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2022-06-30 Home Front: Politix
Meghan Markle says MEN need to be 'more vocal' with their anger in wake of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision and describes Prince Harry's reaction to the news as 'guttural' in Vogue interview with Gloria Steinem
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Posted by Fred 2022-06-30 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [288 views ]  Top

#1 That's cold, tw.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2022-06-30 01:58||   2022-06-30 01:58|| Front Page Top

#2 I enjoyed her as an actress, Abu Uluque. I had hoped to enjoy her as a princess, too, but she chose to make it political. She dragged that nice young man into strife with his family, demonstrating the very old-fashioned idea that the character of the woman a man marries can make or break him.

I am very displeased with her.
Posted by trailing wife 2022-06-30 02:28||   2022-06-30 02:28|| Front Page Top

#3 Guttural means in the gut, right?

Hopeless ignorance. It's from the Latin guttur which means throat, not gut.

The word came into French as gorge and English as gullet
Posted by Lionel Hatfield8646 2022-06-30 03:12||   2022-06-30 03:12|| Front Page Top

#4 Harry can't stand his father, Prince Charles, as he takes after his mother Diana who divorced his father. I think his marriage to Markle is more of a rebellion against the Royals in general. An American African American wife is his ultimate middle finger to the British Crown and their values.
Posted by Black Charlie Slairt1430 2022-06-30 03:19||   2022-06-30 03:19|| Front Page Top

#5 By the way Harry's father, Prince Charles, refuses to take his calls.
Posted by Black Charlie Slairt1430 2022-06-30 03:27||   2022-06-30 03:27|| Front Page Top

#6 Ref #6: I think his marriage to Markle is more of a rebellion against the Royals in general.

"Rebellion" leading to a sad ending, as is so often the case.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-06-30 04:36||   2022-06-30 04:36|| Front Page Top

#7 Rebellion against the authority of a woke green-leftist father by submission to a woke green-leftist wife?
Posted by Elmerert Hupens2660 2022-06-30 06:17||   2022-06-30 06:17|| Front Page Top

#8 ...See, this is what happens when a fairly decent young helicopter pilot marries an 'entertainer'.

Posted by MikeKozlowski 2022-06-30 06:20||   2022-06-30 06:20|| Front Page Top

#9 Who?
Posted by DarthVader 2022-06-30 08:36||   2022-06-30 08:36|| Front Page Top

#10 What if you don't give a shit?
Posted by badanov 2022-06-30 09:22||   2022-06-30 09:22|| Front Page Top

#11 Meghan, I was counting on all the male 'birthing people' using their outrage for this issue. Clearly they are more impacted than myself. With so many issues to be outraged over, I have channel my outrage for maximum impact. Sorry!
Posted by WacoInMN 2022-06-30 09:25||   2022-06-30 09:25|| Front Page Top

#12 Guttural. Is that something related to Qatar?
Posted by DooDahMan 2022-06-30 09:29||   2022-06-30 09:29|| Front Page Top

#13  It's from the Latin guttur which means throat, not gut.

See? The reward for channeling my inner B-class starlet is to learn something I didn’t know. Thank you, Lionel Hatfield8646 — you’re responsible for my learning of today. :-)
Posted by trailing wife 2022-06-30 09:40||   2022-06-30 09:40|| Front Page Top

#14 I liked your comment, TW. And am 100% with Badanov.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2022-06-30 10:11||   2022-06-30 10:11|| Front Page Top

#15 <3
Posted by trailing wife 2022-06-30 10:13||   2022-06-30 10:13|| Front Page Top

#16 See, this is what happens when a fairly decent young helicopter pilot marries an 'entertainer'.

As its been said, not the first time a serviceman has been ruined by marrying a stripper.
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-06-30 10:24||   2022-06-30 10:24|| Front Page Top

#17 a guttural language....not rocket science.
Posted by DooDahMan 2022-06-30 10:35||   2022-06-30 10:35|| Front Page Top

#18 I'm with badanov also
Posted by Chris 2022-06-30 10:37||   2022-06-30 10:37|| Front Page Top

#19 Ditto Badanov. There is something wrong with people who think "celebrities" are a good source of information they should go find for themselves.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-06-30 10:54||   2022-06-30 10:54|| Front Page Top

#20 Someone should ask her if she's a biologist to be able to gender all those people ;p Honestly Harry used to be cool, now he's just his daddy writ small.
Posted by Silentbrick 2022-06-30 11:16||   2022-06-30 11:16|| Front Page Top

#21 I thought the way the Royals dealt with Prince Harry and the Tramp during the Jubilee was perfect. Utter cold indifference and icy correctness. Even Chuck didit right refusing to even make eye contact. Harry came home seeing he has descended to being adrift and without even the trappings of status. He's just HER husband now, and they are discovering even D list invites are drying up. Whatta Moroon as Bugs would say!
Posted by NoMoreBS 2022-06-30 12:30||   2022-06-30 12:30|| Front Page Top

#22 Lorena Bobbitt
Posted by Skidmark 2022-06-30 12:40||   2022-06-30 12:40|| Front Page Top

#23 Maybe Oprah can set them up with a reality TV show.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2022-06-30 12:58||   2022-06-30 12:58|| Front Page Top

Agree 100% with #9 and #10.

Posted by Tom 2022-06-30 13:14||   2022-06-30 13:14|| Front Page Top

#25 Maybe Oprah can set them up with a reality TV show.

She is a Disney product, and they hyped up a show where all she had to do was a Meerkat Manor type show with baby elephants.

It was awful.

Chelsea Clinton does interviews of performers during inter-act for PBS showing of The Nutcracker awful.
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-06-30 13:57||   2022-06-30 13:57|| Front Page Top

#26 I thought men weren't allowed to comment on abortion.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2022-06-30 15:03||   2022-06-30 15:03|| Front Page Top

#27 I have to wonder what would happen if Meghan went and got herself an abortion at this point. The Royals may be cold to her but I think that would be a bit too far.
Posted by ruprecht 2022-06-30 18:24||   2022-06-30 18:24|| Front Page Top

#28 She wouldn't. She's a grifter
Posted by Frank G 2022-06-30 20:46||   2022-06-30 20:46|| Front Page Top

#29 I have spoken out angrily for years before Roe was overturned so I guess I was ahead of the game.
Posted by Super Hose 2022-06-30 23:26||   2022-06-30 23:26|| Front Page Top

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