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Muslim Brotherhood, FJP offices attacked throughout Egypt
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Good morning
Posted by: Scooter McGruder || 06/29/2013 06:58 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Diana Dors (23 October 1931 – 4 May 1984) was an English actress, born Diana Mary Fluck in Swindon, Wiltshire. Considered the English equivalent of the blonde bombshells of Hollywood, Dors described herself as "the only sex symbol Britain has produced since Lady Godiva."

During the signing of contracts, casting director Eric L'Epine Smith,changed her contractual surname to Dors, the maiden name of her maternal grandmother, on the initial suggestion of her mother Mary. Dors later commented on her name:

"They asked me to change my name. I suppose they were afraid that if my real name Diana Fluck was in lights and one of the lights blew ..."

Posted by: Au Auric || 06/29/2013 7:29 Comments || Top||

#2  Birthday Gam Shot

Nicole Scherzinger[Discography](age 35)

Hina Design

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC || 06/29/2013 9:55 Comments || Top||

#3  Yep, those are gams alright.
Posted by: badanov || 06/29/2013 10:36 Comments || Top||

#4  "lead singer in the resulting all-girl pop group Eden's Crush"

Those are a good example of dancer gams.
Posted by: Dale || 06/29/2013 15:03 Comments || Top||

#5  "Fluck" Yup I'd change my name too.
Posted by: Redneck Jim || 06/29/2013 15:34 Comments || Top||

Africa North
US citizen stabbed to death in Egypt's Alexandria
Victim, whose name remains unconfirmed, reportedly worked as a journalistic photographer
A US citizen was killed in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria on Friday during clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi, bringing the city's total death toll on Friday to two.

The American man died from a stab wound to the chest, according to Amin Ezz El-Din, head of Alexandria's security directorate.

Ezz El-Din said the young American had been taking pictures with his mobile phone near one of the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which President Morsi hails, when he was attacked by unknown assailants.

The victim was rushed to a military hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Security sources told Ahram Online's correspondent that the victim's name is Victor Andrew. He was a 21-year-old photojournalist.

The details have not yet been officially confirmed.

The report of his death was confirmed by Ibrahim El-Roubi, head of emergencies at Alexandria's health department, along with two other security officials.

In May, American academic Chris Stone was stabbed in the neck outside the US embassy in Cairo. Stone, however, survived the attack.
Posted by: tipper || 06/29/2013 00:51 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10796 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Give'm more F15's
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 3:41 Comments || Top||

#2  Somehow I confess to having no feelings whatsoever for being stabbed in Egypt....WHY would anybody go to Egypt if he could go somewhere else? There are so many nice places on Earth and so many of them are close-by most of the time. Why go stand in a crowd of smelly Egyptians sweating and yelling and ....well you get stabbed?
Stupid doesn't live to get old.
Was it NECESSARY that this CLOWN went to Egypt to get stabbed? Was his souvenir photo of Pres. Morsi's office building worth it? True, Darwin would be interested in this.
Posted by: Threater Flusoper9823 || 06/29/2013 7:01 Comments || Top||

#3  And our State Dept is on the ball:

"You are a really inapproproate to be calling me about this at 10 p.m.": U.S. No 2 in #Egypt Mark Sievers, about possible dead citizen.
Posted by: Frank G || 06/29/2013 9:39 Comments || Top||

#4  by the way Threater - he was working as a journalist/photog - taking pictures of the unrest. I would hope being an American would carry some weight. I would also hope you were less of an a-hole. I expect I'll get neither
Posted by: Frank G || 06/29/2013 9:42 Comments || Top||

#5  I don't think Egypt gets F-15s, has that changed?
Posted by: Shipman || 06/29/2013 9:43 Comments || Top||

#6  OK 16ths
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 9:57 Comments || Top||

#7  Getting stabbed to death is the new hip...
Posted by: M. Murcek || 06/29/2013 10:24 Comments || Top||

#8  Egypt hasn't seemed to receive a shipment of F-U's either.
Posted by: swksvolFF || 06/29/2013 10:54 Comments || Top||

#9  Egypt hasn't seemed to receive a shipment of F-U's either.

That's Israel's business.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 13:45 Comments || Top||

#10  #4: Frank, he was actually a "an American nonprofit engaged in education, training and development activities in the region", at least according to Fox News. So PhotoJourn was probably his major. And I don't think they hand out press kits to non-profit grad volunteers.

Also, Fox says that he was shot according to the AP. It's what set off the giant melee, the initial shots, and he got caught in between two factions trying to get a picture. I'm not unsympathetic that he died. However there's something to be said about 'common sense' when even actual accredited journalists are keeping their distance.

Posted by: Charles || 06/29/2013 14:39 Comments || Top||

#11  no disagreement. My a-hole comment has been building....
Posted by: Frank G || 06/29/2013 15:40 Comments || Top||

#12  However there's something to be said about 'common sense' when even actual accredited journalists are keeping their distance.
Charles, especially since he was Jewish-American
Posted by: tipper || 06/29/2013 16:08 Comments || Top||

Egypt clerics warn of 'civil war' amid skirmishes
[Pak Daily Times] Egypt's leading religious authority warned of "civil war" and appealed for calm amid scattered violence on Friday, days before mass demonstrations that the opposition hopes can force the Islamist president to quit.

One man was rubbed out and dozens maimed in Alexandria when protest marchers and Islamists clashed. A member of the ruling Moslem Brüderbund was also rubbed out overnight in the city of Zagazig.

Friday's demonstrations were called in advance of a day of mass marching on Sunday, when President Mohamed Morsi's critics hope millions will hit the streets to demand new elections.
Continued on Page 49
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under: Arab Spring

#1  From your mouths to the ear of G*d, holy men.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 3:43 Comments || Top||

#2  True that
Posted by: newc || 06/29/2013 13:35 Comments || Top||

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP offices attacked throughout Egypt
[Al Ahram] Offices of the Moslem Brüderbund's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in different Egyptian governorates were reportedly raided and torched on Friday.

In the Nile Delta governorate of Daqahliya, the FJP's office was set on fire by protesters after the latter claimed to have heard shotguns being discharged from the building, eyewitnesses told Al-Ahram's Arabic-language news website.

The office remains besieged by thousands of protesters.

Eyewitnesses also told Al-Ahram that the number of injured were estimated at ten, including four who had since been transferred to hospital.

The Moslem Brüderbund, for its part, released a statement holding members of the anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign responsible for the violence.

...back at the fist fight, Jake ducked another roundhouse, then parried with his left, then with his right, finally with his chin...
in Alexandria, which has seen festivities between the two rival camps since Friday afternoon, the FJP's office in the coastal city's Sidi Gaber district was set on fire.

The festivities in Alexandria have left over 40 injured, according to Ahram Online's Sayyed Gamal.

A Moslem Brüderbund office was also reportedly attacked in the Nile Delta Beheira governorate.

In a statement issued by Ikhwan Online, the Brotherhood's official website, the group accused former regime elements and members of the 'Rebel' campaign -- who they called "thugs" -- of being behind the attack in Beheira.

"The attackers looted the office," the statement read. "Although the party's young cadres appealed for help, police have refused to intervene."

The Nile Delta Gharbiya and Kafr Al-Sheikh governorates, meanwhile, also witnessed attacks on the Islamist group's offices.

The attacks come as rival protests -- both for and against President Mohamed Morsi, propelled to power last year by the Moslem Brüderbund -- take place in governorates throughout Egypt.

On Saturday, the Islamist group's office in Morsi's hometown of Zagazig in the Nile Delta was also attacked, leaving one dead and 26 injured. 

Street battles between the rival camps have also erupted in a number of northern governorates. In Mansoura, one person was killed and over 200 maimed.

Fifty-three people have also been injured in Sharqiya and two in Gharbiya in similar confrontations.

On Friday evening, there were reports that the Freedom and Justice Party's headquarters in Al-Khanka in Qalioubiya governorate were raided by locals, according to state-owned news agency MENA.

According to eyewitnesses, the office was empty at the time of the attack.
Ynet adds: Israeli Flag Burned, 2 Killed As Protests Sweep Egypt
The corpse count in anti-government protests in Egypt rose Friday to five after one man was killed in a brawl that erupted between supporters of Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi in Mansura, in the Delta Nile.

And additional reports claimed that a US citizen was the one killed in Alexandria.

The man apparently died from a stab wound to the chest, General Amin Ezzeddin, a senior Alexandria security official said. The account was confirmed by Ibrahim al-Roubi, head of the emergency unit in the Alexandria health department, and two other security officials.

Ezzeddin said that the young American was using a mobile phone camera near an office of Morsi's Moslem Brüderbund when it was being attacked by protesters. He was rushed to a military hospital, where he died.

All over the country pro-Morsi supporters rallied, crying "you won't be able to oust Morsi." They gather in front of the famous mosque in the Nasser neighborhood in Cario waving flags, chanting the president's name and calling on opposition protesters to stay at home Sunday, the day marking a year to Morsi's rise to power and which is expected to see mass protests nationwide.

Nonetheless, Morsi's detractors decided not to wait until Sunday and in Tahrir square thousands rallied against the president, calling for his resignation and early elections. The protesters burned pictures of Morsi and those of the American embassy in Cairo while shouting: "Morsi, June 30 is your last day."

Protesters also gather before the government's main building. Acording to Al Yom Al Masri paper, the protesters even went as far as burring an Israeli flag in response to what they call "Zionist and American involvement in Egyptian affairs."
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10805 views] Top|| File under: Arab Spring

#1  Leads one to ask, what is behind the violence?

Let's count the ways.
1. Political deadlock. Parliamentary elections are not expected to begin before October, due to legal wrangling over a new election law. Reform thus remains on the back burner.

2. Investor flight leads to an ever sagging economy. Would you take the family to see the pyramids this summer? Thought not.

3. Sagging economy means no jobs which leads to cause 3 "dashed expectations of the youth."

4. Vigilantism is tied to Egyptians’ loss of faith in the security forces.
Sure, me and my 14 other coppers will gladly go out there and face 10,000 armed protesters.

Egypt needs serious leadership and the Moslem Brüderbund can't or will not, provide it.
Posted by: Gloluter Fillmore1 || 06/29/2013 16:01 Comments || Top||

#2  It's SO much easier being a disruptive opposition. You don't have to govern or be responsible
Posted by: Frank G || 06/29/2013 16:50 Comments || Top||

#3  Egypt needs serious leadership and the Moslem Brüderbund can't or will not, provide it.

If one wants someone to fail, one first lets that someone succeed.
Posted by: Pappy || 06/29/2013 18:27 Comments || Top||

Africa Subsaharan
Death toll in central Nigeria violence rises to 48: Army
[Al Ahram] The death toll from violence in ethnically divided central Nigeria has risen to at least 48, with dozens of homes also burnt, a military spokesman said Friday.

"We now have a total of 48 dead from the attacks on three villages," Captain Salisu Mustapha, spokesman for a military task force in the region, told AFP of Thursday's violence. He said the dead included 28 residents and 20 assailants killed by soldiers who responded.
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under:

I Killed 23 People in Two Days, Boko Haram Member Confesses
[ALLAFRICA] A member of Boko Haram
... not to be confused with Procol Harum, Harum Scarum, possibly to be confused with Helter Skelter. The Nigerian version of al-Qaeda and the Taliban rolled together and flavored with a smigeon of distinctly Subsaharan ignorance and brutality...
Islamist sect shocked the people of Ngomari Airport Ward 'Bakin Borehole' area in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, when he confessed to have killed 23 people in two days, including a village head and Police officers in the area.

The Boko Haram member, who was nabbed
Keep yer hands where we can see 'em, if yez please!
Tuesday evening, was said to have rented a room in the area about a year ago.

A resident of Ngomari, who pleaded anonymity, told newsmen yesterday in Maiduguri that the sect member was arrested wearing a jeans trouser and vest at a borehole, where he went to fetch water.

According to him, the sect member who was arrested by vigilante youths, called 'Civilian JTF' was a resident of Gwange, a stronghold of the sect.

He said the arrest was made possible when the youths went looking for him and arrested his younger brother, who took them to Ngomari where the suspect had been hiding.

The resident said: "We were shocked when we heard that Civilian JTF came and arrested a sect member in our area. We never imagined we could have somebody like that in our area because we have been living peacefully.

"We were most shocked when the sect member confessed that he killed 23 people in two days. That is horrible and unimaginable but a reality."

He added that while members of the youth group were beating the arrested sect member, they also asked him of one Idris Musa, who they believed was one of the sect members.

...back at the desert island, Bert was realizing to his horror that he'd had only one bottle for one message, and he'd forgotten to include a return address...
over 50 locked away
Yez got nuttin' on me, coppers! Nuttin'!
members of the sect have appealed to Federal Government to give them a second chance as they were ready to assist the government in bringing the crisis to an end.

The sect members made the appeal when the presidential committee on dialogue and peaceful resolution of security challenges in the North visited one of the detention centres in Maiduguri on Tuesday.

One of the detainees, Adam Konto, introduced himself to the chairman of the committee, Kabir Turaki as the Amir (Commander) of the Bayan quarters, one of Boko Haram's stronghold in Maiduguri.

He said he was speaking on behalf of the other detained members of the sect and that they would not take up arms against the government again.

Konto said: "We pledge to assist the authorities if given a second chance as most of us were brainwashed and recruited into the sect and given instructions to carry out dastardly acts without our full understanding of what we were doing."

Another detainee, who identified himself as Babagana Saje, said that he was ready to denounce the sect and that the Police should be commended for keeping them alive.

He said: "The police have been treating us fine. We have been allowed to take our bath and have been well fed."

Chairman of the presidential committee, however, promised the detainees that their cases would be looked into.

He said: "If you are sincere with this information we have gathered, we will bring you into the proposed amnesty agenda."
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under: Boko Haram

75-Year-Old Arrested Over Bomb At UK Mosque
[Ynet] British police have tossed in the clink
... anything you say can and will be used against you, whether you say it or not...
a 75-year-old man on suspicion of causing an kaboom after a homemade bomb went off near a mosque.

West Midlands Police said the man was arrested by counterterrorism officers Thursday at his home in Walsall, near the central England city of Birmingham.
Posted by: trailing wife || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under:

#1  The only men left in Britain are septuagenarians?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 3:46 Comments || Top||

#2  The only men in Britain wear lipstick and have purple hair.
Posted by: Threater Flusoper9823 || 06/29/2013 7:20 Comments || Top||

#3  I've a lot of friends in UK. On personal observation the only men left in Britain aren't British they're either foreigners or EUers.

The technocratic overthrow of GB by way of the anti-diplomatic elitist coup known as the EU is complete.
Posted by: AlanC || 06/29/2013 7:45 Comments || Top||

Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Captured Ingush insurgent commander shows no repentance in court
A trial began seven weeks ago in the North Caucasus Military Court in Rostov-on-Don of the Ingush insurgency commander known as Emir Magas, who had been betrayed to Russian security and detained three years earlier. He faces 24 charges ranging from setting up an armed militant group, illegal arms trafficking, and inciting a rebellion to the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and terrorism.

From the beginning of the hearings, Magas has denied almost all the charges against him, including two suicide car bombings, one in June 2009 in which Republic of Ingushetia leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov was seriously wounded, and a second two months later that killed 25 people at the Nazran central police station and wounded 140 more.
Posted by: ryuge || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under: Islamic Emirate of Caucasus

#1  That's why Russians usually don't bring them to court.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 13:37 Comments || Top||

NGOs close offices at Jalozai camp over threats
[Pak Daily Times] Foreign and local humanitarian aid organizations shut down their offices at the Jalozai IDP camp in Nowshera district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
... formerly NWFP, still Terrorism Central...
on Friday after security agencies alerted them to a potential terrorist attack. According to government officials, the offices were closed on Friday morning due to threats of an attack targeting the aid organizations. Khalid Usman, the in-charge at the Jalozai camp, confirmed that all offices, including those of the United Nation's WFP, United Nations
...a formerly good idea gone bad...
High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), World Health Organisation (WHO), and all local civic and health providing NGOs, were asked to shut down due to threats. Khalid said all offices would remain shut until further notice.
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10796 views] Top|| File under: TTP

Posted by: Threater Flusoper9823 || 06/29/2013 7:13 Comments || Top||

#2  When NGO means "none got out," we'll be getting somewhere...
Posted by: M. Murcek || 06/29/2013 10:26 Comments || Top||

#3  They're getting smarter.
Posted by: Pappy || 06/29/2013 10:47 Comments || Top||

Lyari gangsters kill 3, injure 18
[Pak Daily Times] At least three people including a woman bit the dust, and around 18 were maimed, when dozens of Lyari
...one of the eighteen constituent towns of the city of Karachi. It is the smallest town by area in the city but also the most densely populated. Lyari has few schools, substandard hospitals, a poor water system, limited infrastructure, and broken roads. It is a stronghold of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. Ubiquitous gang activity and a thriving narcotics industry make Lyari one of the most disturbed places in Karachi, which is really saying a lot....
gangsters carried out an armed massacre in streets of Kharadar, here on Friday.

Police said the incident took place in early hours of Friday, when more than four dozen Lyari gangsters on cycle of violences reached at Kharadar and resorted gun sex in first place. Later they opened straight fire at people near a poultry shop at Kharadar Chowck, which resulted in several people sustaining bullet injuries.

Three people including Fatima, wife of Jawaid, Fazal Mola, son of Shareen Khan and Faisal, son of Iman bit the dust at the hand of these gangsters. Around one and a half dozen people got injured who were identified as Amjad, Shabaab, Saleem, Ali, Saleem, Ahmed, Fareed, Imran, Faisal, Tariq and others. The bodies and injured were shifted to Civil Hospital for an appointment with Dr. Quincy and medical treatment respectively.

SHO Kharadar Idrees Bangash said that motive behind the incident was extortion, but sources in police said that Lyari gangsters reached there to abduct a man Aziz Baloch, on failure they resorted to indiscriminate firing.

Following the incident, scores of protesters reached Tower area and placed barricades, torched tiers and rolled their eyes, jumped up and down, and hollered poorly rhymed slogans real loud against Lyari gangsters. Protesters demanded an immediate action against criminal elements.

Protesters said that scores of people have been killed and numbers of others were maimed in each attempt to capture the areas by these gangsters, but law enforcement agencies did not bother to take action against the gangsters. Following the protest heavy contingents of police reached the spot and resorted gun sex to disperse the mob.

Enraged protesters offered resistance and continued protest, they later dispersed after reaching to a settlement with law enforcers. Police has started the paperwork but haven't done much else against Lyari gangsters namely Wasiullah Lakho, Sami, Sheraz Kamraid, Omer Kachi and Saqib Boxer.
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10798 views] Top|| File under:

13 killed in Iraq as bombings continue
[Pak Daily Times] Twin bombings west of Storied Baghdad
...located along the Tigris River, founded in the 8th century, home of the Abbasid Caliphate...
killed nine people -- most of them anti-al Qaeda bully boyz -- while four others were dead in a blast at a funeral in Dujail on Friday, pushing Iraq's nationwide corpse count above 400 for a third month, sparking fears of a revival of sectarian war.

The surge in violence has coincided with months of protests by the Sunni Arab minority and a protracted political deadlock which analysts warn could persist until general elections due next year. The bombings on the outskirts of Ramadi, capital of western Anbar province, are the latest in a spate of attacks which have killed more than 140 people in the past week, including 27 killed on Thursday, mostly in bombings targeting cafes.

The two kabooms went off at around mid-day, the first being a magnetic 'sticky bomb' attached to the car of a member of the Sahwa. As onlookers gathered at the scene another device detonated, a common tactic used by Death Eaters in Iraq to maximise the number of casualties.

Overall, nine people were killed and 21 maimed, according to militia Colonel Jubeir Nayef and Dr Ahmad al-Aani of Ramadi hospital. Most of the victims were Sahwa fighters, they said. The Sahwa are a collection of Sunni tribal militias who turned against al Qaeda and joined forces with the US military from late-2006 onwards, helping to turn the tide of Iraq's bloody insurgency.

They are paid by the government, and officials have pledged to integrate them into the civil service or security forces. But they are often targeted by al Qaeda-linked Death Eaters who regard them as traitors.

Also on Friday, a Sahwa officer was found dead south of Storied Baghdad after being kidnapped a day earlier.

The latest attacks pushed the overall nationwide corpse count for June to above 400, the third successive month the figure has reached that level, according to an AFP tally based on reports from officials.
Posted by: Fred || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under: al-Qaeda in Iraq

#1  Tsk, tsk, tsk, beasts will be beasts.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru || 06/29/2013 3:44 Comments || Top||

#2  Its all so "cultural." has something to do with Moslem Values.

Oh..and Honor...islamic Honor. Moslems are big on that sort of thing.
Posted by: Threater Flusoper9823 || 06/29/2013 7:18 Comments || Top||

Sniper Rifles, Silencers Seized; Terror Attack Averted
[Ynet] Three Paleostinians caught in possession of confiscated weapons in West Bank village: 'A major disaster has been averted'

A Border Guard force tossed in the clink
Drop the gat, Rocky, or you're a dead 'un!
three Paleostinians near the village of Al-Khader in the West Bank on Thursday. The three were carrying sniper rifles, silencers, telescopic sights, magazines and a pocketknife.

They were turned over for questioning to security forces, who say they admitted they were planning a terror attack.

The weapons were discovered during a search in the village after a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a Border Guard vehicle. The forces spotted a car with three men who raised their suspicion and ordered it to stop.

It is being checked whether the suspects had specific targets for the attack.

Security forces in the West Bank are extra vigilant in light of six shooting attacks that have occurred recently. There is specific concern over the use of silencers which could be employed in more elaborate attacks.

"We're always on alert, but it's clear we're concerned in light of the weapons that have been seized and what the Death Eaters might have done," a source said. "It looks like a major disaster has been averted. The combatants should be praised for their work."
Posted by: trailing wife || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10796 views] Top|| File under:

#1  bang, bang, bang, bagity bang.
Posted by: Shipman || 06/29/2013 9:46 Comments || Top||

Southeast Asia
Two terrorists slain as Philippine troops seek kidnapped sisters
Soldiers killed two Islamic extremists and injured five others in the southern Philippines as government forces continued searching for two kidnapped filmmaker sisters.

Abu Sayyaf group members opened fire upon a military helicopter on the southern island of Jolo on Thursday, leading the armed forces to counter-attack, said Marine commander Colonel Jose Cenabre. He said, "The aerial attack was launched immediately on the area which led to the two killed," followed by a ground assault.

He added there had been no sightings of Linda Bansil and her sister, Nadjoua, who were seized in the area of the attack on Saturday while working on a film about Jolo's impoverished coffee farmers.

The abduction shocked local residents, with the Muslim sisters active in human rights activism and having worked on films showing the plight of the Muslim minority in the Philippines.
Posted by: ryuge || 06/29/2013 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [10795 views] Top|| File under: Abu Sayyaf

Syrian Jets Attack Rebel-Held Neighborhoods in Homs, Group Says
Syrian fighter jets and ground forces attacked rebel-held neighborhoods in the city of Homs as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad pressed their offensive across the country.

The Syrian army brought in reinforcements during the past week as it tries to seize areas in the city under rebel control, the Coventry, U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on its Facebook page today. The Khaldiya, Qusoor and Jourat al-Shayyah neighborhoods were under “violent regime bombardment,” the group said.

Assad, supported by the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, dealt the opposition a series of strategic blows this month. His troops this week captured Tal Kalakh, a town west of Homs, cutting off another arms transfer route for the opposition. Rebel forces retreated after more than four days of fighting. Hezbollah, which the U.S. and Israel classify as a terrorist group, is backed by Iran.

Tal Kalakh is near to the Lebanese border and the Homs-Tartous highway. Earlier this month rebel forces lost al-Qusair, a city about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Homs, cutting their supplies from Lebanon. After al-Qusair’s fall, Assad’s troops, backed by Hezbollah militiamen, headed north to the nation’s commercial capital of Aleppo and to Damascus.

Syrian government forces “continued pursuing armed terrorist groups” in the Khaldiya neighborhood in Homs “to restore security and stability to the neighborhood.” the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported today, citing an unidentified official. The Syrian army also destroyed weapons and killed and injured rebels in towns and villages in the Damascus southern countryside, the news service said.
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Rebels seize Deraa army post in battle for cradle of Syria revolt
[Pak Daily Times] Syrian rebels said they had overrun a major military checkpoint in Deraa on Friday and hoped it would allow them to capture the southern city, the cradle of their 27-month-old uprising.

Activists uploaded video showing fighters blowing up two high-rise buildings that had flanked the army post, flattening the entire area in a cloud of dust.

The Syrian conflict began in Deraa as a peaceful protest movement against Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Despoiler of Deraa...
's rule, but has spread across the country and degenerated into civil war.

Rami Abdulrahman, the head of British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the fall of the army post was strategically significant for Deraa, where protesters first marched against four decades of Assad family rule from the city's Omari mosque in March 2011.

"Now the army is under threat there. The rebels haven't liberated all of the old city. There are still two neighbourhoods with soldiers, but this could change the balance of power there," Abdulrahman told Rooters.

Local opposition activists were more upbeat, saying rebels had destroyed nearly all the military's 48 posts in the city and had forced soldiers to retreat.

"This means Deraa's old city is liberated. It is a big deal for all Syrians: the heart of the revolution has been sprung," said an activist called Ammar, speaking by phone.

The Omari mosque, which served as a gathering point and makeshift clinic when protests began, was also recaptured but has been nearly destroyed by tank and artillery fire, he said. Security forces had staged a bloody assault on the mosque from March 23-25, 2011, killing at least 31 people there. The capture of the Binayat post was one of the first major rebel victories in months in the south, where Assad's forces have been on the offensive, as they have in Damascus and Homs province.
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#1  This means Deraa's old city is liberated.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means.
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Lebanese army fires shots to break up Sidon protests
[Al Ahram] Lebanese soldiers opened fire to break up a protest outside a mosque in the southern port of Sidon on Friday, days after the army fought Sunni Islamist gunnies there and seized control of the area.

The fighting earlier this week was the deadliest outbreak of violence in Leb to be fuelled by the two-year conflict in neighbouring Syria. Some 18 soldiers were killed and dozens of supporters of firebrand
...firebrands are noted more for audio volume and the quantity of spittle generated than for any actual logic in their arguments...
holy man Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir also died.

On Friday a witness at Sidon's charred and bullet-scarred Bilal bin Rabah mosque said he saw the army fire shots as a crowd of pro-Assir protesters marched towards it after finishing Friday prayers at another place of worship in the city.

The army said soldiers had had gun sex and not at the protesters.

Assir, now on the run, was a staunch supporter of Syria's Sunni-led uprising and accused the army of backing the interests of the Shi'ite Musselmen group Hezbollah, which has openly entered the fighting in Syria on behalf of Assad.
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#1  HRW in 5..4..3
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Kurd militia kills 3 protesters in Syria town: Activists
[Al Ahram] A Kurdish militia allied with Turkey's rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) imposed a curfew on the Syrian border town of Amuda on Friday after its forces shot three protesters dead, activists said.

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which has controlled large swathes of Hasakeh province in northeastern Syria since government troops withdrew from Kurdish-majority areas last year, said one of its fighters was killed in an ambush by a rival gang.

Dozens of demonstrators were also injured when PYD fighters opened fire on Thursday on a protest against the militia's detention last week of a group of activists opposed to its grip on the town, the Britannia-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"At about 7:00 pm (1600 GMT) on Thursday, hundreds of residents of Amuda... gathered in the streets to demand the release" of three detainees from the PYD's prisons, said citizen journalist Havidar.

As protesters chanted anti-PYD slogans, "the Asaish (the PYD's security police) opened fire... on the protesters," Havidar said.

Amateur video distributed by activists showed fighters on a white pick-up truck firing live rounds, as cries were heard from the crowd.

The PYD said that its fighters had been ambushed by a rival gang in Amuda, which lies on the border with Turkey.

"A PYD fighter has been killed at the hands of mercenaries from Amuda... Two others have been injured," the party said in a statement.

But independent Kurdish journalist and activist Massoud Akko said he did not believe anyone in the protest was armed.

"The protest was peaceful... There is no excuse for the use of weapons there," Akko told AFP via the Internet.

Amuda-based activist Neeshan Malle said that the PYD, the largest of the gangs operating in Kurdish areas, had imposed a curfew on the town.

"No one is allowed on the streets, and there are snipers everywhere. All the shops are closed," Malle told AFP via the Internet.
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