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2013-06-28 Government
Senate Casts Key Vote for Landmark U.S. Immigration Bill
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Posted by Fred 2013-06-28 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [647 views ]  Top

#1 sad day for America
Posted by bman 2013-06-28 00:04||   2013-06-28 00:04|| Front Page Top

#2 Bye, Bye, Republican Party.

I guess one can commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head.
Posted by CrazyFool 2013-06-28 00:19||   2013-06-28 00:19|| Front Page Top

#3 Senate Gang of Eight (Immigration Bill)

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-CO
Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-IL
Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC
Sen. John McCain, R-AZ
Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY
Posted by Hupuque Bucket2093 2013-06-28 01:06||   2013-06-28 01:06|| Front Page Top

#4 The previous amnesty 25 years ago also promised improved border securty. That never occured. Instead, the amnesty of millions encouraged millions more to enter the US illegally, estimates to as many as 20 million.

With a second amnesty, encouragement for people to enter this nation illegally is a sure bet. People who do not speak the language, know nor care for the history of the sacrifices made to keep this nation strong by past generations, in exchange for supporting a socialist party that is driving this nation into deep, irreversible and catestrophic debt that will be a huge burden to future generations.
Posted by Hupuque Bucket2093 2013-06-28 01:22||   2013-06-28 01:22|| Front Page Top

#5 If one had no other proof or evidence, here's a simple claim that let's you know the entire issue is patently bullshi*:

CBO report: Immigration bill cuts deficit by $197 billion over 10 years
Posted by Besoeker 2013-06-28 01:50||   2013-06-28 01:50|| Front Page Top

#6 The only plan is to do an accounting trick by legally passing off Amerika's debt to the post-2015 OWG + GFU, etc.

VOILA! LITTLE TO NO "NATIONAL DEBT" ANYMORE BECAUSE THE OWG-NWO + GLOBAL FED "UNIONS" + RELATED IS NOW RESPONSIBLE. Unfortunately, the snafu comes because our fellow NAU + TRANS-PAC, ATLANTIC Member-States still want the US to pay the largest "OFFICIAL" + "UNOFFICIAL" share of $$$ Contributions + Debt Management.

Posted by JosephMendiola 2013-06-28 02:10||   2013-06-28 02:10|| Front Page Top

#7 I have a vila on Lake Fena I will sell you Joe :-)
Posted by Besoeker 2013-06-28 02:56||   2013-06-28 02:56|| Front Page Top

#8 Passage in the Senate is only one step of the process. A similar bill needs to be passed by the House (not likely, as far as I can tell) and the two bills then need to be reconciled, and the final product passed in both houses.
Posted by trailing wife 2013-06-28 08:36||   2013-06-28 08:36|| Front Page Top

#9 I'll continue to recommend that efforts be made to register PRI as a legit party, particularly from California to Texas. The Donks won't see any gain from amnesty and may even see a loss in registrations. Why should the illegals vote for a party of rich white men when they have their own to look after them?
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-06-28 09:29||   2013-06-28 09:29|| Front Page Top

#10 Might expand the list of the Gang of 8 and make it a Gang of 9; add Sen. Corker. "Gang of 8" sounds like some leftover from the "Soviet evil empire."

Wrote to my Rep. this a.m. and asked him to vote "NO" on the Senate Amnesty Bill when it comes up. I told him the Pubs are getting rolled on the bill just like 1986. What will happen is the Donks will ignore border enforcement and concentrate on the part that favors them--amnesty.

Both the Donks and Pubs are looking towards the 2014 elections and they want to be able to say we got a compromise and did something about immigration. The bill is laden with pork (guess they are making sausage) and doesn't really address immigration problems. "Now can I have your vote in 2014?" The Pubs need to give up on the idea that Hispanics are going to love them and do what's right for all Americans.

Pubs need to focus on improving the economy and getting jobs to the middle class. In light of the Russian and Chinese military buildups and the mad mullahs obsession with getting nuclear weapons. They also might focus on re-building our military. It has been sorely damaged by Champ and his minions.
Posted by JohnQC 2013-06-28 09:33||   2013-06-28 09:33|| Front Page Top

#11 So is the Senate version of the "immigration bill" hastening or postponing the rise of the Conquest of Aztlan ?

Nueva Raza de Gatos : New Breed of Cats called Blue Cuban
Posted by Au Auric 2013-06-28 09:38||   2013-06-28 09:38|| Front Page Top

#12 Why couldn't VDH have WARNED US ???
Posted by Besoeker 2013-06-28 10:01||   2013-06-28 10:01|| Front Page Top

#13 This would be the same aisle of legislation who just flash mobbed my Secretary of State's family at their home.

And since when does a pander for a prog get them to stop the hating? I don't get that benefit from friends in my own home state, nevermind declared lobsterbacks from coastal palaces.
Posted by swksvolFF 2013-06-28 10:14||   2013-06-28 10:14|| Front Page Top

#14 Driver's license (or other state-issued doc) with nationality on it.

Solves 90% of the problem.
Posted by European Conservative 2013-06-28 10:14||   2013-06-28 10:14|| Front Page Top

#15  The Pubs need to give up on the idea that Hispanics are going to love them and do what's right for all Americans.

That's my take on it. Republicans want me to stay home on the next election day? Just keep going the way you are and I will.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2013-06-28 11:48||   2013-06-28 11:48|| Front Page Top

#16 That's my take on it. Republicans want me to stay home on the next election day? Just keep going the way you are and I will.

And that will accomplish what?
Posted by Snavith Thalet7938 2013-06-28 11:57||   2013-06-28 11:57|| Front Page Top

#17 Republicans want me to stay home on the next election day? Just keep going the way you are and I will.

The Pubs have called us repeatedly asking for money and support. I usually don't answer the call when they show up on caller ID. My wife does answer the phone and gives it to them. Tells them to get their national leadership straightened out, start representing her, stop being so wishy-washy when running elections, get your principles straightened out and what you stand for, and stop trying to look like the Democrats. She says call back when they get that done, and I will support you and think about giving you money in this tough economy.
Posted by JohnQC 2013-06-28 12:55||   2013-06-28 12:55|| Front Page Top

#18 And that will accomplish what?

Well, it seems pulling their lever hasn't accomplished much. They appear to be just accomplices in the Three Card Monty game played in the Beltway working the rubes.
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-06-28 13:26||   2013-06-28 13:26|| Front Page Top

#19 What will that accomplish?

When Republicans find themselves losing elections all the time because they're really just a bunch of RINOs and they can't even get the conservative base to the polls, some of them might wise up. Hell, if nothing else is working it seems to me like it might be worth a shot. I voted for McCain in 2008 because I was afraid of Obama. But now my worst fears have been realized. Whether this so called "landmark" immigration bill passes or not doesn't matter because Obama's gonna do whatever the hell he wants anyway and the likes of John McCain won't say anything about it. I've been disenfranchised. I have no standing. So I don't feel like I have any more to lose.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2013-06-28 15:02||   2013-06-28 15:02|| Front Page Top

#20 Always show up and vote. Pick a third party, if there is one. If not, vote for the non-incumbent. Change registration so as to be eligible to vote against incumbents in primaries.
Posted by Glenmore 2013-06-28 15:24||   2013-06-28 15:24|| Front Page Top

#21 It isn't enough to simply sit-out the election. You have to send them a message as to why you are sitting out the election and not sending them donations.
Because they are kind of slow and... sorta-kinda stupid. They won't figure out on their own that people are staying home because they have RINOs like McCain and that they need to be more conservative and more like the Tea Party.
In fact they are more likely to simply allow the media talking heads do their thinking for them and accept that people are staying home because they are not more like the Democrats.
That is, after all, pretty much what they are doing now isn't it? The media (and insitutional consultants) are telling them that they need to be more like the Donks and the EVIL Tea party is the reason they are loosing.
Posted by CrazyFool 2013-06-28 15:47||   2013-06-28 15:47|| Front Page Top

#22 The bill is bullshit - it promises security eventually but delivers amnesty immediately.

Do Graham, that traitor McCain, and Rube-io honestly think we can;t see through this bullshit?
Posted by OldSpook 2013-06-28 16:38||   2013-06-28 16:38|| Front Page Top

#23 Do Graham, that traitor McCain, and Rube-io

Rats, sinking ship, OS.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2013-06-28 16:40||   2013-06-28 16:40|| Front Page Top

#24 The GOP needs to be demolished. Just like the Whigs. The problem is the way the GOP and Dems in DC have dug in for the last century, its impossible to replace the de-facto 2 party system, so demolishing the GOP will end up with a one party state. The TRAITORS (yes they are) in the GOP that have become the party of the beltway are at fault for this. Yet they will never be held to account for the massive damage they have done liberty in this country.

The only way out is to destroy the GOP from within, hollow it out and use the shell to move forward. Question is, are there enough of us willing to do so that it can be done? So far, the answer is no.

So in the end it will eventually come to slavery or revolution. And revolution will be the only way out given the path our gutless politicians are taking. Bullets, pipe bombs, assassinations... its going to be horrible. I am almost glad Im so old that I will likely not see it. But if I am still able to help, I will, if it comes to that.

Until then, Im trying to gnaw away at the GOP jerks like McCain, and elect principled ones, like Ted Cruz.
Posted by OldSpook 2013-06-28 16:45||   2013-06-28 16:45|| Front Page Top

#25 Do Graham, that traitor McCain, and Rube-io

Aztlán bet covering, little more.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-06-28 16:46||   2013-06-28 16:46|| Front Page Top

Do Graham, that traitor McCain, and Rube-io honestly think we can;t see through this bullshit?

Yes...and as long as they keep getting re-elected they will continue to think so.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2013-06-28 17:01||   2013-06-28 17:01|| Front Page Top

#27 We have a 50% no tax no responsibility problem. Pols are a symptom.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2013-06-28 18:16||   2013-06-28 18:16|| Front Page Top

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