WoT: The Continuing Story

The Way We Were2001-09-10
Terror strikes on US 2001-09-11
     Bush addresses nation 2001-09-12
     Osama bin Laden is prime suspect 2001-09-13
     Death toll surpasses Pearl Harbor 2001-09-14
     Masood is dead 2001-09-15
     Paks will ask Talibs to hand over Binny 2001-09-16
     Paks fail to persuade Mullah Omar 2001-09-17
     Iran will not oppose targeted strikes 2001-09-18
Euros urge US to limit campaign 2001-09-19
     Bush to address Congress 2001-09-20
     Two Central Asian states will allow US aircraft 2001-09-21
     B52s rolled out, more reserves called up 2001-09-22
     US continues transferring planes to Gulf 2001-09-23
     Fighting escalates in northern Afghanistan 2001-09-24
     Northern Alliance says it has assurance of support 2001-09-25
     400 Taliban militia defect to Northern Alliance 2001-09-26
     Pakistani delegation leaves for Afghanistan on Friday 2001-09-27
     Talibs request Binny to leave... 2001-09-28
Demonstrators Converge in D.C. for Anti-War Protests 2001-09-29
     Pakistan will allow U.S. ground troops 2001-09-30
     Osama is under protection of Taliban: Mullah Zaeef 2001-10-01
     Blair: Surrender Binny or surrender power 2001-10-02
     Mullah Omar calls for Holy War 2001-10-03
     Mullah Omar: 'Americans don't have the courage to come here' 2001-10-04
     Blair in Pakistan 2001-10-05
     Riyadh explosion kills two foreigners 2001-10-06
Talibs holler 'terrorism' as bombing begins 2001-10-07
     Two killed, four injured in Kandahar airport attacks 2001-10-08
     Hundreds of would-be jihadis show up at border 2001-10-09
     Northern Alliance agrees to delay offensive 2001-10-10
     Rudy to Saudi prince: Keep your damn check 2001-10-11
     Ismail Khan captures Chaghcharan 2001-10-12
     Kabul, Kandahar, Herat hit 2001-10-13
     4000 Talibs defect to Northern Alliance at Sar-e-Pol 2001-10-14
Daschle gets anthrax letter 2001-10-15
     Anthrax panic... 2001-10-16
     700 more Talibs jump ship 2001-10-17
     US strikes enter 12th day, focus to shift to ground 2001-10-18
     NY Post employee with skin anthrax 2001-10-19
     Rangers raid Kandahar 2001-10-20
     Kandahar raid struck leadership compound 2001-10-21
     Northern Alliance Prepares for a Ground Battle 2001-10-22
     Hoon says all nine active al-Qaeda camps destroyed 2001-10-23
     Anthrax message published 2001-10-24
     15 of 19 hijackers were Saudis 2001-10-25
     Binny sez he has nukes 2001-10-26
     Abdul Haq captured and killed 2001-10-27
Talibs reported to have killed Hamid Karzai 2001-10-28
     Paks head off to join the jihad 2001-10-29
     Talibs plan stubborn resistance at Mazar-e-Sharif 2001-10-30
     Buffs whack Talibs at Mazar 2001-10-31
     Alliance says they're ready to go 2001-11-01
     Pashtun uprising against Talibs in south led by Karzai 2001-11-02
     Anthrax in NY sorting machine, Kansas City stamp store 2001-11-03
     1200 more Pak reinforcements join Taliban 2001-11-04
     US whacks Kabul Talihotel 2001-11-05
     Taliban positions daisy cut 2001-11-06
     Hekmatyar wants to join Talibs against USA 2001-11-07
Hamid Karzai still alive 2001-11-08
     Northern Alliance takes Mazar-e-Sharif 2001-11-09
     Northern Alliance takes northern Samangan province 2001-11-10
     Talibs surrounded in Konduz 2001-11-11
     Talibs leaving Kabul 2001-11-12
     Jalalabad falls 2001-11-13
     Pashtun force enters southern Afghanistan from Quetta 2001-11-14
     Konduz deciding whether to surrender 2001-11-15
     Konduz talks collapse 2001-11-16
Rabbani arrives in Kabul 2001-11-17
     Talibs ask for UN intervention at Konduz 2001-11-18
     Paks no longer recognize Taliban government 2001-11-19
     MNLF abandons peace agreement 2001-11-20
     Taliban has until Thursday to surrender Konduz 2001-11-21
     Konduz commander sez he's ready to surrender 2001-11-22
     Binny's moved to Tora Bora 2001-11-23
     Malays nab Nur Misuari 2001-11-24
     Konduz has fallen 2001-11-25
     Delegation goes to Kandahar to chat with Mullah Omar 2001-11-26
Prison revolt over. Bad Guys dead. 2001-11-27
     Mullah Omar sez for Talibs not to yield 2001-11-28
     CIA confirms one of its own dead 2001-11-29
     Gul Agha takes Jugnari district, east of Kandahar 2001-11-30
     American among Qali-i-Jhangi survivors 2001-12-01
     Gul Agha battles for airport 2001-12-02
     Afghans agree on power-sharing deal at Bonn 2001-12-03
     1500 fighters prepare to attack Tora Bora 2001-12-04
     Karzai forces advance on Kandahar from the north 2001-12-05
Mullah Omar agrees to surrender Kandahar 2001-12-06
     One-eyed Mullah beat it 2001-12-07
     One-eyed Mullah's family in Pakland 2001-12-08
     One-eyed Mullah took to the hills 2001-12-09
     Marines secure embassy in Kabul 2001-12-10
     Geraldo sez Tora Bora cave complex penetrated 2001-12-11
     Rabbani will step down 2001-12-12
     Israel confines Yasser to Ramallah 2001-12-13
     Bombers, AC-130s hit Tora Bora 2001-12-14
     Indo cops nab 14 2001-12-15
Last al-Qaeda position falls at Tora Bora 2001-12-16
     Rafsanjani sez if Islam gets the bomb, Israel's a goner 2001-12-17
     Binny's skipped 2001-12-18
     Al-Qaeda prisoners revolt in Pakland, 12 dead 2001-12-19
     Mazar explosion injures 50 2001-12-20
     India recalls ambassador to Pakland 2001-12-21
     Karzai inaugurated, still not dead 2001-12-22
Passengers overcame Shoe Bomber 2001-12-23
     Pak freezes Lashkar assets 2001-12-24
     Shoe Boy's a radical Muslim. Wotta surprise. 2001-12-25
     Binny dead at Tora Bora? 2001-12-26
     Guantanamo to be al-Qaeda's new home 2001-12-27
     No bail for Shoe Boy 2001-12-28
     MILF slaughters 10 in Philippines 2001-12-29
     Singapore stops an attack on US aircraft carrier 2001-12-30
     Binny's probably still alive 2001-12-31
     Lashkar heroes bump off a baby in Poonch 2002-01-01
     Lashkar says it'll blow the Taj Mahal 2002-01-02
     Saudis funding Hamas bomb-makers 2002-01-03
Paleos caught with pants down in Karine A arms shipment 2002-01-04
     Singapore rounds up its own al-Qaeda... 2002-01-05
     Pak families trying to ransom their jihadis 2002-01-06
     Binnie's wife picked up in Yemen 2002-01-07
     Kandahar hospital stand-off: And then there were six 2002-01-08
     Ceasefire has ceased: Hamas gunnies hit Israeli army post 2002-01-09
     US blocks phony Islamic "charities" 2002-01-10
     Singapore springs two sympathizers, keeps 13 live ones 2002-01-11
We are ready for war: Indian general 2002-01-12
     Musharraf bans key militant groups 2002-01-13
     Over 500 arrested in Punjab 2002-01-14
     Pak gunnies to go underground 2002-01-15
     PLO arrests head of PFLP... 2002-01-16
     Five al-Qaeda caught wearing women's clothes in Pakistan 2002-01-17
     Bosnia turns over six Algerian gunnies to U.S. 2002-01-18
     Malaysian cops nab seven more al-Qaeda gunnies 2002-01-19
     Sri Lanka and Tamil Tigers to begin peace talks 2002-01-20
     Israel takes over Tulkarem 2002-01-21
     Harkat Jihadis shoot up American Center in Calcutta 2002-01-22
     Palestinians threaten all-out war 2002-01-23
     Gul Agha backs down from plan to invade Herat 2002-01-24
     Palestinian detonates in shopping mall 2002-01-25
     French cops sieze ETA dynamite cache 2002-01-26
     Zinni calls Arafat "an unreformed liar" 2002-01-27
5 questioned in Pearl kidnaping 2002-01-28
     Kandahar hospital detainee is a Brit 2002-01-29
     Kidnapers threaten to kill Pearl 2002-01-30
     Warlords fight it out at Gardez 2002-01-31
     Kidnapers say they've killed Pearl 2002-02-01
     Pearl kidnaping: new e-mail, new clues 2002-02-02
     7 Lashkar among 12 deaders in Kashmir 2002-02-03
     Pak cops stalled on search for Pearl 2002-02-04
     Frenchies arrest three snuffies in connection with plot to bomb cathedral 2002-02-05
     No bail for Johnny Jihad 2002-02-06
     US will apply Geneva Convention to Taliban, not to al-Qaeda 2002-02-07
     Hambali wanted to blow 12 US airliners over the Pacific 2002-02-08
Algerian cops bump off head of GIA 2002-02-09
     Pearl Case: Two more arrests 2002-02-10
     Malaysia worried about triumvirate of bloodthirsty holy men 2002-02-11
     Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh clinked, Pearl reported alive 2002-02-12
     Omar Sheikh: "I confess! I dunnit!" 2002-02-13
     Pearl Case: Omar Sheikh says he is dead 2002-02-14
     Bahrain becomes constitutional monarchy 2002-02-15
     Hamas Big Boomed 2002-02-16
     106 dead in Maoist attacks in Nepal, 100 gunnies killed 2002-02-17
     Saudis would recognize Israel in return for withdrawal 2002-02-18
     Hekmatyar free to leave Iran: Kharazi 2002-02-19
     16 die in Mideast violence 2002-02-20
Daniel Pearl confirmed dead 2002-02-21
     Israelis thump Paleos, kill 9 more 2002-02-22
     Italians hand out lite sentences to four al-Qaeda gunnies 2002-02-23
     Afghan army to begin training 2002-02-24
     Russers say al-Qaeda setting up shop in Georgia 2002-02-25
     Gunmen shoot up Shiite mosque in Rawalpindi 2002-02-26
57 killed in Gujarat violence 2002-02-27
     Hindu mob torches Muslims in response to Muslims torching Hindus... 2002-02-28
     Over 200 dead in senseless rioting in Gujarat 2002-03-01
     13 killed in Jammu & Kashmir 2002-03-02
     Israelis continue ripping into gunny camps 2002-03-03
     Possible boomer nabbed at LAX 2002-03-04
     Fatah directing terror campaign 2002-03-05
     32 dead in Kashmir 2002-03-06
     Boomer splatters himself all over supermarket 2002-03-07
     Israelis have 300 snuffies surrounded at Tulkarm 2002-03-08
Reinforcements arriving at Shah-i-Kot 2002-03-09
     Israel blows away Yasser's Gaza HQ 2002-03-10
     Six months of war 2002-03-11
     Ready for the final(?) push at Shah-i-Kot 2002-03-12
     Jamaat-i-Islami sez No, No, a Thousand Times No to secular state 2002-03-13
     Zinni's back in the Middle East 2002-03-14
     Explosion near U.S. embassy in Yemen 2002-03-15
     Paks have released 809 religious fanatics 2002-03-16
     Another church attack in Pakistan 2002-03-17
     Afghanistan: 16 Bad Guys find Paradise, 31 jugged 2002-03-18
     Paks spring terror Bigs 2002-03-19
     Bus boomer kills 8 2002-03-20
     Jihadis reject Kashmir elections 2002-03-21
Three days, three boomers 2002-03-22
     Feds raid Islamists around Washington 2002-03-23
     Zinni Welcome Committee continues festivities 2002-03-24
     Jihadi intimidation campaign against Kashmir assembly elections 2002-03-25
     US dumping Saudi airbase? 2002-03-26
     Fernandes doesn't rule out war with Pakistan 2002-03-27
     Paks arrest 30 gunnies after shootout 2002-03-28
     Israelis storm Yasser's compound 2002-03-29
Paks arrest Abu Zubaydah 2002-03-30
     Sharon declares war on terrorism 2002-03-31
     Yasser's counterfeiting operation busted 2002-04-01
     Gunmen invade Church of the Nativity 2002-04-02
     Boomer blows at checkpoint - 7 in 7 days 2002-04-03
     Hundreds of Hekmatyar thugs rounded up 2002-04-04
     Observers, peacekeepers roughed up by Hezbollah 2002-04-05
     Al Aqsa leader suffers from premature boom syndrome 2002-04-06
     Perv waves nukes at India 2002-04-07
     Boom attempt on Afghan Minister of Defense 2002-04-08
     Another boomer, this one 10 years old 2002-04-09
     Bus boomer near Haifa kills eight 2002-04-10
Six dead in blast near Tunisian synagogue 2002-04-11
     Chavez out in Venezuela 2002-04-12
     Pak fundos warn of secular state 2002-04-13
     Chavez back in power 2002-04-14
     Pak may re-arrest Lashkar founder 2002-04-15
     Officials killed minister: Karzai 2002-04-16
     Gujarat MPs cut themselves in for a little relief 2002-04-17
     9-11 Strike on Milano? 2002-04-18
     Three dead in Khost rocket attack 2002-04-19
     Sufi Mohammad jugged for seven big ones! 2002-04-20
     Qazi jugged 2002-04-21
     Kofi appoints fact-finding team for Jenin 2002-04-22
     Israel sez forget the UN mission, Kofi 2002-04-23
     Explosions in Yasser's compound 2002-04-24
Two monks, nine kids, two deaders leave Church of the Nativity 2002-04-25
     G'bye, INS. You're toast. 2002-04-26
     Palestinians fortifying, booby-trapping Gaza 2002-04-27
     Alexander Lebed, RIP 2002-04-28
Khattab decomposing 2002-04-29
     Head of Islamocharity arrested 2002-04-30
Perv's in like Flynn for five more years 2002-05-01
     Twenty wounded in Karachi booms 2002-05-02
     Powell announces international conference on Palestine 2002-05-03
     Chechen kebab artist frees hostages, surrenders 2002-05-04
     IDF blockades Tulkarm camp... 2002-05-05
     Fortuyn assassinated in Netherlands 2002-05-06
     Boomer hits Tel Aviv pool hall... 2002-05-07
Karachi bus bomb kills 11 Frenchies, three Paks 2002-05-08
     CIA tries to bump off Hekmatyar 2002-05-09
     Siege of Bethlehem church ends after 38 days 2002-05-10
     Frenchies say Karachi bombing was directed at them 2002-05-11
     Yasser prepared to accept Jewish state. Really. 2002-05-12
     Yasser calls for 'millions of martyrs' 2002-05-13
Riaz Basra, dead again 2002-05-14
     Yasser promises elections 2002-05-15
     Pakistan steps up al-Qaeda search 2002-05-16
     Israeli army occupies Jenin again 2002-05-17
     Hafiz Saeed jugged. Again. 2002-05-18
     Jammu attack aimed at triggering Indo-Pak conflict: JKNAC 2002-05-19
     India, Pakistan Trade Heavy Fire as Tensions Mount 2002-05-20
Abdul Ghani Lone assassinated 2002-05-21
     Paks warn India against cross-border action... 2002-05-22
     New Orleans: Loon shoots up airport 'cuz somebody made fun of his turban 2002-05-23
     Sami bitches about Hafiz Saeed arrest... 2002-05-24
     'Journalist' nabbed with boom belt 2002-05-25
     Iran confirms it tested ballistic missile 2002-05-26
     'Death to Jews' sign in Moscow was booby trapped... 2002-05-27
     Indian Defense Minister Says Options Narrowing 2002-05-28
     India tells Pak to knock it off... 2002-05-29
     Indonesian V-P meets cleric probed for terror links 2002-05-30
India set to launch 'small war' 2002-05-31
     Jaish threatens to blow Ayodhya temple... 2002-06-01
     Jaish, Lashkar hold meet, discuss strategy 2002-06-02
     Manzoor Ahmed Ganai is no longer with us. Hurrah! 2002-06-03
     One-eyed Mullah sighted in Helmand... 2002-06-04
     Suicide Bomber Kills 16 Passengers on Bus 2002-06-05
     Israeli troops destroy 3 buildings at Arafat's headquarters 2002-06-06
     Two hostages die, another rescued in Philippines 2002-06-07
     Qazi warns govt against any change in Kashmir policy 2002-06-08
     Palestinians reorganize cabinet 2002-06-09
Feds snag al-Qaeda 'dirty' bomber 2002-06-10
     Boom boy fumbles the bag, and up he goes... 2002-06-11
     Karzai set to become head of state 2002-06-12
     Sudan Suspect Fired Missile at U.S. Warplane 2002-06-13
     Karzai elected as Afghan leader 2002-06-14
     Egyptian arrests founder of Gama'a al-Islamiya 2002-06-15
Israel to start building fence 2002-06-16
     Morocco places limits on preachers Friday sermons 2002-06-17
     Soddies detain al-Qaeda thugs 2002-06-18
     Riyadh frees 160 returnees from Afghanistan 2002-06-19
Abu Sabaya - doorknob dead! 2002-06-20
     Al Qaeda find Iraqi escape 2002-06-21
     N. Carolina Hezbollah brothers convicted 2002-06-22
     Israeli army calls up reservists 2002-06-23
     Commander Robot sez he wants to surrender 2002-06-24
     Qusay escapes assassination 2002-06-25
     10 Paks killed in shootout with Chechens in S. Waziristan 2002-06-26
Total of 15 Saudi-controlled terrorists nabbed in Morocco so far... 2002-06-27
     10 Dead at Afghan Ammunition Depot 2002-06-28
     North, South Korea ships exchange fire 2002-06-29
     27 gunnies nabbed in two PA ambos 2002-06-30
     Yasser offers to meet Bush 2002-07-01
Paks nab Akram Lahori 2002-07-02
     A dozen more Sipah thugs nabbed in Rawalpindi 2002-07-03
     Closed. Happy 4th of July 2002-07-04
     Taiwan intercepts North Korean drugs ship 2002-07-05
     Haji Qadir assassinated 2002-07-06
     11 Al Qaida suspects arrested with illegal arms 2002-07-07
     Abu Qatada in protective custody? 2002-07-08
Philippines nabs al-Ghozi 2002-07-09
     More threats from bin Laden mouthpieces... 2002-07-10
     Israel will prosecute Marwan 2002-07-11
     Yasser? Step down? Never! 2002-07-12
     Muhajiroun leader 'unable to condemn September 11 attack' 2002-07-13
     Chirac survives assassination attempt 2002-07-14
     Pearl killers: Guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty! 2002-07-15
Powell sez to 'kick Yasser upstairs' 2002-07-16
     Boomers kills six in Tel Aviv explosions... 2002-07-17
Greeks bust November 17th gang... 2002-07-18
     Brit Muslim iced in Chechnya. Hurrah! 2002-07-19
     Car explodes in Jaffa, driver dead, I'm glad 2002-07-20
     13 die as Afghan tour bus hits land mine 2002-07-21
     IDF strikes at founder of Qassam Brigades... 2002-07-22
Two days, two dead Soddy princes... 2002-07-23
     Hamas Threatens All Out War 2002-07-24
     Colombian plot to crash plane into buildings foiled 2002-07-25
     Greeks nab another November 17th crazed killer... 2002-07-26
     Indonesia Bomb Blast Injures 53 2002-07-27
     Four Beheaded in Kalimantan 2002-07-28
     Indonesia's VP Calls For Islamic Law 2002-07-29
     Another Soddy prince goes toes up... 2002-07-30
     Israel sez Shehadeh's successor's been named... 2002-07-31
     Hamas leader's wife to 'shahid' recruiter: not my kid! 2002-08-01
     Yasser squeals like a pig... 2002-08-02
Angola's UNITA rebels lay down arms 2002-08-03
     Train boomed in Thailand... 2002-08-04
     Islamist shoot each other up at Ain el-Hilweh... 2002-08-05
     40 GAI snuffies snuffed in Algeria... 2002-08-06
     Soddies say we can't use their territory to attack Iraq... 2002-08-07
     Fatah discuss peace plan rejection 2002-08-08
     Four killed in latest church attack... 2002-08-09
     Jordan recalls ambassador to Qatar over al-Jazeera episode... 2002-08-10
     Hamas vows to hit Israeli leadership 2002-08-11
     Iraq sez weapons inspections are done... 2002-08-12
     Fatah militant killed, 6 wounded in Lebanon camp shootout 2002-08-13
     Marwan in court... 2002-08-14
     Israel would respond to Iraqi attack 2002-08-15
     4 dead, 50 injured in argument over mosque in Bangladesh 2002-08-16
     German coppers raid Arab charity group 2002-08-17
     Festivities resume in Ain el-Hilweh... 2002-08-18
Abu Nidal titzup 2002-08-19
     IDF withdraws from Bethlehem... 2002-08-20
     Italians arrest four in plot to blow basilica... 2002-08-21
     Abu Sayyaf beheads two Jehovah's Witnesses... 2002-08-22
     Paleogunnies iced trying to swarm Gaza town 2002-08-23
     Uday sez Jund al-Islam is an Iranian creation... 2002-08-24
     Georgia sends troops into Pankisi Gorge... 2002-08-25
     Syria, Soddies warn against war with Iraq... 2002-08-26
     Israel arrests PFLP chiefs 2002-08-27
     'Big Aslanbek' is a deader... 2002-08-28
     Secret Army claims responsibility for attacks... 2002-08-29
     Paks nab 12 Harkat gunnies in Peshawar... 2002-08-30
     ''Vote fundo, 'cuz we're not secular...'' 2002-08-31
     Sudan frees two Islamist leaders... 2002-09-01
     Four accused of plotting against U.S. targets in Europe 2002-09-02
     Abu Nidal safe under ground 2002-09-03
Mullah Omar, Hekmatyar make kissy face... Rasool Sayyaf invited to join... 2002-09-04
     16-year-old Canuck held as Qaeda killer 2002-09-05
     100 allied aircraft bomb the crap out of Iraqi air defenses... 2002-09-06
     Wave Of Arrests After Karzai Attack 2002-09-07
     Ritter sez Iraq's not a threat... 2002-09-08
     Five arrested in second plot to kill Perv... 2002-09-09
     PFLP effectively wiped out in West Bank 2002-09-10
     25 Bad Boyz hiding in Arafat's compound 2002-09-11
     Bush Pitches Iraq War To UN Today 2002-09-12
Ramzi bin al-Shibh in custody? 2002-09-13
     It's Ramzi 2002-09-14
     Another princeling bites the dust 2002-09-15
     Rantissi: Gaza is the Zionists' graveyard 2002-09-16
     North Korea admits stealing Japanese children 2002-09-17
     US Consulate bomb suspect arrested 2002-09-18
     Bus bastard booms five, wounds 40 in Tel Aviv 2002-09-19
     IDF wrecks Yasser's compound... 2002-09-20
     Yasser's house to go ''boom''? 2002-09-21
     Iraq: Inspectors can't look in Sammy's houses... 2002-09-22
     Bomb explodes near McDonald's in Lebanon 2002-09-23
     Blair Releases "Proof" For War On Iraq 2002-09-24
     Commandos kill gunmen in Hindu temple after 30 die in raid 2002-09-25
     Explosives found on Morocco jet 2002-09-26
     Deif still kicking... 2002-09-27
     Another attempt to assassinate Karzai foiled 2002-09-28
     IDF pulls back from Yasser's house 2002-09-29
     Indonesia says US allows it to question al-Qaeda suspect 2002-09-30
Ramzi sings... 2002-10-01
     Shootout at the O.K. Serai leaves a dozen deaders... 2002-10-02
     Khost breathes a little easier with no Zadran... 2002-10-03
     Johnny Jihad gets 20 in the slammer 2002-10-04
     Confirmed: DC Shooting Linked to Several of Md. Incidents 2002-10-05
Yemenis blow Frenchie tanker? 2002-10-06
     Frenchies warn against toppling Sammy... 2002-10-07
     Prince Turki: Osama Will Ace The World 2002-10-08
     Chief Moose goes ballistic over sniper leak 2002-10-09
     Police probe sniper link in fatal Virginia shooting 2002-10-10
     Senate sez ''Yes''... 2002-10-11
     No postings today... 2002-10-12
Panic grips Philippines following Bali attacks 2002-10-13
     Sharon suggests Paleos dump Yasser... 2002-10-14
     Laskar Jihad to disband... 2002-10-15
     Indonesia Plans Emergency Anti-Terrorism Measures 2002-10-16
     KL detains five JI men - one with Osama link 2002-10-17
     Helpful Paks aided NKors with their nukes... 2002-10-18
     Another Beltway shooting 2002-10-19
     Al Qaida funded by only 12 individuals, most Saudis 2002-10-20
     N. Israel Bus Explosion Kills 6 2002-10-21
     Shooter Boy sez he'll kill kiddies... 2002-10-22
Men Take Moscow Audience Hostage 2002-10-23
     Two women escape from theater... 2002-10-24
     Moscow hostages freed 2002-10-25
     Algeria snuffies kill 21 family members 2002-10-26
     Muammar rejects Arab League advances... 2002-10-27
     American diplo assassinated in Jordan... 2002-10-28
     Yasser has a new cabinet... 2002-10-29
     Indon coppers release drawings of Bali suspects... 2002-10-30
     North Korea Claims Right to Nuclear Weapons 2002-10-31
     Qazi to lead MMA parliamentary party... 2002-11-01
     Basayev Claims Responsibility For Moscow Theatre Seige 2002-11-02
     Binny's kid detained in Iran? 2002-11-03
Six Qaeda boomed in Yemen... 2002-11-04
     Today's election day... 2002-11-05
     Paleoboomer nabbed near Ben-Gurion Airport... 2002-11-06
     Al-Harethi: The Obituary 2002-11-07
     Bahraini Royal Being Held in Cuba Camp 2002-11-08
     Iraq has seven days to respond... 2002-11-09
     Tunisia blast order came from Karachi 2002-11-10
     Bashir to be deported if stripped of Indonesian nationality 2002-11-11
     Army Helicopters Bombard Jordanian Town 2002-11-12
     Iraq War Could Kill 500,000 People 2002-11-13
Al Faruq linked to Amrozi 2002-11-14
     Terror Suspect Arrested in North Carolina 2002-11-15
     IDF reoccupies Hebron 2002-11-16
     Main Planner of Bali Bombings Identified 2002-11-17
     Hamas claims Hebron attack 2002-11-18
     Mega urges moderate Muslims to join war on terrorism 2002-11-19
     U.S. Asks Syria To Close Down Islamic Jihad 2002-11-20
     11 Israelis killed in bus boom 2002-11-21
     3 Russian Servicemen Beheaded 2002-11-22
     Three Boomers Captured In Bethlehem 2002-11-23
     Nigeria riot toll at 215... 2002-11-24
     Police to quiz Bali mastermind, others bagged 2002-11-25
     Saudi clerics told to stop anti-U.S. sermons 2002-11-26
Air Raid Sirens Sound Off Over Baghdad 2002-11-27
     Bali blasts probe widening, Pastika says 2002-11-28
     Bomb unit found in Kashmir girls school 2002-11-29
     Indonesia threatens major offensive in Aceh 2002-11-30
     Sammy training werewolves with Jund al-Islam? 2002-12-01
     Saudi Arabia says it has quit helping families of bombers 2002-12-02
     Turkey offers bases for Iraq raids 2002-12-03
Ansar al-Islam Battles Kurds in Iraq 2002-12-04
     Prince Nayef: Jews Behind 9/11 Attacks 2002-12-05
     Massachusetts company with FBI links raided in terror probe 2002-12-06
     Sammy 'apologizes' to Kuwait... 2002-12-07
     Mosque boomed in Bekaa Valley... 2002-12-08
     27 Taliban, Hezb-i-Islami Members in Custody 2002-12-09
     Scud-Type Missiles Found Aboard Ship in Arabian Sea 2002-12-10
     Iraq urges Gulf states to attack US servicemen 2002-12-11
     North Korea to reactivate nuclear program 2002-12-12
     Ivorian Rebels Demand France Withdraw, Threaten War 2002-12-13
Jordan arrests two for Foley killing 2002-12-14
     Paks nab Karachi boomers... 2002-12-15
     Parcel bombs target Spanish airline 2002-12-16
     Zakayev a man of peace: Redgrave 2002-12-17
     Four Arrested in Texas Anti-Terror Probe 2002-12-18
     9 Suspected al-Qaida Arrested in Pakistan 2002-12-19
     German Terrorist's Brain Buried 2002-12-20
     Pakistan Bus Bomb Kills Two, Injures 18 2002-12-21
     Paleos postpone elections... 2002-12-22
N Korea threatens to destroy world 2002-12-23
     Israeli Intelligence Arrests Hizbullah Agent In Gaza 2002-12-24
     Seven Algerian thugs nabbed in Edinburgh... 2002-12-25
     Hekmatyar joins al Qaida, Taliban 2002-12-26
     N Korea to expel UN nuclear inspectors 2002-12-27
Yemeni pol iced by Islamist pol... 2002-12-28
     Arab Leaders May Offer Saddam Exile 2002-12-29
     Three US Doctors Shot Dead In Yemen 2002-12-30
     3rd ID gets orders for Gulf... 2002-12-31
     Blix Accepts Iraq's Invitation To Visit Baghdad 2003-01-01
     Egypt Arrests 14 Suspected Islamist Activists 2003-01-02
     Maskhadov: martyrs will be used until Russia withdraws 2003-01-03
     Bush says Iraq must be liberated 2003-01-04
     Double boomer attack in Tel Aviv 2003-01-05
     Kuwait tries four for links to al-Qaeda 2003-01-06
UK: Terror Suspects Arrested In Connection With Ricin Poison 2003-01-07
     Three more sought in ricin hunt 2003-01-08
     Australia Cancels SAS Leave 2003-01-09
     Rantissi wants to send boomer corps to help Sammy... 2003-01-10
     Seven wounded in Saudi mosque shooting 2003-01-11
     One dead in Israeli missile attack on car in Gaza 2003-01-12
     Ivorian rebels sign ceasefire 2003-01-13
     U.S. Sending Huge Armadas to Persian Gulf 2003-01-14
     Germany bans Hizb-ut-Tahrir 2003-01-15
     Ricin Plotters Linked to al-Qaida Network 2003-01-16
     10,000 Palestinians take to streets of Gaza in support of Saddam 2003-01-17
     Protestors flood Arab, Islamic Capitals, Slam U.S. War Plans 2003-01-18
Finsbury mosque raided -- finally! 2003-01-19
     Iran to be named in 1994 Argentinian Bombing 2003-01-20
     Ambush Kills American, Wounds Another in Kuwait 2003-01-21
     Human Shields to Head for Iraq 2003-01-22
     IDF arrests Palestinian gunman disguised as woman 2003-01-23
     Japan urges citizens to evacuate Iraq 2003-01-24
     Shots fired at convoy in Kuwait... 2003-01-25
     Poison warfare suits found in mosque raid 2003-01-26
     Blix Speax! 2003-01-27
     Eighteen hurt in Philippines blast 2003-01-28
     Americans already in northern Iraq 2003-01-29
Abu Hamza faces deportation 2003-01-30
     U.S. advises its citizens to leave Saudi Arabia, Kuwait 2003-01-31
     Shuttle Columbia breaks up over Texas 2003-02-01
     Still working on that Saddam exile plan... 2003-02-02
     Sammy issues blood-curdling threats... 2003-02-03
     Big Parade in Mosul; US urges citizens to leave Gulf 2003-02-04
     Powell speaks... 2003-02-05
     NKors warns US of pre-emptive action 2003-02-06
     Hamas Urges Muslims to Hit Back 2003-02-07
     Grandest of Muftis prays for Muslims' victory 2003-02-08
     Belgium to Block Turkey Plan 2003-02-09
Germany in bid to block war on Iraq 2003-02-10
     'Bin Laden' tape calls for Iraqi suicide attacks 2003-02-11
     UN declares N Korea in nuclear breach 2003-02-12
     Brits hunting anti-aircraft missile smugglers 2003-02-13
     Brits nab grenade artist at airport 2003-02-14
     Israeli sources say war imminent; Iran and Syria next 2003-02-15
     Iraqis: "We will fight to the last drop of our blood" 2003-02-16
     Volunteer "human shields" flock to Iraq 2003-02-17
     Special Forces bang Baghdad? 2003-02-18
1,000 more British troops fly out to Gulf 2003-02-19
     Pakistani Air Force Boss Dies In Crash 2003-02-20
     Iraq wants "dialogue" with U.S. 2003-02-21
     Hundreds of U.N. Workers Leave Iraq 2003-02-22
     Iraq Studying Order to Destroy Missiles 2003-02-23
     B-52s begin training runs over Gulf region 2003-02-24
     Sammy sez "no" to missile destruction 2003-02-25
     Sammy sez "no" to exile 2003-02-26
     Sammy changes his mind, will destroy missiles 2003-02-27
     Nimitz Battle Group Ordered to Gulf 2003-02-28
Khalid Sheikh Mohammad nabbed! 2003-03-01
     Iraqi FM calls UAE president a "Zionist agent" 2003-03-02
     Human shields catch the bus for home 2003-03-03
     US hits roadblock in push to war 2003-03-04
     Human shields stuck in Beirut without bus fare 2003-03-05
     Russia airlifts out remaining nationals 2003-03-06
     Binny′s kids nabbed? 2003-03-07
     UN Withdraws Civilian Staff from Iraq-Kuwait Border 2003-03-08
     Iraqis surrender to live fire exercise 2003-03-09
     France will use Iraq veto 2003-03-10
     U.S. Suspends U-2 Flights Over Iraq 2003-03-11
     Inspectors Pull Out? 2003-03-12
     Iraq mobilizing troops and scud launchers 2003-03-13
     Bush, Blair, Aznar to Meet on Iraq 2003-03-14
     Britain Ready for War Without U.N. 2003-03-15
     Blair plans for war as UN is given 24 hours 2003-03-16
Ultimatum: 48 hours 2003-03-17
     Inspectors, diplomats and journalists leave Baghdad 2003-03-18
     Allied troops in firefight in/near Basra 2003-03-19
US missiles target Saddam 2003-03-20
     US marine is first combat death 2003-03-21
     150 Miles from Baghdad 2003-03-22
     U.S. troops executed 2003-03-23
     50 miles from Baghdad 2003-03-24
     Popular uprising in Basra 2003-03-25
     U.S. Troops Parachute Into Northern Iraq 2003-03-26
     Medina RG division engaged south of Najaf 2003-03-27
     US forces can surround Baghdad in 5 to 10 days 2003-03-28
     Iraqis targeted W ranch 2003-03-29
     Marines push up "ambush alley" 2003-03-30
     U.S Forces Edge Toward Baghdad 2003-03-31
     Royal Marines storm Basra burb 2003-04-01
     19 miles from Baghdad 2003-04-02
We've got the airport 2003-04-03
     2,500 Iraqi Guards Surrender 2003-04-04
     U.S. Troops Capture Republican Guard HQ in Suwayrah 2003-04-05
     Baghdad surrounded 2003-04-06
     Baghdad house waxed - Sammy in it? 2003-04-07
     "We′re not sure exactly who′s in charge" 2003-04-08
Baghdad celebrates! 2003-04-09
     Kirkuk falls 2003-04-10
     Mosul falls to Kurds 2003-04-11
     Rafsanjani proposes referendum for resumption of ties 2003-04-12
     N.Korea Makes Shift in Nuclear Talks Demand 2003-04-13
     US starts buildup along border with Syria 2003-04-14
Abu Abbas nabbed 2003-04-15
     Lebanese government resigns 2003-04-16
     Ceasefire With MKO 2003-04-17
     Another Baath Big nabbed 2003-04-18
     Iraqi cash find valued at $650 Million 2003-04-19
     US arrests sixth Saddam aide 2003-04-20
     Garner in Baghdad 2003-04-21
     Yasser scuttles cabinet talks 2003-04-22
     North Korea nuclear talks begin 2003-04-23
     North Korea nuclear talks end 2003-04-24
     Booze and smokes in Baghdad 2003-04-25
     We Will Join U.S.-Installed Government: Iraqi Scholar 2003-04-26
     Galloway may be tried as a traitor 2003-04-27
     Paris and Berlin prepare alliance to rival NATO 2003-04-28
U.S. pulling out of Soddy Arabia 2003-04-29
     France denies giving information to Saddam 2003-04-30
     France Ready for Postwar Role in Iraq. Really. 2003-05-01
     Afghan Governor Says 60 Taliban Arrested 2003-05-02
     Syria to close Damascus terror offices 2003-05-03
     Syria Paleos say no change after Powell trip 2003-05-04
     Pak Will Destroy Nukes if India Does 2003-05-05
     Biggest bank job in history 2003-05-06
     Damascus: No secret contacts with Israel 2003-05-07
     Bush and Blair nominated for nobel peace prize 2003-05-08
     MKO Negotiating Surrender 2003-05-09
     India-US-Israel anti-terror axis? 2003-05-10
Bremer in, Garner out 2003-05-11
     Terror offensive in Riyadh 2003-05-12
     UN observes Congo carnage 2003-05-13
     Israel and Qatar in talks 2003-05-14
     Lebanon Foils Anti-U.S. Attacks 2003-05-15
At Least 20 Die in Casablanca Blasts 2003-05-16
     Qaeda Top Computer Expert Arrested 2003-05-17
     Jerusalem blasts kill 7 2003-05-18
     Fifth Paleoboom in three days 2003-05-19
     Turkish toilet bomb kills one 2003-05-20
     Saudi Suspects Accused of Plotting Hijack 2003-05-21
     NYC Cabbie Sought to Buy Explosives 2003-05-22
     Pygmies want UN tribunal to address cannibalism 2003-05-23
     14 Russian troops killed in Chechen attacks 2003-05-24
     Morocco arrests 3 over Casablanca blasts 2003-05-25
     Trucker nabbed in U.S. Al-Qaeda Bust 2003-05-26
     PI snags bomb Big 2003-05-27
Alleged Casablanca Mastermind Caught, Dies 2003-05-28
     Guy named Greg, passengers, thump would-be hijacker 2003-05-29
     Car Bomb Blast Kills Two People in Spain 2003-05-30
     Sully in jug in Iran? 2003-05-31
     Suspect kills two Saudi policemen 2003-06-01
     352 slaughtered near Bunia 2003-06-02
     2 guilty in Detroit terrorism trial 2003-06-03
     Afghan Gov Troops Zap 40 Talibs 2003-06-04
     Boomerette Kills 15 in North Ossetia 2003-06-05
     Liberian rebels moving on capital 2003-06-06
     Algeria attacks kill 21 in two days 2003-06-07
     Islamist coup in Mauretania 2003-06-08
     Mauritania rebel leader killed as coup fails, maybe 2003-06-09
Rantissi survives missile attack. Damn. 2003-06-10
     Bus atrocity in Jerusalem 2003-06-11
     French cops gas heroes 2003-06-11
     French cops gas heroes 2003-06-11
     Israel, Hamas at war 2003-06-12
     "Hundreds killed" in Liberian ceasefire 2003-06-13
     Hamas rejects ceasefire 2003-06-14
     Shootout in Mecca 2003-06-15
     Second shootout in Mecca since Saturday 2003-06-16
Taylor sez he'll step down 2003-06-17
     Paks nab two Qaeda men 2003-06-18
     Truck-drivin' Qaeda man pleads guilty 2003-06-19
     Chuck won't step down 2003-06-20
     Indonesia Arrests 10 2003-06-21
     Aden-Abyan Islamic Army shoots up convoy in Yemen 2003-06-22
     Hundreds jailed as Iran rounds up protesters 2003-06-23
     Fighting opens up again around Monrovia 2003-06-24
     Rebels enter Liberia capital 2003-06-25
     Ali al-Ghamdi nabbed 2003-06-26
Ayman, Sully and Sod in custody in Iran? 2003-06-27
     Paleo-Israeli 'truce' 2003-06-28
     Paleos Expect Delay on Ceasefire 2003-06-29
     Exiled leader to lead popular revolt in Iran 2003-06-30
     Iraq: Blast at Mosque in Fallujah Kills Five 2003-07-01
     Bush suggests Chuck leave Liberia 2003-07-02
     Riyadh Blasts Suspect Explodes 2003-07-03
     Pakistan mosque attack leaves 31 dead 2003-07-04
     16 killed in Moscow rock concert booms 2003-07-05
     Saudi with royal links seized in CIA swoop 2003-07-06
Chuck sez he'll leave. Again. 2003-07-07
     Liberian Bad Boyz block U.S. mission 2003-07-08
     Shabab-e-Milli wants Taliban-style Multan 2003-07-09
     40 dead in Somalia festivities 2003-07-10
     Liberian Rebels Threaten Peacekeeping Force 2003-07-11
     135 killed in Burundi rebel assault 2003-07-12
     Chechen boom mastermind no longer ticklish 2003-07-13
     Paleos threaten violence if disarmed. Huh? 2003-07-14
     Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Claims Attack on Nightclub 2003-07-15
Abdullah Shreidi decomposing in Ein el-Hellhole 2003-07-16
     North, South Korea Soldiers Exchange Fire 2003-07-17
     Al-Aqsa Brigades demand Yasser dissolve Abbas gov't 2003-07-18
     Liberia rebels take key bridge 2003-07-19
     Militias hold off rebels in Liberian capital 2003-07-20
     Paleos Outlaw Violent Groups. Really. 2003-07-21
Uday & Qusay: Doorknob dead! 2003-07-22
     Indo brigadier killed in camp attack 2003-07-23
     Canucks yank ambassador to Iran 2003-07-24
     Fazl sez Mujahideen should cease operations 2003-07-25
     Casablanca Trial of 35 Extremists Starts 2003-07-26
     Woman blows herself up at Chechen security base 2003-07-27
     8 killed in Soddy shoot-'em-up 2003-07-28
     U.S. troops capture Sammy's bodyguard 2003-07-29
Foday Sankoh rots! 2003-07-30
     Soddy Fatwah on Weapons of Mass Destruction 2003-07-31
     Dozens Arrested As Security Forces Raid Mosque 2003-08-01
     17 injured in Turkey blasts 2003-08-02
     Beirut car bomb kills at least two 2003-08-03
MILF founder Salamat Hashim departs vale of tears 2003-08-04
     Jakarta Marriott boomed 2003-08-05
     10 dead in DR Congo attack 2003-08-06
     8 dead in Baghdad embassy boom 2003-08-07
     2 Hamas Boomers snuffed 2003-08-08
     Villagers kill nine Maoist guerrillas in India 2003-08-09
     Erdogan's party offices boomed 2003-08-10
Chuck departs 2003-08-11
     Harold sez he'll surrender 2003-08-12
     Afghan Bus Blast Kills 15 2003-08-13
Thais nab Hambali! 2003-08-14
     Indons nab suspect in Marriott attack 2003-08-15
     Toe tag for Idi 2003-08-16
     Bad Guys Blow Baghdad Water Main 2003-08-17
     22 dead in Afghan festivities 2003-08-18
Baghdad UN HQ boomed 2003-08-19
     Chechens Joining Iraqi Guerrillas 2003-08-20
Shanab departs gene pool 2003-08-21
     Paleos slam Sderot with Kassams, mortars 2003-08-22
     Paleos urge Israel to join new hudna 2003-08-23
     IAF bangs four Hamas bigs 2003-08-24
     Bombay boom kills at least 42 2003-08-25
     Israel Rockets Gaza City Targets 2003-08-26
     Coalition Daisy Cuts Talibase? 2003-08-27
     Ashkelon hit by Palestinian Kassam missile 2003-08-28
Hakim boomed in Najaf 2003-08-29
     Two more Hamas snuffies zapped 2003-08-30
     Five Paks held in Thailand for terrorist links 2003-08-31
     Two more Hamas snuffied zapped in Gaza 2003-09-01
     Car boom at Baghdad cop shop 2003-09-02
     Caucasus train boom kills four 2003-09-03
     Army raids suspected rebel hide-out in Indian Kashmir - 7 Dead 2003-09-04
     U.S. Says Talibs on the Run, 70 to 100 Toe Tags 2003-09-05
Missed, dammit! IAF rockets Sheikh Yassin 2003-09-06
     Yassin promises Dire Revenge™ 2003-09-07
     Toe tag for al-Ghozi? 2003-09-08
     Two Hamas booms today 2003-09-09
Another miss: IDF strikes at Zahar 2003-09-10
     Yasser to get the boot? 2003-09-11
     Syria gets new prime minister 2003-09-12
     Arafat fears "Zionist death rays!" 2003-09-13
     Human shields surround Yasser 2003-09-14
     Abdur Rahim: Dead again! 2003-09-15
     NPA assassins target George Bush? 2003-09-16
     Aqsa gunny toes up in Nablus 2003-09-17
     Another Hamas big toes up 2003-09-18
     Three get life in Morocco trial 2003-09-19
     Al-Aqsa shootout Martyrs two 2003-09-20
     U.S. Won't back Paleo government run by Arafat 2003-09-21
Hambali's little brother nabbed in Karachi 2003-09-22
     Izzat Ibrahim negotiating surrender 2003-09-23
     Toe tag for al-Rimi! 2003-09-24
     Qaeda negotiating with Yemen 2003-09-25
     25 bad guyz arrested in Ramallah 2003-09-26
     Guilty plea in Portland 2003-09-27
     Afghan Constitution Proposes Muslim State 2003-09-28
AMC's Alamoudi jugged 2003-09-29
     Jug time for teenage exploding Islamic hookers 2003-09-30
     Senate Panel OKs Bush $87B Iraq Plan 2003-10-01
     Pakistan kills 12 al Qaeda 2003-10-02
     Suspected Saddam executioner caught 2003-10-03
     20 dead in Haifa boom 2003-10-04
     Israel bombs IJ target in Syria 2003-10-05
Azam Tariq late! 2003-10-06
     Yasser on his deathbed? 2003-10-07
     Algeria pounds Salafist HQ 2003-10-08
     Iraqi Leaders Don't Want Turkish Troops 2003-10-09
     U.S. Nabs Fedayeen Saddam Leader 2003-10-10
     Indonesian church torched, two killed by armed men 2003-10-11
     Al-Ghozi departs gene pool 2003-10-12
Hassan Hattab deposed? 2003-10-13
     Turkish embassy in Baghdad boomed 2003-10-14
     4 Americans murdered in Gaza 2003-10-15
     Bali boom boy gets life 2003-10-16
     Yasser declares state of emergency 2003-10-17
     Army kills Hamas man, two other Paleos in Gaza 2003-10-18
     3 convicted for trying to kill Perv 2003-10-19
     Five helizaps in Gaza 2003-10-20
     Iran agrees to UN nuke inspectors 2003-10-21
     1 killed, 2 critical in premature Nablus car boom 2003-10-22
     Sudan refuses to close down Hamas and Islamic Jihad offices 2003-10-23
     Residents foil bomb plot in Baghdad burb 2003-10-24
     Jordan charges 108 with terrorism 2003-10-25
     Wolfowitz hotel rocketed in Baghdad 2003-10-26
Red Cross rocketed in Baghdad 2003-10-27
     Bob has a stroke? 2003-10-28
     New JI leader on trial in Jakarta 2003-10-29
     Izzat Ibrahim running al-Qaeda ops in Iraq 2003-10-30
     Ivory Coast Uncovers Assassins Plot 2003-10-31
     Pak opposition leader arrested on treason charges 2003-11-01
     13 dead as US helicopter shot down 2003-11-02
Soddies shoot it out with Bad Guys in downtown Mecca 2003-11-03
     Pakistan Army Kills Two Al-Qaida 2003-11-04
     Iranian role in Hakim assassination? 2003-11-05
     Attack of the Meccaboomers 2003-11-06
     Accusation of a coup plan as Mauritania election nears 2003-11-07
Major attack in Riyadh 2003-11-08
     18 Held in Oct. Hotel Attack in Baghdad 2003-11-09
     Soddy troops head to Mecca 2003-11-10
     New Afghan Operation Under Way 2003-11-11
     24 Italians dead in Nasiriyah boom 2003-11-12
     House-to-House Raids in Saddam Hometown 2003-11-13
     Former CAIR Director Sentenced 2003-11-14
Explosions rock Istanbul synagogues 2003-11-15
     Shia leader held over Azam Tariq killing 2003-11-16
     John Muhammad: Guilty. 2003-11-17
     Istanbul bombing mastermind fled to Syria 2003-11-18
     50 killed in Somalia festivities 2003-11-19
Istanbul boomed again 2003-11-20
     Binny in Iran? 2003-11-21
     Car boomers target Iraqi police, 12 dead 2003-11-22
     Shevardnadze resigns 2003-11-23
     Pakistan declares ceasefire in Kashmir 2003-11-24
     Zarqawi was pivot man for Istanboom 2003-11-25
     9 charged in Istanbooms 2003-11-26
     Blast Hits Italian Mission in Baghdad 2003-11-27
     Soddies sieze ton o' bombs 2003-11-28
Germany arrests al-Qaeda leader 2003-11-29
     4th ID bangs 46 in ambushes 2003-11-30
     3 years jug for aiding terror cell 2003-12-01
     New terror arrests in London 2003-12-02
     Armed police to patrol Birmingham streets 2003-12-03
     Japan to Send Troops to Iraq 2003-12-04
     40 dead in Caucasus train boom 2003-12-05
     Sudan rebels say 353 killed in fighting 2003-12-06
Commander Robot nabbed! 2003-12-07
     Convictions for November 17th terrorists 2003-12-08
     Six dead in Moscow boom 2003-12-09
     Boom boy nabbed at U.S. embassy in Beirut 2003-12-10
     Senior Sammy Fedayeen Leader Iced, Toe-tagged 2003-12-11
     Noorani: "Rosebud!" 2003-12-12
     Swiss uncover al-Qaeda cells in the Magic Kingdom 2003-12-13
Saddam captured 2003-12-14
     Sammy sings 2003-12-15
     Izzat Ibrahim hangs it up? 2003-12-16
     Big-time raids in Samarra 2003-12-17
     Malvo guilty! 2003-12-18
Libya to dump WMDs 2003-12-19
     Train boom masterminds identified 2003-12-20
     Syria seizes six AQ couriers, $23 million 2003-12-21
     Egyptian FM attacked by Paleos in Jerusalem 2003-12-22
     Libya invites US oil companies back 2003-12-23
     Air France cancels U.S. bound flights 2003-12-24
Another boom attack on Perv 2003-12-25
     Up to 20,000 dead in Iran quake 2003-12-26
     Berlusconi Reports Vatican Terror Threat 2003-12-27
     Saudis Foil Attack on British Air Jet 2003-12-28
     Five Afghans held in Perv attack 2003-12-29
     Bush to visit Libya 2003-12-30
     Islamist group claims Riyadh bomb attack 2003-12-31
     At least five killed in Baghdad explosion 2004-01-01
     Mullah Krekar arrested in Norway. Again. 2004-01-02
     Pakistan arrests six for Perv attacks 2004-01-03
     Navy nabs another $11m hash boat 2004-01-04
     Unknown group claims "attack" on Egyptian charter plane 2004-01-05
Toe tag for Gelaev? 2004-01-06
     Russers just missed Maskhadov 2004-01-07
     Pak army launches S. Waziristan operation 2004-01-08
     Paleos Ready to Push for One State 2004-01-09
     Possible Iraqi blister gas weapons found 2004-01-10
     Premature boom near Qalqilya 2004-01-11
     Premature boom near Nablus 2004-01-12
     Cleveland imam indicted 2004-01-13
Libya Ratifies Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 2004-01-14
     Pak car boom injures 12 2004-01-15
     Castro croak rumors 2004-01-16
     Iran Earthquake Death Toll Exceeds 41,000 2004-01-17
     25 dead in Baghdad car boom 2004-01-18
     Kadyrov sez Soddies stop Chechen money 2004-01-19
     IAF hits 2 Hizbullah bases in Bekaa Valley 2004-01-20
     Guards Foil Plot to Blow Iraqi Refinery 2004-01-21
     Iran involvement in 9-11? 2004-01-22
     Bin Laden Capture Rumor 2004-01-23
Hassan Ghul nabbed in Iraq 2004-01-24
     Cleric Says More Support For Islam Will Stem Extremists 2004-01-25
     Terrorist convention in Tehran 2004-01-26
     Abu Sayyaf commander banged in Jolo 2004-01-27
     Thai jihadis threaten schools, 1000 closed 2004-01-28
     At least 10 dead in Jerusalem suicide bombing 2004-01-29
     Death for Japan cult chemist 2004-01-30
Pak sacks Abdul Qadeer Khan 2004-01-31
     Saddam to Be Handed Over to Special Court 2004-02-01
     AQ Khan admits to leaking secrets 2004-02-02
     Ricin in the mail 2004-02-03
     Bacha Khan Zadran snagged 2004-02-04
     Surprise! Abdul Qadeer pardoned! 2004-02-05
40 dead in Moscow subway boom 2004-02-06
     Abdullah Shami's car helizapped 2004-02-07
     Seven nations tied to Pak nuke ring 2004-02-08
     Zarqawi letter sez insurgency failing 2004-02-09
     Car Bomb At Iraq Cop Shop, 50 Dead 2004-02-10
     Another 50 killed in Iraq car boom 2004-02-11
     Abizaid Unhurt in Attack, Press Disappointed 2004-02-12
Yandarbiyev boomed in Qatar 2004-02-13
     21 Killed, 35 Injured in Falluja Gunbattle 2004-02-14
     #41 snagged... Ten to go 2004-02-15
     A.Q. Khan heart attack. Wotta surprise. 2004-02-16
     Haiti uprising spreads 2004-02-17
     200 300 deaders in Iran train boom 2004-02-18
     Janjaweed raid into Chad 2004-02-19
     Pak to Hizb: Stop Kashmir jihad 2004-02-20
     Binny surrounded? 2004-02-21
     Conservatives sweep Iranian elections 2004-02-22
Masood Azhar escapes! 2004-02-23
     Another Zawahiri tape 2004-02-24
     Riyadh and Cairo Reject Imposed Reforms 2004-02-25
     Darfur rebellion spreads 2004-02-26
     Sudanese paramilitaries attack aid workers 2004-02-27
     Binny rumored captured 2004-02-28
Jean-Bertrand hangs it up 2004-02-29
     Spain seizes ETA boom truck 2004-03-01
     200+ dead in attacks on Shiites 2004-03-02
     3 Hamas helizapped 2004-03-03
     2 Plead Guilty in Terror Arms Sale Plot 2004-03-04
     Yemen extradites founder of Egyptian Islamic Jihad to Egypt; Mubarak invited to Crawford 2004-03-05
     Hamas, Jihad botch attack on Erez Junction 2004-03-06
     Ayman's kid sings! 2004-03-07
     Iraqi Council Signs Interim Constitution 2004-03-08
     Rigor mortis for Abu Abbas 2004-03-09
     Maskhadov may surrender soon - Kadyrov 2004-03-10
Over 170 dead in Madrid booms 2004-03-11
     Conflicting clues on Madrid booms 2004-03-12
     Syrian security forces kill 30 people during clashes 2004-03-13
     Iran bans nuke inspectors 2004-03-14
Spain will withdraw troops from Iraq 2004-03-15
     Troops and Tanks Poised on Gaza Border 2004-03-16
     Baghdad Hotel Boomed - At least 10 dead 2004-03-17
     "The conquest of Madrid" 2004-03-18
     Aymen cornered in Waziristan. Or not. 2004-03-19
Annan proposes investigation of oil-for-food program 2004-03-20
Sheikh Yassin helizapped! 2004-03-21
     Arabs warn of Dire Revenge™ 2004-03-22
     Hamas under new management 2004-03-23
     Assassination of German president foiled 2004-03-24
Ayman sez to kill Perv 2004-03-25
     Zarqawi dunnit! 2004-03-26
     Perv vows to eliminate al-Qaeda 2004-03-27
     Rantissi: Bush Is 'Enemy of God' 2004-03-28
     Mullah Omar wounded in airstrike? 2004-03-29
     Major al-Qaeda bombing foiled in the UK 2004-03-30
Savagery in Fallujah 2004-03-31
     Hit on Jamali thwarted? 2004-04-01
     The trains in Spain are mined with bombs again 2004-04-02
Sharon Says Israel Will Leave Gaza Strip 2004-04-03
     4 Salvadoran, 14 thugs dead in Sadr festivities 2004-04-04
     Fallujah surrounded; Sadr "outlaw", Mahdi army thumped 2004-04-05
     Al-Sadr threat comes to a head; Marines in Fallujah 2004-04-06
     House to house, roof to roof 2004-04-07
     8 Koreans, 3 Japanese Kidnapped in Iraq 2004-04-08
     Rafsanjani Butts In 2004-04-09
     IGC calls for immediate ceasefire 2004-04-10
     Khatami backs off from Sadr 2004-04-11
     Rafsanjani to al-Sadr: Fight America, the "Wounded Monster" 2004-04-12
     Zarqawi in Fallujah? 2004-04-13
     Philippines May Withdraw Troops From Iraq 2004-04-14
     Tater hangs it up? 2004-04-15
     U.S. troops, militia clash near Kufa 2004-04-16
     Planned attack in Jordan involved chemical weapons 2004-04-17
Toe tag for Abu Walid! 2004-04-18
     Spanish Troops Start Withdrawal Next Week 2004-04-19
     Iraq Leaders Create Tribunal for Saddam 2004-04-20
     Fallujah Cease-Fire "Over" 2004-04-21
     Yasser dumps his house guests 2004-04-22
     Finns discover 400 lbs. of explosives at race track 2004-04-23
     3 boat attacks at Basra oil terminal 2004-04-24
Karzai assassination foiled 2004-04-25
     Jihadis tell Italians to protest Iraq war or hostages die 2004-04-26
     Marines administer ceasefire thumping in Fallujah 2004-04-27
     Clashes in Thailand's Muslim south leave at least 127 dead 2004-04-28
     Worldwide terrorist attacks down in 2003 2004-04-29
     Fallujah deal imminent? 2004-04-30
      Americans killed in suicide attack in Saudi Arabia 2004-05-01
     Paleos kill Mom, 4 kids 2004-05-02
     Turkish Police Detain 16 24 People 2004-05-03
     Turkey suspects trained in Pakistan, intended to attack Bush 2004-05-04
Tater boyz thumped in Karbala 2004-05-05
     Georgia reclaims Adzharia 2004-05-06
     Oregon Man Arrested in Spain Bombings Probe 2004-05-07
     Tater offers reward for British as sex slaves 2004-05-08
     Kadyrov boomed in Chechnya 2004-05-09
     IDF nabs loaded Paleo hermaphrodite 2004-05-10
American beheaded by Zarqawi 2004-05-11
     Abu Qatada authorized 3/11 bombers' mass suicide 2004-05-12
     GSPC's Hassan Hattab was executed 2004-05-13
Chad rebels holding el-Para 2004-05-14
     Coalition warns Karbala residents to leave 2004-05-15
     N Korean train accident involved Syrians 2004-05-16
     IGC head murdered 2004-05-17
     4 arrested in Berg murder 2004-05-18
     Nek Muhammad back on the warpath 2004-05-19
     Troops Hold Guns to Chalabi's Head 2004-05-20
     Israeli Troops Pulling Out of Rafah Camp 2004-05-21
     Car Bomb Kills 4, Injures Iraqi Minister 2004-05-22
     Qaeda planning hot summer for USA? 2004-05-23
     Toe tag for 32 Mahdi Army members 2004-05-24
     Sarin confirmed! 2004-05-25
     4 arrested in Japanese al-Qaeda probe 2004-05-26
Captain Hook Jugged! 2004-05-27
     Iran establishes unit to recruit suicide bombers 2004-05-28
     16 Dead in Al Khobar Attack 2004-05-29
     Khobar slaughter; 3 out of 4 terrs get away 2004-05-30
     Egypt to Yasser: Reform or be removed 2004-05-31
     Padilla wanted to boom apartment buildings 2004-06-01
     Chalabi Told Iran U.S. Broke Its Codes 2004-06-02
Tenet resigns 2004-06-03
     Iraqi Police Nab Associate of al-Zarqawi 2004-06-04
     Reagan passes away 2004-06-05
     Barghouti handed 5 life sentences 2004-06-06
     Sacred Sadr arms depot kabooms 2004-06-07
     Yargulkhels get 24 hours to surrender Nek 2004-06-08
     Boom in Cologne 2004-06-09
     UN experts find evidence of WMD 2004-06-10
     Dagestani Duma turns down ban on Wahhabism 2004-06-11
     Brahimi hangs it up? 2004-06-12
     Iran sez no to nuke oversight 2004-06-13
Somali charged in plot to blow up Ohio mall 2004-06-14
     Zarqawi sez jihad's not going great 2004-06-15
     Hosni shuffles off mortal coil? 2004-06-16
     Turks Nab Four In Nato Summit Bomb Plot 2004-06-17
     U.S. hostage beheaded 2004-06-18
     Falluja house blast kills 20 Iraqis 2004-06-19
Algerian Military Says Nabil Sahraoui Toes Up 2004-06-20
     Iran detains UK naval vessels 2004-06-21
     Korean beheaded in Iraq 2004-06-22
     Saudis Offer Militants Amnesty 2004-06-23
     Fallujah ruled Taliban-style 2004-06-24
     Another strike on a Fallujah safehouse 2004-06-25
     Jamali resigns 2004-06-26
     10 Afghans Killed After Vote Registration 2004-06-27
Iraqi handover of power takes place 2 days early 2004-06-28
     US expels 2 Iranians; videotaping transportation and monuments in NYC 2004-06-29
     Sammy to face death penalty 2004-06-30
     10 al-Houthi hard boyz bumped off 2004-07-01
     Jordan may send troops to Iraq 2004-07-02
Iraqi oil-for-food investigator bumped off 2004-07-03
     6 hurt in Kabul work accident 2004-07-04
     Hussein family funding the insurgency 2004-07-05
     Iraqi boomer kills six 14 at funeral 2004-07-06
     5 dead in LTTE suicide bombing 2004-07-07
     Missing Marine at U.S. Embassy in Beirut 2004-07-08
     Al-Tawhid threatens to kill Bulgarian hostages 2004-07-09
     Forbes (Russian edition) editor shot dead in Moscow street! 2004-07-10
     Tel Aviv hit by rush-hour blast 2004-07-11
     Tater gets sliced 2004-07-12
     Binny Buddy Surrenders on Iran-Afghan Border 2004-07-13
     Mosul governor murdered 2004-07-14
     Canada Recalls Ambassador to Iran 2004-07-15
     Paleos kidnap Paleo Gaza Police Chief 2004-07-16
Qurei Resigns Amid Shakeup 2004-07-17
     Bad Guyz Sack, Burn Paleo Offices 2004-07-18
     Sydney man planned executions 2004-07-19
     Filipinos out of Iraq; Hostage freed 2004-07-20
     Al-Oufi maybe almost banged in Riyadh shoot-em-up 2004-07-21
     Yemen: 'Accidental' boom kills 16 2004-07-22
     Egyptian diplo kidnapped 2004-07-23
     Bad GuyzTorch Paleo Cop Shoppe 2004-07-24
     Sudan Bad Guyz Threaten Attacks on Western Troops 2004-07-25
     Pak cops hold a dozen after gunfight 2004-07-26
     Iran has broken seals on uranium enrichment centrifuges 2004-07-27
     Sammy has a stroke 2004-07-28
Foopie jugged in Pakland! 2004-07-29
     Blasts hit embassies in Tashkent 2004-07-30
     Paleos Kidnap, Release Aid Workers 2004-07-31
     Iran Resumes Building Nuclear Centrifuges 2004-08-01
     Pakistan confirms arrest al-Qaeda computer expert 2004-08-02
     Paks jug 18 Qaeda 2004-08-03
     British Arrest 13 in Anti-Terror Sweep 2004-08-04
     Federal Agents Raid Mosque In Albany, N.Y. 2004-08-05
     Pakistan hunting for more al-Qaeda 2004-08-06
     Islamist Spy in the Navy? 2004-08-07
Qari Saifullah nabbed in Dubai 2004-08-08
     Tater vows to fight to last drop of blood 2004-08-09
     Sudan launches fresh helicopter attacks in Darfur 2004-08-10
     Sadr boyz attack on two fronts 2004-08-11
     Tater hollers for help 2004-08-12
     30 Iranians, 2 trucks loaded with weapons captured en route to Sadr 2004-08-13
     Tater wants UN peas-keepers 2004-08-14
     Terrorist summit was held in Waziristan in March 2004-08-15
     Terror group threatens Dutch with "Islamic earthquake" 2004-08-16
     Tater wants Pope to mediate 2004-08-17
     Bombs found near Berlusconi's villa after Blair visit 2004-08-18
     US Begins Major Push against Defiant Sadr 2004-08-19
     U.S. Arrests Two Suspected Hamas Members 2004-08-20
Tater wants to hand over mosque. Really. 2004-08-21
     Fatah splinter calls for bumping off Yasser 2004-08-22
     Former Pak MP denies role in terrorist plot 2004-08-23
Two Russ planes boomed 2004-08-24
     Hamas op nabbed taping Maryland bridge 2004-08-25
     Smell of Burned Flesh, Blood Smeared on Najaf Streets 2004-08-26
     Former Yemeni interior minister helped Cole mastermind 2004-08-27
     437 arrested in Islamabad crackdown 2004-08-28
     Boom Kills 9 Children, 1 Adult in Afghan School 2004-08-29
     Chechen boom babes were roommates 2004-08-30
     Booms in Moscow, Jerusalem 2004-08-31
200 kiddies hostage in Beslan 2004-09-01
     16 dead so far in North Ossetia stand-off 2004-09-02
     Hostage school stormed by Russian forces 2004-09-03
     Russia seals off North Ossetia 2004-09-04
     Izzat Ibrahim jugged? (Apparently not...) 2004-09-05
GSPC appoints new supremo 2004-09-06
     Putin rejects talks with child killers 2004-09-07
     Russia Offers $10 Million for Chechen Rebels 2004-09-08
     Australian embassy boomed in Jakarta 2004-09-09
Toe tag for al-Houthi 2004-09-10
     Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea 2004-09-11
     Bahrain frees two held for alleged Al Qaeda links 2004-09-12
     Maulana Salfi banged 2004-09-13
     Syria tested chemical weapons on black Darfur population? 2004-09-14
     Terrs target Iraqi police 47+ Dead 2004-09-15
     Jakarta bomber gets 12 years 2004-09-16
     60 hard boyz toes up in Fallujah 2004-09-17
     Abu Hamza Could Face British Charges 2004-09-18
     Berlin Deports Islamic Conference Organizer 2004-09-19
     Afghan VP Escapes Bomb 2004-09-20
     2nd US Hostage Beheaded in Two Days 2004-09-21
Spiritual leader of al-Tawhid killed 2004-09-22
     Noordin Mohammed Top not in custody 2004-09-23
     Maskhadov sez Basayev should be tried for Beslan 2004-09-24
     Sudan foils Islamist coup plot 2004-09-25
     French national killed in Saudi Arabia 2004-09-26
     Hamas: Arab State May Have Helped in Syria Killing 2004-09-27
     Johnny Jihad Appeals for Early Release 2004-09-28
     Baghdad terr snagged with women's underwear on his head 2004-09-29
     Sudan's Bashir accuses U.S. of backing Darfur rebels 2004-09-30
     IDF force with 100 tanks enters northern Gaza 2004-10-01
     109 Terrs Killed in Samarra Offensive 2004-10-02
     Arafat calls on world to end Israeli campaign in Gaza 2004-10-03
ETA head snagged in La Belle France 2004-10-04
     Sadr City targeted by US forces 2004-10-05
     Boom misses Masood's brother 2004-10-06
     39 Sunnis toes up in Multan festivities 2004-10-07
     al-Qaeda behind Taba booms 2004-10-08
Afghanistan: Boom-free election 2004-10-09
     Libya Arrests 17 Alleged al-Qaida Members 2004-10-10
     Security HQ and militiamen attacked in NW Iran 2004-10-11
Caliph of Cologne extradited to Turkey 2004-10-12
     Soddies bang three Bad Guyz 2004-10-13
     Caliph of Cologne Charged With Treason 2004-10-14
     Alamoudi gets 23 years 2004-10-15
     Fallujah Seeks Peace Talks if Attacks End 2004-10-16
Soddies wax AQ shura member 2004-10-17
     Iraqi cops take down Kirkuk "hostage house" 2004-10-18
     Cap'n Hook accused of soliciting to murder 2004-10-19
     Another Cross-Dressing Saudi Busted 2004-10-20
     Anti-Tank Missile Miss Israeli School Bus 2004-10-21
     U.S. destroys Falluja arms dumps 2004-10-22
Raid nets senior Zarqawi aide 2004-10-23
     50 Iraqi Soldiers Ambushed, Executed Near Iranian Border 2004-10-24
     Yasser allowed out for checkup 2004-10-25
     Egypt announces arrests of Sinai bombers 2004-10-26
     Yasser not dead yet 2004-10-27
     Yasser deathwatch continues 2004-10-28
Binny speaks 2004-10-29
     Arafat losing mental faculties 2004-10-30
     Sharon prepared to negotiate with new Palestinian leadership 2004-10-31
     Arafat Aides Resume Talks With Israel, Fight Over His Fortune 2004-11-01
America Votes 2004-11-02
     Bush Takes It 2004-11-03
Yasser Croaks! 2004-11-04
     Paleos won't admit Yasser's dead 2004-11-05
     Learned Elders of Islam call for jihad 2004-11-06
     Dutch MPs taken to safe houses 2004-11-07
U.S. moves into Fallujah 2004-11-08
     Paleos: "He's dead, Jim!" 2004-11-09
     70% of Fallujah under US control 2004-11-10
     Yasser officially in the box 2004-11-11
     Zarqawi sez victory in Fallujah is on the horizon 2004-11-12
     Fallujah occupied 2004-11-13
     Hit attempt on Mahmoud Abbas thwarted 2004-11-14
Colin Powell To Resign 2004-11-15
     U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Mosul Offensive 2004-11-16
     Abbas fails to win Palestinian militant truce pledge 2004-11-17
     Zarqawi's Fallujah Headquarters Found 2004-11-18
     Commandos set to storm Mosul 2004-11-19
     Baath Party sets up in Gay Paree 2004-11-20
     Azam Tariq murder was plotted at Qazi's house 2004-11-21
     Association of Muslim Scholars has one less "scholar" 2004-11-22
     Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad 2004-11-23
     Saudis arrest killers of French engineer 2004-11-24
     Syria ready for unconditional talks with Israel 2004-11-25
     Zarqawi hollers for help 2004-11-26
     Palestinians Dismantle Gaza Death Group Militia 2004-11-27
     Abizaid calls for bolder action against Salafism 2004-11-28
Sheikh Yousef: Hamas ready for 'hudna' 2004-11-29
     Abbas tells Palestinian media to avoid incitement 2004-11-30
     Barghouti to Seek Palestinian Presidency 2004-12-01
     NCRI sez Iran making missiles to hit Europe 2004-12-02
     ETA Booms Madrid 2004-12-03
     Hamas will accept Palestinian state 2004-12-04
     Bad Guyz kill 21 Iraqis 2004-12-05
U.S. consulate attacked in Jeddah 2004-12-06
     Al-Qaeda sez they hit the US consulate 2004-12-07
     Israel, Paleostinians Reach Election Deal 2004-12-08
     Shiites announce coalition of candidates 2004-12-09
     Palestinian Authority to follow in Arafat's footsteps 2004-12-10
     18,000 U.S. Troops Begin Afghan Offensive 2004-12-11
     U.S. bombs Mosul rebels 2004-12-12
     Baghdad psycho booms 13 2004-12-13
Abbas calls for end of armed uprising 2004-12-14
     North Korea says Japanese sanctions would be "declaration of war" 2004-12-15
     Bush warns Iran & Syria not to meddle in Iraq 2004-12-16
     2 Mehsud tribes promise not to shelter foreigners 2004-12-17
     Eight Paleos killed, 30 wounded in Gaza raid 2004-12-18
Fazlur Rehman Khalil sprung 2004-12-19
     At Least 67 killed in Iraq bombings - Shiites Targeted 2004-12-20
     Allawi Warns Iraqis of Civil War 2004-12-21
     Pak army purge under way? 2004-12-22
     Palestinians head to polls in landmark local elections 2004-12-23
     Heavy fighting in Fallujah 2004-12-24
     Herald Angels Sing 2004-12-25
8.5 earthquake rocks Aceh, tsunamis swamp Sri Lanka 2004-12-26
     Car bomb kills 9, al-Hakim escapes injury 2004-12-27
     Syria calls on US to produce evidence of involvement in Iraq 2004-12-28
     43 Iraqis killed in renewed violence 2004-12-29
     Ugandan officials meet rebel commanders near border with Sudan 2004-12-30
     NKors threaten to cut off contact with Japan 2004-12-31
     Algerian deported from San Diego 2005-01-01
Another most wanted found among Riyadh boomer scraps 2005-01-02
     19 killed in Iraqi car bombing 2005-01-03
     Zarqawi in jug? 2005-01-04
Algeria celebrates the end of the GIA 2005-01-05
     Kerry Trashes Bush in Baghdad 2005-01-06
     Abbas Calls for Peace Talks With Israel 2005-01-07
Commander of Salafi Forces in Fallujah Killed 2005-01-08
     Paleos vote 2005-01-09
     Sudanese Celebrate Peace Treaty Signing 2005-01-10
     Abbas Extends Hand of Peace to Israel. Really. 2005-01-11
     Zahhar: Abbas has no authorization to end resistance 2005-01-12
     Iran warns IAEA not to spy on military sites 2005-01-13
     Graner guilty 2005-01-14
     Agha Ziauddin laid to rest in Gilgit: 240 arrested, 24 injured 2005-01-15
     Jersey Family of Four Murdered 2005-01-16
     Algeria signs deal to end Berber conflict 2005-01-17
     Eight Indicted on Terror Charges in Spain 2005-01-18
Kuwait detains 25 militants 2005-01-19
     Senate Panel Gives Rice Confirmation Nod 2005-01-20
     70 arrested for Gilgit attacks 2005-01-21
     Palestinian forces patrol northern Gaza 2005-01-22
     Germany to Deport Hundreds of Islamists 2005-01-23
     More Bad Boyz arrested in Kuwait 2005-01-24
     Radical Islamists Held As Umm Al-Haiman brains 2005-01-25
     Indonesia sends top team for Aceh rebel talks 2005-01-26
     Renewed Darfur Fighting Kills 105 2005-01-27
Ted Kennedy Calls for U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq 2005-01-28
     Fazl Khalil resigns 2005-01-29
     Iraq Votes 2005-01-30
     Kuwaiti Islamists form first political party 2005-01-31
     Zarqawi sez he'll keep fighting 2005-02-01
     4 al-Qaeda members killed in Kuwait 2005-02-02
Maskhadov orders ceasefire 2005-02-03
     Iraqi citizens ice 5 terrs 2005-02-04
     Kuwait hunts key suspects after surge of violence 2005-02-05
     Algeria takes out GSPC bombmaking unit 2005-02-06
     Fatah calls for ceasefire 2005-02-07
Israel, Palestinians call truce 2005-02-08
     Suicide Bomber Kills 21 in Crowd in Iraq 2005-02-09
     North Korea acknowledges it has nuclear weapons 2005-02-10
     Iraqis seize 16 trucks filled with Iranian weapons 2005-02-11
     Car Bomb Kills 17 Outside Iraqi Hospital 2005-02-12
     Algerian Islamic Party Supports Amnesty to End Rebel Violence 2005-02-13
Hariri boomed in Beirut 2005-02-14
     U.S. Withdraws Ambassador From Syria 2005-02-15
     Plane fires missile near Iranian Busheir plant 2005-02-16
     Iran and Syria Form United Front 2005-02-17
     Syria replaces intelligence chief 2005-02-18
     Lebanon opposition demands "intifada for independence" 2005-02-19
     Bakri talks of No 10 suicide attacks 2005-02-20
     Zarq propagandist is toes up 2005-02-21
Syria to withdraw from Lebanon. No, they're not. 2005-02-22
     500 illegal Iranian pilgrims arrested in Basra 2005-02-23
     Bangla cracks down on Islamists 2005-02-24
Tel Aviv Blast Reportedly Kills 4 2005-02-25
     Rice demands Palestinians find those behind attack 2005-02-26
     Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan busted! 2005-02-27
Lebanese Government Resigns 2005-02-28
     Protesters Back on Beirut Streets; U.S. Offers Support 2005-03-01
     France moving commando support ship to Med 2005-03-02
     Lebanon Opposition Demands Total Syrian Withdrawal 2005-03-03
     Pro-Syria Groups in Lebanon Press for Unity Govt 2005-03-04
     Syria loyalists shoot up Beirut Christian sector 2005-03-05
     Hizbollah Throws Weight Behind Syria in Lebanon 2005-03-06
     Operations stepped up in Samarra to find Zarqawi 2005-03-07
Toe tag for Aslan 2005-03-08
     Nasrallah warns U.S. to stop interfering in Lebanon 2005-03-09
     Local Elder of Islam to succeed Maskhadov 2005-03-10
Al-Moayad guilty 2005-03-11
     Last Syrian troops leave Lebanon 2005-03-12
     1 al-Qaeda dead, 5 Soddy coppers wounded 2005-03-13
Abdullah Mehsud is no more? 2005-03-14
     Commander Robot titzup in prison break attempt 2005-03-15
     18 arrested in arms smuggling plot 2005-03-16
     Al-Oufi throws his support behind Zarqawi 2005-03-17
     Opposition Reports Coup In Damascus 2005-03-18
     Car Bomb at Qatar Theatre 2005-03-19
     Quetta corpse count at 30 2005-03-20
     Three American carriers converging on Middle East 2005-03-21
     30 al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam captured at Baladruz 2005-03-22
     80 hard boyz killed in battle with US, Iraqi troops 2005-03-23
Akaev resigns 2005-03-24
     Police in Belarus Disperse Demonstrators 2005-03-25
     Iraqi Forces Seize 131 Suspected Insurgents in Raid 2005-03-26
     Bomb explodes in Beirut suburb 2005-03-27
     Massoud's assassination: 4 suspects go on trial in Paris 2005-03-28
     Hamas ready to join PLO 2005-03-29
Lebanon military intelligence chief takes "leave of absence" 2005-03-30
     Egypt's ruling party wants fifth term for Mubarak 2005-03-31
     Abbas Orders Crackdown After Gunnies Shoot Up His HQ 2005-04-01
Pope John Paul II dies 2005-04-02
     Zarq claims Abu Ghraib attack 2005-04-03
     Saudi raid turns into deadly firefight 2005-04-04
     Turkey Seeks Life For Caliph of Cologne 2005-04-05
     Final count, 18 dead in al-Ras shoot-out 2005-04-06
     Hard Boyz shoot up Srinagar bus station 2005-04-07
     2 killed, 18 injured in explosion at major Cairo tourist bazaar 2005-04-08
Scores dead as Yemeni Army seizes rebel outposts 2005-04-09
     Tater thugs protest US presence in Iraq 2005-04-10
     U.S.-Iraqi Raid Nets 65 Suspected Terrs 2005-04-11
     3 charged with plot to attack US targets 2005-04-12
     10 dead in Mosul suicide bombings 2005-04-13
     Eleven Paks charged with Spanish terror plot 2005-04-14
Basayev nearly busted, fake leg seized 2005-04-15
     2 Iraq graves may hold remains of 7,000 2005-04-16
     2 Pakistanis arrested in Cyprus on al-Qaeda links 2005-04-17
     400 Algerian gunmen to surrender 2005-04-18
     Moussaoui asks for death sentence 2005-04-19
Algeria's GIA chief surrenders 2005-04-20
     Allawi escapes assassination attempt 2005-04-21
     Four killed in Mecca gun battle 2005-04-22
     Al-Aqsa Martyrs back on warpath 2005-04-23
     Egypt arrests 28 Brotherhood members 2005-04-24
     Perv proposes dividing Kashmir into 7 parts 2005-04-25
Al-Timimi Convicted 2005-04-26
     Iraq completes Cabinet proposal 2005-04-27
     Lebanon Sets May Polls After Syrian Departure 2005-04-28
     Sgt. Hasan Akbar sentenced to death 2005-04-29
     Fahd clinically dead? 2005-04-30
     Mass Grave With 1,500 Bodies Found in Iraq 2005-05-01
     25 killed in attack on Mosul funeral 2005-05-02
     Iraq: Bloody Battle in the Desert 2005-05-03
Al-Libbi in Jug! 2005-05-04
     20 40 64 Pakistanis Talibs killed 2005-05-05
     Marines Land on Somali Coast to Hunt Terrs? 2005-05-06
     Egypt Arrests Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leaders 2005-05-07
Aoun Returns From Exile 2005-05-08
     U.S. Offensive in Western Iraq Kills 75 2005-05-09
     Attempted Grenade Attack on President Bush? 2005-05-10
     Capitol and White House Evacuated 2005-05-11
     New al-Qaeda group formed in Algeria 2005-05-12
Uprising in Uzbekistan 2005-05-13
     Qaeda big Predizapped in NWFP 2005-05-14
     500 reported dead in Uzbek unrest 2005-05-15
     Uzbeks expel town leaders from Korasuv 2005-05-16
     Chechen VP killed 2005-05-17
     Uzbek Rebel Leader Wants Islamic State 2005-05-18
     Uzbek troops retake Korasuv 2005-05-19
UK Quran protests at U.S. Embassy 2005-05-20
     DHS Arrests 60 Illegals in Sensitive Jobs 2005-05-21
     Cairo Blast Suspect Dies in Custody 2005-05-22
     Mulla Omar aide escapes Multan raid 2005-05-23
     Syria ending cooperation with the US 2005-05-24
     Huge US raid on al-Qaim 2005-05-25
     Iraqi Officials Confirm Zarqawi Is Wounded 2005-05-26
Zark is dead? 2005-05-27
     King Fahd is dead? 2005-05-28
     "Non." 2005-05-29
     Doc faces terror charges in Palm Beach 2005-05-30
     At least six killed in Karachi mosque attack 2005-05-31
     At least 27 dead in Afghanistan mosque suicide blast 2005-06-01
     Bomb kills anti-Syria journalist in Beirut 2005-06-02
     Virgin Airbus Jet Emitting Hijack Signal Lands In Canada; False Alert 2005-06-03
     Iraqi troops nab 'prince of princes' 2005-06-04
     Marines uncover bunker complex, Saddam sad. 2005-06-05
     Iraq Nabs Nearly 900 Suspected Militants 2005-06-06
     U.S-Iraqi offensive launched near Syria 2005-06-07
California father and son linked al-Qaeda, arrested 2005-06-08
     Italy hostage released in Kabul 2005-06-09
     Arab lawyers join forces to defend Saddam Hussein 2005-06-10
     Paleo security forces shoot it out with hard boyz 2005-06-11
     Eight Killed by Bomb Blasts in Iran 2005-06-12
     Terror group in Syria seeks Islamic states 2005-06-13
     Bomb kills 22 in Iraq bank queue 2005-06-14
Hostage Douglas Wood rescued 2005-06-15
     Captured: Abu Talha, Mosul's Most-Wanted 2005-06-16
     Calif. Father, Son Charged in Terror Ties 2005-06-17
     U.S. Mounts Offensive Near Syria 2005-06-18
     Senior Saudi Security Officer Killed In Drive-By Shooting 2005-06-19
     Afghan Officials Stop Khalizad Assassination Plot 2005-06-20
     Saudi 'cop killers' shot dead 2005-06-21
Qurei flees West Bank gunfire 2005-06-22
     Saudi Terror Suspect Said Killed in Iraq 2005-06-23
     132 Talibs toes up in Zabul fighting 2005-06-24
Ahmadinejad wins Iran election 2005-06-25
     76 more terrorists whacked in Afghanistan 2005-06-26
'Head' of Ansar al-Sunna captured 2005-06-27
     New offensive in Anbar 2005-06-28
     The List: Saudi Arabia's 36 Most Wanted 2005-06-29
     Ricin plot leader gets 10 years 2005-06-30
     16 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Crash 2005-07-01
     Hundreds of Afghan Troops Raid Taliban Hide-Out 2005-07-02
Al-Hayeri toes up 2005-07-03
     Egyptian envoy to Baghdad kidnapped 2005-07-04
     Three Egyptians on trial for Sinai bombings 2005-07-05
     Gunnies Going After Diplos in Iraq 2005-07-06
Terror Strikes in London Underground - Death Toll Rising 2005-07-07
     Lodi probe expands - 6 others may have attended camps 2005-07-08
     Central Birminham UK Evacuated: "controlled explosions" 2005-07-09
     Taliban behead 6 Afghan Policemen 2005-07-10
     30 al-Qaeda suspects identified in London bombings 2005-07-11
     Arrests over London bomb attacks 2005-07-12
     Italy police detain 174 people in anti-terror sweep 2005-07-13
     London bomber 'was recruited' at Lashkar-e-Taiba madrassa 2005-07-14
     Chemist, alleged mastermind of London bombings, arrested in Cairo 2005-07-15
     Hudna evaporates 2005-07-16
     Tanker bomb kills 60 Iraqis 2005-07-17
Saddam indicted 2005-07-18
     Paks hold suspects linked to London bombings 2005-07-19
     Georgia: Would-be Bush assassin kills cop, nabbed 2005-07-20
B Team flubs more London booms 2005-07-21
     London: B Team Boomer Banged 2005-07-22
Sharm el-Sheikh Boomed 2005-07-23
     Sharm el-Sheikh body count hits 90 2005-07-24
     UK cops name London suspects 2005-07-25
     Van Gogh killer jailed for life 2005-07-26
     London Boomer Bagged 2005-07-27
     Hunt for 15 in Sharm Blasts 2005-07-28
     Feds Investigating Repeat Blast at TX Chemical Plant 2005-07-29
     25 Held in Sharm 2005-07-30
     Bombers Start Talking 2005-07-31
Fahd dead; Garang dead 2005-08-01
     24 Killed in Khartoum Riot 2005-08-02
     First Suspect in July 21 Bombings Charged 2005-08-03
     Ayman makes faces at Brits 2005-08-04
     Binori Town students going home. Really. 2005-08-05
     Blair Announces Measures to Combat Terrorism 2005-08-06
     UK terrorists got cash from Saudi Arabia before 7/7 2005-08-07
Zambia extradites Aswad to UK 2005-08-08
     Bakri sez he'll be back 2005-08-09
     Turks jug Qaeda big shot 2005-08-10
     Abu Qatada jugged and heading for Jordan 2005-08-11
     Lanka minister bumped off 2005-08-12
     U.S. troops begin Afghan offensive 2005-08-13
     Hamas not to disarm after Gaza pullout 2005-08-14
     Israel begins Gaza pullout 2005-08-15
     Italy to expel 700 terr suspects 2005-08-16
100 Bombs explode across Bangladesh 2005-08-17
     Al-Oufi dead again 2005-08-18
     New Jordan AQ Branch Launches Rocket Attack 2005-08-19
     Motassadeq guilty (again) 2005-08-20
Brits foil gas attack on Commons 2005-08-21
     Iraq holding 281 foreign insurgent suspects 2005-08-22
     Bangla cops quizzing 8/17 bomb suspects 2005-08-23
     Binny reported injured 2005-08-24
UK to boot Captain Hook, al-Faqih 2005-08-25
     1,000 German cops hunting terror suspects 2005-08-26
     Death for Musharraf plotters 2005-08-27
     UK draws up list of top 50 bloodthirsty holy men 2005-08-28
     Will Musharraf ban Jamaat-e-Islami and JUI? 2005-08-29
Leb security bigs held in Hariri boom 2005-08-30
     Near 1000 dead in Baghdad stampede 2005-08-31
     Leb: More Hariri Arrests 2005-09-01
     Syria Arrests 70 Arabs Attempting to Infiltrate Iraq 2005-09-02
     MMA seethes over Pak talks with Israel 2005-09-03
     Bangla booms funded by Kuwaiti NGO, ordered by UK holy man 2005-09-04
     Shootout in Dammam 2005-09-05
     Mehlis Uncovers High-Level Links in Plot to Kill Hariri 2005-09-06
Moussa Arafat is no more 2005-09-07
     200 Hard Boyz Arrested in Iraq 2005-09-08
     Federal Appeals Court: 'Dirty Bomb' Suspect Can Be Held 2005-09-09
     Iraq Tal Afar offensive 2005-09-10
     Tal Afar: 400 terrorists dead or captured 2005-09-11
Palestinians Taking Control in Gaza Strip 2005-09-12
     Gaza "Celebrations" Turn Ugly 2005-09-13
     At least 57 killed in Iraq violence 2005-09-14
     Zark calls for all-out war against Shiites 2005-09-15
     Palestinians Force Their Way Into Egypt 2005-09-16
     Financial chief of Hizbul Mujahideen killed 2005-09-17
     One Dies, 28 Hurt in New Lebanon Bombing 2005-09-18
Afghanistan Holds First Parliamentary Vote in 30 Years 2005-09-19
     NKor wants nuke reactor for deal 2005-09-20
     Iran threatens to quit NPT 2005-09-21
     Banglacops on trail of 7 top JMB leaders 2005-09-22
     Somaliland says Qaeda big arrested in shootout 2005-09-23
     EU moves to refer Iran to U.N. 2005-09-24
Palestinian factions shower Israeli targets with missiles 2005-09-25
     Aqsa Brigades declare mobilization 2005-09-26
     Paleo Rocket Fire 'Cause For War' 2005-09-27
     Syria pushing Paleo battalions into Lebanon 2005-09-28
     Hamas big turbans run for cover 2005-09-29
     Fatah wins local Paleo elections 2005-09-30
     Leb: 'Army deploys troops along Syrian border' 2005-10-01
At least 22 dead in Bali blasts 2005-10-02
     Dhaka arrests July 2000 boom mastermind 2005-10-03
     Talib spokesman snagged in Pakland 2005-10-04
     US launches biggest offensive of the year 2005-10-05
     Moussa Arafat's deputy bumped off 2005-10-06
     NYC named in subway terror threat 2005-10-07
     NYPD, FBI hunting possible bomber in NYC 2005-10-08
     Quake kills 30,000+ in Pak-India-Afghanistan 2005-10-09
     Bombs at Georgia Tech campus, UCLA 2005-10-10
     Suspect: Syrian Gave Turk Bombers $50,000 2005-10-11
Syrian Interior Minister "Commits Suicide" 2005-10-12
     Nalchik under seige by Chechen Killer Korps 2005-10-13
     Louis Attiyat Allah killed in Iraq? 2005-10-14
Iraqis go to the polls 2005-10-15
     Qaeda propagandist captured 2005-10-16
     Bangla bans HUJI 2005-10-17
     Assad brother-in-law named as suspect in Hariri murder 2005-10-18
Sammy on trial 2005-10-19
     US, UK teams search quake rubble for Osama Bin Laden 2005-10-20
Hariri murder probe implicates Syria 2005-10-21
     Bush calls for action against Syria 2005-10-22
     Islamist named in Mehlis report held 2005-10-23
     Palestine Hotel in Baghdad Hit by Car Bombs 2005-10-24
     'Bomb' at San Diego Airport Was Toy, Cookie 2005-10-25
     Islamic Jihad booms Israeli market 2005-10-26
     Israeli warplanes pound Gaza after suicide attack 2005-10-27
     Al-Qaeda member active in Delhi 2005-10-28
Serial bomb blasts rock Delhi, 25 feared killed 2005-10-29
     Third night of trouble in Paris suburb following teenage deaths 2005-10-30
     U.N. Security Council OKs Syria Resolution 2005-10-31
     Zark Confirms Kidnapping Of Two Morrocan Nationals 2005-11-01
     Omar al-Farouq escaped from Bagram 2005-11-02
Abu Musaab al-Suri nabbed in Pak? 2005-11-03
     Frankistan Intifada Gains Dangerous Momentum 2005-11-04
     U.S. Launches Major Offensive in Iraq 2005-11-05
     Radulon Sahiron snagged -- oops, not so 2005-11-06
     Frankenfadeh, Day 11 2005-11-07
Oz raids bad boyz, holy man nabbed 2005-11-08
Three hotels boomed in Amman 2005-11-09
Azahari's death confirmed 2005-11-10
     Izzat Ibrahim croaks? 2005-11-11
     Jordan Authorities interrogate 12 suspects 2005-11-12
     Jordan boomerette misfired 2005-11-13
     Jordan boomerette in TV confession 2005-11-14
     Senior Jordian security, religious advisors resign 2005-11-15
     French assembly backs emergency measure 2005-11-16
     Iran nuclear plant 'resumes work' 2005-11-17
Zark threatens to cut Jordan King Abdullah's head off 2005-11-18
     Iraqi Kurds may proclaim independence 2005-11-19
     Report: Zark killed by explosions in Mosul 2005-11-20
     White House doubts Zark among dead. Damn. 2005-11-21
     Israel Troops Kill Four Hezbollah Fighters 2005-11-22
     Morocco, Spain Smash Large al-Qaeda Net 2005-11-23
     DEBKA: US Marines Battling Inside Syria 2005-11-24
     Ohio holy man to be deported 2005-11-25
     Moroccan prosecutor charges 17 Islamists 2005-11-26
     Belgium arrests 90 in raid on human smuggling ring 2005-11-27
     Yemen Executes Holy Man for Murder of Politician 2005-11-28
     3 out of 5 Syrian Supects Delivered to Vienna 2005-11-29
     Kidnapping campaign back on in Iraq 2005-11-30
     Khalid Habib, Abd Hadi al-Iraqi appointed new heads of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan 2005-12-01
     10 Marines Killed in Bombing Near Fallujah 2005-12-02
Qaeda #3 helizapped in Waziristan 2005-12-03
     Sistani sez "Support your local holy man" 2005-12-04
     Allawi sez gunmen tried to assassinate him 2005-12-05
     Sami al-Arian walks 2005-12-06
     Passenger who made bomb threat banged at Miami International 2005-12-07
     Iraq Orders Closure Of Syrian Border 2005-12-08
     Plans for establishing Al-Qaeda in North African countries 2005-12-09
     EU concealed deal allowing rendition flights 2005-12-10
Chechens confirm death of also al-Saif, deputy emir also toes up 2005-12-11
     Iraq Poised to Vote 2005-12-12
     US, UK, troop pull-out to begin in months 2005-12-13
     Iraq Guards Intercept Forged Ballots From Iran 2005-12-14
     Jordanian PM vows preemptive war on "Takfiri culture" 2005-12-15
     FSB director confirms death of Abu Omar al-Saif 2005-12-16
Iraq Votes 2005-12-17
     Mehlis: Syria killed al-Hariri 2005-12-18
     Sharon in hospital after minor stroke 2005-12-19
     Eight convicted Iraqi terrs executed 2005-12-20
     Rabbani backs Qanooni for speaker of Afghan House 2005-12-21
     French Parliament OKs Anti-Terror Measures 2005-12-22
Hamas joins Iran in 'united Islamic front' 2005-12-23
     Bangla Bigots clash with cops, 57 injured 2005-12-24
     Jordanian's abductors want failed hotel bomber freed 2005-12-25
     78 ill in Russian gas attack? 2005-12-26
     Syrian Arrested in Lebanese Editor's Death 2005-12-27
     Two most-wanted Saudi militants killed in 24 hours 2005-12-28
GAM disbands armed wing 2005-12-29
     Palestinians commandeer the Rafah crossing 2005-12-30
     Syrian VP resigns, sez Assad 'threatened' Hariri 2005-12-31
     Syrian MPs: Try Khaddam for treason 2006-01-01
     U.N. Seeks Interview With Assad 2006-01-02
     Iraqi premier, Kurd leader strike deal 2006-01-03
Sharon suffers 'significant stroke' 2006-01-04
     Sharon 'may not recover' 2006-01-05
     Ariel Sharon Not Dead Yet 2006-01-06
     Iran issues new threat to Europe 2006-01-07
Assad rejects UN interview request 2006-01-08
     IRGC ground forces commander killed in plane crash 2006-01-09
     Leb army arrests four smuggling arms from North 2006-01-10
     Spain holds 20 'Iraq recruiters' 2006-01-11
     Europeans Say Iran Talks Reach Dead End 2006-01-12
Predators try for Zawahiri in Pak 2006-01-13
     Talk of sanctions on Iran premature: France 2006-01-14
     Emir of Kuwait dies 2006-01-15
     Canada diplo killed in Afghanistan 2006-01-16
     Tajiks claim holding senior Hizb ut-Tahrir leader 2006-01-17
Abu Khabab titzup? 2006-01-18
Binny offers hudna 2006-01-19
     Brammertz takes up al-Hariri inquiry 2006-01-20
     Plot to kill Hakim thwarted 2006-01-21
     U.S. Navy Seizes Pirate Ship Off Somalia 2006-01-22
JMB Supremo Shaikh Rahman arrested in India? 2006-01-23
Zark steps down as head of Iraqi muj council 2006-01-24
     UK cracks down on Basra cops 2006-01-25
Hamas takes Paleo election 2006-01-26
     Hamas, Fatah gunmen exchange fire in Gaza 2006-01-27
     Hamas leader rejects roadmap, call to disarm 2006-01-28
     Saudi Arabia: Former Dissident Escapes Assassination Attempt 2006-01-29
     UN Security Council to meet on Iran 2006-01-30
     Rantburg is down 2006-01-31
     Server is fixed... 2006-02-01
Muhammad cartoon row intensifies 2006-02-02
     Islamic Defense Front attacks Danish embassy in Jakarta 2006-02-03
     Syria protesters set Danish embassy ablaze 2006-02-04
Iran Resumes Uranium Enrichment 2006-02-05
     Cartoon riots: Leb interior minister quits 2006-02-06
     Captain Hook found guilty in London 2006-02-07
     Syrian Ex-VP and Muslim Brotherhood Put Past Behind Them 2006-02-08
     Taliban offer 100kg gold for killing cartoonist 2006-02-09
     Nasrallah: Bush and Rice should 'shut up' 2006-02-10
     Danish ambassador quits Syria 2006-02-11
IAEA cameras taken off Iran N-sites 2006-02-12
     Gore Bashes US In Saudi Arabia 2006-02-13
     Cartoon protesters go berserk in Peshawar 2006-02-14
     Yemen offers reward for Al Qaeda jailbreakers 2006-02-15
     Outbreaks along Tumen River between Nork guards and armed N Korean groups 2006-02-16
     Pak cleric rushdies cartoonist 2006-02-17
     Nigeria hard boyz threaten total war 2006-02-18
     Muslims Attack U.S. Embassy in Indonesia 2006-02-19
Uttar Pradesh minister issues bounty for beheading cartoonists 2006-02-20
     10 killed in religious clashes in Nigeria 2006-02-21
Shi'ite shrine destroyed in Samarra 2006-02-22
     Yemen Charges Five Saudis With Plotting Attacks 2006-02-23
Saudi forces thwart attack on oil facility 2006-02-24
     11 killed, nine churches torched in Nigeria 2006-02-25
     Jihad Jack Guilty 2006-02-26
     Saudi forces clash with suspected militants 2006-02-27
     Yemen Executes American Missionaries’ Murderer 2006-02-28
     US journo trapped in Afghan prison riot 2006-03-01
JMB chief Abdur Rahman nabbed 2006-03-02
     Leb Army seals Syrian border 2006-03-03
     EU3 Begin To Realize They Were Duped 2006-03-04
     Ayman issues call for more attacks 2006-03-05
Bangla Bhai bangla nabbed 2006-03-06
     15 Dead, Dozens hurt in blasts in north Indian temple town 2006-03-07
     N. Korea Launches Two Missiles 2006-03-08
     Qaeda fugitive surrenders in Kuwait 2006-03-09
     MILF coup underway? 2006-03-10
Clerics announce Sharia in S Waziristan 2006-03-11
     Foley Killers Hanged 2006-03-12
     Mujadadi survives suicide attack, blames Pakistan 2006-03-13
     Israel storms Jericho prison 2006-03-14
     Azam Tariq's alleged murderer caught in Greece 2006-03-15
     Largest Iraq air assault since invasion 2006-03-16
Iraq parliament meets under heavy security 2006-03-17
     Abbas urged to quit, scrap government 2006-03-18
     Dead Soddy al-Qaeda leader threatens princes in video 2006-03-19
     Senior al-Qaeda leader busted in Quetta 2006-03-20
     Pakistani Taliban now in control of North, South Waziristan 2006-03-21
     18 Iraqi police killed in jailbreak 2006-03-22
     Troops in Iraq Free 3 Western Hostages 2006-03-23
     Zarqawi aide captured in Iraq 2006-03-24
     Taliban to Brits: 600 Bombers Await You 2006-03-25
     Mortar Attack On Al-Sadr 2006-03-26
     30 beheaded bodies found in Iraq 2006-03-27
     Pak Talibs execute crook under shariah 2006-03-28
     US Muslim Gets 30 Yrs for Bush Assasination Plot 2006-03-29
     Smoking Gun in Hariri Murder Inquest? 2006-03-30
Hizbul Mujahedeen offers ceasefire 2006-03-31
     US cuts contact with Hamas-led PA 2006-04-01
Zarqawi fired 2006-04-02
     Sudan Bars Egelund From Darfur 2006-04-03
     Pirates hijack UAE tanker off Somalia 2006-04-04
     Cleric links ISI and Banglaboomers 2006-04-05
     PM Says New Hamas Government Is Broke 2006-04-06
     76 killed in Iraq mosque attack 2006-04-07
     US 'plans nuclear strikes against Iran' 2006-04-08
     IAEA inspectors in Iran to visit facilities 2006-04-09
     Pakistan brands Baluch rebel group terror outfit 2006-04-10
Sunni Tehrik leadership wiped out in suicide boom 2006-04-11
     29 indicted in connection with 3/11 2006-04-12
     Chad fights off rebels in capital 2006-04-13
     Sami Al-Arian To Be Deported 2006-04-14
     Chad breaks diplo relations with Sudan 2006-04-15
Aftab Ansari killed in J&K 2006-04-16
     At least 7 dead in Islamic Jihad boom in Tel Aviv 2006-04-17
     Four cross-dressing Afghans arrested for suspected links to Taliban 2006-04-18
     Israeli aircraft strike suspected rockets factory 2006-04-19
     Egypt seizes group that planned attacks on tourist sites 2006-04-20
     CIA Officer Fired for Leaking Classified Info to Media 2006-04-21
     Al-Maliki poised to become next Iraqi prime minister 2006-04-22
     New Bin Laden Audio Airs 2006-04-23
3 booms at Egyptian resort town 2006-04-24
     Jordan Arrests Hamas Members 2006-04-25
     Boomers Target Sinai Peacekeepers 2006-04-26
     $450 grand in cash stolen from Paleo FM in Kuwait 2006-04-27
     Iraqi forces kill 49 gunmen, arrest another 74 2006-04-28
     Noordin escapes capture by Indonesian police 2006-04-29
     Qaeda leaders in Samarra and Baquba both neutralized 2006-04-30
     Qaeda planning to massacre Fatah leadership 2006-05-01
     Ramadi battle kills 100-plus insurgents 2006-05-02
     Moussaoui gets life 2006-05-03
     Sweden: Three men 'planned terror attack on church' 2006-05-04
Goss Resigns as CIA Head 2006-05-05
     Anjem Choudary arrested 2006-05-06
     Israel foils plot to kill Abbas 2006-05-07
     Bush wants to close Gitmo 2006-05-08
     10 wounded in Fatah-Hamas festivities 2006-05-09
     Quartet folds on Paleo aid 2006-05-10
     Jordan Arrests 20 Over ‘Hamas Arms Plots’ 2006-05-11
Clashes in Somali capital kill 135 civilians 2006-05-12
     Attack on US consulate in Jeddah 2006-05-13
     Feds escort Moussaoui to new supermax home 2006-05-14
     Bangla: 13 militants get life 2006-05-15
     Beslan Snuffy Guilty of Terrorism 2006-05-16
     Two Fatah cars explode 2006-05-17
Haqqani takes command of Talibs 2006-05-18
     Hamas official seized with $800k 2006-05-19
     Iraqi government formed. Finally. 2006-05-20
     Bomb plot on Rashid Abu Shbak 2006-05-21
     Airstrike in South Afghanistan Kills 76 2006-05-22
     Hamas force battles rivals in Gaza 2006-05-23
British troops in first Taliban action 2006-05-24
     60 suspected Taliban, five security forces killed in Afghanistan 2006-05-25
     30 killed, many wounded in fresh Mogadishu fighting 2006-05-26
     Islamic Jihad official in Sidon dies of wounds 2006-05-27
     Plot fears prompt Morocco crackdown 2006-05-28
     Israeli air raid strikes Palestinian sites in Beqaa, southern Beirut 2006-05-29
Death Sentence for Bangla Bhai 2006-05-30
     Malaysia captures 12 suspected terrorists 2006-05-31
     State of emergency in Basra 2006-06-01
     Man shot in UK anti-terrorism raid 2006-06-02
Canada Arrests 17 in Bomb-Making Plot 2006-06-03
     Islamists defeat militias in Mogadishu 2006-06-04
Islamic courts declare victory in Mogadishu 2006-06-05
     Islamic courts vow to make Somalia Islamic state 2006-06-06
     Iraqi army takes over from US in Anbar 2006-06-07
Zark Zapped! 2006-06-08
     50 dead in post-Zark boom campaign 2006-06-09
     Paleo Car Swarm for Abu Samhadana 2006-06-10
     3 Gitmoids hanged themselves 2006-06-11
Zark's Heir Also Killed, Jordanians Say 2006-06-12
     Blinky's brother-in-law banged 2006-06-13
     US, Iraqis to use tanks to secure Baghdad 2006-06-14
     Somalia: Warlords Collapse 2006-06-15
     Sri Lanka strikes Tamil Tiger HQ 2006-06-16
Russers Bang Saidulayev 2006-06-17
     Qaeda Cell Planned a Poison-gas Attack on the N.Y. Subway 2006-06-18
     Group Claims It Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers 2006-06-19
     Missing soldiers found dead 2006-06-20
     Iraq Militant Group Says It Has Killed Russian Hostages 2006-06-21
     FBI leads raids in Miami 2006-06-22
     Shootout in Saudi kills six militants 2006-06-23
Somalia: ICU and TFG sign peace deal 2006-06-24
     Somalia: Wanted terrorist named head of "parliament" 2006-06-25
     Ventura CA port closed due to terror threat 2006-06-26
     Israeli tanks enter Gaza; Hamas signs "deal" 2006-06-27
     Call for UN intervention as Paleoministers seized 2006-06-28
     IAF Buzzes Assad's House 2006-06-29
IAF strikes official Gaza buildings 2006-06-30
     66 killed in car bombing at Baghdad market 2006-07-01
     Binny sez will take fight to America 2006-07-02
     Paleoterrs issue ultimatum 2006-07-03
NKors fire Taepodong fizzle 2006-07-04
     Israel destroys Palestinian Interior Ministry building 2006-07-05
     UN divided over missile response 2006-07-06
     Somali Islamists:death for Muslims skipping prayers 2006-07-07
     Lebanese Arrested In Connection With New York Plot 2006-07-08
Hamas gov't calls for halt to fighting 2006-07-09
Shamil breathes dirt! 2006-07-10
163 dead in Mumbai train booms 2006-07-11
IDF Re-Engages Lebanon, Reserves Called Up 2006-07-12
     Israel bombs Beirut airport, embargos coast 2006-07-13
     IAF Booms Hezbollah HQ, Misses Nasrallah 2006-07-14
     IDF targets Beirut, Tripoli ports & Hizbollah leadership 2006-07-15
Chechens Ready to Hang it Up 2006-07-16
     Israel attacks Beirut airport with four missiles 2006-07-17
     Israel flattens Paleo foreign ministry, Hamas offices 2006-07-18
     IAF foils rocket transports from Syria 2006-07-19
     Siniora pleads for world's help 2006-07-20
     Ethiopia enters Somalia to back government 2006-07-21
     Gaza groups agree to stop firing at Israel 2006-07-22
Israel seizes Maroun al-Ras 2006-07-23
     Hamas, I-J rocket Sderot. Surprise. 2006-07-24
     Egypt: US Mideast plan 'preposterous' 2006-07-25
     Leb Paleos to join Hizbullah 2006-07-26
     Ceasefire negotiations flop 2006-07-27
     Iranian "volunteers" leave for Leb 2006-07-28
     Iran stops would-be Hizbullah volunteers at border 2006-07-29
     Israel OKs suspension of aerial activity 2006-07-30
     IAF strikes road from Lebanon to Damascus 2006-07-31
Iran rejects UN demand to suspend uranium enrichment 2006-08-01
     IDF pushes into Leb 2006-08-02
     Record number of rockets hit Israeli north 2006-08-03
     IDF Ordered to Advance to Litani River 2006-08-04
U.S., France OK U.N. Mideast Truce Pact 2006-08-05
     Beirut dismisses UN draft resolution 2006-08-06
     IAF strikes northeast Lebanon 2006-08-07
     Lebanese objection delays vote at UN 2006-08-08
     Israel shakes up Leb front leadership 2006-08-09
"Plot to blow up planes" foiled in UK. We hope. 2006-08-10
     ‘Quake money’ used to finance UK plane bombing plot 2006-08-11
     Israeli troops reach the Litani River 2006-08-12
     Lebanese Cabinet Approves Cease-Fire 2006-08-13
     Hizbullah distributes Leaflets claiming victory 2006-08-14
     Assad: We’ll liberate Golan Heights 2006-08-15
     Leb contorts, obfuscates over Hezbollah disarmament 2006-08-16
     Lebanese Army Moves South 2006-08-17
Frenchies Throw U.N Peacekeeping Plans Into Disarray 2006-08-18
     Lebanese Army memo: stand with HizbAllah 2006-08-19
     Annan: UN won't 'wage war' in Lebanon 2006-08-20
     Iran Denies Inspectors Access to Site 2006-08-21
     Iran ready to talk interminably 2006-08-22
     Group claims abduction of Fox News journalists 2006-08-23
     Clashes kill 25 more Taleban in southern Afghanistan 2006-08-24
     Frenchies to Send 2,000 Troops to Lebanon 2006-08-25
Akbar Bugti killed in Kohlu operation 2006-08-26
     Iran tests submarine-to-surface missile 2006-08-27
     Syrian Charged in Germany Over Failed Bomb Plot 2006-08-28
     50 Tater Tots and 20 soldiers killed in Iraq 2006-08-29
     Brits Charge 3 More in Jetliner Terror Plot 2006-08-30
Ex-generals to Halutz: Go home! 2006-08-31
     IAEA submits Iran report 2006-09-01
     "Star Wars" zaps target in Pac test 2006-09-02
     Ayman sez "Convert or die!" 2006-09-03
     British police search 17 terror suspects' homes 2006-09-04
     Peace deal signed in Wazoo 2006-09-05
     7 held in Denmark after anti-terror sting 2006-09-06
     Iraq hangs 27 on terrorism charges 2006-09-07
     Blasts near Indian mosque kill 20 2006-09-08
     5 more suspects held in Danish terror probe 2006-09-09
     NATO troops kill 60 Taliban in Afghanistan 2006-09-10
Five Years: Never Forgive, Never Forget, Never "Understand" 2006-09-11
     Bush rallies nation to ‘struggle for civilization’ 2006-09-12
     Law, order restored to outskirts of US Embassy in Damascus 2006-09-13
     General Udi Adam resigns 2006-09-14
Muslims seethe over Pope's remarks 2006-09-15
Somali cleric calls for Muslims to hunt down and kill Pope 2006-09-16
     Mujahideen Army threatens Pope with suicide attack 2006-09-17
     Afghan boomer targets crowd of kiddies 2006-09-18
     Close shave for Somali prez in assassination boom 2006-09-19
     Meshaal threatens to murder Haniyeh 2006-09-20
     Death sentence for al-Rishawi 2006-09-21
     Pak clerics demand Pope's removal 2006-09-22
     'Bin Laden is dead' claim French secret service 2006-09-23
     Norway detains Pak, two others 2006-09-24
Omar al-Farouq killed in Basra crossfire© 2006-09-25
     Somali Islamists seize Kismayo 2006-09-26
     Insurgent Leader Captured in Iraq 2006-09-27
     Taliban set up office in Miranshah 2006-09-28
Al Qaeda In Iraq: 4,000 Insurgents Dead 2006-09-29
     NKors digging tunnel for nuke test 2006-09-30
     PKK declare unilateral ceasefire 2006-10-01
     Ex-ISI officials may be helping Taliban 2006-10-02
     Hamas Closes Paleogovernment 2006-10-03
     Pa. man charged with trying to help al-Qaida attack refineries 2006-10-04
     Fatah Threatens to Murder Hamas Leaders 2006-10-05
     Islamists set up central Islamic court in Mogadishu 2006-10-06
     Pakistan admits 'helping' Kashmir militancy 2006-10-07
North Korea Tests Nuclear Weapon 2006-10-08
     China denounces "brazen" North Korea nuclear test 2006-10-09
     China cancels troop leave along North Korean border 2006-10-10
     Two Muslims found guilty in Albany sting case 2006-10-11
     Gadahn indicted for treason 2006-10-12
     Suspect pleads guilty to terrorist plot in US, Britain 2006-10-13
     Pak foils coup plot 2006-10-14
     UN imposes stringent NKor sanctions 2006-10-15
Truck bomb kills 100+ in Sri Lanka 2006-10-16
     Brother of Saddam Prosecutor Is Killed 2006-10-17
     Hamas: Mastermind of Shalit's abduction among 4 killed in Gaza 2006-10-18
     British pull out of southern Afghan district 2006-10-19
     Shiite militia takes over Iraqi city 2006-10-20
     Gunnies shoot up Haniyeh's motorcade 2006-10-21
     Bajaur political authorities free 9 Qaeda suspects 2006-10-22
     32 killed in factional fighting, Amanullah Khan among them 2006-10-23
     UN hands 'final' Hariri tribunal plan to Lebanon 2006-10-24
     Iran may have Khan nuke gear: Pakistan 2006-10-25
US-Iraqi forces raid Sadr city, PM disavows attack 2006-10-26
     Hilali suspended from speaking at Lakemba 2006-10-27
     Taliban accuse NATO of genocide, bus bombing kills 14 2006-10-28
     Aussie 'al-Qaeda suspects' facing terror charges in Yemen 2006-10-29
     Pakistani troops destroy al-Qaida training grounds 2006-10-30
     Lahoud objects to int'l court on Hariri murder 2006-10-31
     NYC Judge Refuses to Toss Terror Charges Against Four 2006-11-01
     US force storms Allawi's Home 2006-11-02
     Turkey: Muslim vows to 'strangle' Pope 2006-11-03
     More Military Humor Aimed at Kerry 2006-11-04
Saddam Sentenced to Death 2006-11-05
     Pakistani AF officers tried to kill Perv 2006-11-06
     Al Qaeda terrorist captured in Afghanistan 2006-11-07
     Israeli Forces Pull Out of Beit Hanoun 2006-11-08
     Indon Muslims on trial over beheading young girls 2006-11-09
     US Rejects UN Resolutions on Gaza Violence as One-Sided 2006-11-10
Haniyeh offers to resign for aid 2006-11-11
     Five Shia ministers resign from Lebanese cabinet 2006-11-12
     Palestinians agree on nonentity as PM 2006-11-13
     Khost capture was Zawahiri deputy? 2006-11-14
Nasrallah vows campaign to force gov't change 2006-11-15
     Morocco holds 13 suspected Jihadist group members 2006-11-16
     Moroccan convicted over 9/11 plot 2006-11-17
     UN General Assembly calls for Israel to end military operation in Gaza 2006-11-18
     SCIIRI bigshot banged in Baghdad 2006-11-19
     Sudanese troops, Janjaweed rampage in Darfur 2006-11-20
Pierre Gemayel assassinated 2006-11-21
     Nørway økays giving Mullah Krekar the bøøt 2006-11-22
     Sunni Car Boom Offensive Kills 133 Shia in Baghdad 2006-11-23
     Palestinians offer Israel limited truce 2006-11-24
     Olmert agrees to Hudna, promises Peace In Our Time 2006-11-25
     NATO says killed 55 Taliban in Afghan clashes 2006-11-26
Russers Bang Abu Havs 2006-11-27
     Two Kassams land in Sderot area 2006-11-28
     Kashmir bad boyz offer conditional hudna 2006-11-29
     'Israel losing patience over truce violations' 2006-11-30
     Hundreds killed, wounded in south Sudan clashes 2006-12-01
     Hezbers begin campaign to force Siniora out 2006-12-02
     First blood drawn in Beirut 2006-12-03
Bolton to resign 2006-12-04
     Talibs "repel" Brit assault 2006-12-05
     Sudan rejects U.N. compromise deal on Darfur 2006-12-06
     Soddy forces, gunnies shoot it out 2006-12-07
     Olmert vows to do nothing ''show restraint'' in face of Kassams 2006-12-08
     Chicago jihad boy nabbed in grenade plot 2006-12-09
Lahoud refuses to endorse Hariri tribunal accord 2006-12-10
     Talabani lashes out at 'dangerous' Baker report 2006-12-11
     Hamas gunnies kill three little sons of Abbas aide in Gaza 2006-12-12
     Arab League seeks end to Leb crisis 2006-12-13
     Brammertz finds 'significant links' in Lebanon killings 2006-12-14
     Paleos shoot up Haniyeh convoy 2006-12-15
     Street clashes spread in Gaza 2006-12-16
Abbas Calls for Early Palestinian Vote 2006-12-17
     Palestinian Clashes Kill 2; Presidential Compound Hit 2006-12-18
     James Ujaama nabbed in Belize 2006-12-19
     Yet another Hamas-Fatah ceasefire 2006-12-20
     Turkmenbashi croaks; World one megalomaniac lighter 2006-12-21
War is on in Somalia! 2006-12-22
     Somali provisional govt, Islamic courts do battle 2006-12-23
UN Security Council approves Iran sanctions 2006-12-24
     Ethiopia launches offensive against Somalia's Islamic movement 2006-12-25
     Islamic fighters quitting Somalia front 2006-12-26
     Up to 1,000 Somalis dead in Ethiopia offensive 2006-12-27
Islamic Courts Hang It Up 2006-12-28
Daffy Janjalani presumed dead 2006-12-29
Saddam hanged 2006-12-30
     Aethiops and Somalis moving on Kismayo 2006-12-31
     Baathists pledge loyalty to Izzat Ibrahim 2007-01-01
     Islamists decamp from Kismayu 2007-01-02
     Iran Funding Both Shiite And Sunni Jihadists In Iraq 2007-01-03
Report: Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei is Supremely Stable 2007-01-04
     White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says 2007-01-05
     Top Dems Oppose More Troops in Iraq 2007-01-06
     Iraqi Papers Sunday: Iranian Coup Plot Foiled? 2007-01-07
     US Gunship Hits Al-Qaeda In Somalia 2007-01-08
     Major battle on Haifa street in Baghdad 2007-01-09
Troop Surge Already Under Way 2007-01-10
     US Warships picking up Al-Q hardboyz at sea 2007-01-11
     Two US aircraft carrier groups plus Patriot missile bn planned for ME 2007-01-12
     Last Somali Islamist base falls 2007-01-13
     Somalia: Lawmakers impose martial law 2007-01-14
     Barzan and al-Bandar hanged; Barzan's head pops off 2007-01-15
     Yemen kills al-Qaeda fugitive 2007-01-16
Halutz quits 2007-01-17
     Mullah Hanif sez Mullah Omar lives in Quetta 2007-01-18
     Tater aide arrested in Baghdad 2007-01-19
     Shootout near presidential palace in Mog 2007-01-20
     Two South Africans accused of Al-Qaeda links 2007-01-21
     3,200 new US troops arrive in Baghdad 2007-01-22
     100 killed in Iraq market bombings 2007-01-23
Beirut burns as Hezbollah strike explodes into sectarian violence 2007-01-24
     Bali bomber hurt in Filipino gunfight 2007-01-25
     US Troops Now Directed To: 'Catch Or Kill Iranian Agents' 2007-01-26
     Salafist Group renamed "Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb" 2007-01-27
     21 dead in festive Gaza weekend 2007-01-28
     US and Iraqi forces kill 250 militants in Najaf 2007-01-29
Chlorine Boom in Ramadi 2007-01-30
Mo Jamal Khalifa mysteriously bumped off 2007-01-31
     Hamas ambushes Gaza "arms convoy" , Trucefire™ holding 2007-02-01
     Three wannabe head choppers in Brit court 2007-02-02
     22 killed and 245 wounded since Thursday in Trucefire™ 2007-02-03
     Truck boomer kills 135 in deadliest Iraq blast 2007-02-04
     McNeill Assumes Command Of NATO Forces In Afghanistan 2007-02-05
     Yemen prepared to grant top Sheikh Sharif asylum 2007-02-06
     Fatah, Hamas talks kick off in Mecca 2007-02-07
UN creates tribunal on Lebanon political killings 2007-02-08
     Hamas and Fatah sign unity accord 2007-02-09
     Iraqi and US forces push into Baghdad flashpoints 2007-02-10
Petraeus takes command 2007-02-11
     140 arrested in Baghdad sweeps: US military 2007-02-12
     Tater bugs out 2007-02-13
     Bombs kill nine on buses in Lebanon 2007-02-14
     Al-Masri said wounded, aide killed 2007-02-15
     Attempt to hijack Maretanian plane painfully foiled 2007-02-16
     Algeria: Police kill 26 bad boyz, arrest 35 after attacks 2007-02-17
     Iraqi, Coalition forces detain 21 suspected terrs 2007-02-18
64 killed in Delhi-Lahore train boom 2007-02-19
     USS Stennis Now On Station 2007-02-20
Brits to begin withdrawing troops 2007-02-21
Another poison gas attack in Iraq 2007-02-22
     U.S. bangs five bad boyz in Iraq gunfight 2007-02-23
     3 Pak bad boyz dead when their package blows up 2007-02-24
     Boomer tries for Abdul Aziz al-Hakim 2007-02-25
     3 French nationals murdered in Soddy ministry 2007-02-26
Taliboomer tries for Cheney 2007-02-27
     Somali police arrest four ship hijackers 2007-02-28
     Judge rules Padilla competent for trial 2007-03-01
     Dozens of al-Qaeda killed in Anbar 2007-03-02
     Chechen parliament approves Kadyrov as president 2007-03-03
     US and Pakistani agents interrogate Taliban leader 2007-03-04
Iraqis say they have Abu Omar al-Baghdadi 2007-03-05
     CIA Rushing Resources to Bin Laden Hunt 2007-03-06
     Split in Hamas? 2 Hamas officials move to Syria 2007-03-07
     Pentagon Deploys more MPs to Baghdad 2007-03-08
     Ug troops arrive in Mog 2007-03-09
     Captured big turban wasn't al-Baghdadi. We guessed that. 2007-03-10
     U.S. calls Iran, Syria talks cordial 2007-03-11
     Talibs threaten Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Mexico, Samoa 2007-03-12
     Lebanese Police arrest a Palestinian carrying a bomb 2007-03-13
     Mortar shells hit Somali presidential residence 2007-03-14
9 held in Morocco after suicide blast 2007-03-15
     Syrians confess to Leb twin bus bombings 2007-03-16
     Gaza gunnies try to snatch UNRWA head 2007-03-17
     PA unity govt to meet officially on Sunday 2007-03-18
     5000+ kilos of explosives seized in Mazar-e-Sharif 2007-03-19
Taha Yassin Ramadan escorted from gene pool 2007-03-20
     40 killed in Wazoo clashes 2007-03-21
     110 killed as Waziristan festivities enter third day 2007-03-22
Iran kidnaps Brit sailors, marines 2007-03-24
UNSC approves new sanctions on Iran 2007-03-25
     Release Sufi Muhammad in 72 hours or Else: TNSM 2007-03-26
     Hicks pleads guilty 2007-03-27
     US starts largest exercise since war 2007-03-28
     Arab League unanimously approves Saudi peace plan 2007-03-29
Abdur Rahman, Bangla Bhai stretchy neck 2007-03-30
     Japan sets up missile defence shield near Tokyo 2007-03-31
     Wazoo tribesmen attack Qaeda bunkers 2007-04-01
     Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush 2007-04-02
     All British sailors confess to illegal trespassing 2007-04-03
Iran deigns to release kidnapped sailors 2007-04-04
     50 more titzup in Wazoo festivities 2007-04-05
     12 killed in Iraq Qaeda chlorine attack 2007-04-06
     Pakistan: Curb 'vice' Or Face Suicide Attacks, Mosque Warns 2007-04-07
     40 die in Parachinar sectarian festivities 2007-04-08
     MNF arrests 12 bodyguards of Iraqi Parliament member 2007-04-09
     Lashkar chases Uzbeks out of S Waziristan 2007-04-10
Morocco boomers blow themselves up 2007-04-11
Algiers booms kill 30 2007-04-12
     Renewed gun battle rages in Mog 2007-04-13
     Islamic State of Iraq claims Iraq parliament attack 2007-04-14
     Car bomb kills scores near shrine in Kerbala 2007-04-15
     Bombs hit Christian bookstore, two Internet cafes in Gaza City 2007-04-16
     Iranian Weapons Intended for Taliban Intercepted 2007-04-17
Sadr pulls out of govt 2007-04-18
     Harry Reid: "War Is Lost" 2007-04-19
     Paks demonstrate against mullahs 2007-04-20
     Rocket fired at Fazl's house 2007-04-21
     Khaleda sets out for exile any time now... 2007-04-22
     51 killed as Somalia fighting rages 2007-04-23
Lal Masjid calls for jihad against ''un-Islamic'' govt 2007-04-24
     IDF to request green light to strike Hamas leadership 2007-04-25
     London: Four men plead guilty to explosives plot 2007-04-26
     US House okays deadline for Iraq troop pullout 2007-04-27
     Missiles Kill Four Hard Boyz in Pakistan 2007-04-28
Somalia president claims victory, asks for international help 2007-04-29
     UK police charges 6 with inciting terror, fundraising 2007-04-30
Abu Ayyub al-Masri reported rubbed out 2007-05-01
     75 'rebels' killed in southern Afghan offensive: UK officer 2007-05-02
Muharib Abdul Latif banged; Abu Omar al-Baghdadi said titzup 2007-05-03
     Thousands Rally Against Olmert 2007-05-04
     Tater Tots, Badr Brigades clash in Sadr City 2007-05-05
     Meshaal rejects U.S. timeline, threatens terrible things 2007-05-06
     Morocco breaks up Qaeda recruiting gang 2007-05-07
     Extra 8,000 AU troops to be sent to Somalia 2007-05-08
     Iran: Moussavian 'Spied For Europe' 2007-05-09
     7/7 Bomber's Widow Among Four Arrested 2007-05-10
     Madrid Bombing Defendants Start Hunger Strike 2007-05-11
     Poirot concludes his UN report about Hariri's murder 2007-05-12
Mullah Dadullah reported deadullah 2007-05-13
     Extra troops as Karachi death toll mounts 2007-05-14
     Paleo interior minister quits 2007-05-15
     Chlorine boom kills 20 in Diyala 2007-05-16
     IDF tanks enter Gaza Strip 2007-05-17
     9 dead after bomb explodes at India's oldest Mosque 2007-05-18
     White House rejects Democrats' offer on war spending bill 2007-05-19
Leb army takes on Fatah al-Islam at Paleo camp 2007-05-20
     Leb army lays siege to camp as fight continues 2007-05-21
     Hamas threatens new wave of suicide attacks 2007-05-22
     PLO backs army entry into Nahr al-Bared 2007-05-23
     Israel seizes Hamas leaders in West Bank 2007-05-24
     Dems blink: House Approves War-Funding Bill 2007-05-25
     Nangahar big turban snagged 2007-05-26
     U.S. Military Rescues 41 Iraqis From Al Qaeda Prison 2007-05-27
     14 Arrested in Spain on Terror Charges 2007-05-28
     Iraqi Kurdistan to take charge of own security 2007-05-29
     Maliki is conducting "reconciliation" talks with Izzat Ibrahim 2007-05-30
UNSC approves Hariri court 2007-05-31
     Leb army attempts to seize Fateh al-Islam positions inside camp 2007-06-01
     Report: Feds arrest 3 in alleged JFK airport plot 2007-06-02
     UAE gives $80 million to Palestinians 2007-06-03
     Clashes in Ein el-Hellhole between army and Syrian sock puppets 2007-06-04
     Terror suspect surrenders in Trinidad 2007-06-05
     Kabul to trade Deadullah's carcass for hostages 2007-06-06
     HuJi boss Hannan, 5 others to be charged 2007-06-07
     Lebanon Security Forces find 3 car bombs in Bekaa village 2007-06-08
     Olmert 'offers Golan Heights in peace deal' 2007-06-09
     Hamas-Fatah festivities renew in S Gaza, only 2 killed 2007-06-10
     Gunmen fire on Haniyeh's house in Gaza; no one hurt 2007-06-11
     Hamas Captures Fatah Security HQ in Gaza 2007-06-12
     Qaeda emir in Mosul banged 2007-06-13
Beirut boom kills another anti-Syrian lawmaker 2007-06-14
Abbas dissolves unity govt 2007-06-15
US launches new offensive around Baghdad 2007-06-16
     Looters raid Arafat's house, steal his Nobel Peace Prize 2007-06-17
     Abbas' new PM outlaws Hamas 2007-06-18
     Pakistan: U.S. Missile Kills 32 Hard Boyz 2007-06-19
     Boom kills 78 in Baghdad 2007-06-20
Leb Army takes over Nahr al-Bared 2007-06-21
     Paks post reward for murdering Rushdie 2007-06-22
     Larijani admits Iran financing Hamas 2007-06-23
     Lal Masjid Students Free Chinese Women 2007-06-24
     Boomer kills 6 UN soldiers in south Lebanon 2007-06-25
     Tony Blair to be confirmed as Middle East envoy 2007-06-26
     Lebanon arrests 40 Fatah al-Islam gunnies 2007-06-27
     Brown replaces Blair 2007-06-28
Car bomb defused in central London 2007-06-29
Car, petrol attack at Glasgow airport terminal 2007-06-30
     Lebs find car used in Gemayel murder 2007-07-01
Algerian security forces bang Ali Abu Dahdah 2007-07-02
     UK bomb plot suspect 'arrested in Brisbane' 2007-07-03
12 dead as Lal Masjid students provoke gunfight 2007-07-04
     1200 surrender at Lal Masjid
Abul Aziz Ghazi nabbed sneaking out in burka
     Failed assasination attempt at Musharraf 2007-07-06
     100 Murdered in Turkmen Village of Amer Li 2007-07-07
     Pak arrests Talibigs 2007-07-08
     Israeli cabinet okays Fatah prisoner release 2007-07-09
Paks assault Lal Masjid 2007-07-10
     Ghazi dead, crisis over, aftermath begins 2007-07-11
     Iraq: 200 boom belts found in Syrian truck 2007-07-12
     Hek urges Islamist revolt in Pakistain 2007-07-13
     Thai army detains 342 Muslims in southern raids 2007-07-14
N Korea closes nuclear facilities 2007-07-15
     Major Joint Offensive South of Baghdad, 8,000 troops 2007-07-16
     Bombs kill at least 80 in Kirkuk 2007-07-17
     Qaida in Iraq Big Turban Captured 2007-07-18
Hek declares ceasefire 2007-07-19
     6 dead in rocket attack on Somali peace conference 2007-07-20
     Afghan Talibs kidnap 23 S. Koreans 2007-07-21
     N. Wazoo Peace Jirga Rocketed 2007-07-22
     Summer Offensive: More than 50 Talibs killed in Afghanistan 2007-07-23
Abdullah Mehsud: Dead again 2007-07-24
     U.S., Iranian envoys meet in Baghdad 2007-07-25
     Iraq: Khalis tribal leaders sign peace agreement 2007-07-26
     50 Iraq football fans killed in car bombs 2007-07-27
     New PA platform omits 'armed struggle' 2007-07-28
     Perv to retire as Army Chief, stay as President, Bhutto to be PM 2007-07-29
ISAF: Chairman of Taliban military council banged in Helmand 2007-07-30
     Taleban kill second SKorean hostage 2007-07-31
     Eight terrorists killed, 40 suspects detained in Coalition operations 2007-08-01
Qaeda in Maghreb's second-in-command surrenders 2007-08-02
     Algerians zap Islamic mastermind 2007-08-03
     Afghan airstrikes kill ‘100’ Taliban 2007-08-04
     Explosives + ME men near Naval Station in SC, FBI on scene 2007-08-05
     Benazir willing to join Musharraf in govt 2007-08-06
     Suicide bomber kills 30 in Iraq, including 12 children 2007-08-07
     11 polio workers abducted in Khar, campaign halted 2007-08-08
     2,760 non-Iraqi detainees in Iraqi jails, 800 Iranians 2007-08-09
     Saudi police detain 135 2007-08-10
     Philippines military kills 58 militants 2007-08-11
     Taliban: 2 sick S. Korean hostages to be freed 2007-08-12
Lebanese army rejects siege surrender offer 2007-08-13
     Police arrests dormant cell of Fatah al-Islam in s. Lebanon 2007-08-14
     At least 175 dead in Iraq bomb attack 2007-08-15
Jury finds Padilla, 2 co-defendents, guilty 2007-08-16
     Tora Bora assault: Allies press air, ground attacks 2007-08-17
     "Take us to Tehran!" : Turkish passenger plane hijacked 2007-08-18
     Taliban say hostage talks fail 2007-08-19
     Baitullah sez S. Wazoo deal is off, Gov't claims accord is intact 2007-08-20
     'Saddam's daughter won't be deported' 2007-08-21
     Aksa Martyrs: We'll no longer honor agreements with Israel 2007-08-22
Izzat Ibrahim to throw in towel 2007-08-23
     Pak supremes: Nawaz can return 2007-08-24
     Hyderabad under attack: 3 explosions, 2 defused bombs, 34 dead 2007-08-25
     Two AQI big turbans nabbed 2007-08-26
     12 Taliban fighters killed along Pakistan-Afghanistan border 2007-08-27
     Gul Elected Turkey's President 2007-08-28
     Shiite Shootout Shuts Shrine 2007-08-29
Mullah Brother is no more 2007-08-30
     Liverlips plans to form a puppet government in Lebanon 2007-08-31
     Knobby gives up veto in return for consensus on new president 2007-09-01
Nahr al-Bared falls to Lebanon army 2007-09-02
     Afghans bang 120 resurgent Talibs 2007-09-03
     Danish police arrest 8 in terror plot 2007-09-04
     Bomb blasts kill 25 in Rawalpindi cantonment 2007-09-05
     Germany foils massive terrorist campaign 2007-09-06
     Tarzan Dogmush murdered 2007-09-07
Binny: "Convert or die, infidels!" 2007-09-08
     Germans hunt 49 in 'Fritz the Taliban' terror plot 2007-09-09
Petraeus reports 2007-09-10
Six Years: Never forgive, never forget, never "understand"! 2007-09-11
     Suicide bomber kills 16 in Pakistan 2007-09-12
     Pakistan 115th most peaceful country 2007-09-13
     Majority OKs Berri's initiative to resolve Lebanon crisis 2007-09-14
     Sudan offers truce in Darfur 2007-09-15
     Sadr's movement pulls out of Iraq alliance 2007-09-16
     Pak Talibs agree to release abducted soldiers? 2007-09-17
Rappani Khalilov Waxed 2007-09-18
     Beirut car bomb kills another anti-Syrian lawmaker 2007-09-19
     al-Awdah turns against Al Qaeda 2007-09-20
     Binny Declares War on Perv 2007-09-21
     Islamists stage rally against Musharraf 2007-09-22
     'Commandos captured nuclear materials before air raid in Syria' 2007-09-23
     Pakistan police round up Musharraf opponents 2007-09-24
Hezbollah, Allies Scuttle Leb Presidential Vote 2007-09-25
     NWFP govt calls for army's help 2007-09-26
     Over 100 Taliban killed in Afghanistan 2007-09-27
AQI #3 Abu Usama al Tunisi bites the dust 2007-09-28
     Court Lets Perv Run for President 2007-09-29
     Indian troops corner rebels in Kashmir mosque 2007-09-30
     Hamas renews call for cease-fire with Israel 2007-10-01
     Bhutto may allow US military strike 2007-10-02
     3 die in explosion at Hamas HQ 2007-10-03
     US-led team to oversee N. Korea nuclear disablement 2007-10-04
Korean leaders agree to end war 2007-10-05
     Paleo arrestfest as Hamas, Fatah detain each other's cadres 2007-10-06
     Support network in Pakistan accused of helping Taliban, others sneak across border to attack U.S 2007-10-07
     Tehran University student protest -- 'Death to the dictator' 2007-10-08
     Al Qaeda deputy killed in Algeria: report 2007-10-09
     Gunmen kidnap director of Basra Int'l Airport 2007-10-10
Wazoo ceasefire 2007-10-11
     Sufi shrine kaboomed in India 2007-10-12
     Wally accuses Hezbullies of planning to occupy Beirut 2007-10-13
     Khamenei urges Arabs to boycott Mideast meet 2007-10-14
     Six killed, 25 injured as terror strikes Indian town of Ludhiana 2007-10-15
Time for Palestinian State: Rice 2007-10-16
     Putin warns against military action on Iran 2007-10-17
Benazir Bhutto survives bomb attack 2007-10-18
     Binny's handler was incharge of Benazir's security 2007-10-19
     Waziristan to be pacified 'once and for all' 2007-10-20
     Four dozen Talibs banged in Musa Qala area 2007-10-21
     Bobby Jindal governor of Louisiana 2007-10-22
     PKK offers conditional ceasefire 2007-10-23
Binny demands reinforcements for Iraq 2007-10-24
     India jails 31 for life over 1998 blasts 2007-10-25
     Mehsuds formally ask army to leave Tank compound 2007-10-26
     Pakistani forces launch offensive against militants in Swat valley 2007-10-27
     80 Talibs escorted from gene pool at Musa Qala 2007-10-28
Baghdad: Gunmen kidnap 10 anti-al-Qaida tribal leaders 2007-10-29
     Crew of North Korean Pirated Vessel Regains Control 2007-10-30
     Iraqi Special Forces Detains AQI Commander in Khadra 2007-10-31
     Bus bomb kills eight, injures 56 in Russia 2007-11-01
     Anbar leaders visit US, stress partnership 2007-11-02
Musharraf imposes state of emergency 2007-11-03
     Opp vows to resist emergency 2007-11-04
     Around 60 Taliban, four police dead in Afghan attacks 2007-11-05
     Suicide bomber kills scores in northern Afghanistan 2007-11-06
     Swat's Buddha carving has been decapitated 2007-11-07
     Militants now in control of most of Swat 2007-11-08
AQI Is Out of Baghdad, U.S. Says 2007-11-09
     Sheikh al-Ubaidi, four others from Salvation Council in Diyala killed by suicide boomer 2007-11-10
     Thousands flee Mogadishu, over 80 killed 2007-11-11
     Seven dead at festivities honoring Yasser 2007-11-12
     Blasts rips through Philippines Congress building 2007-11-13
     TNSM spreads outside Swat 2007-11-14
     Morticia Hopes to Form Nat'l Unity Gov't 2007-11-15
Philippines reaches deal with MILF 2007-11-16
     40 militants killed as gunships pound Swat and Shangla 2007-11-17
     Negroponte meets with Perv 2007-11-18
     Israel agrees to return 20,000 Palestinian refugees 2007-11-19
     Israel to free 441 Palestinian prisoners 2007-11-20
     Berri postpones Lebanon presidential vote for fourth time 2007-11-21
     Iraqi Security Forces detain 81 suspected extremists 2007-11-22
Lahoud stepping down at midnight 2007-11-23
     Tanks deployed in Beirut to prevent possible violence 2007-11-24
     Sharifs reach deal with Perv 2007-11-25
     Nawaz returns, vows to contest elections 2007-11-26
     Perv to bid farewell to troops 2007-11-27
     Sistani tells Shiites to protect Sunni brothers 2007-11-28
Perv finally quits army 2007-11-29
     Perv Sworn In as Civilian President 2007-11-30
     Binny: Euroleaders 'like living under shadow of White House' 2007-12-01
     Walkout in Iraq parliament over Sunni leader raid 2007-12-02
     40 Taliban killed, 14 held in Afghanistan 2007-12-03
     Abu Maysara Positively Deader Than a Rock 2007-12-04
     Somali leader taken to hospital 2007-12-05
     Suicide attack on army bus in Kabul kills 16 2007-12-06
Pak troops capture Mullah Fazlullah's base 2007-12-07
     Berri postpones Lebanon presidential election to Tuesday 2007-12-08
     Fierce battle rages for Taliban stronghold 2007-12-09
     al-Abssi is in Syria and Fatah al-Isalm is in Gaza 2007-12-10
     Taliban abandons Musa Qala 2007-12-11
     Qaeda in North Africa claims Algiers blasts 2007-12-12
Leb car boom murders top general 2007-12-13
     Khamenei appoints Qassem as Hezbollah military commander 2007-12-14
     Mehsud to head Taliban Movement of Pakistan 2007-12-15
     Kabul cop shoppe boomed, 5 dead 2007-12-16
     Paks form team to rearrest Rashid Rauf 2007-12-17
Turkish Army Sends Soldiers Into Iraq 2007-12-18
     Turkey's military confirms ground incursion; claims heavy PKK losses 2007-12-19
     Hamas leader appeals for truce with Israel 2007-12-20
     France Detains Five Men In Connection With Algeria Bombing 2007-12-21
     Paks raid madrassah after mosque boom 2007-12-22
     Somalia Islamic movement appoints new leadership 2007-12-23
     Hindu nationalists win Indian election 2007-12-24
     Government amends Lebanon constitution for presidential election 2007-12-25
     15-year-old bomber stopped at Bhutto rally 2007-12-26
Benazir Bhutto killed by suicide bomber 2007-12-27
     Bhutto's assassination triggers riots 2007-12-28
     Sindh Rangers given shoot-at-sight orders 2007-12-29
     Bin Laden vows jihad to liberate Palestinian land 2007-12-30
     Little Pugsley appointed PPP chairman, Gomez regent 2007-12-31
Iraq December death toll lowest in 22 months 2008-01-01
     Army intervenes to end fist fights between Hezbollah, Hariri party 2008-01-02
     Baquba Awakening Council leader killed by cross-dressing suicide squeegeeman 2008-01-03
     Coalition forces kill AQI big turban in Baghdad 2008-01-04
     Fatah al-Islam sez they're infesting Ein el-Hellhole 2008-01-05
     Morocco jails 50 Islamists for terror plots 2008-01-06
     Arab FMs urge immediate Leb presidential election 2008-01-07
     Chadian planes bomb rebels in Sudan 2008-01-08
     Mullah Fazlullah deadullah? 2008-01-09
     40,000 pounds of US bombs hit 38 Qaeda 'safe havens' 2008-01-10
Lahore suicide kaboom kills at least 20, injures 80 2008-01-11
     Militant threat on Eiffel Tower intercepted 2008-01-12
     Bissau extradites al Qaeda suspects to Mauritania 2008-01-13
     Attack on luxury Afghan hotel kills guard, militant: ISAF 2008-01-14
     PRC, Islamic Jihad to attend Hamas-sponsored conference in Syria 2008-01-15
     Four arrested after Kabul hotel attack 2008-01-16
Army 'flees second Pakistan fort' 2008-01-17
     Tennyboomer kills 9 Pakistani Shi'ites 2008-01-18
     Nasiriyah mosque raid ends two days of slaughter 2008-01-19
     Spain arrests 14 over possible Barcelona attack 2008-01-20
     Darkness falls on Gaza 2008-01-21
      Musharraf: Pakistan isn't hunting Osama 2008-01-22
Gunnies blow Rafah wall, thousands of Paleos flood into Egypt 2008-01-23
     Mosul kaboom kills 15, wounds 132 2008-01-24
     Beirut bomb kills top anti-terror investigator 2008-01-25
     Mullah Omar sacks Baitullah for fighting against Pak Army 2008-01-26
     Gazooks foil attempt to seal Rafah: day 4 2008-01-27
9 killed, dozens injured during Hezbollah-led riots in Leb 2008-01-28
     Egypt starts to rebuild Gaza border fences 2008-01-29
     18 Orakzai tribes form Lashkar against Taliban 2008-01-30
     Abu Laith al-Libi titzup? 2008-01-31
     Yemen: Al-Qaeda fighting rebels 'at government's request' 2008-02-01
     British bishop gets police protection after Islamist death threats 2008-02-02
     Baitullah offers conditional talks 2008-02-03
Woman killed, one critically hurt in Dimona suicide attack 2008-02-04
     Nine dead as Israel strikes Gaza after suicide kaboom 2008-02-05
     Baitullah declares hudna 2008-02-06
     WMD Documents Found in NYC Apartment of Iraq Translator 2008-02-07
     Israel may target Hamas heads 2008-02-08
     Sudan planes, militia attack Darfur towns-witnesses 2008-02-09
     UK Oil Rig Evacuated After Bomb Alert 2008-02-10
     UN offices attacked in Mogadishu 2008-02-11
     Mansour Dadullah in custody in Pak 2008-02-12
Mugniyeh rots 2008-02-13
     Muslim group 'planned mass murder' 2008-02-14
     Multiple explosions at TX pipelines near Mexican border 2008-02-15
     Islamic Jihad commander kabooms himself, family, neighbors 2008-02-16
     Somali president unhurt in mortar attack on residence 2008-02-17
     Explosion rocks West Texas oil refinery 2008-02-18
Dulmatin titzup in Tawi-Tawi? 2008-02-19
     Mullahs lose NWFP control after five years 2008-02-20
     Thirty Taliban killed in joint strikes 2008-02-21
     Morocco busts another terror cell 2008-02-22
     Turk troops enter Iraq after Kurdish fighters 2008-02-23
     Iraqi security forces kill 10 al-Qaida insurgents 2008-02-24
     Yemen foils attempt to bomb oil pipeline 2008-02-25
     Wheelchair boomer kills cop in Samarra 2008-02-26
     Boomer on a bus kills 40 near Mosul 2008-02-27
     VA imam thought to have aided al-Qaida 2008-02-28
Predator zap kills 10 in South Wazoo 2008-02-29
Colombia bangs FARC 2nd in command in Ecuador 2008-03-01
     70 Gazooks titzup in IDF operation 2008-03-02
U.S. bangs Qaeda big in Somalia 2008-03-03
     Hamas claims 'victory' as Olmert dithers, IDF pulls out of Gaza 2008-03-04
     Double kaboom at Pak navy college kills 5 2008-03-05
     Times Square recruiting station boomed 2008-03-06
Viktor Bout arrested in Bangkok, indicted in U.S. 2008-03-07
     Police Believe Recovered Bike Was Times Square Bomber's 2008-03-08
     Chinese aircrew thwarts hijacking attempt 2008-03-09
     Jaber al-Banna released on bail in Yemen 2008-03-10
     Qaeda in North Africa grabs two Austrian hostages 2008-03-11
Israel-Hamas Hudna 2008-03-12
     Jordan frees al-Maqdessi 2008-03-13
     Coalition strike on Haqqani compound 2008-03-14
     Hamas sez they hit Israeli heli 2008-03-15
     Drone missiles kill 20 in S. Wazoo 2008-03-16
     37 killed, over 50 hurt in Karbala kaboom 2008-03-17
Pak parliament sworn in 2008-03-18
     US Marines start deploying in southern Afghanistan 2008-03-19
     Binny accuses Pope of leading a crusade 2008-03-20
     Iraqi troops clash with Shiite hard boyz 2008-03-21
     Fatah, Jund al-Sham fight it out in Ein el-Hellhole 2008-03-22
     Rocket, mortar strikes on Baghdad Green Zone 2008-03-23
     Ayman urges attacks on Israel, U.S. 2008-03-24
Tater urges 'civil revolt' as battles erupt in Basra 2008-03-25
     Maliki overseeing Basra operation 2008-03-26
     Twenty killed, 239 wounded in Sadr City clashes in 24 hrs 2008-03-27
     Iraqi forces say kill 120 militants in Basra operation 2008-03-28
     Maliki extends ultimatum for gunmen to drop the hardware in Basra 2008-03-29
     Sadr orders fighters off Iraq streets 2008-03-30
     Iraqi govt lifts curfew across Baghdad 2008-03-31
US charges Foopie with Africa bombings 2008-04-01
     45 Qaeda suspects held in Turkey 2008-04-02
     Iraq commander leads convoy into Basra 2008-04-03
     Maliki Vows Crackdown in Baghdad 2008-04-04
     Jalaluddin Haqqani not dead, releases video, still 71 2008-04-05
     US troops move into Sadr City 2008-04-06
     Sadr City assault strains cease-fire 2008-04-07
     French Military Police Mobilized After Somalia Hijacking 2008-04-08
     Two Israelis killed as terrorists infiltrate Nahal Oz 2008-04-09
     Nahal Oz fuel depot closed after attack. Surprise. 2008-04-10
     Gunnies Off Senior Sadr Aide in Najaf 2008-04-11
Iraq military thumps Sadr City 2008-04-12
     More than 200 dead as battle rages in Baghdad 2008-04-13
     Tunisia jugs 19 for al Qaeda links 2008-04-14
     Indonesia Jugs Two JI Big Turbans 2008-04-15
     60 die in AQI car booms 2008-04-16
     Boomer kills 50 at Iraq funeral 2008-04-17
     Nimroz mosque kaboom kills two dozen 2008-04-18
     UK police arrest terror suspect, conduct controlled boom 2008-04-19
Tater threatens 'open war' on Iraq government 2008-04-20
     Pak government halts operation in Tribal Areas 2008-04-21
     Paks free Sufi Muhammad 2008-04-22
     Petraeus to Head Central Command 2008-04-23
     Baitullah orders Talibs not to attack Pak forces 2008-04-24
Basra in govt hands 2008-04-25
     Tater loses nerve, tells fighters to observe truce 2008-04-26
Karzai survives another assassination attempt 2008-04-27
     U.S. Marines join Brits fighting Taliban in Helmand 2008-04-28
     Pak Talibs quit peace talks 2008-04-29
     Hamas steals Gaza fuel 2008-04-30
     Paks deny Karzai murder plot hatched in Pakistain 2008-05-01
     Orcs strike Iraqi wedding convoy, kill at least 35, wound 65 2008-05-02
     Marines chase Talibs through Helmand poppy fields 2008-05-03
     24 killed, 26 injured in Iraqi violence 2008-05-04
     Kaboom misses Iraqi first lady 2008-05-05
     3500 U.S. troops surge home 2008-05-06
     Hezbollah telecom network shut down 2008-05-07
Hezbollah at war with Leb 2008-05-08
     Hezbollah seizes large parts of Beirut 2008-05-09
     Leb coup d'etat: Hezbollah seizes control of west Beirut 2008-05-10
     Army sides with Nasrallah against Leb govt 2008-05-11
     Hezbollah foiled US-planned coup. Really. 2008-05-12
     Sudanese troops hunt for rebels in Khartoum 2008-05-13
Commander Says al-Qaida ''Virtually Destroyed'' in Kirkuk 2008-05-14
     Dozen militants killed in suspected US strike on Damadola 2008-05-15
     Burqaboomer kills 18 near crowded bazaar 2008-05-16
     Ten held in Europe for Al Qaeda ties 2008-05-17
     Tater under arrest in Iran? 2008-05-18
     Boomer kills 11, maims 24 near Pakistan army centre 2008-05-19
      Iraqi troops roll into Sadr City 2008-05-20
     Egyptian official: Israel has accepted Gaza cease-fire 2008-05-21
Hezbollah Wins Veto After Talks End Lebanon Stalemate 2008-05-22
     AQI Moneybags Poobah captured by Iraqi Security Forces 2008-05-23
     Second man arrested after Brit blast 2008-05-24
     Iraq says Qaeda cleared from Mosul 2008-05-25
Lebanon Elects Suleiman President as Hezbollah Gains 2008-05-26
     Leb: 9 wounded in gunfight between pro-gov't, opposition supporters 2008-05-27
     Yemen reports crushing Zaidi rebels near capital 2008-05-28
     Lebanese president reappoints prime minister 2008-05-29
     Suicide bomber kills 16, injures 18 near Mosul 2008-05-30
     100 Talibs killed in Farah 2008-05-31
Australia ends combat operations in Iraq 2008-06-01
     Darul-Uloom Deoband issues fatwa against terror 2008-06-02
     Norway, Sweden close Islamabad embassies in wake of Danish kaboom 2008-06-03
     US-Iraq Negotiating Status Of Forces Agreement 2008-06-04
     Iraq police arrest five Shias wanted for over 720 murders 2008-06-05
Guantanamo arraignment begins for five accused 9/11 plotters 2008-06-06
     U.S. court upholds Qaeda conviction in Bush murder plot 2008-06-07
     G8 energy chiefs meet as oil soars 2008-06-08
     Hero of Anbar Would Stir a Revolt in Afghanistan 2008-06-09
     Sufi Mohammed survives Taliban kaboom attempt 2008-06-10
     Somali Islamist head rejects UN-sponsored pact 2008-06-11
     Pakistain, US differ over border airstrike 2008-06-12
     Talibs Attack Kandahar Kalaboose With Car Boom, Free Inmates 2008-06-13
     Hamas: Enormous kaboom in Beit Lahiya preparation for ‘quality’ attack 2008-06-14
     Karzai threatens to send troops across Pak border 2008-06-15
Hundred of Talibs swarm Arghandab district of Kandahar 2008-06-16
     Muntaz Dogmush deader than a rock 2008-06-17
     Talibs destroy bridges in preparation for Arghandab battle 2008-06-18
     Talibs flee Arghandab for their lives 2008-06-19
Israel-Hamas truce begins 2008-06-20
     Sadrists collapse in Missan 2008-06-21
     25 Christians kidnapped in Peshawar 2008-06-22
     Israel opens Gaza crossing points 2008-06-23
     US Special Forces: 1 Al Qaeda's emir in Mosul: 0 2008-06-24
     Attempted coup splits Hamas military wing in two 2008-06-25
     Israel shuts Gaza crossings after rocket attacks 2008-06-26
     Muslim anger at sniffer dogs at station 2008-06-27
N. Korea destroys nuclear reactor tower 2008-06-28
     Afghan, U.S. troops kill 32 Taliban 2008-06-29
     Ahmadinejad target of 'Rome X-ray plot', diplomat says 2008-06-30
'MMA no more an electoral alliance' 2008-07-01
     Many hurt, 7 killed in Jerusalem bulldozer attack 2008-07-02
     Bulldozer Attacker's Dad: Is My Son a Dog? He's not a Terrorist 2008-07-03
     Norway: "Osama" bomb threat forced offshore platform evacuation 2008-07-04
     2 Pakistanis detained in S Korean bust on 'Taliban' drug ring 2008-07-05
Maliki: government has defeated terrorism 2008-07-06
     Suicide bomber kills 41 at Indian embassy in Kabul, 141 injured 2008-07-07
     One killed, scores injured in series of blasts in Karachi 2008-07-08
     Turkey: 3 turbans, 3 cops killed in shootout outside U.S. consulate 2008-07-09
     3 dead and 32 wounded in Leb fighting 2008-07-10
     Petraeus takes command of CENTCOM 2008-07-11
Leb Forms New Cabinet, Hezbollah Keeps Veto Power 2008-07-12
     Nine US soldier among scores who die in wave of attacks in Afghanistan 2008-07-13
     Failed Meknes suicide bomber sentenced to life 2008-07-14
ICC charges against Sudan's Bashir 2008-07-15
     Paks: NATO massing forces on border 2008-07-16
     Israel-Hezbollah 'prisoner' exchange 2008-07-17
     Four Madrid bomb convicts cleared 2008-07-18
     Mighty Pak Army zaps 10 Hangu Talibs 2008-07-19
     B.O. visits Afghanistan on grand tour 2008-07-20
     Death-row Bali bombers forgo presidential pardon 2008-07-21
     Another Paleo Bulldozer Operator Goes Jihad 2008-07-22
     Sheikh Aweys claims Somali opposition leadership 2008-07-23
     'Mohmand Agency now under Taliban control' 2008-07-24
Serial booms in Bangalore 2008-07-25
     India: Serial kabooms in Ahmadabad 2008-07-26
     3 people killed in second day of Tripoli festivities 2008-07-27
Mudhat Mursi: Dead Again? 2008-07-28
     Military offensive under way in Diyala 2008-07-29
     Gilani in Washington; Paks raid Haqqani's empty madrassa in N Wazoo 2008-07-30
     Qaeda big turban in Afghanistan killed in US airstrike 2008-07-31
     189 arrested, curfew lifted in Diyala 2008-08-01
     Taliban deny al-Qaida No. 2 hit by missile 2008-08-02
     ''Assad's right hand man'' assassinated in Syria 2008-08-03
     16 officers killed,16 wounded in an attack in Xinjiang 2008-08-04
Philippine Supremes halt MILF autonomy deal 2008-08-05
     Bin Laden's Driver Guilty 2008-08-06
     Paleo hard boy Jihad Jaraa survives ''assassination attempt'' in Ireland 2008-08-07
Russia invades Georgia 2008-08-08
     US tourist dies in Beijing attack 2008-08-09
     Iraq car bomb kills 21 2008-08-10
     Taliban take control of Khar suburbs as Zardari, Nawaz, Fazl jockey for presidency 2008-08-11
     Israel 'proposes West Bank deal' 2008-08-12
      Russian troops roll into strategic Georgian city 2008-08-13
     Feds: Siddique wanted to poison Worst President Ever 2008-08-14
     Gunships Blast Pakistani Madrassa; Faqir Mohammad rumored titzup 2008-08-15
     36 militants killed in Afghanistan 2008-08-16
     Baitullah launches parallel justice system for Mehsuds 2008-08-17
     Pakistan's Musharraf steps down 2008-08-18
     10 French soldiers die in Afghan battle 2008-08-19
     MILF warns Manila against ''declaring war'' 2008-08-20
TTP suicide bombers hit Pak ordnance plant; dozens dead 2008-08-21
     37 more killed in Kurram festivities 2008-08-22
     Bali bombers execution to be delayed 2008-08-23
     Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq arrested 2008-08-24
     Afghan commanders sacked over deadly strike 2008-08-25
Pakistain bans TTP 2008-08-26
     Nearly 50 militants killed on Pak-Afghan border 2008-08-27
     Baitullah declared ''proclaimed offender'' 2008-08-28
     Hezbollah shoots at Lebanese Army helicopter, kills officer 2008-08-29
     Report says China offered widespread help on nukes 2008-08-30
     Ethiopia hints at Somalia withdrawal 2008-08-31
     Missile strike kills six in Miranshah 2008-09-01
     Two Canadians killed in Wana missile attack 2008-09-02
Pakistan PM survives assassiation attempt 2008-09-03
     Fifteen killed in Pakistan in cross-border raid 2008-09-04
     Lanka troops move to take LTTE capital 2008-09-05
     Sauerland Group planned attacks in major cities 2008-09-06
Mr. Ten Percent succeeds Perv as Pakistan president 2008-09-07
     Drones hit Haqqani compound 2008-09-08
     Car boom attempt on Chalabi 2008-09-09
     Head of al-Qaeda in Pakistain dead in Haqqani raid 2008-09-10
     Seven years. Never forgive, never forget, never ''understand.'' 2008-09-11
Kimmie recovering from brain surgery 2008-09-12
     30 dead, 90 injured as five blasts hit Indian capital 2008-09-13
     Pakistan order to kill US invaders 2008-09-14
     Pak Troops open fire at US military helicopters 2008-09-15
     Twelve Mauritanian troops dead in attack blamed on Al-Qaeda's North Africa wing 2008-09-16
Odierno takes over as US commander in Iraq 2008-09-17
     25 arrested over embassy attack in Yemen 2008-09-18
     300 child hostages freed in NWFP 2008-09-19
     Islamabad Marriott kaboomed 2008-09-20
     2 Delhi blasts suspects banged 2008-09-21
     Up to 15 tourists kidnapped in Egypt 2008-09-22
Livni asked to form a new government 2008-09-23
     Five Indian Mujaheddin nabbed in Mumbai 2008-09-24
     NKor bans nuke inspectors 2008-09-25
     Shots fired in US-Pakistan clash 2008-09-26
     Car boom kills 17 in Damascus 2008-09-27
     Sudan desert chase 'n gunfight kills 6 kidnappers 2008-09-28
     At least six dead in Tripoli kaboom 2008-09-29
ISI chief, four corps commanders changed 2008-09-30
     Baitullah reported titzup 2008-10-01
     U.S. Begins Transferring Sunni Militias to Iraqi Government 2008-10-02
     'Biggest suspect' in ship piracy arrested 2008-10-03
US drone strikes kill 20 in North Waziristan 2008-10-04
     Baitullah makes appearance amid reports of his death 2008-10-05
     Saudi hosts Afghan peace talks with Taliban reps 2008-10-06
     Iran forces down Corporate Executive ''Fighter Jet'' 2008-10-07
World's Stock Markets Plunge 2008-10-08
     Boom Bitch Kills 10 in Diyala Province 2008-10-09
     15 dead in suicide blast at Pakistan tribal meeting 2008-10-10
North Korea taken off US terror list 2008-10-11
     Lankan president asks LTTE to surrender 2008-10-12
     12 boomers among 27 zapped in Wazoo 2008-10-13
     DPRK regrants IAEA inspectors access to its nuclear facilities 2008-10-14
     Puntland Coasties free Panama ship from pirates 2008-10-15
     18 Talibs titzup in attack on Lashkar Gah 2008-10-16
Missile Strike Targeting Baitullah Country Kills 6 2008-10-17
     Kidnapped Chinese engineer escapes Pakistani Taliban 2008-10-18
     Taliban stop bus- massacre 30 2008-10-19
     Sri Lanka claims smashing 'final' Tiger defences 2008-10-20
     Saudi terrorist trials kick off in Riyadh 2008-10-21
     Report: Nasrallah poisoned; Iranian docs saved life 2008-10-22
     Pirates seize Indian vessel with 13 crew near Somalia 2008-10-23
Qaeda big turban Khalid Habib titzup in Pakistain 2008-10-24
     Paks bang 35 hard boyz in Bajaur 2008-10-25
U.S. Troops in Syria Raid 2008-10-26
US strike kills up to 20 in Pakistain 2008-10-27
Haji Omar Khan is no more 2008-10-28
     Canadian al-Qaeda bomb-maker guilty in British fertiliser bomb plot 2008-10-29
     Serial kabooms kill 68, injure 470 in Assam 2008-10-30
Dronezap kills 15 in Pakistain 2008-10-31
U.S. strike killed Abu Jihad al-Masri deader than Tut 2008-11-01
     Gilani will complain about drone strikes to US 2008-11-02
     Sheikh Sharif returns to Somalia 2008-11-03
     IAF strike zaps four Gazooks 2008-11-04
America Votes. B.O. wins. 2008-11-05
     Iran: We can block off Persian Gulf in blink of an eye 2008-11-06
Pak: 13 dead in dronezap 2008-11-07
Mukhlas, Amrozi and Samudra executed 2008-11-08
     Boomerette hits emergency room west of Baghdad 2008-11-09
     Somali gunnies kidnap two Italian nuns 2008-11-10
     EU launches anti-piracy mission off Somalia 2008-11-11
     Philippines ship, 23 crew seized near Somalia 2008-11-12
     Somali pirates open fire on Brit marines. Hilarity ensues. 2008-11-13
U.S. missiles hit Pak Talibs, 12 dead 2008-11-14
     Al-Shabaab closes in on Mog 2008-11-15
     Lankan Army seizes entire west coast from LTTE 2008-11-16
     Pirates take Saudi supertanker off Mombasa 2008-11-17
     B.O. vows to exit Iraq, shut down Gitmo 2008-11-18
     Indian Navy destroys Somali pirate mothership 2008-11-19
U.S. Dronezap Kills 6 Terrs in Pakistain 2008-11-20
     US strikes inside Pakistain 'intolerable', says Gilani 2008-11-21
Rashid Rauf dronezapped in Pakistain: officials 2008-11-22
     Iraqi forces bang AQI Mister Big in Diyala 2008-11-23
     Holy Land Foundation members found guilty of supporting terrorism 2008-11-24
     Somali pirates jack Yemeni ship 2008-11-25
80 killed, 900 injured, 100 taken hostage in attacks on Hotels in Mumbai 2008-11-26
     Indo security forces engage ''Deccan Mujaheddin'' 2008-11-27
     1 terrorist holed up in Taj 2008-11-28
     Sadrists claim security pact 'illegal' 2008-11-29
     Last gunny killed in Mumbai, ending siege 2008-11-30
     Pak Army Brass Turban: Baitullah Mehsud, Fazlullah are Patriots! 2008-12-01
     Zardari sez not to do anything rash 2008-12-02
     Abu Qatada back in jug 2008-12-03
     Italy: Police arrest two Moroccan terrs 2008-12-04
Iraq Presidency Council approves US troop pact 2008-12-05
Suspected US missile kills 3 in Pakistan 2008-12-06
     Al-Shabaab set up regional administration 2008-12-07
     Paks torch 160 NATO supply trucks 2008-12-08
     Masood Azhar confined to his headquarters 2008-12-09
     Hamid Gul to be 'declared terrorist' 2008-12-10
     14 alleged Islamic extremists detained in Belgium 2008-12-11
     Captured terrorist Kasab my son, admits Pop 2008-12-12
     Indian Navy repulses attack on ship off Somalia, captures 23 pirates 2008-12-13
     Frontier Corps refuses security to NATO terminals 2008-12-14
     Somali president fires PM, who refuses to go 2008-12-15
Bomb Found at Paris Department Store 2008-12-16
     Life for doctor in Glasgow airport terror bid 2008-12-17
     Johnny Jihad's Mom and Dad ask Bush to let him go 2008-12-18
     Guantanamo closure plan ordered 2008-12-19
     Delhi accuses Islamabad of failing to deliver on promises 2008-12-20
Truce ends with airstrike on Gaza 2008-12-21
     Israel threatens major offensive against Gaza 2008-12-22
     Pak air force on alert for Indian strike 2008-12-23
     Æthiops to withdraw all 3000 troops from Somalia by end of year 2008-12-24
     Pak in war frenzy; intensifies troop movement 2008-12-25
     Spokesman: Somali President not resigning 2008-12-26
Israel Launches Unprecedented Series of Strikes on Gaza 2008-12-27
     230 killed as Israel rains fire on Hamas in the Gaza Strip 2008-12-28
Somali president resigns 2008-12-29
     Death toll in Gaza rises to 350; over 1,600 injured 2008-12-30
     Iranian 'students' attack Jordan, UK embassies, Saudi air office; threaten Egypt; burn Benneton store ... 2008-12-31
     Senior Hamas leader killed in IAF air strike in Gaza Strip 2009-01-01
     Girls to marry militants, orders Taliban 2009-01-02
Sri Lankan troops capture Kilinochchi 2009-01-03
     IDF moves to bisect Gaza 2009-01-04
     Battles begin in N Gaza; many hamas operatives captured 2009-01-05
     First major Israel-Hamas fighting in Gaza City 2009-01-06
     Screech urges Muslims to attack Israeli and Western targets over Gaza op 2009-01-07
     Katyusha rockets falling in Israel's North on the town of Nahariya 2009-01-08
New Year's Missile Strike Killed Top Al-Qaeda Operatives 2009-01-09
     Israel to continue offensive despite UN resolution 2009-01-10
     Hamas rejects international observers in Gaza 2009-01-11
     Israeli reservists swarm into Gaza 2009-01-12
     Israelis Push to Edge of Gaza City 2009-01-13
     Hamas accepts Egyptian proposal for Gaza cease-fire 2009-01-14
Senior Hamas figure Said Siam killed in airstrike 2009-01-15
     Elite Hamas ''Iran'' Battalion Wiped Out 2009-01-16
     Israel Unilateral Cease Fire in Effect 2009-01-17
Olmert: Israel's goals in Cast Lead have been attained 2009-01-18
     Qaeda in North Africa hit by plague 2009-01-19
Barack Obama inaugurated 2009-01-20
     Pakistani troops kill 60 Talibs in Mohmand 2009-01-21
     Meshaal hails Hamas victory in Gaza, attacks PA 2009-01-22
     Hamas arms smuggling never stopped during IDF op in Gaza 2009-01-23
Twenty killed in separate strikes in North, South Wazoo 2009-01-24
     Lanka troops enter final Tiger town 2009-01-25
     GSPC founder calls for al-Qaeda surrender in Algeria 2009-01-26
     Al-Shabaab fighters seize Somali parliament headquarters 2009-01-27
     Yar! French navy nabs 9 Somali pirates 2009-01-28
     Pakistan busts suicide bomb gang 2009-01-29
     'Incompetent' Hamid Karzai's political future in doubt 2009-01-30
     Polls Close in Iraq Elections, No Major Violence 2009-01-31
Sheikh Sharif elected as Somalia's president 2009-02-01
     Bomber in police uniform kills 21 Afghan policemen 2009-02-02
     Somalia orders recapture of Baidoa 2009-02-03
     Bridge Attack Severs Afghan Supply Route 2009-02-04
     Thirty dead in Pakistan blast: hospital 2009-02-05
     Islamabad High Court frees AQ Khan 2009-02-06
Russia allows transit of US military supplies 2009-02-07
     India wants Pak declared terrorist state 2009-02-08
     Female Tamil Tiger bomber kills 28 after hiding among refugees 2009-02-09
     FBI woman sexually harassed me: 26/11 accused terrorist 2009-02-10
Taliban Attack Afghan Government Buildings, Killing 20 2009-02-11
     Pak arrests 'main operator' in Mumbai attacks 2009-02-12
     Canadian Muslim sentenced for firebombing Jewish institutions 2009-02-13
Suspected U.S. Missile Strike Zaps 27 2009-02-14
Talibs: Pak will surrender in Swat 2009-02-15
Another Wazoo dronezap 2009-02-16
     Surprise! Pervez Musharraf was playing 'double game' with US 2009-02-17
     Four killed, 18 injured in Peshawar car bombing 2009-02-18
     MPs visit Swat to pay obeisance to Sufi Mohammad 2009-02-19
     Tamil Tiger planes raid Colombo 2009-02-20
     Handcuffed JMB man pops grenade at press meet 2009-02-21
     1 European killed, 9 others wounded in Egypt blast 2009-02-22
     100 rounded up in Nineveh 2009-02-23
Mulla Omar orders halt to attacks on Pak troops 2009-02-24
     Lanka: Troops enter last Tamil Tiger-controlled town 2009-02-25
     Bangla: At least 50 feared dead in sepoy mutiny 2009-02-26
     Paleofactions agree to form unity govt 2009-02-27
     Bangla sepoy mutiny: Mass grave horror stuns nation 2009-02-28
     Mighty Pak Army claims famous victory in Bajaur 2009-03-01
     Hariri tribunal gets underway in The Hague 2009-03-02
Lanka cricketers shot up in Lahore 2009-03-03
Lanka troops in last Tamil Tiger Towne 2009-03-04
     ICC issues arrest warrant for Sudan's president-for-life 2009-03-05
     Marwan to be 'freed' as part of Shalit deal 2009-03-06
     US taps Delhi on Lanka foray: Marines to evacuate civilians 2009-03-07
     Palestinian PM submits resignation making way for unity govt 2009-03-08
     Iraq suicide bomber kills 30, wounds 57 2009-03-09
     33 dead as Iraq tribal leaders attacked 2009-03-10
     Boomer near Sri Lanka mosque kills 15 2009-03-11
Taliban Hideout dronezapped 2009-03-12
     Pakistain: Political leaders in hiding as hundreds arrested 2009-03-13
     Sudan: Kidnappers demand Bashir arrest warrant be dropped 2009-03-14
     Nawaz arrested! 2009-03-15
Zardari caves: Judges restored 2009-03-16
     Death toll at 11 in Pindi kaboom 2009-03-17
     Islamic courts go to work in Swat 2009-03-18
     Canadian-Lebanese in court over Paris bombing 2009-03-19
     Jihad Unspun Proprietress Held for Ransom by Taliban 2009-03-20
     Pak fires on Indian army positions 2009-03-21
     Prabhakaran & Son sighted in ''No Fire Zone'' 2009-03-22
     Five soldiers, 6 militants killed in Kashmir battle 2009-03-23
     Indian Army:16 Infiltrators: 8 in Kupwara overtime 2009-03-24
     North Korea loading rocket on launch pad 2009-03-25
Drone attack kills six in Pakistain 2009-03-26
     Pakaboom kills 11 in Tank 2009-03-27
     76 killed in Jamrud mosque Pakaboom 2009-03-28
     Yemen cops killed in shootout with Islamists 2009-03-29
     Bashir arrives in Qatar for Arab summit despite arrest warrant 2009-03-30
     Pak forces claim victory in police academy shootout 2009-03-31
Netanyahu sworn in as Israeli PM 2009-04-01
     Ax-wielding Paleo kills 13-year-old Israeli boy 2009-04-02
     Air strike kills 20 Talibs in Helmand 2009-04-03
     Six dead in Islamabad Pakaboom 2009-04-04
     North Korea space launch 'fails' 2009-04-05
     Today's Pakaboom: 22 dead in Chakwal mosque 2009-04-06
     B.O. makes surprise visit to Iraq 2009-04-07
Somali pirates seize ship with 21 Americans onboard 2009-04-08
     500 killed in Lanka fighting 2009-04-09
     French attack Somali pirates, free captured yacht 2009-04-10
     Holbrooke reaches out to Hekmatyar 2009-04-11
Breaking: Captain Phillips Freed 2009-04-12
     Somali insurgents fire mortars at U.S. congressman 2009-04-13
Zardari officially surrenders Swat 2009-04-14
     Pak police told to give Talibs a free hand 2009-04-15
     Lal Masjid holy man makes bail 2009-04-16
     Mufti Hannan, 13 other Huji men indicted 2009-04-17
     Pakaboom kills 27 2009-04-18
Parliament approves Islamic law in Somalia 2009-04-19
     Iraq arrests children recruited by Al-Qaeda 2009-04-20
     Lanka gives Tigers 24 hours to hang it up 2009-04-21
     Turkish police detain 37 in anti-Qaeda raids 2009-04-22
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi nabbed 2009-04-23
     73 killed in twin suicide blasts in Baghdad 2009-04-24
     US may use daisy-cutters 'if Pakistan shows reluctance' 2009-04-25
     North Korea reactivates its nuclear program 2009-04-26
     Suspect in Bat Ayin attack in custody 2009-04-27
TNSM suspends talks with govt 2009-04-28
     70 militants killed in Pak operation 2009-04-29
U.S. missile strikes kill 10 in South Waziristan 2009-04-30
     Taliban hold Buner town people hostage 2009-05-01
     60 Taliban killed in Buner offensive 2009-05-02
     64 civilians killed in Lanka hospital attack 2009-05-03
     Khaled Mashaal re-elected Hamas political leader 2009-05-04
     Pirates captured after attacking the wrong ship 2009-05-05
     Mashaal: Hamas wants 10 year cease-fire 2009-05-06
     Sufi Mohammad's son killed in Lower Dir shelling 2009-05-07
Gilani orders all-out war on Pak Taliban 2009-05-08
     1.2 million people leave Buner, Swat other areas 2009-05-09
Scores dead as drone hits S. Wazoo Mehsud stronghold 2009-05-10
     200 Taliban killed in Swat operation 2009-05-11
     Pak commandos dropped into Taliban stronghold 2009-05-12
      113 deaders, thousands flee Somalia festivities 2009-05-13
     Morocco dismantles Salafiya Jihadiya cell 2009-05-14
     60 Talibs killed in Swat 2009-05-15
Sri Lanka president declares victory in civil war 2009-05-16
Tamil Tigers say they surrender 2009-05-17
     Norks to nullify Kaesong agreements 2009-05-18
Prabhakaran dead as a rock!!!!! 2009-05-19
     Army takes Sultanwas, kills 81; Mullah Fazlullah maybe titzup 2009-05-20
     Iran tests long range missile 2009-05-21
     Thousands flee tense Wazoo 2009-05-22
     Car boom kills 10, injures 75 in Peshawar 2009-05-23
     Pak security forces enter Mingora 2009-05-24
N. Korea appears to have conducted second nuclear test 2009-05-25
     SKor military bolsters defense readiness 2009-05-26
     Taliban strike ISI headquarters in Lahore, 35 killed, 250 wounded 2009-05-27
     7 killed in attack on Somali presidential palace 2009-05-28
     Pakistan: Suspects arrested for ´plotting attack against spy agency´ 2009-05-29
     Mighty Pak Army clears Piochar valley 2009-05-30
     Former director of National Security Intel was owned by ISI 2009-05-31
     Mass kiddy abduction by Talibs in Pakistan 2009-06-01
NKor names Kimmie's successor 2009-06-02
     Hafiz Saeed sprung 2009-06-03
     Three killed in renewed Hamas-PA clashes in Qalqiliya 2009-06-04
     Sufi Muhammad arrested 2009-06-05
     32 dead in mosque Pakaboom 2009-06-06
     30 MILF banged, camp seized 2009-06-07
March 14 Maintains Parliamentary Majority in Record Turnout 2009-06-08
     Truck bomb and gunnies attack 5-star Peshawar hotel 2009-06-09
     Foopy becomes first Gitmo boy to stand trial in US 2009-06-10
     Gitmo Uighurs in Bermuda 2009-06-11
Iran votes: Not a pretty sight 2009-06-12
     Mousavi arrested 2009-06-13
     Ahmadinejad's victory 'real feast': Khamenei 2009-06-14
     Tehran Election Protest Turns Deadly: Unofficial results show Ahmedinejad came in 3rd 2009-06-15
     Hundreds of thousands of Iranians ask: 'Where is my vote?' 2009-06-16
     Mousavi calls day of mourning for Iran dead 2009-06-17
Iran cracks down 2009-06-18
     Khamenei to Mousavi: toe the line or else 2009-06-19
     Iran police disperse protesters 2009-06-20
     Assembly of Experts caves to Fearless Leader 2009-06-21
     Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities 2009-06-22
     Revolutionary Guards Say They'll Crush Protests 2009-06-23
     Khamenei agrees to extend vote probe 2009-06-24
Somali legislators flee abroad, Parliament paralysed 2009-06-25
     Mousavi warns of more protests 2009-06-26
     Council appoints commission to probe election 2009-06-27
     Saad al-Hariri Leb's new premier 2009-06-28
     Mousavi's website shut down 2009-06-29
Iran confirms Ahmadinejad's victory 2009-06-30
     11 cross-dressing Haqqani turbans arrested in Khost 2009-07-01
     Mousavi, Karroubi call Short Round govt ''illegitimate'' 2009-07-02
     15 dead in suspected US missile strike in Pakistan 2009-07-03
     US forces repel Taliban suicide assault, kill 22 Taliban fighters 2009-07-04
     British Forces Join Afghan Operation 2009-07-05
China: At Least 140 Killed in Uighur Riots 2009-07-06
     Taliban launch counteroffensive against U.S. Marines 2009-07-07
     2 suspected US missile attacks kill 45 in Pakistan 2009-07-08
     Egypt arrests terrorist cell of 25 members 2009-07-09
     Martial law in Urumqi 2009-07-10
     Uzbekistan arrests 10 after suicide bombing 2009-07-11
     Ghazni Governor Survives Assassination Attempt 2009-07-12
Report sez Kimmie has pancreatic cancer 2009-07-13
     US ambassador to Iraq escapes kaboom 2009-07-14
     Hezbollah arms cache goes kaboom 2009-07-15
     Qaeda threatens China over Uighur unrest 2009-07-16
At Least 4 Dead in Bomb Explosions at Hotels in Indonesia 2009-07-17
     Police tear-gas Iran protesters during prayer 2009-07-18
     Mullah Fazlullah back on Swat airwaves 2009-07-19
     Mumbai gunny admits guilt 2009-07-20
     Shabab raid Somali UN offices 2009-07-21
     American Charged With Giving Al Qaeda NYC Subway Information 2009-07-22
Binny's kid reported dronezapped 2009-07-23
     B.O.: 'Victory' Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan 2009-07-24
     Seven soldiers killed in north Yemen attacks 2009-07-25
     Turkish frigate captures 5 Somali pirates 2009-07-26
     Sufi Muhammad, sons, apprehended in Peshawar 2009-07-27
     Eight security guards killed in $7 million Baghdad bank robbery 2009-07-28
     Nigeria fighting rages as death toll passes 300 2009-07-29
     Nigeria to hunt down Islamic radicals: President 2009-07-30
Nigeria's Boko Haram chief deader than Tut 2009-07-31
     Al-Shabaab gets $8m for French hostage 2009-08-01
     Iran puts 100 rioters on trial after post-election unrest 2009-08-02
     Prince Bandar under house arrest: report 2009-08-03
     Failed Coup Attempt In Qatar 2009-08-04
Ansar al-Islam Number 2 nabbed in Mosul 2009-08-05
     Bill Clinton springs journalists from NKor 2009-08-06
Fat Lady sings for Baitullah 2009-08-07
     Noordin Mohammad Top reported titzup 2009-08-08
     Surprise! Abbas reelected Fatah chief 2009-08-09
     Tests say Noordin Mohammad Top's not the dead guy 2009-08-10
     Kuwait arrests al-Qaida linked group 2009-08-11
     Georgia Man Guilty In Terrorism Trial 2009-08-12
     Seven Pak preachers gunned down in Puntland mosque 2009-08-13
     Missing cargo ship found near Cape Verde 2009-08-14
Eight killed, 80 injured in Hamas, radicals clashes 2009-08-15
     Iran chooses hardliner to head judiciary. Wotta surprise. 2009-08-16
Maulvi Nazir one with the ages 2009-08-17
Maulvi Omar nabbed 2009-08-18
     Khatami, Karroubi join Mousavi's Green movement 2009-08-19
     Maulvi Faqir claims TTP leadership, Muslim Khan replaces Omer 2009-08-20
     Lockerbie bomber home in Libya amid US anger 2009-08-21
     Karzai, Abdullah declare victory in Afghan vote 2009-08-22
Hakimullah Mehsud appointed Baitullah's successor 2009-08-23
     Holder to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Probe Terror Suspect Interrogations 2009-08-24
     NKor proposes summit with SKor 2009-08-25
     'Prince of Jihad' arrested in Indonesia 2009-08-26
     Baghdad demands Damascus hands over boom masterminds 2009-08-27
'Surrendering' Qaeda boy tries to boom Prince Nayef, Jr. 2009-08-28
     Suicide kaboom in Chechnya kills two, wounds six 2009-08-29
     Swat suicide kaboom kills a dozen 2009-08-30
     Ethiopian troops seize Somali town 2009-08-31
     Qaeda coordinator killed in N Caucasus: Russia 2009-09-01
Suicide boomer kills Afghan deputy intel boss 2009-09-02
     Iraq: 4 get death sentence in bank heist case 2009-09-03
     Andhra Pradesh CM killed in chopper crash 2009-09-04
     Yemen suspends offensive on northern rebels 2009-09-05
     'Taliban' kidnap NYT reporter in Afghanistan 2009-09-06
     33 militants killed in Khyber Agency 2009-09-07
Two foreigners among seven dead in NWA drone strikes 2009-09-08
     Supply for Nato stops again after row with Afghans 2009-09-09
Drone attack leaves 12 dead in N. Waziristan 2009-09-10
     Hariri quits 2009-09-11
     Pakistan arrests Muslim Khan 2009-09-12
     Taliban in Swat Surrender? 2009-09-13
U.S. Special Forces Kill 2 Al Qaeda, Capture 2 in Somalia 2009-09-14
     Baghdad Green Zone attacked during Biden visit 2009-09-15
     IDF nabs Park Hotel attack terrorist 2009-09-16
Noordin Mohammad Top: Dead Again! 2009-09-17
Colo. Man in Suspected NYC Subway Plot Admits Al Qaeda Ties 2009-09-18
     U.N. probes use of its vehicles in Somalia bombing 2009-09-19
     AQ Khan blows the whistle on Pakistan 2009-09-20
     Hafiz Saeed under 'house arrest', was Pak army's iftar guest 2009-09-21
     Al-Shabaab proclaim allegiance to bin Laden 2009-09-22
     Ahmadinejad to present UN with 'solution' to world crises 2009-09-23
     Qaida-linked inmates break out of Iraq prison 2009-09-24
US drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan 2009-09-25
     Iraqi forces catch five Qaeda jailbreakers 2009-09-26
     Twin suicide kabooms kill 23 in Peshawar, Bannu 2009-09-27
     Ismail Khan Survives Suicide Boomer 2009-09-28
US missile strikes kill eight 2009-09-29
     Al Shabaab rebels declare war on rivals 2009-09-30
Third drone strike in past 24 hours 2009-10-01
     20 Palestinian prisoners freed after Shalit video released 2009-10-02
Tahir Yuldashev confirmed titzup 2009-10-03
     Tensions in Jerusalem after new Al-Aqsa clashes 2009-10-04
     Bomb Hits UN Office in Pakistan Capital; 4 Killed 2009-10-05
     Zazi had senior al-Qaida contact 2009-10-06
     Terrorist cell found in Hamburg. Surprise. 2009-10-07
     Car bomb at India's Kabul embassy 2009-10-08
B.O. gets Nobel Peace Prize, just like Arafat 2009-10-09
     'Al-Qaeda-linked' Cern worker held 2009-10-10
     Pak army frees 30 at army HQ, ending siege 2009-10-11
     Pakistain says 41 killed in market bombing 2009-10-12
     Charges against Hafiz Saeed dismissed by Lahore High Court 2009-10-13
     Italy: Attempted terror attack against army barracks injures soldier 2009-10-14
     Pakistani Police Attacked in Two Cities; 15 Killed 2009-10-15
     Turkish police detain 50 Qaeda suspects 2009-10-16
     Pakistan imposes indefinite curfew in S. Waziristan 2009-10-17
Battle for South Waziristan begins 2009-10-18
     South Waziristan clashes kill 60 militants 2009-10-19
     Algerian forces kill AQIM communications chief 2009-10-20
     20 deaders in battle for Kotkai 2009-10-21
Mustafa al-Yazid reported titzup 2009-10-22
     Bangla bans Hizb-ut-Tahrir 2009-10-23
     Faqir Mohammad eludes dronezap 2009-10-24
     Talibs said already shaving beards to flee South Wazoo 2009-10-25
     Afghans accuse US troops of burning Koran. Again. 2009-10-26
     Troops advance on Sararogha 2009-10-27
     Feds: Leader of radical Islam group killed in raid 2009-10-28
Bloodbath in Peshawar: at least 105 killed in bazaar car boom 2009-10-29
     9-11 suspect's passport found in South Wazoo 2009-10-30
     8 linked to Kabul UN attack arrested 2009-10-31
     Pak troops surround Sararogha, Uzbek terrorists' base 2009-11-01
     Saudi finds large arms cache linked to Qaeda 2009-11-02
     30 dead in Rawalpindi kaboom 2009-11-03
     IDF Navy uncover Iranian arms on ship en route to Syria 2009-11-04
Islamist major massacres 13 at Fort Hood 2009-11-05
     Dronezap kills four in North Wazoo 2009-11-06
     Saudi armored force crosses into Yemen to fight Houthis 2009-11-07
     Abbas threatens to dismantle PA, declare peace process failed 2009-11-08
     Police recover 60,000 kgs of explosives, 6 held 2009-11-09
     North and South Korean navies 'exchange fire' 2009-11-10
John Allen Muhammad executed 2009-11-11
     Hasan Charged With 13 Counts of Premeditated Murder 2009-11-12
     Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to Be Sent to New York for Trial 2009-11-13
     Russia kills 20 militants in Chechnya 2009-11-14
     Syrian carrying $880,000, Hezbollah secret decoder ring nabbed 2009-11-15
     Yemen, Saudi pound Houthi positions, nab sorcerer 2009-11-16
     Pirates seize NKor tanker crew 2009-11-17
Mullah Fazlullah escapes to Afghanistan, vows dire revenge™ 2009-11-18
     Pak Talibs say they're in tactical retreat 2009-11-19
     Eight bad boyz dronezapped in N.Wazoo 2009-11-20
     Nasrallah reelected Hezbollah chief for sixth term 2009-11-21
     Jordanian commandos join war on Houthis 2009-11-22
     Gunships hit targets in Kurram Agency 2009-11-23
     20 turbans toe-tagged in Hangu 2009-11-24
     Belgian pleads guilty in US jet parts sale to Iran 2009-11-25
     Afghan police commander jailed for having 40 tonnes of hashish 2009-11-26
Lebanon gives Hezbollah right to use arms against Israel 2009-11-27
     IAEA votes to censure Iran 2009-11-28
     Russia train disaster was terrorist attack 2009-11-29
     Air strike kills 30 Taliban in Khost 2009-11-30
     At least 61 militants killed in Khyber tribal region 2009-12-01
Obama: 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by summer 2009-12-02
     14 dead in suicide bomber attack in Somalia 2009-12-03
     Russian Police find car packed with explosives near train station 2009-12-04
     Attack temporarily shuts Herat airport 2009-12-05
     Little resistance on day 2 of US-Afghan offensive 2009-12-06
     Explosions rock market in Lahore 2009-12-07
     Peshawar blast kills 10, injures 45 2009-12-08
Baghdad bomb attacks kill 127, wound 450 2009-12-09
     Clashes on the Streets of Khartoum 2009-12-10
     Houthis stop Saudi offensive. Saudis stop Houthis offensive 2009-12-11
     Hariri government wins Lebanon parliament vote 2009-12-12
     Blackwater behind Pakabooms: Ex-ISI chief 2009-12-13
     Pax wax at least 22 turbans in Kurram 2009-12-14
     Suicide kaboom outside Punjab chief minister's house kills 33 2009-12-15
First of 30,000 new troops arriving in Afghanistan 2009-12-16
     12 dead in N.Wazoo dronezaps 2009-12-17
     La Belle France, U.S. launch offensive in Uzbin valley 2009-12-18
     5 dead in N.Wazoo dronezap 2009-12-19
     Suspected Al Qaeda #1 in Yemen escapes raid, #2 doesn't 2009-12-20
     Terrorists kidnap Italian couple in Mauritania 2009-12-21
     Clashes at Montazeri funeral 2009-12-22
     Iran militia attack pro-reform cleric's home in Qom 2009-12-23
     Yemeni strike kills 30, targets cleric linked to Ft. Hood attack 2009-12-24
Nigerian attempts to detonate on Delta flight from Amsterdam 2009-12-25
     Delta boomer wasn't on no-fly list 2009-12-26
     Mousavi's nephew banged in Tehran 2009-12-27
13 turbans titzup in N.Wazoo dronezap 2009-12-28
     Iran MPs rally against populace 2009-12-29
     Iran MPs call for 'maximum punishment' of protesters 2009-12-30
7 CIA workers killed in suicide kaboom 2009-12-31
     US drone strike leaves two dead in Pakistan 2010-01-01
     At least six killed in two drone attacks in North Wazoo 2010-01-02
     Yemen sends more troops to al-Qaida strongholds 2010-01-03
     Fresh US drone attacks kill 5 in Pakistain 2010-01-04
     Two Qaeda bad guyz banged in Yemen 2010-01-05
     Yemen sends thousands of troops to fight Qaeda 2010-01-06
     Pak Talibase hit twice by drones; 17 killed 2010-01-07
New York: Two Qaeda-linked suspects arrested 2010-01-08
     Fresh US drone attack kills 5 in Pakistan 2010-01-09
     Five killed in NWA drone attack 2010-01-10
     Iraq integrates over 40,000 Sahwa militiamen 2010-01-11
     Drone Strikes Kill 16 in Afghanistan 2010-01-12
     Jordanian al-Q bad boy among N.Wazoo drone deaders 2010-01-13
Hakimullah Mehsud drone zapped? 2010-01-14
     Pak Taliban says Hakimullah Mehsud injured in attack 2010-01-15
Abu Nidal organization hijacker from 1986 dronezapped in Wazoo 2010-01-16
     Dronezap waxes another dozen in South Wazoo 2010-01-17
     Taliban militants attack Afghan capital Kabul 2010-01-18
     Three titzup in N. Wazoo dronezap 2010-01-19
     Christian-Muslim Mayhem in Nigeria Kills Dozens 2010-01-20
     Suicide car bomb wounds 33 in northern Iraq 2010-01-21
     Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist. No it doesn't. 2010-01-22
     Militants report 15 dead in missile strike 2010-01-23
     Saudis conduct 18 airstrikes on northern Yemen 2010-01-24
Chemical Ali executed 2010-01-25
     NJ authorities seize grenade launcher, weapons from VA man at hotel 2010-01-26
     Yemen rebels complete pull out from Saudi land 2010-01-27
     Saudis declare victory over Houthis 2010-01-28
Dronezap kills at least five 2010-01-29
     Malaysia jugs 10 associated with Undieboomer 2010-01-30
     Houthis accept conditional end to Yemen war 2010-01-31
     Abaya Clad Boomerette Murders 40+ in Baghdad 2010-02-01
Philippines offers MILF autonomy 2010-02-02
     Aafia Siddiqui Guilty 2010-02-03
     US To Send 18,000 More Troops to Afghanistan By Spring 2010-02-04
      Danish forces free ship captured by pirates 2010-02-05
     Jamaat-ud-Dawaa vows to take Kashmir by force 2010-02-06
     Jamaat-ud-Dawaa vows to take Hyderabad by force 2010-02-07
     Afghan locals flee ahead of Helmand offensive 2010-02-08
Pak Talibs confirm Hakimullah Mahsud titzup 2010-02-09
     Largest Military Offensive In Afghanistan Begins 2010-02-10
     US Troops Sealing Off Marjah Escape Routes 2010-02-11
     Ahmadinejad hails nuke Iran on Revolution Day 2010-02-12
     8 confirmed dead, 33 injured in blast at Pune bakery 2010-02-13
     Taliban leaders flee as marines hit stronghold 2010-02-14
     Two al-Qaeda members arrested after clash with Mauritanian security services 2010-02-15
Secret Joint Raid Captures Mullah Barader in Karachi 2010-02-16
     Mullah Omar issues 'Victory Declaration' 2010-02-17
     MILF rejects Philippines autonomy offer 2010-02-18
     Afghan Taliban chiefs arrested in Pakistani sweeps 2010-02-19
     Senior Qaeda military commander killed in Predator strike 2010-02-20
Abu Sayyaf commander Albader Parad banged in Philippines raid 2010-02-21
     Mali frees al-Qaeda members ahead of French hostage deadline 2010-02-22
     Another Taliban Big Turban Nabbed in Pakistain 2010-02-23
Iran grounds plane with Rigi holding US-issued passport 2010-02-24
     Qari Mohammad Zafar titzup 2010-02-25
     Droukdel ally banged in Algeria 2010-02-26
     US, Afghan forces clear last parts of Marjah 2010-02-27
Spain says ETA chief arrested in France 2010-02-28
     Chavez Contracted With FARC And ETA To Kill Uribe In Spain 2010-03-01
     Danish warship sinks pirate ship off Somalia 2010-03-02
     Mighty Pak Army takes Damadola cave complex 2010-03-03
     Bomb attacks in Baquba kill 38, wound 48 2010-03-04
     Yemen says 11 Qaeda suspects arrested in Sanaa 2010-03-05
Faqir Mohammad believed killed 2010-03-06
     Talibs Shoot It Out with Hezbis in Baghlan 2010-03-07
     Qaeda suspect kills guard in Yemen hospital escape bid 2010-03-08
     Bombing kills 15, destroys spy office in Lahore 2010-03-09
Dulmatin Confirmed Dead 2010-03-10
     Droukdel reportedly ousted as GSPC emir 2010-03-11
     Sipah-e-Sahabah Pakistain chief shot up, son killed 2010-03-12
     Lahorkabooms kill 49 2010-03-13
     Kandahar hit by suicide bombers, 30 dead 2010-03-14
Sipah-e-Sahabah Pakistain chief pegs out 2010-03-15
     Local Qaeda big turban titzup in Yemen strike 2010-03-16
     N.Wazoo dronezap reduces 10 to component parts 2010-03-17
     'Jihad Jane' due in federal court in Philadelphia 2010-03-18
     David Headley pleads guilty 2010-03-19
     Al-Shabaab big turban bumped off 2010-03-20
     4 More Dronezapped in N.Wazoo 2010-03-21
     Boomer kills 10 Helmand picnickers 2010-03-22
Hekmatyar dispatches peace delegation to Kabul 2010-03-23
     Saudis break up 101-strong Al-Qaeda cell 2010-03-24
     Nativity Church deportee dies alone, unloved in Algeria 2010-03-25
     B.O. snubs Netanyahu, dines alone 2010-03-26
     Allawi wins Iraq election by two seats 2010-03-27
     Dronezap kills four in N. Wazoo 2010-03-28
Two boomers, 38 dead in Moscow metro 2010-03-29
     ETA brass hat arrested in Caracas 2010-03-30
     Dronezap greases 6 in N.Wazoo 2010-03-31
     US Navy Frigate Captures 5 Pirates and Mother Ship 2010-04-01
     Pak-origin Chicago cab driver indicted for supporting al-Qaeda 2010-04-02
Qaeda Gunmen, Dressed As Iraqi Army, Slaughter 24 Sunni Iraqis 2010-04-03
     Triple car boom in Baghdad 2010-04-04
     Karzai raves at Western interference 2010-04-05
     New spate of bombings strikes Baghdad, killing 49 2010-04-06
     Aide denies Karzai threatened to join Taliban 2010-04-07
     Iraq sez ''open war'' with Qaeda after kabooms 2010-04-08
     Suicide bomber attempts to shoot North Caucasus Ingush police chief, blows self up 2010-04-09
     Qaeda Threatens World Cup 2010-04-10
     Strikes in Orakzai, Khyber kill 96 militants 2010-04-11
     Hamid Gul's house bombed in Tirah, 60 deaders 2010-04-12
Dronezap kills 5 in N.Wazoo 2010-04-13
     Syria arms Hezbollah with Scud missiles: Israel 2010-04-14
     Missile strike kills 4 in NWA 2010-04-15
     Hospital kaboom kills 10 in Quetta 2010-04-16
     Suspects in Quantico terror plot appear in court 2010-04-17
     Lashkar-i-Jhangvi claim responsibility for Quetta blast 2010-04-18
Abu Ayub al-Masri, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi: dead again 2010-04-19
     Iraq announces killing of another senior al-Qaida leader 2010-04-20
     Algeria sez Qaeda in North Africa emir ''cornered'' 2010-04-21
     First Navy Seal tried in Baghdad found innocent 2010-04-22
     50 killed, 85 wounded in series of Baghdad blasts 2010-04-23
     DR Congo: Lord's Resistance Army Rampage Kills 321 2010-04-24
AQI confirms death of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayyub al-Masri 2010-04-25
     Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri Nabbed? 2010-04-26
     French cops seize five jihad suspects 2010-04-27
     Egypt court convicts 26 men of links to Hezbollah 2010-04-28
     Hakimullah Mehsud no longer dead 2010-04-29
     Two New York men charged with trying to help al Qaeda 2010-04-30
     Explosions inside a Somali mosque kill at least 30 2010-05-01
Pakistani Taliban claim credit for failed NYC Times Square car bombing 2010-05-02
     Somali rebels seize pirate haven of Haradhere 2010-05-03
     Pakistani-American Arrested in Times Square Plot 2010-05-04
Iraqi Troops Arrest Head of Qaeda-Linked Ansar al-Islam 2010-05-05
     Death sentence for Kasab 2010-05-06
     Mullah Atiqullah captured in Afghanistan 2010-05-07
Uighur big turban reported titzup in Pak 2010-05-08
     'Pakistan Taliban' behind Times Square bomb plot 2010-05-09
     At least 99 killed in attacks across Iraq 2010-05-10
     Russers: Captured Somali pirates ''dead'' 2010-05-11
     French parliament unanimously bans burka 2010-05-12
5 killed in Jakarta anti-terror raids 2010-05-13
     Iraqi and Iranian soldiers trade fire on border 2010-05-14
     Woman in a veil knifed British MP in the gut 2010-05-15
     Qaeda in Iraq 'names replacements for slain leaders' 2010-05-16
     Somali fighting kills 24, chaos in parliament 2010-05-17
     Detained militant in Iraq details World Cup plot 2010-05-18
Yemen court sentences six Somali pirates to death 2010-05-19
     Afghan forces capture northern shadow governor 2010-05-20
     Norks Threaten ''All-Out War'' Over Cheonan Report 2010-05-21
     Yemen Qaeda figure accidentally blows himself up 2010-05-22
     Fighting in Mog kills 20 2010-05-23
     70 killed in Orakzai airstrikes 2010-05-24
JMB military wing big turban bagged 2010-05-25
     Peru Paroles NY Terrorist Lori Berenson After 15 Years 2010-05-26
Mullah Fazlullah Reported Out of Warranty 2010-05-27
     Gunmen kill 40 in attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Pakistain 2010-05-28
     80 killed as Maoists derail train in India 2010-05-29
     Yemen hunts 60 suspected of kidnapping tourists 2010-05-30
     Report: At least 10 activists killed as Israel Navy opens fire on Gaza aid flotilla 2010-05-31
     Al Qaida El Numero Tres Bites the Big One 2010-06-01
Iraqis take control of Baghdad’s Green Zone 2010-06-02
     U.S. Drone Strikes Come Under U.N. Human Rights Council Scrutiny 2010-06-03
     Hamas not a terrorist group, says Turkey's PM Recep Taqiyya Erdogan 2010-06-04
     SKorea seeks UN action against NKorea over ship 2010-06-05
     Two US men arrested at JFK airport on terrorist charges 2010-06-06
     Yemen detains 30 foreigners as Qaeda suspects 2010-06-07
     Suicide Bombers Attack Police Compound in Kandahar 2010-06-08
     Pak: 50 NATO trucks torched on Motorway, 4 people dead 2010-06-09
UN slaps fourth set of sanctions on Iran 2010-06-10
     Iran snarls at China over UNSC sanctions 2010-06-11
     US missiles kill 15 Taliban in N Waziristan 2010-06-12
     Son of Al Qaeda mentor Issam Abu Mohammed al-Maqdessi 'killed in Iraq' 2010-06-13
     4 cops killed in Algeria suicide kaboom 2010-06-14
     Yemen says thwarts al-Qaeda plot in oil province 2010-06-15
     Taliban 'reappear' in Bajaur Agency 2010-06-16
Uptick in Violence Forces Closing of Parkland Along Mexico Border to Americans 2010-06-17
     Malaysia: Terror bombing plot foiled 2010-06-18
     Pakistani officials: Suspected US strike kills 13 2010-06-19
     Gunmen Raid Aden Police HQ, Free Prisoners 2010-06-20
     Iran hangs top Sunni rebel Rigi: Report 2010-06-21
     Guilty Plea to all Counts in Times Square Bomb Plot 2010-06-22
President Obama Relieves Gen. Stanley McChrystal of Afghan Command 2010-06-23
     Iranian Flotilla Backs Down 2010-06-24
     7 Afghan construction workers killed in bombing 2010-06-25
     Mir Ali dronezap waxes two 2010-06-26
     15 insurgents killed by their own bombs in Afghan mosque 2010-06-27
     Drone strike kills six Taliban in N Wazoo 2010-06-28
     Kabul dismisses report Karzai met Haqqani 2010-06-29
Bangla Jamaat big turbans held on court order 2010-06-30
     Protests rock Bangla capital 2010-07-01
     37 people killed in bomb blasts at Pakistan shrine 2010-07-02
     Obama signs toughest-ever US sanctions on Iran 2010-07-03
Ayatollah Fudlullah dies at 75 2010-07-04
     Bangla Jamaat rampage 2010-07-05
     The United States of America vs. The State of Arizona; and Janice K. Brewer 2010-07-06
     Pakistan Arrests Taliban Chief Mullah Omar: Reports 2010-07-07
     Afghanistan: Mullah Omar's arrest 'unlikely' 2010-07-08
     Fifteen killed in Baghdad on last day of Shia holiday 2010-07-09
65 killed in twin suicide attacks in Mohmand Agency 2010-07-10
     Hizbies deny selling out Taliban 2010-07-11
     'Somalia link' as lethal Uganda blasts target World Cup 2010-07-12
ICC charges Sudan president with genocide 2010-07-13
     Al-Qaida militants raid Yemen intelligence HQ 2010-07-14
     Libyan Gaza-bound aid ship heads towards Egypt 2010-07-15
     US drone attack kills 10 in North Waziristan 2010-07-16
     Juarez car boom kills three 2010-07-17
     Jundallah claims Iran mosque blasts 2010-07-18
     Coahuila: 17 Massacred in Torreon 2010-07-19
     Pakistan city tense after 'blaspheming' Christians shot 2010-07-20
     Spain rejects proposal to ban burqa 2010-07-21
     Car bomb explosion kills 28 in Iraq 2010-07-22
Venezuela severs ties with Colombia 2010-07-23
     US missile strike kills 11 militants in Pakistan 2010-07-24
     N Korea declares 'sacred war' on US, South 2010-07-25
     Taliban Capture Barg-e-Matal District in Nooristan 2010-07-26
     Afghan Forces Re-capture Barg-e-Matal District 2010-07-27
     Houthis capture 200 Yemeni soldiers: Official 2010-07-28
Federal judge guts Arizona immigration law 2010-07-29
     20 Bad Guys Die in Gun Battle in Sonora 2010-07-30
     Three Kenyans charged over Kampala bomb attacks 2010-07-31
     Assad wants Hariri tribunal closed 2010-08-01
     Five rockets slam into Israeli resort 2010-08-02
Two Lebanese soldiers killed in clash with IDF on northern border 2010-08-03
     Hezbollah accuses Israel of killing Rafik Hariri 2010-08-04
     Chief of Frontier Constabulary rubbed out in suicide attack 2010-08-05
     Tamaulipas: Car Bomb Explodes at State Police HQ 2010-08-06
     10 Medical Aid Workers Murdered Near Kabul 2010-08-07
     60 killed in triple bombing in Basra 2010-08-08
Indonesian police arrest Bashir on terror charges 2010-08-09
     Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination 2010-08-10
     Nuevo Leon: Mexican Army Seizes $1.3 Million in Cash, Drugs 2010-08-11
     Afghan army reaches target strength 2010-08-12
     Durango: Mexican Army Bags 12 Bad Guys; 5 Others Die 2010-08-13
     B.O. defends plans for mosque near ground zero 2010-08-14
     Dronezap ices 12 turbans in Haqqaniland 2010-08-15
AZ Sheriff: Border Patrol Abandoning Parts Of Border 2010-08-16
     41 Die in Suicide Bombing of Iraq Army Recruiting Center 2010-08-17
     Turks capture raving Paleostinian at Tel Aviv embassy 2010-08-18
Goodbye Iraq: Last US combat brigade heads for home 2010-08-19
     Blast in China's Xinjiang kills 7 2010-08-20
     Russians Flatline Mastermind of Moscow Subway Attack 2010-08-21
     Six turbans dronezapped 2010-08-22
     Israel says Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable' 2010-08-23
     MPs slain as Somali gunmen storm hotel 2010-08-24
Reports: 3 killed in Beirut clashes 2010-08-25
     56 killed, 250 injured in string of Iraq attacks 2010-08-26
     10 Tonnes of Bomb Chemicals found in E. Afghanistan 2010-08-27
     Yemen officials, Houthis reach peace deal in Qatar 2010-08-28
     Series of US drone attacks in Pakistan, at least six killed 2010-08-29
     Iran media brands Sarkozy's wife as 'prostitute' 2010-08-30
     Molotov Cocktails Thrown: At Least 8 Killed In Cancun Bar Attack 2010-08-31
     Gunman Holds 1 Hostage in Maryland 2010-09-01
At Least 25 Die in Nuevo Leon in Shootout 2010-09-02
     37 dead, 150 maimed in attack on Shiites in Lahore 2010-09-03
     Suicide blast kills senior Tajik police officer: ministry 2010-09-04
     Dronezap waxes five in North Wazoo 2010-09-05
ETA declares ceasefire 2010-09-06
     19 killed in Lakki Marwat suicide attack 2010-09-07
     3rd missile strike in Pakistan in 12-hours kills 5 militants 2010-09-08
     9/11 Koran Burning Cancelled 2010-09-09
     Mogadishu airport comes under attack 2010-09-10
Nine years 2010-09-11
     Mexican police neutralize car bomb in Juarez 2010-09-12
     Mexican marines nab narco-jefe "El Grande" 2010-09-13
     Dronezaps All Over the Place in North Wazoo 2010-09-14
     French parliament adopts ban on full-face veil 2010-09-15
     Dronezap waxes 12 bad boyz in North Wazoo 2010-09-16
Pope visit: Five suspected Islamist terrorists arrested over assassination plot 2010-09-17
     Yemen foils Somali pirates hijack attempt on foreign ship 2010-09-18
     Yemen's Abyan deputy governor survives Qaida assassination attempt 2010-09-19
     ETA offers peace to Spanish govt. 2010-09-20
     Chicago man arrested in foiled bomb plot 2010-09-21
     Three drone strikes kill 28 in Waziristan 2010-09-22
Aafia Siddiqui Gets 86 Years 2010-09-23
     MILF drop separatist demands 2010-09-24
     US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech 2010-09-25
     Drone boys rack up 7 more in North Wazoo 2010-09-26
Sonny Jong Un gets promoted! 2010-09-27
     Israeli Navy escorts Gaza-bound activist boat to Ashdod 2010-09-28
     Cross-border heli raids kill 9 in Pakistan 2010-09-29
     'Obama gives Pakistan ultimatum' 2010-09-30
     Imagine that: Dozens of NATO oil tankers attacked in Pakistan 2010-10-01
     US drone strike kills six in Pakistan 2010-10-02
     Drone strikes kill 18 in North Waziristan 2010-10-03
     Six killed as NATO oil tankers ambushed in Islamabad 2010-10-04
     French police arrest 11 people with suspected Islamic extremists links 2010-10-05
Qari Ziauddin ID'd as a Zap-ee 2010-10-06
     US apologizes for attack on Pakistani soldiers 2010-10-07
     Zapee ID'd as Mohammed Usman 2010-10-08
     Norks confirm Sonny Jong Un's succession 2010-10-09
     Bangla: Lashkar's explosives expert captured 2010-10-10
     Dronezap waxes eight in North Wazoo 2010-10-11
     15 killed in clashes in Mogadishu 2010-10-12
Tamaulipas: 10 Die in Gang Firefight 2010-10-13
     Four drone strikes kill 11 in N Waziristan 2010-10-14
     Attack on Iraqi politician kills four 2010-10-15
     Nine militants killed in drone attacks in N. Waziristan 2010-10-16
     German terrorist gets three year sentence 2010-10-17
Merkel: German multiculturalism failed 2010-10-18
     Somali government seizes Bulo Hawo town from al-Shabab 2010-10-19
     Four convicted over NY bomb plot 2010-10-20
     Bomb on bus in Philippines kills seven 2010-10-21
     Mistrial for Wilders 2010-10-22
     4 Boomers In Burkas Attack UN In Herat 2010-10-23
Iran 'handing cash to Karzai's chief of staff for influence in Afghanistan' 2010-10-24
     22 die in battle for Mogadishu 2010-10-25
     Baby Face Khadr pleads guilty to all charges 2010-10-26
     VA Man Arrested for Plotting DC Attacks 2010-10-27
Nigeria intercepts 13 Iran missile containers possibly destined for Gaza 2010-10-28
     Police Surround UPS Planes Over Suspicious Packages 2010-10-29
     Yemen parcel bombmaker believed to be al Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri 2010-10-30
     Yemen makes bomb-plot arrests 2010-10-31
     7 58 killed, 20 75 Wounded in Baghdad Church Hostage Drama 2010-11-01
     Iraq: Eleven car bombs kill 63 2010-11-02
     Tight Security around Police HQ in Anticipation of Hezbollah Attack 2010-11-03
     Radical website publishes MP 'death list' 2010-11-04
     Suicide Bomb Kills at least 50 in Mosque in NW and burns lots of Korans 2010-11-05
Al-Qaeda claims parcel bomb plot 2010-11-06
     Afghan Taliban threaten death to all talking peace 2010-11-07
     US missile strikes in Pakistan kill 13 2010-11-08
     US bans toner, ink cartridges from passenger planes 2010-11-09
     Suspect in subway terror sting pleads not guilty 2010-11-10
France Arrests Five Planning Suicide Bombing 2010-11-11
     Yemen Qaeda Commanders Come through Iran 2010-11-12
     Fourteen suicide bombers attack Jalalabad airport 2010-11-13
     Bakri arrested by Leb cops 2010-11-14
     British couple held hostage by pirates freed, reports 2010-11-15
     Stop all settlements and we'll talk: Palestinians 2010-11-16
     Missile strikes in Waziristan kill 17 20 2010-11-17
Hekmatyar offers truce terms 2010-11-18
Foopie cleared of terror charges in key Guantanamo trial 2010-11-19
     Nigeria seizes $9.9-million heroin shipment from Iran 2010-11-20
     FARC Honcho Killed 2010-11-21
     23 killed in Somalia fighting 2010-11-22
North Korea Fires Rockets at Island 2010-11-23
     Arrest warrant for Rafsanjani's son issued 2010-11-24
     Bakri makes bail 2010-11-25
     South Sudan accuses north of raid 2010-11-26
     Somali teenager 'tried to set off carbomb in US' 2010-11-27
     Emad Hatem Abdullah of Little Rock Arrested On Explosives Charges 2010-11-28
Persian nuclear scientsts targets of car kabooms 2010-11-29
     Chihuahua: 18 Dead in Mass Grave near Puerto Palomas 2010-11-30
     Iraq arrests 50 suspected militants 2010-12-01
     Senior Afghan Officials Release Top Taliban Fighters for Bucks 2010-12-02
     Nigeria charges 65 in oil region kidnappings 2010-12-03
     Officers killed in deadly Nairobi attacks 2010-12-04
150 killed in Nigeria's oil delta 2010-12-05
     Pirates hijack Bangladeshi ship in the Arabian sea 2010-12-06
     50 dead, 120 maimed in Mohmand double kaboom 2010-12-07
     Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims suicide kaboom on Balochistan chief minister 2010-12-08
     Pakistan suicide attack kills 17: police 2010-12-09
     India's ambassador gets pat-down at US airport 2010-12-10
Car Explodes in Stockholm, Gas Cannisters & Second Blast Involved 2010-12-11
     Yemen jails 12 Qaeda members 2010-12-12
     Six police among 13 killed in Iraq suicide attacks 2010-12-13
     Another man arrested for plotting bomb attack on DC Metro 2010-12-14
Border Patrol agent gunned down in southern AZ 2010-12-15
     Suicide Attack Kills 33, Wounds 95 Mourners in Iran 2010-12-16
     Car Bomb Explodes at a Coppe Shoppe in Monterrey 2010-12-17
     Three US missiles kill 54 in Pakistan 2010-12-18
     Iraq: 6 dead, 12 wounded during Ashuraa pilgrimage 2010-12-19
Police arrest 12 people 'plotting Christmas terror attack' 2010-12-20
     Adam Gadahn jugged in Karachi? 2010-12-21
     Kenya bus explosion kills 3, injures 30 2010-12-22
     Clashes between Houthis and Tribesmen in Sa'ada Province 2010-12-23
     Iraq arrests 93 al-Qaeda suspects 2010-12-24
     Pakistan suicide bombing kills dozens at food aid center 2010-12-25
Burqa-clad suicide bomber kills 42 in Bajaur Agency 2010-12-26
     Pakistan drone attack 'kills 18 militants' 2010-12-27
     15 More Drone-zapped in North Wazoo 2010-12-28
     Denmark Arrests 5 Suspected of Planning Terror Attack 2010-12-29
Cartel threatens Guatemala with 'war' 2010-12-30
     US missiles kill 8 in northwest Pakistan 2010-12-31
     Islamic New Years Greetings to Copts in Egypt, 21 dead 2011-01-01
     Clashes follow Egypt church bombing 2011-01-02
     Osama's top aide Nasir al-Wahishi killed in drone strike 2011-01-03
Punjab governor Salman Taseer assassinated in Islamabad 2011-01-04
     Lahore, Islamabad on red alert after Taseer assassination 2011-01-05
     Moqtada Sadr back in Iraq 2011-01-06
     Church bombing foiled in north Iraq 2011-01-07
AZ Dem Rep Gabrielle Giffords Shot 2011-01-08
     14 headless bodies found in Acapulco 2011-01-09
     Yemeni Court Sentences 13 Somalis for Piracy 2011-01-10
     Spain's ETA in permanent ceasefire 2011-01-11
Hezbollah Topples Lebanese Government 2011-01-12
     Drone Attack Kills 3, Maybe 4 in Pakistan 2011-01-13
     Sudan nationhood vote confirmed valid 2011-01-14
Benali flees Tunisia 2011-01-15
     Yemen Government Loses, Regains Control of Habilain 2011-01-16
     Prosecutor submits Hariri assassination indictment 2011-01-17
     Al-Turabi arrested in Khartoum 2011-01-18
     Nigerian troops given shoot to kill orders in Jos 2011-01-19
     15 dead in Iraq suicide attacks 2011-01-20
     Suicide Blasts Rock Karbala, 50 Dead Nationwide 2011-01-21
     Hidalgo Police Chief Dies, 3 Cops Hurt in Car Bomb Explosion 2011-01-22
     Nato Airstrikes Kill 10 Insurgents in Afghanistan 2011-01-23
Bomb explodes in Moscow Domodedovo airport (DME), double digit fatalities 2011-01-24
     Egypt protesters clash with police 2011-01-25
     Three dead in Egypt protests 2011-01-26
     Tunisia issues arrest warrant for ousted president Ben Ali 2011-01-27
     At least 1,000 arrested in Egypt protests 2011-01-28
     Saleh Accuses Al-Jazeera Channel of Serving Zionist and Terrorist Groups 2011-01-29
     Mubarak names VP, raising succession talk 2011-01-30
     Military moves to take control of parts of Cairo 2011-01-31
     Student beaten to death in Khartoum clashes 2011-02-01
     Chaos in Cairo as Mubarak backers, opponents clash 2011-02-02
Mubarak's snipers flee Cairo square 2011-02-03
     Egypt PM Apologizes for Tahrir Square Clashes, Vows Probe 2011-02-04
     U.S. envoy to Egypt: Mubarak 'must stay' for now 2011-02-05
     Mubarak resigns as ruling party head 2011-02-06
     Egypt: beginning of discussions between government and Muslim Brotherhood 2011-02-07
     Egypt sees largest demonstrations since start of revolt 2011-02-08
     Suleiman: Mubarak Forms Panel to Pilot Constitutional Changes 2011-02-09
     Mubarak still there 2011-02-10
Mubarak resigns 2011-02-11
     Police in Aden disperse ‘day of rage’ protests 2011-02-12
     Saeed Al-Shihri, Deputy Leader of AQAP Dead in Yemen 2011-02-13
     Iranian protesters rally as Arab unrest spreads 2011-02-14
     Mufti warns of revolution in Saudi Arabia 2011-02-15
     Bahrain mourner killed in funeral march clash 2011-02-16
Violent protests break out in Libya 2011-02-17
     Yemen protesters flee armed government loyalists 2011-02-18
     Protesters in Djibouti rally to replace president 2011-02-19
     Bahrain protesters swarm square, police flee 2011-02-20
     Gaddafi flees Tripoli 2011-02-21
     Gaddafi said barricaded in his Tripoli compound 2011-02-22
     OPEC crude oil exceeds $100 2011-02-23
     Gaddafi says no surrender, protesters deserve death 2011-02-24
     Gun battles rage as rebels seize Libyan towns 2011-02-25
     Anti-Gaddafi protesters control Misrata: witness 2011-02-26
Ex-minister forms interim govt. in Libya 2011-02-27
     Defiant Gaddafi confined to Tripoli 2011-02-28
     Yemen Opposition Rejects Plan for Govt of National Unity 2011-03-01
     National Libyan Council outlines strategy 2011-03-02
     Gaddafi strikes at Brega, rebels eye foreign help 2011-03-03
     Libyan rebels push west 2011-03-04
     Qadaffy forces try, fail to retake Zawiyah 2011-03-05
     Gaddafi forces fight to seize Zawiyah, dozens killed 2011-03-06
National Libyan Council to seek recognition 2011-03-07
     Gaddafi sends negotiators to Benghazi 2011-03-08
     OIC rejects military action on Libya 2011-03-09
     Libya no-fly zone a UN decision, "not US": Clinton 2011-03-10
     Rebel forces retreat from Ras Lanuf 2011-03-11
     5 family members murdered by terrorist in Itamar settlement 2011-03-12
     Libyan troops 'force rebels out of Brega' 2011-03-13
     Libya: the rebels ready to defend Ajdabiya 2011-03-14
     Gaddafi army penetrates rebel areas 2011-03-15
UNSC Introduces No-Fly Zone Draft Resolution 2011-03-16
     Bahrain forces launch crackdown on protesters 2011-03-17
     Libya declares ceasefire after UN resolution 2011-03-18
     Fighting reported near Benghazi - Tanks enter city 2011-03-19
     Crisis in Libya: U.S. bombs Qaddafi's airfields 2011-03-20
     Gaddafi compound attacked again amid reports son killed 2011-03-21
     Western War Planes Hit Qadaffy Command Post 2011-03-22
     Qaddafi attacks rebel towns 2011-03-23
15 dead in new clashes in Deraa 2011-03-24
     Libya: French aircraft destroyed a dozen armored vehicles in 3 days 2011-03-25
     Libyan Rebels Reclaim Ajdabiya 2011-03-26
     Libyan rebels say forces reach oil town of Brega 2011-03-27
     Rebels push towards Sirte 2011-03-28
     Yemeni regime loses grip on four provinces 2011-03-29
Libyan Foreign Minister quits, arrives in UK 2011-03-30
     Obama 'orders covert help for Libya rebels' 2011-03-31
     Two UN staff beheaded and eight others murdered in protest against U.S. pastor who burnt Koran 2011-04-01
     Deputy emir of Caucasus Emirate killed in Russian raid 2011-04-02
     Rebels claim Brega 2011-04-03
     Gaddafi in Tripoli, crushes officers revolt 2011-04-04
     Suicide kabooms kill 30 at Pakistani shrine 2011-04-05
     Gaddafi troops force retreat towards Ajdabiya 2011-04-06
     Rebels push back toward Brega 2011-04-07
     Gulf states expect Yemen's Saleh to quit: Qatari PM 2011-04-08
     22 Syrian protesters killed, hundreds wounded 2011-04-09
     Shooting erupts in seaport of Baniyas, Syria 2011-04-10
     Metro blast in Minsk kills several 2011-04-11
     Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters 2011-04-12
AU Libya Peace Plan Flops 2011-04-13
     Pro-Hamas Italian Kidnapped By Salafists In Gaza 2011-04-14
     Pro-Hamas Italian activist hanged in Gaza 2011-04-15
     Qaddafi bombards Misrata 2011-04-16
     Egypt: Justice orders the dissolution of the former ruling party 2011-04-17
     Five Hurt as Regime Agents Disperse Rallies in South Syria 2011-04-18
     Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan Ministry of Defence 2011-04-19
     Syria government approves lifting state of emergency 2011-04-20
Nigeria: Over 200 dead in the post-election riots 2011-04-21
     Obama Authorizes Use of Drone Airstrikes in Libya... 2011-04-22
     Yemen's president agrees to step down 2011-04-23
     US carries out first drone strike in Libya 2011-04-24
      470 inmates escape Kandahar jug 2011-04-25
     NATO air strike pounds Gaddafi compound 2011-04-26
     Yemen's Ruling Party and Opposition To Sign Deal in Riyadh soon 2011-04-27
     Some Syrian military units appear to be fighting each other. 2011-04-28
     Blast kills 14 in Marrakesh; suicide bomber suspected 2011-04-29
     Saif al-Arab Gadhafi Reported Titzup 2011-04-30
Osama bin Laden dead 2011-05-01
     Osama bin Laden sleeps widda fishes 2011-05-02
     US: Pak Compound was Built Specifically for Bin Laden 2011-05-03
     No release of Bin Laden death pic 2011-05-04
     Pakistan warns US not to stage more raids 2011-05-05
     Fidel, Meshaal criticise way Osama was killed 2011-05-06
     Drones kill 17 in North Waziristan 2011-05-07
     Gunfire disrupts pro-Osama rally 2011-05-08
Syrian troops, tanks enter Homs, Tafas 2011-05-09
     U.N. Team Blocked from Syria's Daraa as Regime Arrests 'Thousands' in Banias 2011-05-10
     Qadaffy forces tossed from Misrata. Again. 2011-05-11
     ISI Confirms Mullah Omar in Pakistain 2011-05-12
     Dronezap kills several in Pakistan 2011-05-13
     US charges six with aiding Pakistani Taliban 2011-05-14
Pakistan's parliament condemns US bin Laden raid 2011-05-15
     29 Murdered In Northern Guatemala, Most Decapitated 2011-05-16
     Frontier Shootout between Pak Army & NATO Helicopter 2011-05-17
     Over 70 militants attack Pakistani security post, 17 dead 2011-05-18
     Afghan company: Militants kill at least 35 workers 2011-05-19
     NATO sez sinks eight Libyan warships in.... NO SAILING ZONE 2011-05-20
     Over thirty killed in Syria, tanks in front of every mosque 2011-05-21
Militants attack Karachi naval air base 2011-05-22
     Taliban sez Blinky not dead 2011-05-23
     Gunbattle in Yemen as transition deal collapses 2011-05-24
     Suicide bomb kills four at Peshawar police station 2011-05-25
     4 blasts shake Tripoli after NATO sorties 2011-05-26
     Heavy fighting breaks out in Misrata suburb 2011-05-27
     Russia agrees to mediate Gaddafi exit 2011-05-28
     Taliban suicide bomber strikes at high-level meeting in Afghan north 2011-05-29
     Bombs kill 10 after Nigerian president's inauguration 2011-05-30
     50 Protesters Killed in Taiz by Security Forces 2011-05-31
     Yemen truce collapses 2011-06-01
     Kuwait Withdraws Diplomats from Yemen 2011-06-02
Yemen's Saleh hurt in palace attack: diplomat 2011-06-03
Reports: Ilyas Kashmiri killed by a drone in Pakistan 2011-06-04
Colombian army kills FARC security chief 2011-06-05
     Saleh undergoes surgery as Yemen rejoices 2011-06-06
     Libya rebels take Yafran 2011-06-07
     US missiles kill twenty in Pakistan 2011-06-08
     Gaddafi vows to fight until death 2011-06-09
     Nigeria arrests 14 in Boko Haram attacks 2011-06-10
'East Africa embassy bomber Fazul Abdullah Mohammed killed' 2011-06-11
     Helicopters open fire to disperse Syrian protesters 2011-06-12
     Syrian Army Attacks Jisr al-Shughour 2011-06-13
     Germany recognises rebels as representing Libya 2011-06-14
     Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid 2011-06-15
     Pakistan army denies major's arrest for CIA links 2011-06-16
Abu Bakr Bashir gets 15 years 2011-06-17
     Nigeria's Islamists Claim Suicide Bombing 2011-06-18
     Yemeni Government, Opposition Meet in Europe as Unrest Continues 2011-06-19
Syrian dissidents set up 'national council' 2011-06-20
     Assad holds hard line on unrest 2011-06-21
     Obama Opts for Faster Afghan Pullout 2011-06-22
     AL chief slams NATO bombing in Libya 2011-06-23
     Syrian Army Enters Village Bordering Turkey, Hundreds Flee 2011-06-24
     60 dead in Afghanistan hospital bombing 2011-06-25
     25 killed in beer garden attack in Nigeria 2011-06-26
     Suicide car bomber kills 35 at Afghan clinic 2011-06-27
Breaking: Kabul Intercontinental Hotel under attack 2011-06-28
     Libyan rebels seize Gaddafi weapons depot 2011-06-29
     Pakistan tells US military to leave 'drone' attack base 2011-06-30
     Report: U.S. Drone Wounds Top Islamists in Somalia 2011-07-01
     Swiss couple kidnapped in SW Pakistan: official 2011-07-02
     Assad sacks Hama governor 2011-07-03
Bomb kills 10 in beer garden northern Nigeria 2011-07-04
     Hundreds of Gunmen Attack Pakistani Border Post 2011-07-05
     Afghan MPs Urge Karzai to Step Down 2011-07-06
     Syrian troops kill 22 in Hama 2011-07-07
     US drone strikes kill dozens in Somalia 2011-07-08
     Sudan Recognizes Republic of South Sudan 2011-07-09
     21 Die in Bar Massacre in Monterrey 2011-07-10
     Syrian Protesters Break Into The U.S. Embassy In Damascus 2011-07-11
Karzai's brother killed by bodyguard 2011-07-12
     Three blasts in Mumbai, city on high alert 2011-07-13
     Saudi Dismantles Group Plotting to Overthrow Regime 2011-07-14
U.S. Strikes in Yemen Said to Kill 8 Militants 2011-07-15
     Indonesia arrests principal after school blast 2011-07-16
     Yemen protesters form council to run country 2011-07-17
     Gunmen Kill Senior Karzai Aide, Afghan MP in Kabul 2011-07-18
     Libyan Rebels Claim Control of Brega 2011-07-19
     'Death squads' on streets of Homs 2011-07-20
AQAP Announces Allegiance to New Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri 2011-07-21
     Blast rocks Oslo, Norway PM's office 2011-07-22
     8 Dead in Syria as More Than 1.2 Million March in Hama, Deir Ezzor 2011-07-23
     More than two million Somalis out of aid groups' reach 2011-07-24
Taliban hang 8-year-old boy in Afghanistan 2011-07-25
     Arkansas soldier shooter pleads guilty, gets life 2011-07-26
     Security, Army Divisions Join Popular Revolution in Yemen 2011-07-27
     AWOL c.o. Soldier Arrested In Killeen Over Ft. Hood Atk Concerns 2011-07-28
     Libyan rebels' military commander arrested whacked by own comrades 2011-07-29
     'US, Israeli mercenaries' blow up Iran-Turkey gas line 2011-07-30
Syrian Generals Desert, Start Neue Armie 2011-07-31
     Activists: Army Kills At Least 145 across Syria, Among Them 113 in Hama 2011-08-01
     Israeli, Lebanese Troops Exchange Fire in Wazzani Area 2011-08-02
     US Drones Kill 15 in Yemen's Abyan Province 2011-08-03
     Libya Shoots Missile At Italian Warship. Misses. 2011-08-04
     Turkey Seizes Iranian Arms Smuggled to Syria, Hizbullah 2011-08-05
     38 dead as NATO helicopter crashes in Afghanistan 2011-08-06
     Yemen president leaves hospital but to stay in Saudi 2011-08-07
215 Arrested in London Riots 2011-08-08
     London set for third night of riots 2011-08-09
     Yemeni president 'to return home' 2011-08-10
     US drone strike kills 21 in north Wazoo 2011-08-11
     Two Hariri Murder Suspects Linked to Murr, Hamadeh, Chidiac, Hawi Cases 2011-08-12
     'Cholera epidemic spreading in Somalia' 2011-08-13
     Tripoli Denies Rebel Capture of Western Port Town 2011-08-14
     Medvedev signs order backing Libyan rebels 2011-08-15
Libyan rebels push to isolate Tripoli 2011-08-16
     Libya rebels see victory by end of month 2011-08-17
     Dozens reported hurt in 3-stage terror attack near Eilat 2011-08-18
     Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi wants to leave Power 2011-08-19
     Pakistan mosque bombing kills at least 50 2011-08-20
     Blasts, heavy gunfire rattle Tripoli 2011-08-21
     Libyans Celebrate Takeover of Capital 2011-08-22
Rebels Capture Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya Compound, House 2011-08-23
     Rebels offers $1.7 million bounty for Gadhafi 2011-08-24
     Yemeni premier back home from Riyadh 2011-08-25
     Rebel council to take Libya's seat at Arab League 2011-08-26
Al Qaeda's No. 2 , Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, Killed in Pakistan 2011-08-27
     Rebels claim capture of last army base in Tripoli 2011-08-28
     29 dead in suicide bomb attack in Iraq mosque: Officials 2011-08-29
Qadaffy's wife, daughter, 2 sons flee to Algeria 2011-08-30
     Saleh Authorizes his party to Conduct Negotiations with Opposition 2011-08-31
     Al Qathafi Reject Rebels' Ultimatum to Surrender 2011-09-01
     Russia recognises Libya's rebel government 2011-09-02
     European Union Lifts Sanctions on Libya 2011-09-03
     Sudan declares emergency in Blue Nile state 2011-09-04
     Pakistan detains top al-Qaida suspect 2011-09-05
'Qatari Emir survives assassination' 2011-09-06
     Bomb at Delhi High Court kills 11, 76 injured 2011-09-07
     'Gaddafi surrounded' 2011-09-08
     Turkistan Islamic Party claims western China attacks 2011-09-09
     Cairo mob ransacks, torches Israeli embassy, staff flown out 2011-09-10
     EU Command: French hostage rescued from pirates 2011-09-11
     Head of New Leadership, Jalil, Arrives Tripoli to Great Welcome 2011-09-12
Nato headquarters and US embassy under attack in Kabul 2011-09-13
     Iran to Free US Hikers or whatever they were for $500,000 Each 2011-09-14
     US Drone Attack Kills Two Militants in Pakistan 2011-09-15
     NTC Fighters Enter Gadhafi Hometown Sirte 2011-09-16
     Syrian Forces Kill 46 2011-09-17
     "Norwegian" held over Danish cartoonist plot 2011-09-18
     Fighting erupts in Bani Walid 2011-09-19
Murder most foul: Barhanuddin Rabanni assassinated 2011-09-20
     Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen kill 29 Shia pilgrims in Pakistan 2011-09-21
     Series of bombs kills 1, injures at least 60 in Dagestan 2011-09-22
President of Yemen returns home 2011-09-23
     Paleostinians ask UN for statehood 2011-09-24
     French Envoy Targeted with Eggs, Stones in Damascus 2011-09-25
     Missile targets Afghan president palace 2011-09-26
     1 injured, 2 missing as Egypt pumps sewage into Gaza tunnel 2011-09-27
     NTC Fighters Capture Sirte's Port 2011-09-28
     US ambassador Robert Ford pelted with tomatoes by Syrian brownshirts 2011-09-29
Anwar al-Awlaki killed in Yemen 2011-09-30
     Underwear-bomb maker also believed dead in Yemen strike 2011-10-01
     Syrian troops battle hundreds of renegade soldiers 2011-10-02
     Syrian Opposition Forms United Common Front 2011-10-03
     Bomb kills at least 65 in Mogadishu 2011-10-04
     Afghanistan foils plot to kill Karzai 2011-10-05
     Shelling Resumes in Sana'a 2011-10-06
     Doctor Who Helped U.S. Find Osama Bin Laden May Hang 2011-10-07
     Mexican security forces find 46 dead in Veracruz 2011-10-08
     Yemen president says ready to quit within days 2011-10-09
     Syria warns countries not to recognize opposition 2011-10-10
     Breaking: Feds Thwart Iran-Tied Terror Plot Against Saudi, Israeli Targets in D.C. 2011-10-11
Underwear bomber pleads guilty to all counts 2011-10-12
     Haqqani big shot confirmed killed in Pakistan 2011-10-13
     10 militants killed in drone attacks 2011-10-14
     Son of the spiritual head of the Egyptian Islamic Group killed in Afghanistan 2011-10-15
     US missiles kill six in South Waziristan 2011-10-16
     Mexican Army rescues 61 kidnap victims, seizes drugs 2011-10-17
Shalit reunited with family, Paleo prisoners freed 2011-10-18
     Libyans push into Qaddafi hometown from east 2011-10-19
Qadaffy titzup 2011-10-20
     Libyan fighters hoist govt flag above captured Sirte 2011-10-21
     Qaddafi on display in shopping center freezer 2011-10-22
     Libyan Leader Declares Nation Islamic, Sharia Law to be Implemented 2011-10-23
     Interior Minister escapes suicide kaboom on trip to Panjshir 2011-10-24
     U.S. pulls out envoy to Syria 2011-10-25
15 Dead as Yemen Truce Fails 2011-10-26
     Drone strike 'kills five Taliban commanders' in South Waziristan 2011-10-27
     13 More Drone-zapped in South Wazoo 2011-10-28
     13 American troops killed in Kabul suicide car bomb attack 2011-10-29
     Saudi Court Jails 'al-Qaida Lady' for 15 Years 2011-10-30
     Egypt brokers another truce to halt Gaza fighting 2011-10-31
     Unesco gives Palestinians full membership, U.S. pulls funding 2011-11-01
Viktor Bout found guilty by NY NY court! 2011-11-02
     Syrian tank fire kills two in Homs despite deal 2011-11-03
     Al-Shabaab militants fall back to defend Kismayu 2011-11-04
     65 dead in Islamist raid on Nigerian town 2011-11-05
     Suicide bomber kills six at mosque in Afghanistan 2011-11-06
     19 Killed as Syrians Rally on Eid al-Adha 2011-11-07
     Syria Says U.S. behind 'Bloody Events', Urges Arab Help 2011-11-08
     Kim Jong-il Death Rumors Rattle Markets 2011-11-09
     Cash shortage threatens Pakistan flood aid 2011-11-10
     Mexican minister who fought drug cartels killed in crash 2011-11-11
Iranian Terror Plot Against Bahrain Uncovered 2011-11-12
     Syrian brownshirts storm Saudi embassy 2011-11-13
     Syria Calls for Urgent Arab Summit 2011-11-14
     Suspected suicide bomber killed near Afghan loya jirga site 2011-11-15
     Missile raid targeted top Shabaab leaders 2011-11-16
     Saleh again refuses to sign power transfer 2011-11-17
     Sufi Mohammad's sons acquitted by Swat ATC 2011-11-18
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured in Libya 2011-11-19
     Libya: 'the executioner' Abdullah al-Senussi captured 2011-11-20
     Colombia Farc rebel radio station 'shut down' by army 2011-11-21
     Yemen Opposition: Saleh Agrees to Sign Peace Plan. Really. 2011-11-22
Yemen's president signs power transfer deal 2011-11-23
     Police continue attacks on protesters, Tahrir chants for field marshal to go 2011-11-24
     47 Syrians Dead, Including 29 Civilians, as Homs Clashes Rage 2011-11-25
Pakistan stops NATO supplies after raid kills up to 28 2011-11-26
     US told to vacate Shamsi base 2011-11-27
     Enraged Pakistanis burn Obama effigy, slam US 2011-11-28
Iranian brownshirts seize 6 British embassy staff 2011-11-29
     Egypt's elections go smoothly amid protests 2011-11-30
     UK expels Iran diplomats after embassy attack 2011-12-01
     Syria Sanctions Target Assad Brother, 16 Other Senior Figures 2011-12-02
     US Hands Over Camp Victory to Iraq 2011-12-03
     Iran police arrest 12 over embassy rally 2011-12-04
     France Reduces Tehran Embassy Staff after Attack on British Mission 2011-12-05
     Afghanistan: Kabul shrine attacks 'kills 34' 2011-12-06
New coalition government formed in Yemen 2011-12-07
     Yemen's unity government announced 2011-12-08
     Twenty trucks torched in attack at Nato terminal in Quetta 2011-12-09
     Rival Yemeni forces said to quit streets of Taiz city 2011-12-10
     Syrian Opposition Reports Deputy Defense Minister Killed 2011-12-11
     Mysterious explosion kills 7, injures 16 in Iran 2011-12-12
     Mexican Army bags 11 bad guys in Tamaulipas state 2011-12-13
     33 Civilians, 7 Regime Troops Killed 2011-12-14
U.S. War in Iraq Declared Officially Over 2011-12-15
     Syrian Dissidents Declare Creation of 'National Alliance' 2011-12-16
     Australian terror conspirators jailed for 18 years 2011-12-17
Kimmie Dead 2011-12-18
     20 Civilians, 6 Troops Killed in Fresh Syria Violence 2011-12-19
     Syria allows Arab observers 2011-12-20
     185 Syrians Dead as corpse count hits three digits for the first time 2011-12-21
     Explosions rock Baghdad; 18 killed, dozens injured 2011-12-22
Arab Observers Arrive in Syria to Monitor Peace Plan 2011-12-23
     Syria Says 40 Dead in Capital Suicide Blasts, Opposition Blames Regime 2011-12-24
     Two Christmas Day church bombings in Nigeria kill 28 2011-12-25
     Sudan kills Darfur rebel leader Khalil Ibrahim 2011-12-26
     More than 40 Dead in Syria as Besieged Homs Heavily Shelled 2011-12-27
     Iran Says No Oil via Strait of Hormuz if Sanctions Applied 2011-12-28
     Turkish air strike kills 35 Kurdish smugglers 2011-12-29
At Huge Rally, North Koreans Declare Pudge Their Leader 2011-12-30
     Yemeni protesters demand trial of president 2011-12-31
     Nigeria Declares State of Emergency in Troubled Areas 2012-01-01
     Syrians ring in New Year with more anti-regime demos 2012-01-02
     Iran Missile Drill Results Exaggerated, Images Photoshopped 2012-01-03
Morocco gets new Islamist-led government 2012-01-04
     Baghdad bombings kill 29 in Shiite neighborhoods 2012-01-05
     Qatar: Arab monitors made mistakes in Syria 2012-01-06
     17 Dead as Gunmen Attack Mourners of 5 Christians in Nigeria 2012-01-07
     Kenyan airstrikes kill 60 in Somalia 2012-01-08
     Suspected Islamic Extremist Arrested in Alleged Florida Bomb Plot 2012-01-09
     Baghdad Bombs Target Shi'ite Pilgrims, 16 Killed 2012-01-10
     Iranian 'nuclear scientist' killed in Tehran bomb attack 2012-01-11
Dronezap Recess is Over: 2nd in two days 2012-01-12
     Syrian Forces Kill 32, Fire on Protesters in Presence of Monitors 2012-01-13
     Mob Kills 2, Burns Mosques in Raid on Nigerian Village 2012-01-14
     3 men in US terror ring get 15-45 years in prison 2012-01-15
     Kenya Arrests 29 Ugandans 'Headed to Somalia to Fight' 2012-01-16
     Kenyan jets bomb Al-Shabaab bases 2012-01-17
     Syria 'absolutely rejects' calls for Arab troops 2012-01-18
Bangladesh army says plot to topple government foiled 2012-01-19
     Aslam Awan of Abbottabad Dronezapped 2012-01-20
     Terror attacks in Kano, Nigeria, kill at least 162 2012-01-21
     Syrian Forces Kill More than 50 Civilian as Dissidents Clash with Troops 2012-01-22
     U.S. aircraft carrier goes through Strait of Hormuz without incident 2012-01-23
     EU imposes sanctions on Iran oil 2012-01-24
     SEALS Spring Two, Bag Nine 2012-01-25
     Woman Dead as Bombs, Bullets Rain on Nigeria Police Station 2012-01-26
     Sectarian clashes kill at least 22 in Yemen 2012-01-27
UN loses count on Syria killings 2012-01-28
     Nigerian military kills 11 militants in northeast 2012-01-29
     Assad's family caught trying to escape the country, returned to Damascus 2012-01-30
     12,000 BNP, Jamaat men charged with violence 2012-01-31
     US raids kill 15 militants in Yemen 2012-02-01
     Three top terror leaders killed in the Philippines 2012-02-02
     Britain Appoints First Ambassador to Somalia in 21 Years 2012-02-03
     Libya's ex-envoy to France dies in custody 2012-02-04
     Expel Syrian Envoys, Says Arab League Official 2012-02-05
     36 Civilians, 28 Troops Killed in Fresh Syria Violence 2012-02-06
Blasts Rock N. Nigeria, Police Station Attacked 2012-02-07
     German Police Arrest Lebanese, Syrian for Spying for Damascus 2012-02-08
     Badar Mansoor Dronezapped in North Wazoo 2012-02-09
     Zawahiri says Somalia's Shebab Joined al-Qaida 2012-02-10
     Arrests in Quetta Related to Rabbani Assassination 2012-02-11
Uzbek man in US pleads guilty in Obama murder plot 2012-02-12
     Israel says bombs target embassies in India, Georgia 2012-02-13
     Suspected Iranian Agent Bungles Bombing in Bangkok 2012-02-14
     Thailand charges Iranian bomb suspects in Bangkok 2012-02-15
     U.S. drone kills five insurgents in Miranshah 2012-02-16
Feds arrest another thinks-he-is suicide bomber heading to Capitol building 2012-02-17
     SWIFT To Cut Off Iran - No Financial Telecommunications 2012-02-18
     Iran stops oil sales to British, French 2012-02-19
     Syrian army reinforcements head to Homs 2012-02-20
     Afghans rescue 41 child suicide bombers 2012-02-21
     Hugo has new tumor 2012-02-22
     Ansar as-Sunna Chief Arrested on Syria-Iraq Border 2012-02-23
     Air strke kills al-Shaboobs 2012-02-24
Yemen gets new president after 33 years 2012-02-25
     Afghan interior ministry employee sought in NATO killings 2012-02-26
     Congressmen Attacked on Mount of Olives 2012-02-27
     Yemen's Saleh formally steps down after 33 years 2012-02-28
     Singapore: Iran assassination plot against Israeli Defence Minister Barak foiled 2012-02-29
Syrian rebels pull out of Homs after siege 2012-03-01
     39 Dead as Syrian Army Seizes Baba Amr and Rebels Withdraw 'Tactically' 2012-03-02
     African Union troops say seize major al Shabaab base 2012-03-03
     Sherpao escapes suicide attack in Charsadda 2012-03-04
     Gunmen massacre 21 policemen in Iraq attacks 2012-03-05
     Nigerian Army Says Killed 3 Islamists Trying to Burn School 2012-03-06
     Suicide bomber kills four in southern Russia 2012-03-07
     British and Italian hostages murdered by captors in special forces rescue bid in Nigeria 2012-03-08
13 Dronezapped in South Wazoo 2012-03-09
     Air strikes in Yemen kill suspected al Qaeda militants 2012-03-10
     Syrian Ground Forces Storm Rebel Stronghold of Idlib, 62 Killed in Violence 2012-03-11
     Army airstrikes kill 20 al-Qaeda militants in south Yemen 2012-03-12
     U.S. Drone Attack In Pakistan Reportedly Kills 15 Suspected Militants 2012-03-13
Leon Panetta unhurt after suspected attack 2012-03-14
      Karzai orders NATO out of all Afghan villages 2012-03-15
     Philly man arrested on charges of supporting Uzbeki terrorists 2012-03-16
     Qaeda suspects kidnap Swiss woman: Yemeni officials 2012-03-17
     Five Killed In Bali Terror Raids 2012-03-18
     Heavy Shelling Kills 16 'Qaida' Fighters in Yemen 2012-03-19
     Turkish Diplomat Says Two More Syrian Generals Defect 2012-03-20
     French police in standoff with Jewish school killing suspect 2012-03-21
Gunman dead as French siege ends 2012-03-22
     German court gives online terror recruiter five year sentence 2012-03-23
     At Least 26 Dead as Tens of Thousands Rally in Syria 2012-03-24
     Syrian Rebel Chiefs Form Military Council to Unify Ranks 2012-03-25
     Toulouse killings: Mohamed Merah brother charged 2012-03-26
     Terror plot uncovered when 11 suicide vests found at Afghan military HQ 2012-03-27
     Syrian Troops Kill 57 amid Clashes near Lebanese Border 2012-03-28
Gunmen kidnap Saudi diplomat in Yemen 2012-03-29
     France nabs at least 17 Islamists in raids across the country 2012-03-30
     Us Drone Strike Kills Four In Miranshah 2012-03-31
     Paris: Scientist accused of plotting to blow up 'city size of London' 2012-04-01
     Twin explosions rocked Mombasa Saturday 2012-04-02
     Oil Pipeline Blown Up In Southeast Yemen, Flows Halted 2012-04-03
     Yemeni airstrikes kill 43 al-Qaida militants 2012-04-04
     Pakistan rejects US bounty on Hafiz Saeed 2012-04-05
     Mali rebels declare cease-fire after seizing north 2012-04-06
     Azerbaijani intel service jugs 17 hard boys 2012-04-07
     Hugo off to Brazil for Emergent Care 2012-04-08
     84 Dead, 200 Arrested as Violence Rages across Syria 2012-04-09
     Syrian Rebel Army Ready to Respect Truce 2012-04-10
     Syria denounced for not adhereing to agreed peace plan 2012-04-11
     Nork rocket launched, then 'breaks up' 2012-04-12
     23 Reportedly Dead as Syria Regime, Opposition Trade Charges of Breaking Ceasefire 2012-04-13
     U.S. drone strike kills 7 al-Qaeda members in Yemen 2012-04-14
     Afghan capital hit by blasts, gun attack 2012-04-15
     US drone strike kills senior al-Qaeda Militant in Yemen 2012-04-16
     UN Camp in South Sudan Targeted by Sudanese Warplanes 2012-04-17
     Hadi Refuses to receive Former Yemen President 2012-04-18
     Qaeda leader suicide bombs himself and family in Iraq 2012-04-19
     8 die in Michoacan state as conflict goes hot 2012-04-20
     Sudan Rebels Kill 79 Troops, Militia in Blue Nile 2012-04-21
     Tons of Explosives Seized from Militants Planning Attack in Kabul 2012-04-22
     Kazakh court sends 47 men to prison for terrorism 2012-04-23
     India orders deportation of 10 French nationals over Maoist links 2012-04-24
     Sacked Yemen Air Force Commander Quits Post 2012-04-25
     Libya bans religious, tribal or ethnic parties 2012-04-26
     Separate bomb blasts rock Nigeria's newspapers, at least six killed 2012-04-27
      21 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Clashes 2012-04-28
     Syria Troops Kill 10 Rebels in Damascus Region 2012-04-29
     US drone 'kills three militants' in Miramshah 2012-04-30
     'Egyptians thwart Iranian plot to kill Saudi envoy' 2012-05-01
     Suicide bomb blast hits hotel in Somalia, two MPs believed dead 2012-05-02
     Afghanistan: Pakistani driving truck bomb arrested 2012-05-03
     Bajaur teenyboomer kills 24 2012-05-04
     Pro-Regime Gunmen Kill 12 'Qaida' Militants in Yemen 2012-05-05
     Man wanted in USS Cole bombing killed in Yemen: tribal chief 2012-05-06
     Nine soldiers killed, military convoy attacked in N Wazoo 2012-05-07
     Al-Qaeda underwear bomb plot was targeted by US drone 2012-05-08
     Annan Fears 'Civil War' Looming in Syria 2012-05-09
     Damascus bombings kill 40, wound 170: state TV 2012-05-10
     Somali Gov't, Al shabab claim victory over Bay,Bakol fighting 2012-05-11
     Tens of Thousands of Protesters Defy Syrian Regime Gunfire, 13 Dead 2012-05-12
     Al Qaeda's Leader Encourages Somali Militants to persist the fight 2012-05-13
     Nearly 25.000 troops battle Al-Qaeda in Abyan 2012-05-14
     37 Dead, Including 23 Troops as Syrian Army Shells Rebel Bastion 2012-05-15
     Ghalioun Elected Chief of Syrian Opposition Coalition 2012-05-16
     13 More Killed as South Yemen Clashes Rage into 5th Day 2012-05-17
     Syrian opposition leader says he's ready to step down 2012-05-18
     20 Dead as Syrian Forces Fire on Huge Protests 2012-05-19
     Raging Battles on Edge of Militant Stronghold in Yemen, Dozens Killed 2012-05-20
     AQAP leader urges militants to fight to last breath 2012-05-21
     Death Toll Rises to over 120 after Yemen Parade Bombing 2012-05-22
     Paki Doctor jailed for helping CIA find Binny 2012-05-23
     10 More Drone-zapped in North Wazoo 2012-05-24
     Thirteen die in suicide attack in Yemen 2012-05-25
     25 children among 90 dead in Syrian government 'massacre' 2012-05-26
     Al-Shabaab vows Dire Revenge™ after fall of Afgoye 2012-05-27
     MNLA, Ansar al-Din declare Islamic state 2012-05-28
     Western Nations Expel Syrian Diplomats 2012-05-29
     19 Killed in Syria Violence 2012-05-30
     Somalia forces capture key al-Shabab town of Afmadow 2012-05-31
     SCAF says it is going to end Egypt's state of emergency after 31 years 2012-06-01
     US drone strike kills three militants in Pakistan: officials 2012-06-02
     At least 12 dead in Nigerian church bombing 2012-06-03
     US drone strike kills 10 in NW Pakistan 2012-06-04
     U.S. Official: Al-Qaeda's No. 2 Killed In Drone Strike 2012-06-05
     Armed groups kill 15 Syrian soldiers in Latakia 2012-06-06
     47 Die in Hama Countryside 'Massacre' as Clashes Rock Damascus 2012-06-07
     UN monitors shot at trying to get to Syria massacre 2012-06-08
     Tuareg Rebels, Islamists, Clash in Northern Mali 2012-06-09
     Syria Army Kills 70 Civilians in Protest Cities 2012-06-10
     Church Bombing Kills 15 in Nigeria 2012-06-11
     Helicopter Gunships Deployed as More Than 100 Dead in Syria 2012-06-12
     At Least 73 Dead in Shelling and Clashes across Syria 2012-06-13
     Army takes over in Egypt 2012-06-14
     Syria Violence Kills More Than 60 2012-06-15
     Yemen army seizes Shuqra after Qaeda pullout 2012-06-16
     Baghdad bombs target Shiite pilgrims, 32 killed 2012-06-17
     Nigeria: 21 killed, 100 wounded in church blasts 2012-06-18
     IDF hits terror cell near Gaza fence 2012-06-19
     'Al-Qaeda militant' takes hostages at bank in Toulouse 2012-06-20
     29 Soldiers among 58 Dead in Violence across Syria 2012-06-21
     It's Over: A Dozen Dead After Taliban Take Hostages In Kabul Hotel 2012-06-22
     Turkish Warplane Vanishes over Syria Border 2012-06-23
     Yemen Army Takes Control of Qaida Bastion Azzan 2012-06-24
     Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi Declared Egypt's President 2012-06-25
     U.S drone strikes al-Qaeda vehicles in Aden 2012-06-26
     Al-Qaeda operatives escape to Oman 2012-06-27
     Tuareg, Islamist Rebels Clash in Northern Mali 2012-06-28
     Saudi Convicted of Plotting Attack on George Bush's Home 2012-06-29
     LeT Leader Khatab Shafiq Killed in Kunar 2012-06-30
     Ansar Dine Islamists destroy mausoleums in Timbuktu 2012-07-01
     43 Killed as Clashes Rage across Syria 2012-07-02
     Car bomb kills at least 25 in Diwaniya 2012-07-03
     Pakistan opens Nato routes after US apology 2012-07-04
     15th Syrian General Defects to Turkey 2012-07-05
     17 Drone-zapped in North Wazoo, 17! 2012-07-06
     Violence Kills 55 in Syria amid 'Liberation' Demos 2012-07-07
     Annan Admits Syria Mission Failure 2012-07-08
     Nigeria raids, reprisals kill 37 2012-07-09
     Gang Linked to Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Busted in Arizona 2012-07-10
     Al Qaeda suicide bomber attacks Yemen police academy 2012-07-11
     Sudan university students hold major protest: Witness 2012-07-12
     Defected Syrian Ambassador Calls on Countrymen to Join Him 2012-07-13
     NDS Chief Among Bombing Victims at Afghan Wedding 2012-07-14
     At Least 83 Killed across Syria 2012-07-15
     US Ship Fires on Boat off Dubai, 1 Dead 2012-07-16
     Blast kills MP in Mogadishu, Militants claim responsibility 2012-07-17
     Two Buses With 40 Israeli Tourists Blown Up At Bulgarian Airport 2012-07-18
     Pencilneck runs away to Latakia 2012-07-19
     Syria Rebels Take 'All Iraq Border Points' 2012-07-20
     Islamic Jihad Leadership Abandons Syria For Iran 2012-07-21
     Pencilneck may use chemical weapons against rebels 2012-07-22
     23 wounded in Iraq car bombing 2012-07-23
     Syrian Army Retakes Most of Damascus 2012-07-24
     Syrian forces attack mosque, kill 30 2012-07-25
     Syrian envoy to Cyprus defects 2012-07-26
     62 Mexican Policias Federales kidnapped in Michoacan 2012-07-27
     Helicopter gunships strafe Aleppo 2012-07-28
     Syria Rebels Fend Off Aleppo Assault 2012-07-29
     Nine dead after Dagestani raid 2012-07-30
     Unconfirmed: Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar assassinated, report says 2012-07-31
     Mexican Marines bag five, detain four in firefight in Veracruz 2012-08-01
     Kofi Annan quits as UN-Arab League envoy 2012-08-02
     67 Killed in Syria as Rebels Use Tanks to Shell Aleppo Airbase 2012-08-03
     IMU Emir Abu Usman Adil has Died 2012-08-04
     Kidnapped Syrian teevee host executed 2012-08-05
     Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab defects 2012-08-06
     Libya’s interim authorities to hand over power to congress 2012-08-07
     Muslim Terrorists Tell Nigeria's Christian President: 'Convert or Resign' 2012-08-08
     Yemen Strike Kills Key Al-Qaeda Leader, Foreign Militants 2012-08-09
     Syrian rebels retreat Aleppo district amid heavy shelling 2012-08-10
     More Than 100 Dead in Syria as Fierce Clashes Rage in Aleppo 2012-08-11
     Syrian and Jordanian forces clash in border area 2012-08-12
     Nigerian Troops Kill 20 Boko Haram Islamists: Military 2012-08-13
     Al Qaeda front group claims Iraq attacks 2012-08-14
     Pro-Saleh Troops Attack Yemen Defense Ministry 2012-08-15
     20 Shiites in Pakistan pulled from buses, gunned down 2012-08-16
     Algeria’s Brahimi agrees to be Syria mediator 2012-08-17
     US drone kills 5 militants in northern Pakistan 2012-08-18
     Suicide bomber kills six policemen at funeral in Ingushetia 2012-08-19
     Third Drone Strike In 24 Hours Kills Two In North Waziristan 2012-08-20
     US drones kill 10 militants in Pakistan 2012-08-21
     Deputy PM Says Syria 'Ready to Discuss' Assad Departure 2012-08-22
     115 Dead in Syria as Troops Unleash Deadly Damascus Assault 2012-08-23
     Gunmen attack U.S. diplomatic vehicle in Mexico 2012-08-24
     Breivik gets 21-year prison term 2012-08-25
     Badruddin Haqqani drone zapped! 2012-08-26
     Kenyan cleric shot dead, sparks riots in Mombasa 2012-08-27
     59 Dead as Syrian Regime Opens New Front in Damascus 2012-08-28
     Russian Suicide Blast Kills Muslim Leader in Dagestan Region 2012-08-29
     Syria Rebels Say 5 Choppers Wrecked in Raid on Airport 2012-08-30
     US slaps sanctions on 8 LeT leaders including 26/11 mastermind 2012-08-31
     US drone kills five Pakistani suspects 2012-09-01
     NATO suspends training new Afghan recruits 2012-09-02
     Breaking: Peshawar blast hits US consular vehicle 2012-09-03
     Syria Warplane Kills 18 People in Single Attack in al-Bab 2012-09-04
     20 Civilians Killed, 50 More Injured in Nangarhar Suicide Attack 2012-09-05
     Drone Strike in Yemen Kills 5 'Qaida' Militants 2012-09-06
     Pakistan evicts Save the Children foreign staff 2012-09-07
     Canada breaks off relations with Iran 2012-09-08
     Three injured in blast at Indonesia ''bomb workshop'' 2012-09-09
     Yemen says kills deputy regional head of al Qaeda 2012-09-10
     Somali election: Hassan Sheikh elected as president 2012-09-11
     US Official Killed In Libya Prophet Protest 2012-09-12
     Egyptian protesters, police continue to clash near U.S. Embassy 2012-09-13
     Pakistan orders anti-Islam video block on YouTube 2012-09-14
     Al Qaeda in Yemen urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats over film 2012-09-15
     Yemeni official: DNA tests did not prove the killing of Al-Shihri 2012-09-16
     Libya arrests 50 after US envoy's killing 2012-09-17
     U.S. military suspends joint patrols with Afghans 2012-09-18
     Rally against sacrilege: Ten Lahore rioters injured in clash with police 2012-09-19
     Ex-Gitmo hard boy involved in consulate attack 2012-09-20
     Pakistan film protests: 15 die in Karachi and Peshawar 2012-09-21
     Pakistani gov minister offers $100K reward for death of film maker 2012-09-22
     Violent mobs rule Peshawar 2012-09-23
     France: 2 Men Plot To Behead Editor Who Published Offensive Cartoons 2012-09-24
     Syrian President's Sister 'Now in Dubai' 2012-09-25
     Damascus bombers 'hit Syria military HQ' 2012-09-26
     Clinton Sees Link to Qaeda Offshoot in Deadly Libya Attack 2012-09-27
     Iraq militants attack Tikrit prison, freeing 90 inmates 2012-09-28
     Kenyan Army Claims Fall of Kismayo 2012-09-29
     Thousands rally in Karachi against anti-Islam film 2012-09-30
     Children killed in Kenya church attack 2012-10-01
     More Than 130 Dead in Syria amid Clashes in Aleppo Souk 2012-10-02
     Syria shells kill five inside Turkey 2012-10-03
     Violence and Protest in Iran as Currency Drops in Value 2012-10-04
     18 Republican Guards killed in Damascus province 2012-10-05
     US suspected drone kills five persons in Shabwa 2012-10-06
     1 dead, 10 arrested in anti-terror sweep in France 2012-10-07
     Syria Rebels Advance in North, Pushed Back in South 2012-10-08
     Taliban bravely shoot Pakistani schoolgirl campaigning for peace 2012-10-09
     Turkey Intercepts Syrian Civilian Plane 2012-10-10
     US embassy security chief gunned down in Yemen 2012-10-11
     US names new diplomat to Libya to replace Stevens 2012-10-12
     96 Dead, Including 41 Troops 2012-10-13
     Israel AF kills head of Al-Q affiliate in Gaza 2012-10-14
     Gunmen kill 20 at mosque in northern Nigeria 2012-10-15
     Pak President Admits Creating Terrorist Groups 2012-10-16
     ROPer arrested for attempting to blow up Federal Reserve Bank in NYC 2012-10-17
     Iranian-American Pleads Guilty to Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy to U.S. 2012-10-18
     144 Dead as Syria Jets Blast Maaret al-Numan and Suicide Bomber Hits near Interior Ministry 2012-10-19
     Leb: Wissam al-Hasan Assassinated in Beirut Bomb Blast 2012-10-20
     Nigeria military nabs Bokoboy at senator's home 2012-10-21
     Men 'planned mass suicide attack' 2012-10-22
     Foreign jihadists pour into northern Mali 2012-10-23
     Libya fighters seize Bani Walid 2012-10-24
     Israel says 79 rockets fired at it from Gaza 2012-10-25
     Afghanistan mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41 2012-10-26
     Indonesia foils plot to attack US missions 2012-10-27
     Almost 150 Killed on First Day of Syria Truce 2012-10-28
     52 Dead in Syria Clashes, Air Raids after Eid Truce Collapses 2012-10-29
     Israel Hit by 18 Rockets as Hamas Seeks Revenge 2012-10-30
     18 militants killed in Khyber, Orakzai 2012-10-31
     Armed Islamists on Tunis streets after clashes 2012-11-01
     US withdraws its support for Syrian National Council 2012-11-02
     30 people shot dead in Nigeria, rights group says 2012-11-03
     Two Suicide Bombers Attack Restaurant in Somali Capital 2012-11-04
     Grenade attack on Kenya church kills 1, wounds 14 2012-11-05
     Suicide bomber kills at least 27 by army base near Baghdad 2012-11-06
     Bombings, Clashes Kill 131 in Syria as Gunmen Assassinate Parliament Speaker's Brother 2012-11-07
     Syria raids Hamas offices months after group's leaders leave 2012-11-08
     David Petraeus resigns from CIA 2012-11-09
     Mexican police charged over US embassy staff shooting 2012-11-10
     IDF Changes Rules of Engagement Along Syrian Border 2012-11-11
     Govt. Soldiers shoot it out in Mogadishu 2012-11-12
     Jamaat, Shibir go berserk in Bangla 2012-11-13
     France recognizes rebel coalition as legitimate rulers of Syria 2012-11-14
     Gaza missiles fired at Tel Aviv 2012-11-15
     Israel Warns of Escalation After Tel Aviv Missile Firing 2012-11-16
      Israel air strikes hit Hamas HQ 2012-11-17
     Israeli air strikes pound Gaza as death toll hits 38 2012-11-18
     Israeli Strikes Kill 21 Palestinians, Gaza Rockets Wound 10 Israelis 2012-11-19
     Female Suicide Boomer Targets Qazi 2012-11-20
     'Bomb blast' on bus in Tel Aviv 2012-11-21
     Mashaal: I accept a Palestinian state on '67 borders 2012-11-22
     IDF, Shin Bet Arrest 55 Terror Operatives In West Bank 2012-11-23
     7 People Killed in Pakistan Shiite Procession 2012-11-24
     Thousands of anti-Morsi protesters spend the night in Egypt's Tahrir square 2012-11-25
     Syrian Rebels Claim Capture of Helicopter Base Near Damascus 2012-11-26
     30 Inmates Escape as Gunmen Attack Nigerian Police Unit 2012-11-27
     Packed Tahrir Square defiant as deadlock prevails 2012-11-28
     Bomb injures top Talibunny Mullah Nazir 2012-11-29
     Damascus fighting cuts off airport, Emirates suspends flights 2012-11-30
     Egypt assembly approves new draft constitution 2012-12-01
     Mullah Nazir orders out Mehsud Taliban fighters 2012-12-02
     Car bomb in Syria's Homs kills 15: State media 2012-12-03
     Syria FM Spokesman 'Defects' from Regime, Leaves Syria 2012-12-04
     Hundreds of thousands besiege Egypt's presidential palace to protest draft constitution 2012-12-05
     Two Dead as Egypt Islamists Overrun Opposition Tents 2012-12-06
     6 dead, 450 injured in clashes at Egypt's presidential palace 2012-12-07
     Abu-Zaid al Kuwaiti Drone-zapped During Breakfast 2012-12-08
     Mohammad Ahmed Almansoor Drone-zapped in North Wazoo 2012-12-09
     Rebels Seize Chunk of Aleppo Base as Fighting Rages across Syria 2012-12-10
     North Korea 'launches long-range rocket' 2012-12-11
     Syria Fires Scud Missiles at Insurgents, U.S. Says 2012-12-12
     'Friends of Syria' Recognize Syrian Opposition 2012-12-13
     Coca-Cola resumes its production in Somalia 2012-12-14
     Tunisian Salafists attack bar, call drinkers 'infidels' 2012-12-15
     Rockets Fired on Peshawar Airport, Five Dead, Dozens Injured 2012-12-16
     Rebel Offensive In Hama 2012-12-17
     Syrian rebels take control of Damascus Palestinian camp 2012-12-18
     Three more polio workers shot in Pakistan; eight dead in 48 hours 2012-12-19
     Yemeni President Restructures Army, Removes Saleh Cronies 2012-12-20
     U.N. Security Council Approves Mali Intervention Force 2012-12-21
     Scuds pummel Syrian rebel positions 2012-12-22
     Egypt vice-president resigns on final day of referendum 2012-12-23
     Tunisia arrests 16 al-Qaeda suspects 2012-12-24
     Drone Strikes Kill Six Qaida Suspects in Yemen 2012-12-25
     6 Killed in Attack on Nigerian Church 2012-12-26
     Somalia sets 100 days for Al Shabab militants to surrender 2012-12-27
     Militants kill two, kidnap 22 Pakistani soldiers 2012-12-28
     At Least 15 Killed in Sect Attack in North Nigeria 2012-12-29
     Pakistan reports 21 tribal policemen kidnapped, found dead 2012-12-30
     Qaeda in Yemen offers bounty for killing US ambassador, troops 2012-12-31
     Pakistan: Six charity workers shot dead 2013-01-01
     Fourteen Killed as Nigerian Troops Clash with Islamists 2013-01-02
     Iran to Citizens: Flee Isfahan 2013-01-03
     New U.S. Drone Strike Kills Three Qaida Suspects in Yemen 2013-01-04
     Syria jets, troops wage offensive on rebels near capital 2013-01-05
     Dronezap in South Wazoo send 18 TTP Jihadis to their rewards 2013-01-06
     Syria Opposition Rejects Assad's Reconciliation Plan 2013-01-07
     US drone attack kills four in North Waziristan 2013-01-08
     Indonesia Foils Terror Plot on Tourist Spots 2013-01-09
     Taliban suspects arrested over Karachi polio killings 2013-01-10
     France confirms Mali intervention 2013-01-11
     French commandos attack al-Shabab base, explosions, gunfire heard 2013-01-12
     19 Killed in Failed French Raid to Free Somalia Hostage 2013-01-13
     Famed Tunisia Mausoleum Torched by Salafists 2013-01-14
     Pakistan paralysed after court demands PM arrest 2013-01-15
     France deploys armoured vehicles towards northern Mali 2013-01-16
     41 snatched by AQIM in Algeria gas plant attack 2013-01-17
     1,400 French soldiers in Mali for ground assaults: minister 2013-01-18
     Boko Haram leader Shekau shot, escapes to Mali 2013-01-19
     Algeria crisis: Hostage-takers 'taken alive' at gas plant 2013-01-20
     Nigeria: Gunmen attack Kano emir's convoy 2013-01-21
     French seize control of Diabaly, Douentza 2013-01-22
     Nuristan Airstrike Kills 14 Insurgents 2013-01-23
     US drone strike near Sanaa kills 7 hard boyz 2013-01-24
     AQAP #2 killed for the THIRD time in Yemen 2013-01-25
     Green-on-green clash in Khyber tribal region kills 32 2013-01-26
     French and Malian troops begin restoring control in Timbuktu 2013-01-27
     Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of historic manuscripts 2013-01-28
     Sahel jihadist groups splinter 2013-01-29
     Mali and Niger forces retake Ansongo 2013-01-30
     Boko Haram 'commander' declares ceasefire 2013-01-31
     Binori Mosque cleric among 10 killed in Karachi 2013-02-01
     Syria Suicide Attack on Regime Kills 53 2013-02-02
     Yemen Troops Kill 12 'Qaida Militants' in Restive South 2013-02-03
     Ansar Dine #3 arrested in northern Mali 2013-02-04
     Second big turban nabbed in northern Mali 2013-02-05
     Fat Lady Sings for Abd el Kader Mahmoud Mohamed el Sayed 2013-02-06
     Syrian Army Launches 'All-Out Attack' on Capital Region 2013-02-07
     Suicide bomber hits north Mali, troops clash in capital 2013-02-08
     India Executes Man Convicted in 2001 Attack on Parliament 2013-02-09
     Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway 2013-02-10
     Seven killed, 11 injured in attacks across southern Thailand 2013-02-11
     KCNA confirms: Pudgy sets off a nuke 2013-02-12
     Syrian rebels say they captured military air base near Aleppo 2013-02-13
     Pakistan asks Taliban to announce 30-day cease-fire for talks 2013-02-14
     Meteorite Hits Urals, Up to 500 Injured 2013-02-15
     Bomb kills at least 20 in Pakistani city 2013-02-16
     Egyptian police publicly beat to death man suspected of killing officer 2013-02-17
     Five killed in attack at government office in Peshawar 2013-02-18
     Mortars land near Syrian presidential palace 2013-02-19
     French nationals kidnapped in northern Cameroon 2013-02-20
     Bombing in Indian Hyderabad, at least 11 killed 2013-02-21
     Boko Haram Denies Ceasefire, Pastes Threat Posters In Borno 2013-02-22
     Syrian Rebels Claim To Seize Nuclear Facility 2013-02-23
     Karzai orders US special forces out of Afghan province 2013-02-24
     Taliban suicide bombers hit Afghan cities, Kabul attack foiled 2013-02-25
     Over 50 killed in battle for Syria police academy 2013-02-26
     Syria Rebels Push into Police Academy as Jets Strike 2013-02-27
     Syrian Rebels Say They Killed Hezbollah Deputy Chief 2013-02-28
     Al-Qaeda commander Abu Zeid killed in Mali 2013-03-01
     Chad says soldiers in Mali kill al Qaeda's Belmokhtar 2013-03-02
     Jamaat, Shibir stay violent; toll rises to 47 2013-03-03
     Twenty Islamists Killed in Northeast Nigeria 2013-03-04
     Chavez Dead 2013-03-05
     Syria rebels detain UN Golan observers 2013-03-06
     Libya Interim Head's Car Comes under Fire 2013-03-07
     N. Korea to sever hot line with Seoul, nullify non-aggression pacts 2013-03-08
      Mob in Pakistan torches Christian homes 2013-03-09
     Bomb kills five, wounds 28 in Pakistan's Peshawar 2013-03-10
     Haqqani Facilitator, 10 Insurgents Arrested in Afghan Raids 2013-03-11
     Egypt's Gamaa Islamiya to form 'militias' in Assiut to replace striking police 2013-03-12
     Srinagar: 5 CRPF jawans, 2 ultras killed in terror attack 2013-03-13
     Sources: Benghazi suspect detained in Libya 2013-03-14
     Iranian Fighter Tries to Intercept U.S. Drone in Gulf 2013-03-15
     Egyptians Protest for Army to Return to Power 2013-03-16
     Bomb-making 'factory' unearthed in Karachi 2013-03-17
     Car bomb kills at least eight in Mogadishu 2013-03-18
     4 dead in suicide attack at Pak court 2013-03-19
     Ghassan Hitto voted premier of Syria's rebel territory 2013-03-20
     One Killed in (Leb) Tripoli Clashes after Shooting Erupts at Hospital 2013-03-21
     Gunfire, bloodshed as hundreds clash outside Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo 2013-03-22
     Miqati Announces Resignation 2013-03-23
     Syria Rebels Seize Key Military Base in Daraa 2013-03-24
     Riad al-Asaad, Syrian rebel commander, loses leg in bomb attack 2013-03-25
     Egypt: ‘Morality Police’ Thrashed for Whipping Woman 2013-03-26
     Bangla: 12 vehicles torched, Train compartment set ablaze, police station bombed 2013-03-27
     Sectarian clashes in central Nigeria kill 23: Military 2013-03-28
     52 Taliban killed in one day in Afghanistan 2013-03-29
     Hundreds rally against Egypt's prosecutor general 2013-03-30
     North Korea Declares 'State of War' with Seoul 2013-03-31
     Al Nusra Front chieftain killed in Syria 2013-04-01
     Dutch Hold 4, Search for Alleged Sarin Nerve Agent 2013-04-02
     N. Korea approves nuclear strike on US 2013-04-03
     Syrian jets 'attack' Lebanese town 2013-04-04
     Syrian regime troops appeal for immediate aid in Al-Raqqa 2013-04-05
     Egypt's Azhar, Mursi supporters clash near Muslim Brotherhood HQ 2013-04-06
     Bangla: AL man beaten and hacked to death at madrasa 2013-04-07
     Nigeria's MEND Says It Killed 15 Security Personnel in Fight 2013-04-08
     N.Korea Pulls Workers Out of Kaesong Complex 2013-04-09
     Al-Nusra Syria Rebels pledge allegiance to leader of al-Qaeda 2013-04-10
     Germany: 4 charged in assassination plot 2013-04-11
     Saleh’s son removed from military posts 2013-04-12
     Bomb Near Iraq Mosque Kills Seven 2013-04-13
     16 killed in attack on Somali Supreme Court 2013-04-14
     Pair of Explosions Hit Boston Marathon 2013-04-15
     Feds seek suspects, motive in Boston bombings 2013-04-16
     Boston Bombing Suspect Identified, Arrest Made 2013-04-17
     Pakistan's Musharraf flees court to avoid arrest 2013-04-18
     Boston: 1 suspect dead, 2nd on loose jugged 2013-04-19
     Got him! Dzhokhar in custody 2013-04-20
     Egypt Police Arrest 39 in Cairo Clashes 2013-04-21
     Al Qaeda intelligence chief reported killed in drone strike 2013-04-22
     Two men arrested over 'al-Qaeda inspired' plan to attack a Via Rail train in Toronto area 2013-04-23
     Iraq: 35 dead in clashes, bombing as tensions rise 2013-04-24
     Clashes between police and Uighurs in China leave 21 dead 2013-04-25
     Terror plot: Leaders jailed for Birmingham bomb plan 2013-04-26
     Afghan bus crash kills 30, Taliban blamed 2013-04-27
     Blasts at election offices kill eight in Pakistan 2013-04-28
     Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi survives assassination bid 2013-04-29
     'Missiles fired at' Russian plane with 159 passengers onboard flying over Syria 2013-04-30
     Three people arrested in Marathon bombings 2013-05-01
     Brahimi to quit as Syria peace envoy: Diplomats 2013-05-02
     Sarabjit Singh dies in Pak Jail 2013-05-03
     Egypt: Mob lynches son of Muslim Brotherhood leader 2013-05-04
     Explosions shake Damascus, Syria blames Israel 2013-05-05
     Tanzania police: 4 Saudis arrested after blast 2013-05-06
     22 dead as police clash with Bangladesh Islamists 2013-05-07
     Lashkar-i-Jhangvi's Karachi chief arrested 2013-05-08
     Nigerian cult ambush kills 46 policemen 2013-05-09
     Syria troops, Hizbullah advancing on Qusayr 2013-05-10
     Car bombs in Turkey near Syria border killed more than 30 2013-05-11
     Pak: Dozens killed in poll day violence 2013-05-12
     Tunisia Police Disperse Salafists in Two Cities 2013-05-13
     Nigeria Court Convicts Iranian of Illegal Arms Shipment 2013-05-14
     IMU takes credit for Quetta suicide bombing 2013-05-15
     Nigeria declares 'massive' military campaign on borders 2013-05-16
      Syrian troops flush out rebels from prison 2013-05-17
     Moroccan Jailed For Milan Synagogue Bomb Plot 2013-05-18
     Syria army 'storms' rebel town Qusair 2013-05-19
     Syria: 20 Hezbollah Fighters Killed In Qusair 2013-05-20
     Nigeria Says It Has Retaken Five Islamist Strongholds 2013-05-21
     'Soldier beheaded' in 'Islamist terror attack' oustide barracks in Woolwich 2013-05-22
     Niger suicide bombers target Areva mine and barracks 2013-05-23
     Two Stockholm schools attacked as Sweden riots continue 2013-05-24
     French soldier stabbed with Stanley knife in Paris 2013-05-25
     Female Suicide Bomber Injures 12 in Russia's Dagestan 2013-05-26
     Rockets hit Hezbollah Beirut heartland 2013-05-27
     NGO: At least 79 Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Qusayr 2013-05-28
     French Police Arrest Suspect in Stabbing Attack on Soldier 2013-05-29
     Pakistan: Wali ur-Rehman killed by US drone strike 2013-05-30
     Michigan Woman Dies In Syria, Fighting For Rebels 2013-05-31
     Turkey Finds Sarin Gas In Homes Of Suspected Syrian Islamists 2013-06-01
     Second Muslim Convert Charged with London Soldier Murder 2013-06-02
     Damascus car bombing kills 9 security forces members 2013-06-03
     Missile Kills 26, including 8 Youths, in Syria Village 2013-06-04
     Locks Cut To Boston Water Supply Aqueduct 2013-06-05
     Nawaz Sharif elected as Pakistan PM 2013-06-06
     Seven killed in suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan 2013-06-07
     Tunisia Turns Away 8 Gulf Muslim Preachers 2013-06-08
     Pak police recovers 15,000 kilos of explosive material 2013-06-09
     Syria Islamists Execute Youth in Front of Family 2013-06-10