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2020-04-08 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Coronavirus Roundup: Pastor who decried 'hysteria' dies after attending Mardi Gras
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Posted by Fred 2020-04-08 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6469 views ]  Top

#1 Pastor who decried 'hysteria' dies after attending Mardi Gras

"Stupidity is not a crime. But it is a capital offense." - Old Russian saying.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 00:18||   2020-04-08 00:18|| Front Page Top

#2 There was a time when stupidity wasn’t deadly.
Posted by trailing wife 2020-04-08 00:24||   2020-04-08 00:24|| Front Page Top

#3 Sweden Paves Way For Potential Lockdown As Deaths Approach 500

But, but, but, weren't we told (by National Review no less)
If the COVID-19 pandemic tails off in a few weeks, months before the alarmists claim it will, they will probably pivot immediately and pat themselves on the back for the brilliant social-distancing controls that they imposed on the world. They will claim that their heroic recommendations averted total calamity. Unfortunately, they will be wrong; and Sweden, which has done almost no mandated social distancing, will probably prove them wrong.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 00:26||   2020-04-08 00:26|| Front Page Top

#4 #2 It's always deadly - the problem: a lot of time it's deadly to other people (like a reckless driver who causes a car pile-up behind him).
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 00:39||   2020-04-08 00:39|| Front Page Top

#5 I guess we'll be going through this every flu season, or?
Posted by Clem 2020-04-08 00:43||   2020-04-08 00:43|| Front Page Top

#6 He's right about the hysteria part, though - no question about that.
Posted by Raj 2020-04-08 00:44||   2020-04-08 00:44|| Front Page Top

#7 Incidentally, if you go to
and look at the graph of death vs. recovery for Sweden, you'll have to conclude that Sweden is a third world country.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 01:32||   2020-04-08 01:32|| Front Page Top

#8 Dep defense, masks, IDF

According to Arutz 7 it's Israeli dept def.
Posted by g(r)omgoru PB 2020-04-08 05:33||   2020-04-08 05:33|| Front Page Top

#9 you'll have to conclude that Sweden is a third world country.
Nahhhh they imported it
Posted by Frank G 2020-04-08 06:47||   2020-04-08 06:47|| Front Page Top

#10 The Swedish curve has flattened. See official Swedish data site's graphs and scroll to the right until you see graphs for "Sjukdomsfall per dag" (daily infections) and "Avlidna per dag" (daily deaths). The new infections curve is actually falling after a spike.

Again, the recent spike in Swedish infections and deaths is concentrated in Stockholm. Not verified yet but the best explanation is that this spike was largely driven by very non-Swedish social and other practices of those living in Jarva and other Stockholm neighborhoods populated disproportionately by recent immigrants. A targeted and reasonable approach is warranted.
Posted by Lex 2020-04-08 08:12||   2020-04-08 08:12|| Front Page Top

#11 Lex, you really have to look at the graphs I'm talking about. Once you in the site look also at, say, Italy & Spain & Germany. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 09:49||   2020-04-08 09:49|| Front Page Top

#12 Let the young and the healthy go back to work and restart the economy. This is all bullshit.
Posted by Crusader 2020-04-08 10:05||   2020-04-08 10:05|| Front Page Top

#13 If wearing a mask and staying 6' apart makes grocery shopping safe, then why not other businesses too?
Posted by Iblis 2020-04-08 12:32||   2020-04-08 12:32|| Front Page Top

#14 If wearing a mask and staying 6' apart makes grocery shopping safe, then why not other businesses too?

The difference between avoidable & unavoidable risks?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-04-08 12:34||   2020-04-08 12:34|| Front Page Top

#15 This just in: we're all going to die of something.

I'd prefer that we do so while being productive.
Posted by Crusader 2020-04-08 12:48||   2020-04-08 12:48|| Front Page Top

#16 My preference would be something reproductive.
Posted by gorb 2020-04-08 13:41||   2020-04-08 13:41|| Front Page Top

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