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2020-03-17 Home Front: Culture Wars
Coronavirus could end leftist academia's stranglehold on American youth
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Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-03-17 05:29|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6537 views ]  Top

#1 harder to divide students by race if they have no physical presence on campus. Harder for students to make crazy leftist demands of the administration if the administration can just shut off their access to the school and shut down their voice.

But Academia will fight to maintain the brainwashing, somehow.
Posted by ruprecht 2020-03-17 08:20||   2020-03-17 08:20|| Front Page Top

#2 One more benefit: we gave the opportunity to run very large, unbiased experiments about the efficacy of distance learning vs traditional onsite instruction.

If it turns out that students learn just as much from the former as from the latter - I doubt it but we shall see - then the whole premise behind charging families nearly half a million dollars for a four-year elite college BA will collapse.

Even more interesting will be seeing which student cohorts perform well in the stay-at-home distance learning model. Null hypothesis: student performance will closely track students' aptitude for college work as revealed by SAT/ACT scores and also degree of high school preparation for college as revealed by # of college prep courses taken.

Which would be still more evidence that our current higher ed model contains many redundancies and represents a huge waste of years of young people's lives and trillions of their parents' money.

Posted by Lex 2020-03-17 08:42||   2020-03-17 08:42|| Front Page Top

#3 What is the difference between "distance learning" and sitting in one of those class auditoriums where the highest tier needs oxygen masks?
Posted by magpie 2020-03-17 10:24||   2020-03-17 10:24|| Front Page Top

#4 Cost of real estate
Posted by Lex 2020-03-17 10:30||   2020-03-17 10:30|| Front Page Top

#5 As a result of the virus, more and more online teaching is occurring. Students can go at their own pace if the course is "canned." That could mean that course materials are subject to more scrutiny. Not so much money is required for bricks and mortar.
Posted by JohnQC 2020-03-17 10:52||   2020-03-17 10:52|| Front Page Top

#6 Effective distance learning could cut the cost of a good college education by more than two-thirds.

Amazon the higher ed cartel.
Posted by Lex 2020-03-17 10:57||   2020-03-17 10:57|| Front Page Top

#7 But without sports ball, which china shoes are people supposed to buy?
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-03-17 10:59||   2020-03-17 10:59|| Front Page Top

#8 Make shoes in Puerto Rico
Play e-sports
China delenda est
Posted by Lex 2020-03-17 11:00||   2020-03-17 11:00|| Front Page Top

#9 That will give Lebron James the sadz.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-03-17 11:06||   2020-03-17 11:06|| Front Page Top

#10 He could be an adjunct distance-learning professor. Of Communications.
Posted by Lex 2020-03-17 11:09||   2020-03-17 11:09|| Front Page Top

#11 Great corporate speak for standing behind a sports ball logo podium in an $80,000 Pinto Colvig suit to lecture us on the virtues of the Chinese government.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-03-17 11:14||   2020-03-17 11:14|| Front Page Top

#12 Harder to brainwash when your lectures are online and copy-able...
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2020-03-17 14:21||   2020-03-17 14:21|| Front Page Top

#13 It would be interesting to have students identifies protected in some way so they were all treated identically. Even names could be atomized so the teacher couldn't show favoritism based on ethnic names.
Posted by ruprecht 2020-03-17 22:33||   2020-03-17 22:33|| Front Page Top

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