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5100 off topic or abusive comments have been dumped since 3/26/2004. Today's count is 4.
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1 de Medici3489 I think its just terrible that France cant be more "understanding" toward Moslems and their "needs". And I say, Shame on Italy for not opening its borders wide for all the garlic of Islam and their children and their goats( did I mention the goats?) What France really really needs are more burquas and burning cars and refusing to assimilate and throwing stones at the gendarmes and burned out grafiiti neighborhoods with Allahu Akbar whispering in the dark alleys along the Seine. As for Southern Italy it is known all over the world for its affluence and tolerance and a Sicilian here and there. Such an honest people, just look into their eyes and see yourself naked in a closet in the train station with your wallet gone. No? We were talking about southern Italy werent we? Moslem values would improve the EUroweenies immensely. Not to mention the goats. 2011-05-01 08:49
2 de Medici3489 The BBC? What can you expect from people who use buttons instead of zippers on the fly-crotch of their pants ? Bad haircuts and bad teeth and heavily boiled meat. And I think they invented pointy toed shoes too, but maybe that was the French. And where IS Jack the Ripper when you really need him? But the Royal Wedding was wonderful, nobody can do that sort of thing like the English. Remind me again, what is it that the "Royals" actually DO? I especially enjoyed a crisp day in Hyde Park beside the Serpentine eating a Tongue and mustard on Rye sandwich and an Orange crush to drink from a kiosk and then sitting in the weak sun smelling the exhaust fumes while waiting for a double decker bus to take me back to Sloane Square down from Knightsbridge. And the hairy chickens on sale in the Camden Town butcher shops. And the prostitutes who put their skirt ends in you trouser pockets when they stand up against the wall with one leg raised in the pungent fog around the corner from Chester Row. Rule Britannia. 2011-05-01 08:34
3 de Medici3489 I hesitate to mention the idle non-PC thought that its all Moslems killing Moslems. Now Poison gas might be the next step in Koran based values and one wonders if any Korans are being injured when tanks shell civilians and Mosques. Only Allah knows. Does anyone stop to pray five times a day in downtown Damascus? One sincerely hopes so. "bodies in refrigerator trucks"? Really? I seem to remember a refrigerator truck full of dead babies somewhere in Lebanon recently. It was good for photo-ops and cursing the Jews. But then, Islam is such a colorful religion with such interesting customs. Do the Palestinians resent that they are not in the news as much to date? No one seems to care(as much) about the Palestinians what with all this latest news about the "Arab Spring". Syria is just a little bit more of the "Arab Spring". PBUH. cant have too much "Arab Spring" now can we? Dont you wish you lived in the embrace of Islam? Of course, there are those days when I wished MY head was covered by a black bag, how about you? 2011-05-01 08:11
4 de Medici3489 There are several large monkeys down at the local Zoo who know how to smoke cigarettes. On a quiet Wednesday afternoon they will come to the bars and you can pass them a smoke. They seem almost grateful. On Sundays though such things are frowned upon. It somehow sets a bad example for the crowds of children. 2011-05-01 07:41