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2020-01-24 Home Front: Politix
Conn. Dems Want New State Police Dept. Just for 'Hate Crimes and Violent Right-Wing Extremism'
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Posted by Mercutio 2020-01-24 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [317 views ]  Top
 File under: Tin Hat Dictators, Presidents for Life, & Kleptocrats 

#1 Fine, as long as we get to form the police squad for the "Abortion of the Terminally stupid and idiotarian left".
Posted by Silentbrick 2020-01-24 01:11||   2020-01-24 01:11|| Front Page Top

#2 The Left is going further and further into authoritarian madness.

God help us if they win in November. They will use their power against us with all the fury of the Bolsheviks against the kulaks.
Posted by Herb McCoy 2020-01-24 02:24||   2020-01-24 02:24|| Front Page Top

#3 Well, if the new department doesn't work out... we'll always have Bariloche.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-01-24 07:03||   2020-01-24 07:03|| Front Page Top

#4 84,718 people moved into Connecticut in 2018 from another state, while 114,235 Connecticut residents moved elsewhere.
Bloomberg. Population loss cost Connecticut $2.6 billion in lost income in 2016 according to an analysis from Bloomberg. The financial news outlet's report says that's the equivalent of 1.6% of the state's annual adjusted gross income.
Posted by b 2020-01-24 07:09||   2020-01-24 07:09|| Front Page Top

#5 "The purpose of power is power."
Posted by Lex 2020-01-24 07:22||   2020-01-24 07:22|| Front Page Top

#6 Regrettably, coppers salivate when presented with these administrative jobs. So much safer and easier than going after criminals.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-01-24 07:51||   2020-01-24 07:51|| Front Page Top

#7 Looks like Mr. Pro Tem is correctly named.
Posted by Raj 2020-01-24 07:53||   2020-01-24 07:53|| Front Page Top

#8 This is the game they have been pushing towards for years. First you are a climate denier. Then part of the patriarchy. Then racist because of white privilege.

This is the end game to try and make most people believe or go along with if you have views right of their position, you are an extremist. A right wing extremist. They have the legal tools to take your guns and put you in a "re-education" camp.
Posted by DarthVader 2020-01-24 08:49||   2020-01-24 08:49|| Front Page Top

#9 Recruiting nightmare. This will go nowhere.
Posted by Dale 2020-01-24 09:05||   2020-01-24 09:05|| Front Page Top

#10 Recruiting nightmare.

No, all those gamers will be prime meat for this job.
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-01-24 09:10||   2020-01-24 09:10|| Front Page Top

#11 Naturally, a move towards political prosecutions would benefit greatly from the the establishment of a purely political police force
Posted by Rex Mundi 2020-01-24 09:45||   2020-01-24 09:45|| Front Page Top

#12 "Der Commissar Corps"
Posted by Frank G 2020-01-24 10:00||   2020-01-24 10:00|| Front Page Top

#13 Dem police just for right wing extremism and hate crimes. That is a dangerous (to freedom) place to go.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-01-24 10:51||   2020-01-24 10:51|| Front Page Top

#14 They can call it the Cheka.
Posted by Glenmore 2020-01-24 11:35||   2020-01-24 11:35|| Front Page Top

#15 "The Shitshow" to us.
"The SS" to them.
Posted by Lex 2020-01-24 11:43||   2020-01-24 11:43|| Front Page Top

#16 Voltaire once wrote: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
Posted by magpie 2020-01-24 12:11||   2020-01-24 12:11|| Front Page Top

#17 Ironically it's the Democrats in Connecticut's State Senate that are promoting "hate crimes" here.

Don't we have and internment camp in Guam for these thought criminals.

Oh wait, California.
Posted by Woodrow 2020-01-24 13:22||   2020-01-24 13:22|| Front Page Top

#18 The original HUAC was set up by lefties.

This is par for the course.
Posted by charger 2020-01-24 17:16||   2020-01-24 17:16|| Front Page Top

#19 "Dems want new state police dept."

And I want a pony them to FOAD.
Posted by Barbara 2020-01-24 18:13||   2020-01-24 18:13|| Front Page Top

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