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2019-09-01 Britain
Boris Johnson shows the steel and U.K.'s Tories soar in the polls
h/t Instapundit
[AmericanThinker] Not too long ago, Britain's Tories were in the loo, poll-wise.

In a July 21 story headlined, "As Brexit looms, the U.K. Tories fight for survival," NBC News reported:

After almost 10 years in power and 185 years in existence, its voters and members are leaving in droves to support the upstart Brexit Party.

It was the conventional wisdom on all sides - see here and here. As wildly opposed as those organs' political lines are, the stories could have been written by the same person. "The question is not who will lead the Conservative Party, but whether it will survive," The Economist Britishily put it.

Welp. Not anymore. Here's The Sun scarfing up the story today:

BORIS Johnson's gamble to shutdown Parliament has paid off as the Tory's lead over Labour has almost doubled in just three weeks, latest polls have revealed.

The boost comes after the Prime Minister announced his decision to prorogue Parliament for nearly five weeks next month in order to deliver Brexit.

The shock move was approved by the Queen, leaving just days for a possible vote of no confidence in Boris, or for rebel MPs to pass a law to push back the Brexit date.

And latest polls has seen the Tory's lead over Labour almost double in three weeks since the decision.

Suck it up, doomsayers. Rule, Britannia! What's fair to say here is that something has changed, the change that really matters, that of the new personality influencing events.

Britain's new leader, Boris Johnson, the country's last-ditch gamble on a man with a slightly wild and unexpected personality does seem to understand the stakes and better still, recognizes the kind of power needed to take the country on the course it voted for, as well as save his own party.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-09-01 11:28|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [223 views ]  Top

#1 Seems rather simple. The chattering classes do not want Brexit, are pro-liberal/labor, so of course, they project this bias onto the news, especially the Prog Press here in the US. PM Johnson is simply doing what the others have forgotten: the people voted for Brexit. They want it, and he will deliver it.
Posted by Injun Bucket8891 2019-09-01 21:54||   2019-09-01 21:54|| Front Page Top

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