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2016-06-04 Home Front: Politix
'Dead Woman Walking': Paglia Slams Dowager Empress's 'Zombie' Campaign
[PJ Media] It’s zombie time at campaign Hillary. Behold the dead men walking! It was with strangely slow, narcotized numbness that the candidate and her phalanx of minions and mouthpieces responded to last week’s punishing report by the State Department’s Inspector General about her email security lapses. Do they truly believe, in the rosy alternate universe of Hillaryland, that they can lie their way out of this? Of course, they’re relying as usual on the increasingly restive mainstream media to do their dirty work for them. If it were a Republican in the crosshairs, Hillary’s shocking refusal to meet with the Inspector General (who interviewed all four of the other living Secretaries of State of the past two decades) would have been the lead item flagged in screaming headlines from coast to coast. Let’s face it--the genuinely innocent do not do pretzel twists like this to cover their asses.

There are fewer sharper critics of the American politico-cultural scene than Camille Paglia; that she generally comes to the wrong conclusions with her heart (she's a Sanders supporter), her head does formidable work nailing the candidates's strengths and weaknesses.

She's right about Hillary, of course. Mrs. Clinton is the worst, and least-qualified, major party candidate in eons: a career criminal whose flouting of the law and nose-thumbing at the American people are finally coming to the ignominious end she so richly deserves. And -- equal time! -- she's also spot-on regarding Donald Trump:
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#1 A She-Hulk gone to the dark side.
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