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2013-07-09 -Land of the Free
Female inmates sterilized in California prisons
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Posted by Besoeker 2013-07-09 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [549 views ]  Top

#1 Excuse-me but isn't California a liberal state?
Posted by JFM 2013-07-09 02:17||   2013-07-09 02:17|| Front Page Top

#2 Oceania is already overpopulated. A successfully green planet requires a degree of population control. The procedure comes at no cost to the resident. Funding and permits are available for tubal ligation reversals. Same-sex couples are free to opt out and accept cash settlements.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-07-09 02:32||   2013-07-09 02:32|| Front Page Top

#3 Sounds like an example of ObamaCare. Doing things for the convenience of staff, not the needs of patients is what you'll get when you remove customer choice.
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2013-07-09 06:55||   2013-07-09 06:55|| Front Page Top

#4 The states (all 50 of them) have a century-old tradition of sterilizing people considered by the states to be inferior or defective. This is nothing new.
Posted by Steve White 2013-07-09 07:23||   2013-07-09 07:23|| Front Page Top

#5 Excuse-me but isn't California a liberal state?

Ah, the confusion of classical liberalism with modern neo-socialism. The policies of Margaret Sanger are alive and being implemented. Her concepts were a big hit with other socialists. While American acts of use were somewhat selective and limited, the European implementation was run with full scale enthusiasm. The bureaucrats goals though were basically the same.
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-07-09 08:17||   2013-07-09 08:17|| Front Page Top

#6 Eugenics is very popular with the Lefty set. After all, lesser peoples shouldn't be allowed to breed. Only their finest slaves will be allowed to have more slaves for their utopia.
Posted by Silentbrick - Schlumberger Squishy Mud Division 2013-07-09 08:53||   2013-07-09 08:53|| Front Page Top

Excuse-me but isn't California a liberal state?

No, it's a "progressive" state. The most famous "progressive" was a guy named Hilter or something.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2013-07-09 09:19||   2013-07-09 09:19|| Front Page Top

#8 Notice that the major problem seems to be that the sterilizations were done without state approvals. In other words, if the state had approved, it would have been ok.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia 2013-07-09 09:58||   2013-07-09 09:58|| Front Page Top

#9 Remember it's the right wing bible thumpers who want to control a woman's body. /sarc off
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-07-09 10:21||   2013-07-09 10:21|| Front Page Top

#10 Rethuglican governor during this time period, Rob. He even had a German accent.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2013-07-09 10:38||   2013-07-09 10:38|| Front Page Top

#11 Actually, he spoke Austrian. Obumble told me so.
Posted by Spot 2013-07-09 10:54||   2013-07-09 10:54|| Front Page Top

#12 "Ah, the confusion of classical liberalism with modern neo-socialism."

Ahem. Classical liberalism is the time honored term for belief in the liberty of individuals and a severely limited role for government.

Posted by Classical_Liberal 2013-07-09 11:58||   2013-07-09 11:58|| Front Page Top

Rethuglican governor during this time period, Rob.

Overruled -- member (by marriage, but still) of the Kennedy family.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2013-07-09 12:40||   2013-07-09 12:40|| Front Page Top

#14 More than a RINO Schwarzy is a democrat running fir the Republicans. Actually it was the only kind of "Republican" electable in California; Also I doubt Schwarzy had a free hand with the megislature or that he could nominate whoever he wanted to head the Department of Corrections.
Posted by JFM 2013-07-09 14:23||   2013-07-09 14:23|| Front Page Top

#15 Since this was done without state approval I don't think who was governor matters, unless that is why they did it secretly.

It is scary to think there is even government approval/disapproval of this sort of thing or that doctors would knowingly go along with it. The world is darker than I had hoped.
Posted by rjschwarz 2013-07-09 14:44||   2013-07-09 14:44|| Front Page Top

#16 This is just like the IRS scandal. A bunch of lawless bureaucrats know what's best and do it.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2013-07-09 15:21||   2013-07-09 15:21|| Front Page Top

#17 I know that the governator probably didn't' have much to do with it, and is a sorry excuse for a republican, but I also suspect that isn't how things are going to be reported.

Maybe this will spare us further bloviating from the global-warming alarmist driving around in his hummv.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2013-07-09 16:35||   2013-07-09 16:35|| Front Page Top

#18 St. Joe Hospital, Organ Harvest Division: Hey you SOB's, I ain't dead YET !!!!!
Posted by Besoeker 2013-07-09 17:01||   2013-07-09 17:01|| Front Page Top

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