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2019-10-23 -Short Attention Span Theater-
‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ trailer has fans bursting into tears
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Posted by Fred 2019-10-23 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [457 views ]  Top

#1 tears of ________?
Posted by Lex 2019-10-23 02:44||   2019-10-23 02:44|| Front Page Top

#2 Apparently they kill off most of the remaining characters anyone cares about.

But there's no guarantee the trailer will have any relation to the released movie, as apparently they're still shooting, trying to make something that doesn't suck.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2019-10-23 07:31||   2019-10-23 07:31|| Front Page Top

#3 And then there's people like me who just never bought in and aren't going to now. Of course, I don't hand Hollyweird any money at all.
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-10-23 08:04||   2019-10-23 08:04|| Front Page Top

#4 Last of my interest gone with the Last Jedi. Won't see another Star Wars movie while Disney is holding the license.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-10-23 09:28||   2019-10-23 09:28|| Front Page Top

#5 I thought it was "Luke Needs a Walker"
Posted by Deacon Blues 2019-10-23 09:36||   2019-10-23 09:36|| Front Page Top

#6 Star Wars no longer gets any benefit of the doubt. No more 'must see in theaters' since Force Awakens and catching it on cable is now in question.

I was a life-long Star Wars fan and they killed the love with the mediocrity of the recent movies. Killed it dead.
Posted by rjschwarz 2019-10-23 10:12||   2019-10-23 10:12|| Front Page Top

#7 It'll only stream on the Disney Streaming Channel. Good luck with that
Posted by Frank G 2019-10-23 10:55||   2019-10-23 10:55|| Front Page Top

#8 Best part is when the riders of Rohan charge the space ships.

Gonna be a short World Series if I have to see this commercial every top of the inning.
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-10-23 11:05||   2019-10-23 11:05|| Front Page Top

#9 How can you watch the World Series when you know George Will is watching too, probably spooging on his couch?
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-10-23 15:19||   2019-10-23 15:19|| Front Page Top

#10 I turn the sound off so I don't have to hear Joe Buck play "What does my finger smell like?"
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-10-23 15:53||   2019-10-23 15:53|| Front Page Top

#11 There are rumors of six different endings being shot.

Possibly to reduce the effects of leaks, but maybe because they don't know what the hell they're doing.

I mean they're putting the resolution of the storyline in the hands of JarJar Abrams of all people.
Posted by charger 2019-10-23 16:26||   2019-10-23 16:26|| Front Page Top

#12 I agree w rjs on the mediocrity of the force awakens but I madethemistake of seeing the last Jedi which was actually worse than mediocre. I’m not planning to see the episode 9 although maybe I’ll see plan 9 from outer space again.
Posted by Lord garth 2019-10-23 16:56||   2019-10-23 16:56|| Front Page Top

#13 Y'know what brings tears to my eyes ? Another Terminator flick with Arnie in it. And technical explanations excuses for his sagging arse woven into the story. That man is becoming pathetic.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-10-23 17:47||   2019-10-23 17:47|| Front Page Top

#14 Talk about a ruined franchise there.

Garth, the only thing good to come out of that movie:
Angry Staff Officer's Take.
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-10-23 18:12||   2019-10-23 18:12|| Front Page Top

#15 yes swk I did like the Staff Officer's analysis but there was much more wrong with this movie

interestingly, the Star Wars movie Rogue One which is an immediate prelude to A New Hope was pretty good
Posted by lord garth 2019-10-23 19:21||   2019-10-23 19:21|| Front Page Top

#16 Laughed my ass of at the bombing scene. Sure that wasn't what they were going for. Space Leia should have been her death, with a good old fashion Total Recall eye bug out.

I enjoyed Rogue One; though I couldn't tell you any character names.

I was dared to watch Solo - my check liver light came on 2/3rds through. I made it through Frogtown II, so.

Now, in my opinion they could save the franchise. Instead of running a series of focus groups vs. a ticket sales/save the universe matrix:

Release the movie straight to DVD (or streaming, whatever). Now, they have enough footage for six different endings and from what I've heard, I believe it. Make it a Choose Your Own Adventure. Then release the theatrical official version, add some bonus scenes not in the home version. Make it interactive, and crowd sourced.
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-10-23 22:00||   2019-10-23 22:00|| Front Page Top

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