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2019-11-25 China-Japan-Koreas
NEW trove of highly classified Chinese govt documents, including the operations manual for China's concentration camps
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Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6473 views ]  Top
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#1 Now on to the “Integrated Joint Operations Platform”-- the “cybernetic brain” behind many detentions in Xinjiang.
said IJOP isn’t just “pre-crime,” it’s a “machine-learning, artificial intelligence, command and control” platform that substitutes AI for human judgment.
The China Cables provide inside details about what all the mass surveillance and data collection is FOR. It is fed into IJOP, which learns from the data and uses it to produce lists of names, sometimes 1000s at a time, for police to detain.

For example, in a seven-day period in June 2017, IJOP flagged 24,412 names as “suspicious.” In that week alone, Xinjiang security officials rounded up 15,683 of those people and placed them in internment camps.
Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 00:18||   2019-11-25 00:18|| Front Page Top

#2 Coming soon to a dying republic near you.

Just imagine what a woke AI will do.
Posted by charger 2019-11-25 00:37||   2019-11-25 00:37|| Front Page Top

#3 aka the colonial narrative of the savage “other.”

Well, I look at Africa, and I think they were right.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-11-25 01:10||   2019-11-25 01:10|| Front Page Top

#4 I laud the Chinese for what they have done.

The noble journalists of ICIJ should expend their energies in cases of grooming, kidnapping, sex slavery through polygamist marriage among muslims across Europe and Asia. The trafficking of young children by jihad sympathizer criminal networks. The illegal funding of politicians and lawfarers to chip away at liberties of indigenous majorities to establish shariah and armed militia in guest countries.

But they won't, because then they will not be recognized by their islamophile leftist betters, will miss out on the cocktail parties and awards. May even have to face threats from actual human-rights abusers, like muslim gangs and their islamist networks.
Fucking self-righteous, faux-humanist, idiot bastards. 'Trove' indeed. Shove your f↻cking Trove up your f↻ckety f↻ckin' arse !
Any responsible nation is obligated to do exactly what China is doing to its muslims. The fact that others have not will be rued by their future generations one day. After 9/11, when the Americans didn't do exactly this, now there are militia in NY roaming around in blue and whites with the mullah crecent stickers and some fucking inanity in Arabic.

Germany, England, france are all fucked ! Fucked ! And it's only the American gun culture and resilience of conservatives in some countries that they haven't been set upon by marauding hordes.

In no country except China do we see a responsible, State approved approach to purging the menace of islam. Everybody else is simply in denial about what the bloody thing is. This is why we pay taxes, why we enter the goddamn social contract and why we agree to respect and obey the tin man with the truncheon and the piddly zap gun in the first place. If a State cannot protect a population from its sworn enemy and cultist predators, the State is useless. Might as well leave the policing to us.

Fuck these presstitutes.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 03:04||   2019-11-25 03:04|| Front Page Top

#5 Third option: build more and better walls, physical and virtual. And more aggressive policing and use of facial recognition in many more instances. I don't buy into the libertarian extremism, which owes as much to liberal kumbaya nonsense as it does to crackpot economics.

I'd like to see a new party emerge from the ashes of the NeverTrumper GOP and the Democratic Debacle parties, one focused intensely on SECURITY: economic security, physical security, securing the blessings of our cultural heritage and our birthright as a free but not suicidal people, distinct from other nations, not in any way beholden to idiotic globalist notions of universality.

Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 03:43||   2019-11-25 03:43|| Front Page Top

#6 For sure, it's time the USA had a new party replace the Democrats. They are just too far gone. A more centrist approach maybe, with strong nationalist ethos. Which is why people voted for Trump I think, he wasn't the quintessential GOP man.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 04:04||   2019-11-25 04:04|| Front Page Top

#7 I think there is a concept of nationalism, that is based on putting citizenship at the center of the nation.

That citizens are defined by their rights, which in turn are secured chiefly by keeping bad people out of the nation, and by not bringing into the nation people whose claims will impair the security and prosperity of the citizenry.

Citizens need walls. Only then can we cultivate our garden.

Otherwise, it will be trampled and pissed and shat upon by all manner of characters who care not for the ordinary citizen and his family-- not just foreign invaders but our own crapulous virtue-signaling morons, our greedy and rapacious wannabe oligarchs, and our shit-culture mongers.

We need to start by building walls, and moats, virtually speaking. Secure the citizenry's property, health, families, our heritage. Security first.
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 04:15||   2019-11-25 04:15|| Front Page Top

#8 And law enforcement. At the enforcement stage, not when it's passed on into the black robed arbiter domain. An overhaul of police and bureau policies and recruitment is also necessary too. I greatly applaud the ICE people in this regard. And the DEA.

In my little experience, almost every problem can be avoided at the stage of law enforcement.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 04:24||   2019-11-25 04:24|| Front Page Top

#9 Well said. It seems almost surreal to me that so many people in NYC, or at least those morons who voted for De Blasio, have forgotten that the renaissance of that city was made possible by a revolution in policing.

Aggressive policing, compustat policing, going after the broken windows perps and the squeegee men: it was this relentless focus on tough, smart, unapologetic law enforcement under Bratton and Giuliani that made it possible for NYC to survive and even thrive after 1994.

So many of our problems are either cultural or else connected to weak rule of law. Which is in a way a reflection of a cultural problem.
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 04:31||   2019-11-25 04:31|| Front Page Top

#10 The culture you can't get back, may only preserve what's left in places. The social momentum of hoo ha impiety with the scientific atheism wave is just too much now. We shall all be 'secular democracies' until the end now. But at least a studied intolerance for anti-nationalist culture can be displayed. Of course you'd require empowering certain unruly specimens against muslims, antifas and wakandan types.

We all have to understand because our old systems were so effective, they gave rise to corruption. This led to disaffect and commie adventurism in the masses. In almost every modern republic. Today, 'the domestic enemy' has a momentum, a justification behind their 'ism'. The only way we can win against him is by sometimes descending into the villainy we are accused of.

This won't be a job for boy scouts.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 04:52||   2019-11-25 04:52|| Front Page Top

#11 The Boer War was a war of aggression against a farmers' republic by an evil empire. The empire couldn't win on the battlefield, the farmers kept beating them. So they invented the concentration camp and imprisoned their women and children.

How heroic.
Posted by Herb McCoy 2019-11-25 06:29||   2019-11-25 06:29|| Front Page Top

#12 NOTE: I have seen nothing in this story to suggest that the AI will only be used on Muslims.
This is a really evil turn of events.
Anybody with behavior outside of some norm will get flagged by this computer program.
Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 06:56||   2019-11-25 06:56|| Front Page Top

#13 prevalent belief among Han Chinese that Uighurs are “backwards”

would it be fair to point out the Koran is filled with verses demonizing all non-Moslems as 'backwards'

one doesn't justify the other, but it's not like the Uighurs are the noble savages like we all know the native americans were (sarc)
Posted by Bob Grorong1136 2019-11-25 07:29||   2019-11-25 07:29|| Front Page Top

#14 Good to support the Chinese in their AI implementation, if true.
Lessons learned will be low cost and wide spread.
Posted by Skidmark 2019-11-25 10:54||   2019-11-25 10:54|| Front Page Top

#15 The system just flags odd behaviours, tags patterns of known and under-investigation criminals and assists law enforcement in profiling criminals. And criminals, their families and associates need to be profiled. This is an Asian society which westerners cannot begin to understand, so the translations from the frontend the journos are reading will appear malicious and 'inhumane' to them. The AI is innovative and wholly chinese, in that it does not adhere to globalist conventions of humanist propriety, it only seeks to eliminate any chance of survival for criminals.

It flags purchases of large quantities of corrosive substances, and surgical gloves for example by people not registered as hardware toolers or nurses respectively. Then there are subsystems like those for detecting a car registered to a different person, driven by an unrelated person. You have to understand, in Asia this is odd.

The software classifies 36 types of persons and subsets like 'convicted criminal' to 'white collar/con man' and people with regular domestic fights who bruise their wives enough to send them to hospitals. The system is being stated as some kind of skynet thingy, but it's only 'evil' part lies in that it wasn't built in consultation with or adherence to some globalist 'expert' approved checklist of liberties a corporation may take with data but a State should not.

3dc is right, it's not just for Uighurs. It's for detecting criminality, and has just happened to catch many practicing muslims. And this says more about muslims than the system.

But it's not a tool for violent oppression, just security. I don't care for the State of china at all, but I have no beef with the little people the Uighurs will attack. They won't be the buzz cut Han autocracy or the CPC bigwigs certainly.

China does not love the right to expression of liberties so much as to allow people to bend their knees at the Anthem, to have hijabed women chant for the safety of their asshole sons in the streets, to throw shoes at state leaders and try to establish a utopia by changing everyone's sex forcefully. It kills people who try to.

It is our failing if we cannot bring ourselves to set our priorities right and insist on recognizing islam as a religion with a place for it in our secular republics.

There is an intense campaign to vilify this Xinjiang thing and the 'concentration camps', but whom does the campaign favour ? What did the Uighurs do, and what do they want that is so innocent and worthy of surviving over everything the modern world has achieved. How did it start ? From a stabbing spree the likes of Paleos, ordered by Turkic mullahs west of China and followed up fervently by the Uighurs. Emboldened by what they'd achieved in the desperately dumb EU nations, they thought they could get away with the 2014 Kunming attack. They attacked hundreds, killed 31 people.

This was the response. As a measure of service for tax Yuan, I'd say it was fine service. And what have we done ? After 9/11, 26/11, charlie hebdo, the munich rapes, the Rochdale grooming gangs... fucko !

Instead of learning from them, and wishing the li'l chinks well, we mustn't try to imperil their innocent populations by chipping away at their sovereign right to fistfuck the muslim whichever way they want to.

Forgive me, but this is similar to a thing I've pitched often to my own govts so it's close to me. I'd rather die as a Bond-villian, then deliberate effetely as the muslim and the leftist emasculates my society.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 11:35||   2019-11-25 11:35|| Front Page Top

#16 ^ Actually, much of our western advanced algorithms aiperate on behavioral features, Dron.

The entire programmatic ad industry i.e. Google and FB's meal tickets are derived from ingesting and extracting meaning from millions of behavioral inputs about each of 2 billion internet users. We do behavioral, in spades. It's just swathed in all kinds of globalist virtue-signaling Silicon Valley corporate BS -- "organizing the world's information and making it useful," "connecting the world", "lining our pockets" etc.
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 12:01||   2019-11-25 12:01|| Front Page Top

#17 How are the Chicoms going to do facial recognition when they all look alike?
/me dives out the window before the Ghost of Pappy can appear
Posted by SteveS 2019-11-25 12:07||   2019-11-25 12:07|| Front Page Top

#18 Let’s see.. I buy large boxes of surgical gloves for lastly first aid. There main use is when fixing stuff around the home and autos. I buy corrosive. Chemicals for repair jobs around the house or autos and electronics. Nano-abrasives to clean tile, cement or copper pipe. I have tools that would cause the average ChiCom to bug their eyes out. None of this for anything bad but I am sure an AI would flag. I’ve even been known to mix up my own anti-fungal medicine for my personal fruit trees as I don’t trust the ingredients in some of the commercial products.
Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 12:19||   2019-11-25 12:19|| Front Page Top

#19 SteveS, it's a perfectly good question.

The algorithm is helped in no small way by certain typical conceits of the average muslim brain. If you want to catch muslims for being... muslimy, the process is really simple.

Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 12:21||   2019-11-25 12:21|| Front Page Top

#20 3dc, but you're not called Abubakr PinPong, neither is your wife missing teeth every saturday. ☺

Also, I'm pretty sure if an officer simply asked you to explain the purpose of your purchases you'd gladly open the garage to them and explain every bit until he yawned and left. I wouldn't mind.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 12:27||   2019-11-25 12:27|| Front Page Top

#21 "Sam Hall" is a 1953 science fiction novelette by Poul Anderson. It was first published in Astounding Science Fiction, in August 1953.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-11-25 12:37||   2019-11-25 12:37|| Front Page Top

#22 3dc - location-based behaviors are the most powerful signals. Add to each behavioral event the user's latitude/longitude and a time stamp, some audio of what he said or heard & video of what he might have seen at that time and place, and you've got the inputs needed to make good predictions of intent.
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 12:37||   2019-11-25 12:37|| Front Page Top

#23 #15 Imagine John Brennan with a program like this.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-11-25 12:38||   2019-11-25 12:38|| Front Page Top

#24 There's even the Person Of Interest series, with a killer Jim Caviezel, and a do-gooder AI versus a deepState Robocracy of sorts.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 12:43||   2019-11-25 12:43|| Front Page Top

#25 I'd like to say that in the USA, a more effective form of thought/moral/social policing is being done already. You don't need a machine, if there's already a loosely connected community of closet-maoists in academia, bureaucracy, media... all ready to go out on a limb for their chosen socialist deity of the day. Attacking careers to beating up people for wearing hats, they are far more effective because a computer is a just a dispassionate thing.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 12:51||   2019-11-25 12:51|| Front Page Top

#26 ^ = why Twitter exists
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 12:55||   2019-11-25 12:55|| Front Page Top

#27 Twitter is the Leftist ARPANET.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 13:09||   2019-11-25 13:09|| Front Page Top

#28 Dron66046, if you would be so kind as to give us a link for 2014 Kunming attack, that would be helpful. Your rant at #15 just had words where a URL should have been. We followed events at the time (see here), but I’m sure you had a particular article in mind.

Thank you in advance.
Posted by trailing wife 2019-11-25 13:29||   2019-11-25 13:29|| Front Page Top

#29 Separately, necessary as it is to put a stop to Uighur jihad ambitions, Communist China is a totalitarian society with a history of finding even small instances of independent thought — playing Western classical music, for instance — worthy of severe punishment, The Cultural Revolution was not an aberration, but a natural development as the country went down the totalitarian path.

Nowadays Christians as well as Moslems are in the crosshairs. As Mussolini said, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
Posted by trailing wife 2019-11-25 13:36||   2019-11-25 13:36|| Front Page Top

#30 Kunming Attacks Sorry, TW.

China is being vilified by Vatican flunkies, just as India is at times. A christian is safe anywhere except with muslims around. I have friends in Changsha, belonging to a 500 strong flock who have no affiliations to denominational christianity. They are regarded as 'fringe', 'cool-aid drinkers', 'holy rollers' by the ecclesiastical bureaucracies of the world. And they get by just fine, because an unpretentious man or woman of God gives no trouble to Caesar. It's Gawd who gives trouble to Caesar if Caesar does.

Globally distributed bureaucratic churches' various methods of intervening in social and familial aspects of citizens and then leveraging political and economic outcomes for certain communities to benefit ultimately themselves is what such States are concerned about. As for the freedom to worship, speech, sing, I'm told nobody is actually complaining. Else, how could you have this ? Do note the lyrics.
Chinese Choir
The church of Almighty god is an anti-communist thingy which reveres a certain chin chong lady as the second coming, and the CPC suffers them because it'd just have to jail close to 3 million people ! And we're being told by the MSM how China is rounding up christians and selling their organs. What bullshit !
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 14:13||   2019-11-25 14:13|| Front Page Top

#31 The Chinese can do as they please, IMHO, in their wretched kingdom.

We need to keep a close wrap on the use of AI here, especially by virtue-signaling oligarchs who couldn't care less about our democracy or our cultural heritage.
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 14:51||   2019-11-25 14:51|| Front Page Top

#32 I would much rather have AI used as an engineering, science and medical aid and not to oppress people or conquer the stock market.
Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 20:28||   2019-11-25 20:28|| Front Page Top

#33 A good functional AI to look through your code for mistakes, analyze your product, monitor material flow, and dangerous factory processes.....
Posted by 3dc 2019-11-25 20:30||   2019-11-25 20:30|| Front Page Top

#34 3dc, there was a great interest in AI to act as a conduit in a system of signals and actions for disabled people, and it was met with huge success, but a lot of the research branched off into military and expensive medical procedures. That's the way every promising research goes, it delivers a product to the rulers of the world, then the tech trickles down. Unfair as it is.

Now there's interest in AI on space pods that shall judge the commercial viability of excursions into asteroids and such for mining. The best use of AI would be to eliminate human partiality and ideological bias from major decisions like legislation. I'll bet if that happened, unreasonable laws, litigation and high handed corruption would be history. Also a lot of valueless, but charismatic rabble rousers would be jobless.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 21:21||   2019-11-25 21:21|| Front Page Top

#35 Dron, somebody has to program the AI. Chances are their biases will seep into the AI.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia 2019-11-25 21:33||   2019-11-25 21:33|| Front Page Top

#36 it delivers a product to the rulers of the world, then the tech trickles down. Unfair as it is.

New things are very expensive, because there is as yet no scale to have economies of. So the very rich pay top dollar, driving the cost of production down to the point where the rest of us need no longer choose between getting the thing and eating. Not unfair at all, though there are those who will argue it isn’t fair that early adopters have to pay so much more than those who come later.
Posted by trailing wife 2019-11-25 21:53||   2019-11-25 21:53|| Front Page Top

#37 Rambler, it's very hard for bias to seep into programs without being easily detectable by an approving committee, from what I have understood. Although I'm still a dunce in these matters.

Algorithms are unsubtle things, unlike the legalese of legislation and judgements. The only compromise will be by the admins who pass on gathered knowledge, analysts who will color the data or stack it visually to suit their narratives. I have decided to just stop being afraid of so many things the MSM says are 'potentially' evil, now that I understand they are only protecting the thousand year old turf of the arbiters of our lives.

AI is extremely spot on at predicting crime but look at the arguments and where they come from and you'll see a pattern behind this anxiety.
Biased AI vs Crime
Posted by Dron66046 2019-11-25 21:54||   2019-11-25 21:54|| Front Page Top

#38 The best use of AI would be to eliminate human partiality and ideological bias

Quis programiet ipsos programes?
Posted by Lex 2019-11-25 21:55||   2019-11-25 21:55|| Front Page Top

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