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2003-11-05 -Short Attention Span Theater-
Babs: "Sad Day for Artistic Freedom"
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Posted by Dar 2003-11-05 10:02:57 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [331 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Does this mean hubby don't get paid? She must be sick of covering him.
Posted by tu3031 2003-11-5 10:06:22 AM||   2003-11-5 10:06:22 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 hehe. Go ahead, make the movie. Maybe Fox will buy my script for a movie (NOT a documentary) about Barbra Streisand. It's reassuring to know that Streisand would not attempt to censor it in any way, especially the torrid scene with the Great Dane.
Posted by BH  2003-11-5 10:18:54 AM||   2003-11-5 10:18:54 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 I eagerly await Ms. Streisand's ringing defense of the artistic freedom of Mel Gibson's The Passion.

(tap, tap, tap)

Ah . . . Ms. Streisand? The ringing defense of the artistic freedom of Mel Gibson's The Passion. I'm waiting for it. Eagerly.

Ms. Streisand?

Dang! Where'd she go?
Posted by Mike  2003-11-5 10:19:30 AM||   2003-11-5 10:19:30 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 C'mon - Brolin's work on Pensacola: Wings of Gold was just so riveting! ;)
Posted by Jarhead 2003-11-5 10:19:44 AM||   2003-11-5 10:19:44 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 LOL. I'd like to see her ringing defense of the Second Amendment, too, but her ilk rarely get past the First.

When they do, they usually jump straight to the Fifth.
Posted by Dar  2003-11-5 10:23:05 AM||   2003-11-5 10:23:05 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 Babs and a Great Dane? what, you want PETA and the ASPCA after you?
Posted by Frank G  2003-11-5 10:26:11 AM||   2003-11-5 10:26:11 AM|| Front Page Top

#7 This is censorship, pure and simple.
No, you are wrong. It's called CAPITALISM. Stick to your never-ending "final performances" Babs.
Posted by Yosemite Sam 2003-11-5 10:35:18 AM||   2003-11-5 10:35:18 AM|| Front Page Top

Posted by Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter)  2003-11-5 10:56:18 AM||   2003-11-5 10:56:18 AM|| Front Page Top

#9 CBS says the hub-bub had nothing to do with their cancelling the show and moving it to showtime. Is babs calling CBS a bunch of liars?
Posted by Yank 2003-11-5 11:11:30 AM||   2003-11-5 11:11:30 AM|| Front Page Top

#10 Do you think it creeps her out sleeping with Ronald Reagan. I'd love to see the look on her face if James rolled over and called her "Mommy".
Posted by eLarson 2003-11-5 11:26:38 AM||   2003-11-5 11:26:38 AM|| Front Page Top

#11 Autistic integrity?
Posted by Alaska Paul 2003-11-5 11:48:24 AM||   2003-11-5 11:48:24 AM|| Front Page Top

#12 It would have been cool if Peewee Herman had played mommy and Rosie had played the Gipper. Martin Short could have cameo'd all sorts of insiders and staffers. Pure comedy even I could have enjoyed.
Posted by Lucky 2003-11-5 12:20:06 PM||   2003-11-5 12:20:06 PM|| Front Page Top

#13 especially the torrid scene with the Great Dane.

Gives new meaning to the term 'doggin' it'...
Posted by Raj 2003-11-5 12:20:46 PM|| []  2003-11-5 12:20:46 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 It's all Cyber Sarge and the VRWC's fault.
Funny, how it matters whose ox is being gored.
LOL at all the posts.
Posted by Gasse Katze 2003-11-5 12:52:39 PM||   2003-11-5 12:52:39 PM|| Front Page Top

#15  Ms. Streisand is suing a couple of photographers for taking pictures of her house from a few miles away via helicopter on grounds it is an invasion of privacy.She does believe historical figures lives can be distorted because "its a television drama".Maybe the photographers should claim they are making a "television drama" and then Babs would give her blessing.
Posted by Stephen 2003-11-5 12:53:35 PM||   2003-11-5 12:53:35 PM|| Front Page Top

#16 Gosh, its getting so a leftie cant spew any propaganda at all these days.

"Shut up and sing" babs......
Posted by frank martin  2003-11-5 2:58:54 PM||   2003-11-5 2:58:54 PM|| Front Page Top

#17 But I thought Hollywood and CBS were dominated by Libruls according to many Rantbourgeois? Guess another conservative crybaby complaint can be flushed now!
Posted by Not Mike Moore 2003-11-5 4:26:02 PM||   2003-11-5 4:26:02 PM|| Front Page Top

#18 NMM--If it weren't so, that p.o.s. movie would never have been made with the current script in the first place! CBS is only bowing to market outcry--note that Showtime will still be showing it. The "Libruls" only did this because they realized even they had gone over the top this time.

The most surprising thing to me from this whole affair is that network execs have standards!
Posted by Dar  2003-11-5 4:32:40 PM||   2003-11-5 4:32:40 PM|| Front Page Top

#19 Yeah, they got standards...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Posted by tu3031 2003-11-5 4:55:24 PM||   2003-11-5 4:55:24 PM|| Front Page Top

#20 I am confused here. Was it the liberals or the Conservatives that whoreshiped the almighty dollar? If the Execs caved to popular pressure rather than stick their autistic guns, doesn't that make them....Conservative? A true Liberal wouldn't care if he lost millions, just as long as he stayed true to his craft. NMM, Pull on your ears until you hear a 'POP' that will be your head coming out of your ass.
Posted by Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter)  2003-11-5 5:33:19 PM||   2003-11-5 5:33:19 PM|| Front Page Top

#21 Streisand writes:
"One can only imagine the kind of pressure that would compel CBS to take such an extraordinary action."

Ah yes, it seems they are feeling pressure to maintain their own credibility. The charges of "Media Bias" are actually starting to have an effect - as are diminished ratings.

Speaking of ratings. I love how she blames this on the "right wing spin machine". It's only a small cabal of people who control this, ya see. She really believes that she is somehow in tune with regular 'Merikins. I love this story.
Posted by Tokyo Taro 2003-11-5 7:25:14 PM||   2003-11-5 7:25:14 PM|| Front Page Top

#22 Hey, have you guys noticed that sometime back (oh, maybe six or so months ago) Babs learned how to use spell checker? Heck, she learned how to use proper grammar as well.... makes me think that IT ISN'T ACTUALLY BABS POSTING ANYMORE! As her old posts were way, way less coherent, I think that Babs (much like her dear friend Hillary Clinton) uses a ghost writer. Or they changed her anti-depression medication -- one or the other.
Posted by Secret Master  2003-11-5 7:49:42 PM|| []  2003-11-5 7:49:42 PM|| Front Page Top

#23 There already is a historically accurate biography of Babs that is occasionally re-broadcast on cable. I refer you to the script here.
Posted by A Jackson 2003-11-5 8:28:57 PM||   2003-11-5 8:28:57 PM|| Front Page Top

#24 I used to work security at an arena back home. Babs did 3 shows there. You guys would choke if you knew how much they pampered her silly ass. Next to her dressing room she wanted a 'tea room'. We even had to put a security person in there - guess she thought some deranged fan was going to assault her during tea time. Guess she was smart in putting another security person in there as I'm sure one of us on the staff would've tainted the tea if you know what I mean. No one really liked her (yeah, big surprise), she was pretty obnoxious. I do seem to remember she brought her mom on tour who actually was a classy lady and would always say hi to us 'peasants' when she walked by backstage. I was just a college schlep at the time and didn't have much knowledge of Babs' audience.....never saw that many gay guys in one place before. She comes on stage the first night and a bunch of them actually started crying & shit. LMFAO. I have another great story of her in Beaufort, S.C. getting clowned on by the locals but that's too long to post here.
Posted by Jarhead 2003-11-5 9:45:35 PM||   2003-11-5 9:45:35 PM|| Front Page Top

#25 Cyber Sarge-- My point was that conservatives claim the media is biased to the libs--if they TRULY were--I'd be watching this show on CBS and since I'm looking at the computer screen while typing this my head is not up my ass as you would imply, but thanks for your concern!
Posted by NotMikeMoore 2003-11-5 11:01:49 PM||   2003-11-5 11:01:49 PM|| Front Page Top

#26 Jarhead--she's a singer/actress nothing more--if you want to read about some of the wild demands people like J-Lo make on the venues they perform in go to they have a whole list--the tearoom is mild by comparison!
Posted by NotMikeMoore 2003-11-5 11:04:47 PM||   2003-11-5 11:04:47 PM|| Front Page Top

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