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5100 off topic or abusive comments have been dumped since 3/26/2004. Today's count is 6.
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1 de Medici3489 Imagine being a big bad Paki General with scrambled eggs all OVER your hat and having some American Special Forces pull your trousers down and laugh at you little limp twinkie. Way to go there Brigadier General Abdrool. Majot Boogey March. ..mmm..mmm..had one BIG ball, Goering had two but they were small. Himmler had sumthin' simmler, but Goebbels had NO ball at'all..... Tubas on full, stomp your boots... 2011-05-02 20:06
2 de Medici3489 Now we get to hunt for "ol' Bumpy" the new #1 with the prayer knob, Zarko. That should about do it. How are they reporting all this in Mecca? I checked Paki news and its not a big leader in THEIR news. They are reporting that THEY captured bin Laden themselves and we were not involved until they GAVE him to us. Moslem Values at it again. And NATO claims they were not after Khadaffy and it was all an accident they killed his son. Yeah? The News is fun, isnt it? Eat it with a spoon. 2011-05-02 19:58
3 de Medici3489 In Iraq after we got Zarquawi the next up clown usually bought the farm in about six to eight weeks average. Then there were no more. And the Left and the Newshounds dont talk so big about Iraq anymore. If fact its just not in the news much. Obama never did shut Guantanamo down did he? Now Osama is dead cringing behind a woman in his last seconds. And every Moslem who doesnt like it can suck on it ANYWAY. 2011-05-02 19:47
4 de Medici3489 Dick Cheney, we all know who he is, accepts the story about Bin Laden being killed. I was very doubtful this AM but am also now convinced. 40 minutes of tapes from the kill site in Pakistan. And apparently real photos DO exist of the body and the burial.( there will be fake ones made since there are a lot of people out there who want such articles and the original have not yet been commonly released). He's dead. Tried to hide behind a woman? I believe that. The statement given to the entire Moslem world: you want to be like Osama? We WILL kill you. You dont like us, we dont like you. And we have the size and the resources and you dont. Say hello to Zarquawi ,Binny. And if the Palestinians want to dance? We wont forget you either. Long haul, lots of patience and double tap standard. As long as it takes, we wont let it go and we WILL keep on coming. As certain as it gets. 2011-05-02 19:41
5 de Medici3489 If you cant trust your government, who CAN you trust? So the Paks are saying they "Gave" us Bin Laden's body and we say we then quietly disposed of it in the nearest salt drink. Bill Clinton:"Okie dokey. (And no pictures). George Bush:" Tie this dildo on your face and squat on the coffee table..Hussein". Obama:"Hand me the press phone and get me my clown nose first." 2011-05-02 09:01
6 de Medici3489 " he's been dead for 10 years and we just now declared him so, as an excuse to exit A'stan and a diversion from economic problems." Glenmore is prescient. He formulated my exact thoughts precisely and in less word than I tend to customarily use. I) Burial at sea...which is end of story kind of no shrine, no flowers and no marker. AND it doesnt say WHERE. Somewhere off New Jersey? 2) No pictures. Yes I will be willing to bet there WILL be NO pictures. Head shots are usually not pretty, which is an understatement. A head shot tends to be a look,( long pause), squint and ohjzuz moment... and THEN you try again. 3) they blew up the house after they were done and burned it to the ground didnt they. After the raid, lots of explosives and gas cans emptied? What do you bet they did just that? Hmmmmm.... 4) Bambo checked with Bush and Bill before releasing the statement concerning the Op. Getting all the big mouseys on the same page, as it were. Quick call, no pictures, no full briefing( take my word for it would I lie to you?). Have a nice day. hangup... the phone clicks... buzzzzzz.... 5) I would be willing to bet Osama has been definitively dead for a decade and the govt. has known such with documentation. But we might have found it to our national advantage to continue as if he were still alive because we were still involved in certain real estate deals ongoing business, you can see how that might be the case? Of course, you can. 6) Bambo is going to "pull out" and its to his advantage with that scenario to sort of wrap things up, as it were and dump it in the Ocean and as the setting sun sinks in the West we bid a fond adieu, sort of thing. Now let's get on with the re-election? 7) more mustard? 2011-05-02 08:48