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1 de Medici3489 Binny's dead. Now what about 'ol Bumpy ? When and how fast can we get Zawahiri doubletapped and canned? Three months from now would be nice. He's big, he's old, and he's got a bump in the middle of his forehead 'cause he bangs his head on the floor at least five times a day. Let's keep the momentum. If it wears a turban and its on the list....tap tap. We did it in Iraq and now the New York Times doesnt have as much blood to swim in and is forced to report other things. 2012 is just next year. Barack's best shot is simply that the Republican candidates arent popular with the Tea Party attitude. If we had candidates who could draw a crowd and who werent bloodless jokes in the GOP then we might stand a chance at the WH. Too bad the GOP is a cluster-f*ck of lamers with tired old hemorrhoids. The American people will get what they deserve. If the American system cant seem to produce a leader bigger than what we see now.....what you see now is what you deserve. The United States is like a Platoon of Marines...their quality as fighting men is all there...all they need is a good Officer to lead them. Lt.Cheesedip isnt the man. Obama was no accident and the clowns who drooled him into Office were all Americans. Hope and Change. The ONE, acceptable to the EU and especially the French( Hussein even went over there to give speeches and to campaign during the campaign) his own official rainbow seal, greek columns and his wonderful speeches...they say he's a fabulous speaker but can you quote me one single line you remember? And where are his greater than Lincoln eloquences now, are they in Cairo with the "historic" speech that now makes us laugh?. How stupid are you? take a good look at yourself, HOW stupid are you? Is Trump the best you can do? And is Palin as twinkie as Daily KOS would have you believe? What is so HARD about shooting a man twice in the head? Does it really bother you to pull the trigger? Ever done it? Its easier than you think. We need a President who can give an order and who knows what a Leader is. A leader speaks to the heart and commands with the Mind. A real leader wont back away from pushing right through like Bush did and winning. The American people didnt deserve what Bush did for them. He's sitting down there in Texas and no one praises him. But he won the war in Iraq and , face it folks, we never thanked him. We actually elected Barrack HUSSEIN Bananna and we deserve what we get. Look at his face, look at the man. How Stupid are you? 2011-05-05 04:37
2 de Medici3489 Well, if he doesnt HAVE any..then he wont miss them, will he? See how easy that was? I am sure that he wont have to start legal proceedings to recover what he admits already that he doesnt (and never did ) have. And whomever that DOES have that dirty old money can keep it now . Since obviously it belongs to them ( nobody claiming this stuff then?), free and clear. Now ( PRESTIDIGITO) you see it, now you dont. And that suit he is wearing is about what you would expect from an El Jeffe. They do tend to dress like greasers on steroids. You ever compared all the clock parts on an US Army ROTC uniform to the simplicity of the USMC Uniform? Its a matter of professional attitude. The man who is going to win usually has a simpler uniform. Clock parts spells loser. Old rule of thumb: If he's wearing Cherry Pickers (snug in the crotch), he's with the Horse Guard. 2011-05-05 03:36