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2019-02-04 Africa North
West to support bid by Gaddafi’s son for Libyan presidency -- Gaddafi ally’s daughter
[ALMASDARNEWS] The daughter of Muammar Qadaffy
...a proud Arab institution for 42 years, now among the dear departed, though not the dearest...
’s head of security, human rights
When they're defined by the state or an NGO they don't mean much...
advocate Reem El Debri, said she assumed that the West would support the son of the ex-Libyan president, Saif al-Islam Qadaffy, in his bid to become president of the North African country, during an interview from Cairo on Friday.

"I think now they [the West] start understanding there’s a mistake they were doing in Libya before. Now they are suffering from this problem. I think they want to solve it and go out of all of this that is happening in Libya. I think they are going to support [the bid]," she said.

El Debri went on to describe why she thought Saif al-Islam could be considered a good choice for Libya.. She said in 2011 he had predicted the exact situation the country now faces.

"Dr. Saif al-Islam has good projects for Libya. He tried to work with the West to solve all these problems. He did many things to make Libya to be a new Libya," she stated.
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#1 He is quite smart. May be worth the pull.
Will it work?
I remember reading of him from back when he was schooling himself or something

It looked good. What say you?
Posted by newc 2019-02-04 01:11||   2019-02-04 01:11|| Front Page Top

#2 You mean back when Daddy Khadaffy’s money was buying him degrees, newc, finishing up with a ghostwritten PhD from the London School of Economics?

Separately, is he still wanted by the ICC for war crimes?
Posted by trailing wife 2019-02-04 02:11||   2019-02-04 02:11|| Front Page Top

#3 "I think now they [the West] start understanding there’s a mistake they were doing in Libya before. Now they are suffering from this problem.

No, we're not. Libyans are. F*ck off
Posted by Frank G 2019-02-04 06:32||   2019-02-04 06:32|| Front Page Top

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