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2019-06-08 Caribbean-Latin America
U.S., Mexico: Trump Announces Deal With Mexico, Suspends Tariff Threat
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Posted by 3dc 2019-06-08 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10807 views ]  Top

#1 Yuuuuuge win. Senate RINOs look like wusses. Trump should campaign hard for black vote. He has done more to improve the lot of blacks than any president in 50 years.
Posted by Charong Crusomble7850 2019-06-08 06:19||   2019-06-08 06:19|| Front Page Top

#2 Is the Mexican National Guard any less corrupt than the Federal Police? By activating the NG could we see less trafficing in people and drugs, et. al?
Posted by Skidmark 2019-06-08 07:14||   2019-06-08 07:14|| Front Page Top

#3 Wow! That didn't take long, did it? Hammer meet nail!
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2019-06-08 08:13||   2019-06-08 08:13|| Front Page Top

#4 I wonder if we have a stationary satellite on the Mexico-Guatemala border. Silly me. Where don't we?
Posted by Chereting Pelosi1889 2019-06-08 08:18||   2019-06-08 08:18|| Front Page Top

#5 The part where the seekers wait around in Mexico was a gem.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-06-08 10:45||   2019-06-08 10:45|| Front Page Top

#6 To quote the sages:

That's not a threat, that's a promise.
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-06-08 11:07||   2019-06-08 11:07|| Front Page Top

#7 Now Trump gives them the chance to live up to it. Which they probably won't. Then he can point to this saying "I gave them a chance".

Though another part of my thinks a covert deal was made. Allow our SF to operate freely against the cartels. We'll see in the coming months I suppose.
Posted by Charles 2019-06-08 12:09||   2019-06-08 12:09|| Front Page Top

#8 Glad to see Trump using the threat of tariffs to get Mexico to budge on the illegal immigrants problem. Now, if he could squeeze Congress to do their jobs instead of playing politics and trying to dream up impediments to Trump doing his job.

Trump was right about NAFTA. Perot talked about the sucking sound of jobs leaving for Mexico because of NAFTA. He was right as well. Many small towns around here lost manufacturing because of NAFTA.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-06-08 14:49||   2019-06-08 14:49|| Front Page Top

#9 The next thing he should do is charge 10% on all money leaving the US unless a Social Security Number is supplied. The IRS should check out the social security number.
Posted by Ebbeting Untervehr4655 2019-06-08 15:15||   2019-06-08 15:15|| Front Page Top

#10 amen
Posted by Frank G 2019-06-08 15:44||   2019-06-08 15:44|| Front Page Top

#11 Trump reached an immigration reform agreement with Mexico Friday evening. The deal essentially ends catch-and-release, having Mexico offering migrants jobs and health care while they wait for their asylum claims to be heard in the U.S.

“Those [migrants] crossing the U.S. Southern Border to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to Mexico where they may await the adjudication of their [US.] asylum claims,” the State Department said in the joint declaration.

In response, Mexico will authorize the entrance of all of those individuals for humanitarian reasons, in compliance with its international obligations, while they await the adjudication of their asylum claims. Mexico will also offer jobs, healthcare, and education according to its principles.
Posted by Phaick Uneretle6310 2019-06-08 19:44||   2019-06-08 19:44|| Front Page Top

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