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2019-10-25 Home Front: Politix
Trump Effect: GOP learns to stand on its hind legs against the Left
[American Thinker] After Democrats' breakneck-speed impeachment of President Trump, conducted in secrecy in some dank Capitol basement with only selective leaks intended to shape public opinion, Republicans finally called the gig up and stormed the barricades.

Led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, they startled and surprised the Democrats with a very un-Republican storming of the secret hearings, busting their way in to be allowed in and calling for transparency, not just for themselves, but in the name of the voters.

Republicans knew nobody was going to get arrested if they just charged in because Congress is already a law unto itself. Impeachment is being conducted the sneaky way Democrats like, with no courts to appeal to, and that's emboldened them to make up rules as they go along, ignoring transparency, respect for the voters, and precedent. It's just a Schiff-show now, and with all that power, but just slightly more than half the representation, they've had it good.
Yet what they didn't calculate for is Republicans using the Democrats' own tactics against them this time. Democrats set the rules; now Republicans are using them. Storming the joint, after all, is so Code Pink, so leftist, yet these guys did it. So long as rules or fairness no longer matter anymore, why not blow into the joint without an invitation? What are they going to do ‐ start yelling about manners? As if manners had ever mattered to them in the past, given the monsters they've evolved into.

Gaetz and Co. recognized this, and that's why what he's done is so praiseworthy.

To what can we attribute this newfound gutsiness from the Republicans? Probably President Trump himself, actually. He's the ultimate disruptor. He's rude, he's boorish, he's bombastic, everything that makes the lefty establishment scream. But that's precisely why he was elected. As one well known pundit (name escapes me) has observed: if he were presidential, he wouldn't be president. In 2016, voters elected him to be the junkyard dog to dig out all the corruption of the utterly comfortable monopoly leftist establishment. More specifically, he fights. The fact that Trump is a fighter is why voters broke for him, even against a talented GOP field of competition in 2016. He sees the rigging, he calls it out, and he busts through.
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