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1 de Medici3489 The US passed the photos of the dead Bin Laden to the Russians.( courtesy) I got the photos on the Russian news. The picture was the one taken in the hangar in Afghanistan. It was done in green light to preserve the men's night vision. You Moslems better learn or we got government issue for you too. And we can manufacture all the garbage cans we need for your hallal problems. Hey we didnt kill the kids and we only shot Binny's bed mate in the knee. Take it or leave it. The photo was definitely Bin Laden. One bullet right in the eye and the other slightly above it. No clear view of the back of the head, just a frontal photo taken from about three to four feet away and slightly to one side. Its him. Who cares if the children saw it? Who cares if he was shot outright? Oh, and Geronimo was a Bin Laden kind of guy except he did it himself. geronimo was a hands on mass killer. If the Apaches dont like being tossed in association with Bin Laden they should smell what a corpse is like who was tied to a wagon wheel naked and had a fire lit under the skull so the brains boiled out the eyes and ears. Geronimo was that kinda guy. If the Apaches today dont like the history books then let them vote for Democrats and sing the Star Spangled Banner right after they salute the Flag. The Apaches are offended? Screw the Apaches. Sell 'em a blanket and tell 'em to stuff it. We got two males for Interrogation didnt we? Loaded them on the helicopter? Shot the 18 year old son of Binny. No big loss. We never could have used Binny for interrogation or the pink boy French and the EUroweenies would have sh*t and cried and the Moslem world, every last bit of it, would have been able to have heard him screaming all the way to Mecca after we waterboarded him, stuck a cattleprod in his rectum and dialed up the power lines to the Hoover Dam. Then about ten years with expensive lawyers to get a conviction. No end of exspense. And then a sorrowful vigil outside the Prison by Michael Moore and Cindy Sheean and a lot of San Francisco dildo users because of the injustice of it all. We took the right decision and shot him and dumped his body in the Ocean and if they dont like that at the Al-Aqsah Mosque...what else is new. If they arent your friends, piss on 'em. If they dont like it then they can go get their bat. If you dont like the United States ? Yeah? Take a good look at Binny and learn. You might be bright enough to live to be old. But then again, maybe not. Binny was stupid. You can be stupid too. 2011-05-04 17:37