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2007-12-01 Terror Networks
Bin Laden says European leaders 'like living under the shadow of the White House'
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Posted by Fred 2007-12-01 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6528 views ]  Top
 File under: al-Qaeda 

#1 How would that brave "Lion of Islam" know?
He's living in a freaking cave at the asshole of the world.
Posted by 3dc 2007-12-01 00:51||   2007-12-01 00:51|| Front Page Top

#2 the al-Qaeda leader accuses some European leaders of prefering to "live under the shadow of the White House."

Europe is faced with a rather stark choice at present. The real "shadow" that they shall soon live under is Iran's atomic threat. Either they learn to huddle beneath America's nuclear umbrella or hope that their juvenile and fractious union can somehow find the unlikely strength to unite against even the most blatantly common foe.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-12-01 00:51||   2007-12-01 00:51|| Front Page Top

#3 How much more will they like living under the shadow of the black banner of the Caliphate?
Posted by Seafarious 2007-12-01 01:00||   2007-12-01 01:00|| Front Page Top

#4 to taunt (third-person singular simple present taunts, present participle taunting, simple past taunted, past participle taunted)

to make fun of (someone); to goad (a person) into responding, often in an aggressive manner.

Hebrew: ñÈðÇè

"Your mother was a goat and your father smelt of camel!"
Posted by gorb 2007-12-01 02:03||   2007-12-01 02:03|| Front Page Top

#5 "Your mother was a goat and your father smelt of camel!"

What?!? No hamsters!?! No elderberries?!? Horreurs!!!
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-12-01 02:16||   2007-12-01 02:16|| Front Page Top

#6 "It is no longer a secret that ... Sarkozy and their ilk like to be under the shadow of the White House,"

Better to fight in the shade - Hannibal, Cannae (Leonidas et al)

dissected yesterday

Personally, I would like my children to visit Europe but the Europe I have known.
Posted by swksvolFF 2007-12-01 02:44||   2007-12-01 02:44|| Front Page Top

#7 Are there more mosques in Europe than Afghanistan?
Posted by Cromort Bourbon5431 2007-12-01 06:29||   2007-12-01 06:29|| Front Page Top

#8 Europe has more.

Western Europe is finished, I'm afraid.
Posted by DarthVader">DarthVader  2007-12-01 07:39||   2007-12-01 07:39|| Front Page Top

#9 "They're not much different from many Third World leaders."

He's got that part right. England has decided to become a third world country and is importing the third world as fast as it can scramble off the boat and on to the dole queue.
Posted by Excalibur 2007-12-01 07:49||   2007-12-01 07:49|| Front Page Top

#10  European leaders of preferring to "live under the shadow of the White House."

You just noticed this? They enjoyed living for decades under American Military Welfare. It's been no sweat off their brow to have the average American ship his tax burdened assets off to stand guard over the Euroweenies as their politicians built a cradle to grave nanny system with their resources. How many billions were spent and how many thousands of lives were lost in providing this 'shadow' for them? So, what do you expect guy? They're already trained for you to be docile when you get there. Remember, the first to go are the cartoonists.
Posted by Procopius2k 2007-12-01 08:06||   2007-12-01 08:06|| Front Page Top

#11 "Sammy needs better material."
J. Goebbels
Posted by doc 2007-12-01 08:41||   2007-12-01 08:41|| Front Page Top

#12 What Procopius said. Every word.

Europe has literally no right at all to be proud of their "utopia" without copious thanks to the American taxpayer. Deep down inside they know this, and it gnaws at what passes for their souls (European 'burgers excepted).
Posted by no mo uro 2007-12-01 12:44||   2007-12-01 12:44|| Front Page Top

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