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1 de Medici3489 al-Qaeda is down to its shorts, they dont have the reach and this isnt exactly Bill Clinton times. Zarquawi is what alQaeda is. Osama is what al Qaeda actually is. And actually they are breathing through a very long straw. We ARE gonna win. And Goombahs who are on those computer files we took in Osama's bedroom all have addresses and our people are smart enough. We never meant to take Osama alive ( do you believe that stuff?) And we have every intention of doing whatever we need to do to grind the enemies of the United States into bloody paste. You dont like us? We dont like you, and what counts is who wins and its gonna be us. We have the men and the resources and (FACE IT!) you dont. We are going to kill you, Abdrool, your mother and the dog too. Grand Canyon right through the middle of your head. 2011-05-03 08:43
2 de Medici3489 Pakistan is not our friend. I vote we set them on each other whenever we can. Buy a few and then use the intell to queer some more. Poke it with a stick. 2011-05-03 08:30
3 de Medici3489 Its the Kikes..they are gonna GETCHA!Its the Jooooooss. Syria is living out its Islamic dreams even as we watch. You can depend on the Syrians to behave like...well, Syrians. Ah, the Middle East, a world of Moslem values and cheap detonators. And the Syrians are Moslems, tight? And they are killing EACH OTHER? Yeah? 2011-05-03 08:27
4 de Medici3489 The Mooselimb Bros did do for Sadat about like we did for Benny. Its hard to take them seriously. They are nothing more than some sort of speed bump and wont last long in history anyway. What do moslems call those funny little hats they wear? And if you were asked could YOu tell me where Arafat is buried...I mean other than within a hundred miles? And who was that moslem holy man who got blown up in a smoking wheelchair much like Mudigniyey(?) who got flipped and fried when he turned the ignition key? Islam has a lot of that, and the bazaars of Baghdad in the good old days and the fire hoses to wash the blood away. Islam marches on..... Think Islam , think cheap detonators. 2011-05-03 08:22
5 de Medici3489 Zawahiri? Zarquawi? al-Abrool bin Yomama. All their names seem to sound and look the same for some reason. Its probably because they never really mattered all that much anyway. As time is reckoned and the ages pass and history flows like a mighty river, only a few things remain the same and become eternal. Duty and brave men who will give their lives for the family and their children and their friends. The men who carried out the mission that got Bin Laden are such men. They form a Legion who stand shoulder to shoulder with the Angels. Take off your shoes, Joshua, for where you stand is holy ground. Its a story most people have never read, the night before Jericho when Joshua was checking the perimeter sentries in the dark and met the Eagle-cloaked stranger between the lines. And all Joshua had was a little bronze sword against a long steel one, but he stood his ground,"Are you for Israel of against her?" And Michael Archangel stepped forward and though Joshua never saw God face to face as Moses had.... Joshua did see Michael Archangel and Michael gave him Jericho 2011-05-03 08:10
6 de Medici3489 I want 'ol'Bumpy next and then there wont be anyone with a rep left. When Zawahiri went down it was definitely a turning point in Iraq. That story needs to be repeated again. It was an air strike and he was betrayed by someone he trusted. Somebody drove over to his compound in a pickup and identified that yes he was there while a fighter bomber waited overhead for the call. Took a minute then the pilot peeled off and made the run. Got Zawahiri and his leotard wearing girlfriend ( is that true?) and a child as well? Whose child? Had an identity establishing medical and security team standing by and they went in. Heard rumor that they either found Zawahiri alive or clambering around in the smoking hole and rubble ( I took that with a grain of salt but it was a nice thought) and that Zawahiri was taken to an ambulance where he was smothered and/or allowed to bleed to death. Were there photos? There must be records of all the event somewhere. It was nice he was dead. Nobody has missed his bright smile and winsome walk so far. In the long run I trust we can have a similar vague idea of what happened to the Palestinians( beside those who went to live in Brazil) and the Hamas folks who swear they were Swiss and burned their SS uniforms somewhere during the retreat across Italy. At any rate it will become a test question for irrelevant game show trivia as to just exactly who the Palestinians were other than a dusty book and a footnote in a back carrel #23 of the museum of dead movements. Even the Palestinians in Brazil dont really remember who nor what they used to be before they discovered their wonderful lives raising alligators for handbags in upper river provinces of the Amazon. And Israel will be approximately as big as Nebraska and there will be street signs in Hebrew from Cairo to Baghdad. But that's another story. There will be a lot of dead goomnahs to make it happen, but then, there would be a lot of dead Arab goombahs no matter how you cut it. There always are. You get used to it and your big decisions are which cufflinks to wear when going to dinner in Jerusalem and taking in a show. When all is said and done, Mecca isnt much fun and Jerusalem will outlive Abdrool and his buddies by a long shot. 2011-05-03 07:54