brought in as slaves.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 11:03||   2020-06-28 11:03|| Front Page Top

#14 Modern black Americans were born in the US same as I was.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2020-06-28 11:08||   2020-06-28 11:08|| Front Page Top

#15 ^Yea, so?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 11:10||   2020-06-28 11:10|| Front Page Top

#16 @ #15 - So you are comparing the introduction of blacks into the Western Hemisphere hundreds of years ago to today's modern blacks? Ancien régime = today? Hardly.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 11:13||   2020-06-28 11:13|| Front Page Top

#17 It's the genes, Albert.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 11:14||   2020-06-28 11:14|| Front Page Top

#18 White liberals must have the same genes then.
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 11:16||   2020-06-28 11:16|| Front Page Top

#19 Losing to whom? [scoffs]
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2020-06-28 11:24||   2020-06-28 11:24|| Front Page Top

#20 #18 White liberals just doing what pays off - you wanna have a white collar job in modern USA (or any other western country), you better be a loud liberal.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 11:32||   2020-06-28 11:32|| Front Page Top

#21 Trump is not losing to Joe 'Dimentia' Biden.

But I do think anyone over 70 should serve one term due to aging reasons, Anyone on the Supreme Court retires at 75 for the same reason.

The bioĺogy of the mind is not up to the high stress level at close to 80 years old. Most corp CEO's burn out at 5 years when younger.
Posted by Crins Throlusing3119 2020-06-28 12:15||   2020-06-28 12:15|| Front Page Top

#22 /\ SPEAK FOR YERSELF, YOUNGSTER!!!!! I'm way over that age limit and my mind is in fine shape on the rare occasions when I call on it.

Us old peoples can handle the stress when we can remember where we put it and when we can remember if we were going up the stairs or down the stairs. AND I could sure a s heck drink you under the table if I could only remember where I put my glass.

Get some time in. Now . . . where was I going to post this????
Posted by Canuckistan sniper 2020-06-28 12:37||   2020-06-28 12:37|| Front Page Top

#23 The polls are skewed to Democrats. Jessie Waters had a presentation. The polls are not polling likely voters, are 43% Democrat, 23% Republican, and 34% "other".
Posted by Deacon Blues 2020-06-28 13:33||   2020-06-28 13:33|| Front Page Top

#24 /sarc on
I don't see why Trump is even running. Given how badly he was projected to lose last time, he doesn't have a chance.
/sarc off
Posted by SteveS 2020-06-28 13:38||   2020-06-28 13:38|| Front Page Top

#25 /\ No sarc here, I can't see why he hasn't just resigned and gone fishing. I wouldn't have the job up my arse.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-06-28 13:59||   2020-06-28 13:59|| Front Page Top

#26 Unexpectedly, Trump is a patriot. I had bet on him being better than Hillarity, but he seems to thrive where others have wilted. I am pleased.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2020-06-28 14:06||   2020-06-28 14:06|| Front Page Top

#27 Nunberg pointed to national polls released by CNBC and New York Times/Siena over the past week showing Trump receiving below 40 percent against Biden.

Posted by Abu Uluque 2020-06-28 16:07||   2020-06-28 16:07|| Front Page Top

#28 you better be a loud liberal

Depends on the industry, g(r)om. When you get away from the liberal arts, government and software industries, that requirement changes rapidly (unless you're in the 'Human Services Department').
Posted by Mullah Richard 2020-06-28 16:54||   2020-06-28 16:54|| Front Page Top

#29 I also said white collar, Mullah.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-06-28 17:05||   2020-06-28 17:05|| Front Page Top

#30 #22 Canuckistan sniper. LOL. I wasn't knocking senior citizens. Towards the end of Ronald Reagan's presidency I swear I detected some wear and tear and mental fatigue. He was getting hammered hard by the Dems on the Contra affair which broke my heart to watch a fine man get treated like dirt. Out of 300 million people, I think there has to be a way to find just as good people like Trump and Reagan that are younger. Hope you find your glass!
Posted by Crins Throlusing3119 2020-06-28 20:03||   2020-06-28 20:03|| Front Page Top

#31 Who uses a glass? 😁
Posted by Clem 2020-06-28 20:10||   2020-06-28 20:10|| Front Page Top

#32 The Dems are going all out.
1. Sending out funded and trained Antifa, BLM, and other shock troops,
2. Gaslighting the public into thinking schmuck Joe Biden is going to win although he doesn't know where he is, who is Potus, and what he is running for without coming out of his basement,
3. Publishing fake suppression poll results that show Biden winning despite his dismal turnout for a rally the only time he came out of his basement. The polls oversample Dems by about 3:1.
4. It is the Hillary 2016 playbook with a few exceptions (except for destroying monuments, burning, looting, beatings and yes even murders). You might recall that Hillary won in 2016.
5. Early destruction of Pub election materials by the USPS worker, push for mail-in votes, and the early attempts at corruption in primary and early mail-in votes.
6. Last, but not least, attempts to push and hype the pandemic to try to push mail-in voting which is easy to manipulate and corrupt.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-06-28 23:24||   2020-06-28 23:24|| Front Page Top

#33 7. Attempts to destroy the economy.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-06-28 23:26||   2020-06-28 23:26|| Front Page Top

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