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2003-09-23 -Short Attention Span Theater-
Youth drinks drugged tea, cuts off doinker and tongue
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Posted by Dar 2003-09-23 10:52:29 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6482 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Datura is bad news - I remember in college, when Carlos Castanedas' "Travels with Don Juan" book series came out, there was a run on datura, based on the drug use described in the books with the spiritual hallucinations outlined
Posted by Frank G  2003-9-23 10:56:52 AM||   2003-9-23 10:56:52 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Well, at least he won't pass on his stupid gene.
Posted by Steve  2003-9-23 10:56:56 AM||   2003-9-23 10:56:56 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 The emergency doctor who arrived a few minutes later said the student had cut off his penis and his tongue with garden shears and it was impossible to reattach the organs.

Just call him Stumpy.
Posted by Bomb-a-rama 2003-9-23 11:21:05 AM||   2003-9-23 11:21:05 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Darwin candidate? I think so!
Posted by Cyber Sarge (VRWC CA Chapter)  2003-9-23 11:57:03 AM||   2003-9-23 11:57:03 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 Has anyone else seen the DARE commercial where all the kids talk about the crazy stuff they have done on drugs? Then the last girl's crazy experience was having unprotected sex and contracting the AIDS virus. Then all the kids stop laughing and there is silence.

Well now they can tack this guy's story on the end. Someone will say, "hey, Gunter what funny stuff have you done on drugs?"
And he can say, " uhumma mya wickan. Michwa dunnah." Then we can all laugh again.
Posted by Super Hose  2003-9-23 1:02:44 PM||   2003-9-23 1:02:44 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 Mum's the word.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2003-9-23 1:29:28 PM||   2003-9-23 1:29:28 PM|| Front Page Top

#7 " Don't do drugs, or you may never pea again. "
Posted by Charles 2003-9-23 2:13:20 PM||   2003-9-23 2:13:20 PM|| Front Page Top

#8 You don't wanna be around when he comes down from this high. How do you say, "I did what?!" in tounge be gone?
Posted by tu3031 2003-9-23 2:29:25 PM||   2003-9-23 2:29:25 PM|| Front Page Top

#9 How do you say, "I did what?!" in tounge be gone?

"I ih HWUH!?"
Posted by Katz 2003-9-23 2:48:43 PM||   2003-9-23 2:48:43 PM|| Front Page Top

#10 OMG! This is straight out of Hannibal, if the kid had some whacko urge him to do it!
Posted by Craig  2003-9-23 3:48:28 PM||   2003-9-23 3:48:28 PM|| Front Page Top

#11 I recommend we start a fund and buy shit loads of this stuff then donate it to Islamo countries. Within one generation the world will be a better place.
Cut the wacker: no more reproduction
Cut the tongue: no more indoctrination in Mosques
Cut the hands: no more shooting infidels

Who's with me on this
Posted by rg117 2003-9-23 4:08:54 PM||   2003-9-23 4:08:54 PM|| Front Page Top

#12 RG - I'm not sure the world is ready for that level of "biological warfare"... otherwise, go for it!
Posted by Old Patriot  2003-9-23 4:28:13 PM|| []  2003-9-23 4:28:13 PM|| Front Page Top

#13 What I want to know is... which cut did he try first? "Hmmm... that didn't hurt much, let's try another..." just doesn't seem to cover it.
Posted by snellenr  2003-9-23 5:04:21 PM||   2003-9-23 5:04:21 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 It will be intresting to see what the social reation to this will be. I don't understand how he could get much of his tongue off with garden shears, but will the EU restrict the sale of shears small enough for a drugged teenager to perform tounge trimming with? Maybe the solution will be to require unremovable helmets with facemasks for druggies. The pecker protector will have to include elements of a mideval chastity belt and some 50 mm diameter wire mesh hose (and I know hose let me tell you.)

This incident and all the discussion of Jock Sheetrock reminded me of this tragedy from several months ago.
Posted by Super Hose  2003-9-23 8:54:31 PM||   2003-9-23 8:54:31 PM|| Front Page Top

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