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2017-12-31 -Lurid Crime Tales-
Would-be thieves electrocuted by 24,000-volt transformer while attempting to steal copper wire
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Posted by Fred 2017-12-31 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [611 views ]  Top

#1 The competition for the 2017 Darwin Awards just got a lot more electrifying....
Posted by CrazyFool 2017-12-31 00:50||   2017-12-31 00:50|| Front Page Top

#2 but they are two black males

Who started off as white?
Posted by gorb 2017-12-31 00:53||   2017-12-31 00:53|| Front Page Top

#3 Karma, meet frick and frack.
Posted by anymouse 2017-12-31 00:53||   2017-12-31 00:53|| Front Page Top

#4 Watt a shocking tragedy.
Posted by Besoeker 2017-12-31 02:03||   2017-12-31 02:03|| Front Page Top

#5 Taught about electricity, current, grounding - no.
Taught polar bears are drowning because of evil man made warming - yes.
Posted by P2kontheroad 2017-12-31 06:54||   2017-12-31 06:54|| Front Page Top

#6 White science & technology putting the black man down again?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2017-12-31 07:01||   2017-12-31 07:01|| Front Page Top

#7 Immigrants from the former Upper Volta?
Posted by Frank G 2017-12-31 08:19||   2017-12-31 08:19|| Front Page Top

Taught about electricity, current, grounding - no.
Taught polar bears are drowning because of evil man made warming - yes.

You really think they spent any time in school?
Posted by Rob Crawford 2017-12-31 08:41||   2017-12-31 08:41|| Front Page Top

#9 existential question? (there's copper wiring in schools too)
Posted by P2kontheroad 2017-12-31 08:43||   2017-12-31 08:43|| Front Page Top

#10 Think of it as evolution in action. The group of people stupid enough to try and steal copper from live transformers will go down slightly.
Posted by Silentbrick 2017-12-31 10:55||   2017-12-31 10:55|| Front Page Top

#11 The men have not been identified but they are two black males appearing to be in their 20s or 30s

Yeah, but what were they beforehand?
Carbon snark of the day
Posted by swksvolFF 2017-12-31 11:11||   2017-12-31 11:11|| Front Page Top

#12 Does Detroit get a carbon credit for this?

As an aside, I had a similar situation occur on a project. The building lost power one morning during the punchlist and the local power company guy was with us. He left when he got a call, came back and said two guys had tried to steal the copper buss bars out of a switchgear in a substation. Completely incinerated both of them, they only found two pairs of shoes and the carbonized arms of one of them attached to one of the buss bars...that much current can literally turn a human into a fireball and leave little behind...
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2017-12-31 12:17||   2017-12-31 12:17|| Front Page Top

#13 {shudder} I watched a buss bar in my service panel catch on fire - that was only 120 VAC, 100 amp. Hate to see more volts & amps than that!
Posted by Anguper Hupomosing9418 2017-12-31 13:09||   2017-12-31 13:09|| Front Page Top

#14 Hope no one lost power because of these idiots.
Posted by Barbara 2017-12-31 15:56||   2017-12-31 15:56|| Front Page Top

#15 A n extremely graphic lesson in I^2 R losses in power distribution.

Upper Volta—hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a keeper.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2017-12-31 19:33||   2017-12-31 19:33|| Front Page Top

#16 'Lectricity be hard!
Posted by Dave D. 2017-12-31 20:45||   2017-12-31 20:45|| Front Page Top

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